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Mugen smiles for the crowd as he lets them soak in the brand new suit and the brand new championship belt around his waist. The suit, made up of platinum, Swarvoski crystals and carbon fiber is glimmering in the lights along with the brand new North American Championship belt. Mugen pulls a microphone out of the inside pocket.

Mugen: Glen Falls.......I know there is one question on your mind. What is this amazing suit that I'm wearing and who is the designer? Well, to answer that, this suit, which by the way cost twice the budget of last week's Riot, was made by the old Chinese lady Xiao Ping down on 75th St. I had these materials sourced by.....wait wait wait, why am I boring you guys to death. You already know I'm freaking rich.

Mugen starts laughing as he unfastens the Championship belt around his waist. He raises it with his free hand in the air.

Mugen: I know your second question is what it this amazing championship belt that I am holding. This is your former Triple Crown North American Championship. From this moment on, you will refer to this belt as the Northern Americas Grand Prix and I as its only rightful owner.

Mugen drapes the belt over his one shoulder as he adjusts his American Flag sunglasses.

Mugen: Last week, our "hero". Oh who am I kidding, our loser boss Mr. Sensation wanted to talk about the past. A past where I was not a champion, a past where I was barely scraping wins here in OCW. A past where I genuinely asked him about what I could do to further my career. And what did he say? Tough luck kid, maybe you need to get good. HA. Fortunately for the OCW Universe, those days are HISTORY, just like Mr. Sensation's bank account.

Mugen shrugs at the camera with a huge smirk on his face.

Mugen: What can I say? He may have built this company with his bare hands, but those weak frail micro hands have not been able to bring OCW back to its glory days. Maybe he should sign up for my amazing patented Income Distribution Program. Let me demonstrate, please refer to the X-tron.

Mugen points to the video screen as the following graphic shows up:


Mugen: See I've broken this down for your simpleton mind Sensation. This is the patented Income Funnel. You can take whatever is left of your meager funds and invest in my program. I'm not going to get into the details right now but there are guaranteed results. Look at me, I just opened C4 Sports Agency this week and we are closing in on our first major signing. AND what else can I do?

Mugen takes out a wad of $100 bills from his pockets and throws them into the front row.

Mugen: Remember, women lie, men lie, Sensation lies, but cold hard cash doesn't. Mugen 2016. C4 Over Everything.

Mugen does the C4 Over Everything hand motions as he walks away from the camera. He flips the microphone to the ringside attendant as he poses for the fans.

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The camera fades into the back seat of a luxury vehicle. Matsuda, dressed in his finest suit, the Ex Division Title draped over his shoulder, his arms crossed across his chest sits brooding. Junichiro nervously begins

JUNICHIRO: Matsuda-Sama… once we arrive I need you to remain calm.

MATSUDA: NANI?! How can I “remain calm” now that I have a partner with an equal number of shares in MATSUDA ZAIBATSU the company is deadlocked until we can work out an arrangement going forward.

JUNICHIRO: W-well that's the problem. Your new partner has somehow obtained the voting rights to an additional 3% of MATSUDA ZAIBATSU shares.

The air in the back of the car thickens with the sheer malice emanating from OUR VILLAIN.

JUNICHIRO: While its far from the 2/3s majority needed to force you out of the company without a vote from the Board of Directors… it is enough to give your new partner Executive Authority.


JUNICHIRO: N-now you must calm yourself, because he may have ordered extensive renovations on the MATSUDA ZAIBATSU building.

MATSUDA:... Get out

JUNICHIRO: But the car is moving

MATSUDA: Get out


Junichiro calmly opens the door to the car and slips out. The car’s door closes on its own due to the speed at which the car is moving.


Scene open up to the lovely Stacey Clark in the backstage interview area. Stacey raises the mike after a few seconds

Stacey Clark: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest this evening, former UCF World Lightheavyweight champion, Tre Golden!

Tre Golden walks into view of the camera, wearing a black track jacket.

Tre Golden:It's great to be here Stacey.

Clark: Tre how has transition to pro wrestling rom mixed martial arts? Have you ever even watched it before being signed?

Golden: It's probably unknown to the general public, but I've always been a huge fan of pro wrestling, it's what pushed me into amateur wrestling, when I graduated, I was offered a contract to wrestle here, I declined. A decision I now regret.

Clark: Can we attribute your regret to you're well documented legal and personal troubles?

Golden: I was in a bad place Stacey, I was self absorbed, on top of the world, money, cars, women, you name it. Then it's just gone, no belt, no fighting, youre left empty, alone and destitute looking for that one fix. OCW has shown me that they care about Tre Golden the person, not just the fighter that they can brand, unlike the UCF. I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner.

Clark: Recently the rookies have been making waves, stating that they are going to destroy OCW, prompting Mr. Sensation himself to address them. your thoughts as a fellow rookie?

Golden: You know, it's kind of weird, all these rookies are talking about destroying OCW and talking over and etc., I have the opposite sentiment, I'm here to to strengthen and lead this fine company to new heights, as it's face. The only thing I want destroyed is the cult that's been running around here far to long. 

Golden: Also Jackson Montgomery, but that's only for beating me in the NCAA finals, by one point!

Golden laughs and holds one finger up.

Golden: Jackson, love you to death brotha, let's do it again one day.

Clark: Do you l think that the OCW fans are willing to accept you as the face of the company, after all the mistakes you have made?

Golden: The OCW fans have shown me that they are the best fans in the world, I have been shown nothing but love,compassion, and support and I will do everything in my power to not let them down. I promise you all, I will be world champion.

Clark: Any last thoughts to share with the world?

Golden: Ive been training hard, went back to Cornell, I got in touch with my roots, I don't think anyone on the roster is prepared for my athleticism and power I bring, combined with my pure grappling and striking skill.

OCW, welcome to the Golden ERA!

He gives Stacey and the crowd a wink and a smile, and walks out of camera view as the scene fades to black.

The scene cuts to the Bombshells non-existent locker room, which double as Smythe's lounge. Blue Diamond is helping Smythe lace up for his main event match against the OCW champion. Smythe is only wearing his jock strap as he is being outfitted with his gloves and elbow pads. 

Blue: Papa bear this is your night. It's already the best rated show of the new season so far. I even think the TV networks are starting to call. Who are they calling for Papa Bear? The fans are already starting to chant I can hear them now.

The camera cuts to the crowd who are chanting "SDW, FTW"

Blue: Who are they chanting for Papa Bear? Who's going to go out there and Main Event OCW Riot like he has thousands of times before.

Smythe: The Alpha-Heel!!!

Blue: That's right Papa Bear!!!

???: Ahh Jesus.. what the hell!!!

Ron Portman walks into the room and gets a clear view of Smythe's thong jock strap 

Ron: She dresses you now? Also who the hell puts on their glasses before they put on pants? Also why is your ass hanging out. You're supposed to put the strap over the briefs we all know that.

Smythe: First of all Ron, why the hell would I wear briefs with an ass like this. Seriously, Who's ass is that Blue?

Blue: That's Papa Bear's ass!!!

Smythe: Exactly. Ron you really can learn a thing or two from her.

Ron: I'm not sure you should be making jokes. You have the champ tonight... This is the one shot you have to prove you still got it.

Smythe waives Blue off of him as he turns to face Ron. Ron can barely look because Smythe is still not wearing pants.

Smythe: The classic tale, can the legend still do it on the big stage? Does he have one more great match in him? Is he worth betting the house on one more time? Well Ron, I'll have you know something. I'm not the best wrestler on this roster, never was, I'm not a better wrestler than Jacob Trance, never was that either. But I just have to be better for a few seconds, which I will be tonight. You see, I can whoop someone's ass as well as anyone out here. That's what I'll do tonight you know why Ron?

Ron: Humor me, why not?

Smythe grips his jock strap 

Smythe: Because I have the biggest balls this company has ever seen. See those Ron... those are OCW's biggest balls... Who's got balls Blue.

Blue: Papa Bear gots balls!!!

Smythe: That's what I'm talking about!!!


Nathan Carter's music hit and the man himself comes down to the ring, cascaded by a torrent of both boos and cat calls, which is typically a reaction reserved for the bombshells of OCW.

As he's making his way to the ring, a very attractive young lady gives him slap on the buttocks, presumably for good luck on his upcoming match. Nathan, though, seems to think otherwise, and gives the woman what is surely meant to be a seductive look. Surprisingly enough, she doesn't turn away in disgust.

Nathan: Well isn't that a fine little how do you do?What's your name, or would you rather just skip to the good part?

Husband: Her name is MRS. Tiller, and if you haven't sorted that out through all the God damn filth in your head, im her husband.

]Nathan: Sweet man, I've got a junkie comin over this weekend for some post pay-per-view pleasure, but you guys should come before that. I haven't had a three way in a minute.

Mr Tiller: What the fuck is wrong with you man? Do you want to get locked up?

Nathan: I mean if you're into that, hell ye-

Xander: SILENCE!

The two men turned to find that the Rane man had decided enough was enough, and just come out for the match without the music, but also holding a mic in either hand. He handed one of them to Nathan and then eat on the steel steps across from the king of pleasure palace, who was sitting on the lap of Mrs. Tiller at the moment.

 There's a lot of weird characters here in OCW man. Guys give away their tournament spots to hobos, all the old dudes look grumpy as shit, and the boss was in jail right before you or me joined. This place is fucking crazy.

At this, the fans popped and Nathan grinned.

 That's just the thing though, when I trained with you in the past, I never imagined youd be the biggest fucking psycho here.* I mean, what the hell, are you even doing right now man?

Nathan: Listen Rane baby, OCW is the breeding ground for inbred lunatics. What do you think 'The Family' does in their spare time? You gotta understand, this place, it brings something out in me! Something sexual, something...dangerous! If I'm not creeping you out, I'm not doing my job! Anyway, you're the big crazy dude that talks to the ceiling, calls his fans Ranedancers, and starts fights with incestuous has-beens."

The crowd laughs at this, but at the same time show some support for Rane's lunacy by chanting 'WE. ARE. RANEDANCERS. WE. ARE. RANEDANCERS'

 WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE ON MY RANEDANCERS?! Jesus, anyway, I didn't mean that shit you've got at devil's night with jookie the junkie or my shit with Jesus freak raze, I mean that you're currently being fondled by a married woman behind that barricade you creep.

Said married woman doesn't even react to the remark, seemingly entranced by something on Carter's lap.

 Have a seat, we'll see what pops up.

Xander: I hate you so much and I'm going to Silence you like I used to at the gym.


As the camera fades into visible picture, we see Darin Charles the hot commodity who introduced himself to the OCW world last week. We also see his main squeeze Heavenly Heather a few feet behind him, both with smiles on there face Charles begins to speak directly to the camera.

Darin Charles: What's Good OCW?!?....

The crowd get excited with the sight of Darin Charles on screen. You can hear half of the OCW audience respond back with "What's good". Darin Charles is overly thrilled with the ovation, you could see it see on his face as Heavenly smiles and gives the OCW audience a innocent wave hello.

Darin Charles: I've notice these last few weeks of my arrival that I've been one of the top 3 trending topics on the OCW website.... (chuckling)....nice.

Another wave of roars from the OCW fan base shows love to Charles as he gets around to making another comment.

Darin Charles: I mean I haven't even wrestled in a match yet ...I can tell you guys are really waiting for me to get into that ring and i want to let you know from the bottom of my heart Heavenly and I greatly appreciate it. 

Seeing I'm a trending topic here in OCW and my appearance itself had almost 5 million views. I can honestly say that I have made my mind up and I will be apart of the OCW Riot crew. 

Cheers from the audience intensifies as an RIOT CHANT BEGINS!!!


Darin Charles: (Finger gesturing) Ya see Heavenly...I like this about this RIOT crowd. 

Heavenly Heather: (Smiling) I agree.

Darin Charles: I had my doubts with joining Turmoil, but at the end of the day Turmoil just wasn't big enough for us. Besides Turmoil is like the "Legend of the falloffs" over there (Laughing) I would hate to have to wrestle B-17 every week (Charles sarcastically makes a sad & down face that quickly turns into a smile).
Riot has potential talent especially the NEW talent! ..man oh man did you see how D.Y.Nasty beat the breaks off of K. D'Angelo (chuckling) Now that's talent.

Charles keeps the humor up by criticizing other superstars of OCW.

Darin Charles: ...And Nathan Carter (Histerically laughing uncontrollably) Hahaha! The leather daddy himself huh... question how did you get those the artist formaly known as Prince special edition booty print cutout pleather chaps?!? (Again laughing Histerically) ebay maybe...Hahaha

Charles continues to laugh alongside with Heavenly Heather.

Darin Charles: Okay, ok enough of the comic relief. 
OCW you just don't know what I have in store for you....
Soon you will witness the most charismatic, dedicated, inspiring superstar you'll ever seen enter the ring tonite so Stay Tuned!

Charles and Heavenly waves to the camera in a miss Doubtfire way saying TootleLoo! As the camera fades into another segment.
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The luxury vehicle pulls up to the front of the MATSUDA ZAIBATSU building. There is a cackle of construction workers on scaffolding adding to the sign. The addition is covered by tarping so that the addition can’t be made out.

The driver quickly makes his way around the car and opens the rear door for Matsuda who steps out. He slips on a pair of designer shades which read FINAL BOSS on them to mask the fury at the vandalism taking place at his capitol.

He’s met at the door by a familiar face. One of the original OCW divas. Who is surprisingly wearing a business suit along with a bluetooth earpiece.

BIRDIE: Good afternoon Mr. Matsuda.

MATSUDA: What the hell are you doing here?

As she leads him through the front door we see even more construction workers moving and replacing furniture in the lobby as well as several artists “improving” many of Matsuda’s paintings.

BIRDIE: I am the newly appointed Director of Operations here at MATSUDA ZAIBATSU.

MATSUDA: Well tell me Ms Director of Operations what the hell are you doing to my sign, and who the hell ordered it.

BIRDIE: My boss and your new partner ordered the addition to the sign, and he asked me to allow him to reveal that to you.

Birdie raises a finger and presses a button on the bluetooth earpiece.

BIRDIE: I believe you misplaced something Mr.Matsuda.

Two security guards escort Junichiro into the lobby, he’s covered in dirt and his suit is torn but otherwise appears to be in relatively good shape. He bows deeply then stands next to Matsuda.

Birdie motions towards the elevators at the other side of the lobby.

BIRDIE: The CEO will see you now


The camera swings back to what has become one of the most visited places for OCW television programming since its return: the arena parking lot. The camera pans around amidst the several OCW buses, cars, and limousines (no doubt ordered by those who were smart with their money before OCW crashed a year ago), until it stops on another familiar sight: the ever dutiful OCW "Top Flight" security guard. 

You may think that after all of the trouble this nameless man has endured over the last several weeks that he'd have given up and gone out in search of a new, safer, perhaps better paying, job. But that's not his M.O. Faithful to his post, our favorite pseudo-cop stands tall at the parking lot entrance to the arena with his trusty mag-light in hand.

Everything appears to be about as normal as could be expected. But then far away footsteps are heard coming from an indistinct direction. Our trained guard frets not though. People are always coming and going during these shows, he only needs to check them off the list.

T.F. Guard:
 Hey. How are you? 

The guard expects a response, but all he receives is silence. 

T.F. Guard:
 Hello? Hello, is anyone there? 

???: But of course..... do you think noise simply makes itself?

It's at that moment that the power supply to the parking garage's lights is cut. 

T.F. Guard:
 Who's there?! What are you doing?! 

???: What's wrong Peter? Are you afraid of the dark?

A scuffling sound can be heard coming closer, but still the area is submerged in darkness.

Guard Peter:
 How do you know my na-me?!

Peter's words are getting choppier. He's tripping over every syllable.

 I know everyone's name Peter. I know everything Peter. Just like I know why you're still here. Why you risk being pummeled week in and week out by roid raging freaks. Why you refuse to quit this job: I know about Veronica Peter. I know about the lung cancer Peter. And I know you can't quit this job without having another because the hospital bills are mounting. I know what you fear Peter.

At this point Peter gives up trying to talk to whomever this is and sanely turns and tries to enter the arena in search of help. But all we hear is the fruitless twist of a knob. The door is locked on the inside and despite Peter's now incessant pounding, no help is on the way.

 It's ok Peter. You don't need to be fearful any longer, in a few moments you'll have nothing to worry about. 

A crash is heard towards where the center of the garage was located before when we could actually see. Then a CRACK! The unmistakable sound of metal clashing with something almost as durable. 

The lights slowly begin to flicker back to life and the body of our faithful security guard is stretched out, motionless, face-down on the ground. His mag-light rolling around at his side, stained crimson with blood. 

The figure towering over him, with his back to the camera, crouches down next to the guard and rolls him over onto his back. Peter's head is split open at the top and the figure reaches towards it, coating his fingers in the warm, dark-red, liquid. With that same hand he seems to reach up and stroke his chin before running his hands through his hair leaving a red sheen behind. 

With his other hand the figure reaches into his coat pocket and extracts a loose scrap of paper. He then dabs his index finger on Peter's temple again, lays the paper down and runs his finger across something written on it. Then he quickly scribbles a few letters and makes his exit.

As the dark figure calmly leaves the scene the camera zooms down onto the paper. The crossed out wording read: "Security Guard Peter". And below it simply the initials: "T.M."

The elevator dings when they arrive at the top floor. As the elevator doors open we see paper strewn all over the ground.

As the realization slowly dawns upon Matsuda what’s going on he begins loudly and angrily shouting.


He pushes past Junichiro past the lobby of the main office and inside. Inside the office there is somehow even more paper strewn on the ground. In the corner of an office there is a massive brick fireplace set against the glass.

Sitting in front of the fireplace, in a massive purple velvet chair. The new co-owner and CEO of MATSUDA ZAIBATSU is sitting in the velvet chair. He’s humming the tune to “We’re in the Money”

ILLUMINATI: OH HIDE-CHAN I didn’t see you there! Welcome to Matsuda Zaibatsu/IllumiCorp INC.

Matsuda flings off his sunglasses and eyes Illuminati with a fury not seen since seen in OCW.

MATSUDA: I should have known it was you Ryu, you had this all planned out.

ILLUMINATI: I did good didn’t I? But I can’t take all the credit, while I engineered, AND executed the plan to drop the price of your stock; Birdie engineered the business side of things here in Japan AND she keeps me from doing anything too stupid.

BIRDIE: TRY to keep you from doing stupid things.

She says eyeing the out of place fireplace set against the glass.

Matsuda is seething at this point, his fists are clenched.

MATSUDA: Ryu, I will make you pay for this insult. MARK. MY. WORDS.

He turns and storms out of the main office with Junichiro following close behind.

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After what was nothing short of a mugging, Nathan has managed to stumble his way to the backstage area. His two familiar servants, the muscular man, and seductive redhead, immediately begin to tend to Nathan's wounds. For once, he doesn't have his trademark smirk on his face, only now pain and intense anger. He sees the camera and grabs it, shoving his face right into the lens.

Nathan Carter: "SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT! SO LITTLE TIME!" [B]He pushes the camera away, when the cameraman finally settles, Nathan continues... "I just suffered my first defeat, and on top of that, I have that curtain jerking, herb smoking, no game spitin, Rastafarian, bitch come down and add salt to the wounds! No one does that!"

Without hesitation or even looking, Nathan's hand wraps around the throat of the man, who struggles for air. Nathan keeps his gaze into the camera, as if looking directly into Jook's soul.

Nathan: "Jook, at Devil's Night I am going to put an end to this. Mark my words, there will be nothing left if you but a smelly pile of resin! And I'm gonna turn you into the sexiest smelling oils You look like Manilli, and I'm going to show the world that you taste like Vanilli!"

Nathan releases his grip on the man, and quickly grabs the woman by the hair. She slowly falls to her knees, begging for more. 

Nathan: "Xander Rane...good on you for beating me. Congratulations on being twice my size! I'll be glad to do this dance again with you one day. It'll be my pleasure to show you how true perfection works in the ring. However, Jook and I have business to attend to at Devil's Night, and you best stay away...or else you might get some 'Carter Sauce' on ya!"

Nathan releases the hold on the woman's hair, she climbs up his body to kiss on his neck and ear. He turns and starts to walk away as the two leather clad wonders follow.

Matsuda and Junichiro are striding out of the MATSUDA ZAIBATSU/IllumiCorp INC building. Junichiro manages to catch up to Matsuda.

 Matsuda-sama, on my way here I uncovered how he who shall not be named in your presence obtained the additional voting rights to gain executive power.


JUNICHIRO: When you first started MATSUDA ZAIBATSU, you did so with OMG funds meaning that the other three members became stockholders in the Zaibatsu.

MATSUDA: So that bastard Ryu managed to turn one of them against me.

JUNCHIRO: Precisely, if you can turn one you can then block his Executive Authority; and if you turn both you can regain it.

MATSUDA: Quickly Junichiro get to work, we must find out who has betrayed me and we must find out who we can bring back into the fold.


The scene opens in an local arcade. The camera pops as AC Cobra is seen playing a pin ball machine. AC seems very focused on the pin ball game. A loud dong sound can be heard and AC seems frustrated that he lost.

AC- See, that game I just there? Very, very, frustrating. I calculated every move, every crease that the ball was going to hit but I simply wasn't good enough.

AC drops his head and hits the machine hard with his fist

AC- Me not being good enough is the story of my career. I was apart of those gothic freaks and I was overlooked. I but on an hell of a match with Portman last week and still overlooked.

AC Cobra pulls out an quarter from his pocket and the camera zooms in on it. 

AC- This quarter gives me a 2nd chance at this game that I will win!

AC inserts the quarter and starts to play the game again as he continues to talk.

AC- 2nd chance is what I have been giving and I'm here to earn my keep. While Devil Night is going down, I'll be probably be somewhere getting faster, stronger and better! Or just relaxing playing Devil May Cry!

All in all I'm not taking this 2nd chance lightly anymore! G-G-G-G-Unit!!!!!!!!!!

The pinball machine makes an type of "cha ching" sound like those in an casino. AC jumps up and down signaling he won the game. Then the scene fades.
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