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As the arena settles down, Pugh rubs his hands together, excited at the prospect of tonight’s huge challenge. The former World Champion takes one final look around the arena before delivering his first word.

Pugh: Well lemme tell you somethin’ brother…

The crowd pop for the most racist man in professional wrestling’s recycled material

Pugh: In two weeks time, back in the Garden, we find ourselves in something of a quandary. See, right now – our World’s champion has himself an easy match. He’s currently battling a man called three question marks.

The Devil’s Night match card appears on the screen

Pugh: Not a lot is known about this mystery man… where is he from? Can he even wrestle? What makes him the guy who’s good enough to compete for the richest prize in professional wrestling? What makes him… the next Champion of this company?

He snorts

Pugh: I’ve racked my brains for hours, days even – and I think I’ve come up with the answer…

The crowd wait with baited breath

Pugh: I misread the poster and its actually the winner of the World Title Tournament… A WINNER WHO WILL BE CROWNED TONIGHT.

He looks around

Pugh: A winner who comes from greatness. A highly decorated winner, one of the top wrestlers in the entire world. A man who is C4 over everything… Everything except the World Heavyweight Championship.

He yanks at the collar of his Official C4 Merchandise shirt

Pugh: Tonight, Rochester – the town that The Steve welcomed me to in 2007... mother[BEEP]er...

The crowd pops at the very mention of their most unknown son

Pugh: You’ll witness wrestling history… See Rochester – tonight, me and Mugen battle it out for the greatest prize in professional wrestling… the World Heavyweight Championship.

He smiles

Pugh: Granted, this actual match isn’t the actual title match – but it might as well be. This will be a battle for the ages – this is the two finest wrestlers in the world. This is C4 going toe to toe… anything after this will be a mere technicality…

He grins again

Pugh: See… I’ve seen many a champion come through that curtain, down into this ring, but none as yeller bellied as the incumbent… a guy who would rather crunch around forests with his BFFs than turn up to scout his PPV opponent. The leader of a band of misfits – of poor wrestlers and even poorer hygiene. Tonight Rochester… we stand at a cross roads.

He yanks the logo on his shirt again

Pugh: Tonight, every one of you stands, staring into the coliseum as your next OCW Champion’s two week coronation begins – culminating in a visit to the world’s most famous arena where he’ll be crowned… and finally, C4 will have collected every Championship in professional wrestling… and you know what – Me or Mugen. It doesn’t matter who it is. Because as C4 we are a unit – and as long as that title comes to the greatest faction in wrestling history… we’ve done our job.

He looks around

Pugh: Make no mistake – our match tonight, I will throw everything at you Mugen. The best man WILL go to Devil’s Night – because it was written in the stars. In the prophecy I spouted all that time ago when we formed C4. We were born to hold everything… and Trance. Your reign is… well let me put it this way…

He looks down the camera with intensity as the crowd pops

Pugh: You may be a God… but you’ve never had to deal with the apocalypse you’ve never had to deal with four horse riding, lariat throwing, superkick swinging savages like my army… make no mistake that when hellfire and brimstone rains down on you and your sullen flock… that’ll be it for you. Back into the swamps where you belong – as C4… as I ascend to the heaven’s… The Greatest Wrestler ever to lace a pair of boots… the precedent… the benchmark by which all professional wrestlers are measured… and YOUR NEW. OCW. CHAMPION.

His music starts up as he grins into the camera again – arrogance is overcoming the grizzled vet as we cut to our next segment.

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A very small two seater smart car, not a Fiat, but something much cheaper pulls in front of the talents' entrance of the Main St Armory .

Our favorite OCW "Top Flight" security guard stands in the back checking people in. As he goes though his list he notices a commotion coming from the small car. The lunchbox sized vehicle rocks violently back and forth as the pudgy guard wraps his sausage like fingers around his maglight. 

Tapping the the window with the butt of the flashlight the guard only gets a muffled yell as a response.

Guard- You're gonna have to move this ....this go-cart...it has to go somewhere else or I will be forced to move it myself.

The car rocks back and forth again as now a half audible yell can be heard.

Smart Car - ......the.......door......you.......dumbass!!!!

OCW's finest springs into a ready stance as he took the words as a threat. Cocking back, he brings his maglight down on the driver's side window breaking it into a thousand pieces. Peeking inside he sees a lone man sitting in the car covered in glass. As he tries to back away the now free massive arm of BUFFNESS reaches through the window and grabs the man by the collar.


Guard- WWWWWho?


Guard - I was the only "Officer" in the back last week.

BUFFNESS releases the guard to place his index finger and thumb an inch apart.


Guard - Ah... Im...I'm not sure of what your talking about.


Guard - BUDDY BURNS! .....That little guy's been back here causing all kind of problems the last couple of weeks.

BUFFNESS - Burns huh.....

Guard: Yeah....yeah it was Buddy Burns, he gave me the keys.

The scene fades as BUFFNESS continues to try to pry himself out of that car and the guard gathers himself in retreat.


The camera begins in Donovan Mercers wrestling room with a chair placed right in front of it, a door is then heard opening and closing and Donovan appears on camera,calmly taking a seat. 

Donovan Mercer: On December 8th I will be making my debut on riot 413 against Mike Sawyer. But that's not the only thing I'm excited about, It'll be Christmas soon! and I'm in the spirit of giving!

A slight smirk begins to form on his face

Donovan Mercer: What I'm giving you is the opportunity to see true greatness in that squared circle! and I hope that you're in the giving spirit too,Mike..

A more serious look appears on Mercers face

Donovan Mercer: Because I'm expecting you to give me everything you got in there. And if you don't..I'll also give you a nice trip to the E.R., so don't disappoint me.

Donovan Mercer then gets up and leaves the room, the camera eventually fades

Since Riot doesn't have any Bombshells Smythe still has a massive lounge set up where the women's change room should be. Smythe is laying on the couch with his left leg raised in a sling as a result of his match with D.Y Nasty last week. His head is in the lap of Blue Diamond and Ron Portman is sitting in the couch across from them as they take in the show.

Ron: Man are you alright you took a rough bump last week? People are saying you may be done. 

Smythe: I'll be fine. This leg has been through much more than that. This is precautionary. Trust me if I was hurt or even remotely upset about my leg being targeted last week I would order you to take a bat and end that kid's career.

Ron: I don't think that's a part of the deal.

Blue: No... I'm pretty sure that we all agreed that you don't bite the hand that feeds. If papa bear tells you to smash a kid in the head that's what you will do. You're a hitman for hire, a slave for the whipping, a jester for our entertainment. We like you, a lot, but you work for us. Papa Bear gave you the chance of a lifetime so when we call on you, you answer. 

Smythe: Ron, We're a family. Whether you like it or not. You're loyalty to us, is the string that ties you to the greatest oppourtunity of your life. Like Blue said, we like you, but sometimes you have to do what's best for all of us. Because trust me, what's good for me will always eventually be good for you.

Ron: I didn't know I was being held captive by you. I thought you were giving me a shot to be a star in my own right.

Smythe: Trust me Ron, you have a shot in your own right to become whatever you want to become. But because of me you will have every oppourtunity to shine. Every other rookie out here will kill for what you have. All you have to do is be the team player that you told me you would be.

Blue: You play your roll Ron Portman and you will have everything you've ever dreamed of. Like I do!!!

Ron: I don't have the right parts to do it your way Blue.

Smythe: We all have our roles Ron. Your role is simply not to bite the hand that feeds... Also to pour me a drink, I can't walk you know.

Ron: Your ass walked all the way here though to get into that couch. 

Smythe: Now it hurts.... so badly!!!

The 3 of the superstars share a laugh as Ron pours Smythe and Blue a drink. The scene closes with Ron realizing that he's signed up for much more than just wrestling.

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Our Hero paces back and forth in the ring. He looks annoyed but this time more so than usual. The operations side of Online Championship Wrestling can be considerably taxing, mentally and physically. Our Hero looks like he hasn't had a good night's sleep in ages. His skin is bright, but not the bright shine of good health. If he had hair it would most doubtfully be thinner.

He continues to pace back and forth as the crowd he strokes his chin as the camera zooms in to show a lots of white hairs on Our Hero's face. It's been a long road, so tired...so so tired. He finally places the microphone to his lips and begins to speak to the capacity crowd.

Our Hero: 
Ladies and Gentlemen I am the Owner and Operator of Online Championship Wrestling, I go by many names Mr.Sensation, Bossolini, Bossman, Boss, and most notable OUR HERO.

Our Hero: I am out here tonight for one reason, I am the face that runs this place, and I got something I need to get off my chest.

Our Hero: It's really simple I....

Our Hero pauses a moment as if all of the words he wanted to say made a b-line for the door and decided to pour out at the same time. This is a thing now, Our Hero's mind has never been "Sharp". But his sheer will alone has kept OCW running time and time again. He regains his composure once more.

Our Hero: 
I am sick.....

The Crowd Gasps collectivly.

Our Hero: 
And tired.....I am sick and tired of no name nobodies coming to OCW claiming to "Take Over", "Dominate", "Rule". Let me make this perfectly clear. Tony zoom it in nice and tight.

The Camera man affixes on Our Hero's face nice and clear. You can see the fire (Yep Yep) the fire. 

Our Hero: I've forgotten more things than you'll ever know. I have clawed and scratched and bled for these 4 corners. I've but my body, and my soul on the line to bring this place to where it is today. And I will be good and well god damned if I will let some piss ant punks who don't know asshole from elbow tell me other wise.

Our Hero: And speaking of asshole.....

Our Hero begins to pace once more, an almost smile comes across his face. 

Our Hero: 
The OCW North American Champion, seems to have a problem with me, and How I run things. It wasn't long ago that a young Mugen came through these doors got his ass handed to him and quickly left. Completing this cycle time and time again. Until one day a young Mugen comes into my office and asks me what can he do to improve?

Our Hero: There ain't a secret to success you either make it or you don't. But by hook or by loaded elbow crook he's made it. Tonight he has the chance to become The #1 Contender for the OCW World Championship. He's earned that right. But what he hasn't earned is the right to criticize a company I built with my bare hands, what he hasn't earned the right to run his god damn mouth every chance he gets, what he hasn't earned the right to do is wear god awful gold suits in my god damn ring.

Our Hero: So let me make this clear to Mugen, rookie and everyone else who has a problem with how I run things. This is my world, and you're just paying rent! Keep it up and you will get evicted!.

Our Hero hands the microphone to the ring announcer and makes his way out of the ring and to the back.

Buddy Burns is gathering himself in the locker room after his hard fought debut match against Mike Sawyer. Knowing he should take a shower and head back to the motel, his stomach growls something fierce.

Remembering the 'vending machine' on the west side of the small arena, he dries himself off, throws on wind breakers, a OCW shirt and makes his way. Not even a foot outside the locker room, Buddy hears the angry voice of BUFFNESS Sean McGee.


Muscles bulging McGee tosses the man he was interrogating aside like a finished can of BUFFblaster and makes his way towards Buddy. Buddy takes off in a sprint, hopping over crates and dodging people with his pint-sized parkour.

BUFFNESS just walks slow and meticulous as if the antagonist in a bad horror movie. No matter what direction or how fast Buddy moved, BUFFNESS was just behind him. Finally using his small size Buddy finds the perfect hiding spot as McGee hasn't made it around the bend yet. Inside the tiny crate Buddy wonders to himself why he's hungry as hell and hiding like small animal. He opens the lid to peek out as BUFFNESS fades from view.


When the camera changes space our field of vision is practically nothing. It's pitch black out. Crickets are making noises from all directions. For any viewers on the younger side, it could be genuinely terrifying. 

 What is The Monster? What is a monster? You know, it's recently come to my attention that we really haven't defined this. Do you know why?

Scurrying is heard from around the camera. Rustling leaves. Fleeing animals. Something big is coming. 

The Monster:
 Because everyone has their own version of a monster....

A big hulking wolf jumps at the screen with his jaws gnashing. A jump-scare attempt.

The Monster:
 Maybe you're afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 

Lightning strikes from the sky!

The Monster:
 Maybe your fears run a little less modern.

A tall figure comes walking towards the screen with his hands held out in front of him. Another bolt of lightning lights up the scene for a second and what's standing front and center is the creature best known as Frankenstein's Monster.

The Monster:
 Maybe you're afraid of the dark?

Silence reigns for the moment as the audience is forced to absorb the bone-chilling darkness. Then an array of blinding lights strike up and all we can see is the outline of our long haired Monster walking towards us.

The Monster:
 Maybe you're even more scared of what you can see? Everyone is afraid of something. And those fears run one of the most massive spectrums around. That's why I am simply The Monster. That's why you don't, won't, know much about me until I am ready. Like this green screen behind us, I can and will be whatever it takes. I will find your fear OCW. I will find it, I will use it against you, and with it, I'll become unstoppable once again. 

The Monster: The midnight hour is almost upon us...? No, that doesn't sound quite right. Cheesy really. Oh well, it doesn't matter what you call it. Enjoy your time time while it lasts OCW.
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The scene opens in the Family locker room, presumably after Jacob has given a sermon. He nods to his followers.

Trance: So we are in agreement?

Family: Yes, father.

Trance: Good, Eli, Lucas, I have a task that requires your assistance. Come.

The pair rise, casting a curious glance toward Raze and back to Trance.

Trance: Justin is to be left behind to guard our belongings, it would appear Smythe had assembled a council of vagabonds and harlots. I do not wish for our golden trinket to be absconded. Can you handle that, Justin?

Raze responds, knowing he has been given a serious task. Jacob smiles and claps his hands together.

Trance: Splendid! Then we shall be on our way then, come shield, come spear.

At that, the trio depart, leaving Raze alone with his thoughts.

Raze: Anything for father… Why not me? Oh, he’s given you a special task, guard the belt. Take the belt. Look after it, look at it on you.

Raze pauses, scratching the top of his head.

Raze: No, no. He saved me, gave me purpose. He took it from me. Judas! Justin! Stop!

Raze grabs at his ears with both hands, twisting them violently, crying out in pain.

Raze: I can’t. I must. I… I…

A solitary sliver of saliva passes down Justin’s cheek, staring at the OCW title as tentatively he reaches out to it, his fingertips grazing the surface only to draw back as if it was white hot.

Raze: Betrayal. Justice. 

Again, Raze reaches out to touch the title again, but this time, he doesn’t withdraw in pain but instead touches the title with his whole hand.

Then, Raze lifts the title and holds it in his hands, holding the trophy that he has fought for since he started, the closest that he has ever come to it in his entire career.

Quickly, Raze searches the room looking for tape and a marker, finding both and rushing back to the title. Raze quickly places the tape over Trance’s name, and writes his own in place. He drops the marker and stares with a hunger like no other.

In front of him, The OCW Championship, and with his name, JUSTIN RAZE, marked in on the tape. Raze raises the title as if he has just won it after a long, grueling fight, soaking in the moment as if the crowd is cheering his name, that he has finally achieved his goal.

But then he is quickly snapped back to reality when he can hear footsteps approaching the door. Raze quickly places the title back and rips the tape off and sets down.

At that, the door opens with a very stern looking Trance. The camera fades as Raze shrinks backwards, sitting on a chair. But in a final moment, Raze’s eyes can be seen staring at the title with eagerness and a newborn desire.

The scene opens up backstage with Mugen pacing around a corridor lit with neon lights, quite familiar to those who have seen Drake's Hotline Bling music video. The camera starts closing in on him as he looks up.

Mugen: You want a word from me? 

The cameraman nods using the camera

Mugen: Okay, tonight! My brother in arms, Paul Pugh, stands across the ring from me for a shot at one of the greatest prizes in all of wrestling. We know each other well, maybe a little too well. But he doesn't know that I still possess the thirst. 

Mugen points at the North American Title that is conveniently placed on a table next to him. 

Mugen: That right there is my pride and joy right now, but I am thirsty to add more to the collection. Pugh, we gonna show them boys how it's done tonight. And hey bossman.

Mugen holds up two fingers close to the camera.

Mugen: I'm only two wins from your worst nightmare. Not only will I have more money than you, but I will have more POWER than you buster.

Mugen motions for the cameraman to leave.

Mugen: Get outta here, I gotta focus.

The scene cuts away

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OCW OFFICIAL: Calm down Mr. Matsuda, the decision was reversed upon secondary review of the match footage.


Someone hands the Official the Ex Division Title, he then holds it out to Matsuda

OCW OFFICIAL: Its actually right here, Illuminati immediately returned the belt on the condition that Mr Sensation agreed to reschedule the match for Devil's Night.

MATSUDA: ...what

OCW OFFICIAL: Have a good night sir!

Before the news can sink in Matsuda's assistant rushes to to his side and grabs his attention


MATSUDA: What do you mean? Everything is fine.

JUNICHIRO: You don't understand, due to the timing of the match early news made it to Japan that you had lost the Ex Title to Illuminati; right as the NISEI opened. This caused a catastrophic crash in MATSUDA ZAIBATSU stock!


JUNICHIRO: Someone staged a hostile takeover and bought out almost every independent owner, there is now someone who has an equal amount of stock in MATSUDA ZAIBATSU as you. We must asses the situation and the intentions of your new "partner".
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