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Smythe is supposed to make his debut tonight in the ring and he is in his ring gear. But the crowd has seen it before so they aren't holding their breath. Smythe asks for a microphone yet again and is met with overwhelming boos.

Smythe: Oh I understand. You want to to see me wrestle tonight.

The slight roar is overshadowed by "SDW" chants

Smythe: You want to see the best in the business defend the honor of OCW against a man who last week vowed to destroy MY SHOW. I understand that. 

But Unluckily for you. I don't care what you want to see.

The crowd turns on Smythe as fast as they were on his side 20 seconds earlier as he continues.

Smythe: But you will get one thing. Tonight I will kick D.Y Nasty's ass.

The crowd goes into a frenzy. They have the S Jobber signs and the SDW FTW signs out in full force.

Smythe: But not for OCW. Hell no, this place needs someone like him so we don't fall into a slumber week after week. We need someone who just wants to see this place fall. But he, like every other rookie backstage need to know one thing. THIS, IS MY HOUSE, MY HOUSE, MY RULES.

I'M PLAYER 1 IN OCW... and everyone else is...

D.Y Nasty is tossed a micrphone as he stands in the ring

D.Y: You don't stop at all do you? You just keep talking and talking. Hoping that someone cares about what you have to say. But this is the moment that the world has been waiting for. 

You see it's a show for you anymore. Camera tricks and flashy moves won't get you by anymore. OCW has invested in great talents from across the world talent like me, because you guys weren't good enough to be on national TV. 

You see guys like me are here to replace guys like you. This is the end I was talking about. The end of all of this sideshow. The beginning of my legacy... My legacy as the man who ended OCW!!!

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BUFFNESS Sean McGee pulls into the arena parking lot driving a glistening 2016 Eagle green Acura TLX with barely legal tinted windows . Most wrestlers have already arrived, but of course BUFFNESS needs to make an entrance. You do that by showing up fashionably late so everyone and they mama sees you. And yo' mama just saw the spectacle known as BUFFNESS arrive.

There was one man who was here practically when the doors opened. That man is "Flyboy" Buddy Burns who's toughest feat since arriving in OCW has been trying to get in the damn arena. So this week he showed up extra early and has been running in and out of the arena ever since, to test his new found freedom.

Standing where the sidewalk and parking lot meet, Buddy looks like an ordinary OCW employee with his generic company shirt black jeans and sneakers, although much much smaller. Taking in the fresh Maryland air, when BUFFNESS drives up rather abruptly, hops out grabbing his gym bag of in the process. On his smart phone ranting about green workers and slow witted marks he approaches Buddy.

BUFFNESS: Park this mighty mouse.

He slaps a freshly minted straight off the press, hot with Buffblaster sweat....one dollar bill in Buddy's teenage like palm. BUFFNESS doesn't even bother to look back and continues into the arena moving people out his way with his bulk alone. Buddy whispers to himself...

Buddy: Goddamn CHEAPNESS.

He then shrugs smiles and jumps in BUFFNESS's luxury car, slams the door cranks the music. The tinted driver's side window slowly winds up, just as Buddy slides his seat up. Looking like a 12 year old behind the wheel of his parent's car for the first time he brakes abruptly then speeds off into the night.

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The scene opens up to the run down hallway of a shady looking motel. The rustling of legs briskly swishing down the hall is all that can be heard for the first few seconds. 


One of the men at the head of line lifts his large battering ram and swings it into the door. With a loud thud the hinges pop loose and the door falls from its frame crashing to the floor. 

When the dust thrown by the door from the ragged carpet settles what appears is the now familiar outline of The Monster. He's standing with his arms out at his sides. And two men, now seen to be police officers from the local Salisbury, Maryland police department come forward. 

Officer #1: 

The second officer beckons forth some of his fellow boys in blue just in case the man in front of them resists. But instead The Monster lowers both of his arms, putting them behind his back with one hand clasping the other wrist; positioned perfectly for cuffing. With that the scene fades out.
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The announcer walks up the ring steps to with a microphone in his hand for Marley. He notices the angry look on Marley’s face and decides not to enter the ring. Marley walks over and snatches the microphone from him. The crowd continues to chant “WE ARE SOLJAH’S” as Marley walks back and forth in the ring.

Marley: I swear these bumboclat OCW rookies have no bloodclat respect. They think they can just walk in here and do what the hell they feel like. Last week that damn pervert Nathan Carter drugged me before my match. I don’t know how the hell he got into my locker room but this piece of crap put something in my damn drink. You think you god damn Bill Cosby huh?

Marley continues to walk back and forth in the ring as the sold out crowd continue to cheer him on. 

Marley: I woke up in this son of a bitch’s locker room cuffed to a chair with a bondage mask on. He had purple and pink lights and, candles lit to try and set the mood. It looked like some gay sacrifice was gonna happen and, I was gonna be the one to get sacrificed. I managed to break the handle of the chair and Usain BOLT the hell outta there though. Lord knows what this homo woulda done.

Marley: Speaking of match, YOU HAD THE NERVE TO FIGHT IN MY MATCH AND COME OUT TO MY DAMN MUSIC. YOU DISRESPECTED JAH’S ARMY AND ME WHEN YOU PULLED THAT STUNT. It’s one thing to disrespect me but when you disrespect all these people who sell out these arenas week after week you done made a damn mistake. You like to play freaky games huh? Well, I got a game we can play. COME OUT HERE SO I CAN SEE HOW FAR I CAN PUT MY FOOT UP YO ASS!

The camera zooms in on the ramp. Nathan Carters theme hits but he doesn’t come out.


Nathans music continues to play as the arena breaks out into “CAITLYN JENNER” chants.

Marley: Tick tock tick tock tick tock.

Nathans music cuts as the camera man rush and a shot of Nathan knocked out cold backstage lights up the Titantron. The camera zooms in on Marley’s face. He begins to laugh.

Marley: There was something I forgot to mention I seen Nate backstage and introduced him to Mr. Chair earlier. They made out for about three or four minutes. They say “If you play with fire, you get burned.” Well, yo ass got burned. And the best part is this is just the beginning. Don’t even think it ends there, it just bloodclat start battybwoy. 

Marley drops the mic and climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate as his music hits. The camera fades out to a commercial break.

Light, almost blinding fills the screen, fading to lense flare and clear skies. Nothing can be heard, not a single sound save for the rustlers leaves. We are in a forest, a grid iron of wooden towers that seems to go on for miles. Fresh snow litters the ground, it's purity marred by the blood red foliage of fallen leaves.

Crunch. Crunch.

Footsteps can be heard, the sources not yet seen.

Crunch. Crunch.

Closer now, many footsteps. Not just a lone man.

Crunch. Crunch.

The camera spins, catching the glimmer of falling snow as it tries to find the source of the noise.

???: So, you search is at an end.

The camera wheels round, the entirely family, seemingly out of nowhere, have appeared with Crowe attending to a fire.

Trance: I trust you have found what you are looking for… It's said that the bravest of heroes do not come to slay the dragon, but to reason with it.

Trance smiles, joining his kin.

Trance: Alas, this world… This dragon… It cannot be reasoned with, they seek a grand avenger using a tournament of blood and fire, even…

Jacob pauses.

Trance: Even having the barbaric theory of making my own flesh and blood do battle… And for what? A shiny trinket. 

Jacob holds up the OCW title before passing it to Crowe, who in turn passes it to Eli and then on to Raze who pauses for a split second before handing it back over to Trance.

Trance: Do you not see how easily passed around it is? Do you not see that it weighs down the soul and corrupts the mind? That is why I'm the saviour, the chosen one. I opt to carry on this sickness so that the rest of the worlds can breathe, so that they are not consumed.

Crowe: Though we walk in darkness we are shrouded by the light.

Trance: We must guide them.

Crowe: Though we are lost in the darkness we will be their compass.

Trance: We will save them.

Crowe: Though we are damned the rest can be redeemed.

Trance: This is our calling…

Trance turns to Raze who nods in agreement.

Trance: Worry not my child, Crow dropped out upon his own terms and should you decide to do the same I know it is not out of weakness, but compassion. For you know I love you like a son and want you to succeed, but you understand that this…

Trance shakes the OCW title in Razes face.

Trance: This is a source of sickness and I do not wish you harm.

Raze nods slowly and Crowe rises.

Crowe: Its time, Jacob.

Trance smiles.

Trance: I'm afraid we have somewhere to be…

At that, the Family departs into the forest.

Crunch. Crunch.

The lights in the arena go dark, the titan tron comes to life. The scene opens inside a Night Club. Twenty to forty people litter the dance area while a British rock band performs some slow rock to some flashy lights. It's not too loud, and not to quiet.

Erotic paintings and photos populate the walls. Gigantic candelabras can be seen throughout the establishment, leather clad men and women dance around said candelabras. Dangling from the ceiling is a giant chandelier, with the purest red rubies and vibrant purple candles. Underneath, a huge gothic themed throne stands out, with it's purples and reds.

On each side of the throne, one muscular man, and one very attractive red head tend to a man laying across the throne. The women tends to the mans jaw, and the man rubs and cleans his feet with a damp towel. It's Nathan Carter, and he doesn't look very happy.

Nathan Carter: "A sucker punch?" He says a bit more somber than usual. "Really...? A sucker punch?!" He says in a quiet, slow, rage.

The man and woman to his sides begin to move more frantically, trying to calm Nathan. He waves them off and sits up, as the camera zooms in closer to the chair.

Nathan: "Bitches, please." He snaps his fingers, they step off, bow, and walk away hand in hand. "Marley, I was just having some fun! Clearly so were you, it's not like I didn't record it. Maybe now I show the world? Just how low, can Jook go?"

He smiles, picking up a goblet to his left and taking a sip. As he sets it down he uses his other hand to snap his fingers, summoning the redhead from earlier to rub his neck and shoulders.

Nathan: "Ahhhhh, that's great. Jook, you sucker punched me! That my friend, is what a Bitch does. But I guess it's only fitting, considering I made you my bitch a few weeks ago. But I'm not one to dwell on the past, I am here to talk about the present, nay, the future! And yours is looking very bleak my friend."

Nathan pauses to enjoy the massage, as well as to take another drink from the goblet. This time it takes a much larger swig to quench his thirst.

Nathan: "That is some good shit. Takes the pain right away, but the anger...that's another issue. I am a man of many pleasures, some dark, some bloody, some, well, some unmentionable. But I do have standards, and... Jook, you...sucker...punched...me! Leather Daddy Nathan Carter!! You have no idea what you've done. "

Nathan:"You say I drugged you? When aren't you drugged, man? That'll be the last time you partake from my stash. Look, I never hurt you once after the match, yet you couldn't show me the same courtesy? The nerve you have, Marley, the nerve you have. Crazy to think after our first outing you'd be so eager for more, but if that's the way it is, then I hope you are prepared for what is coming."

Nathan: "All I wanted to do was light some candles, have some drinks, put on the new Ace of Base album, and see what happens. You had other plans it seems, and screwed up in the process. You have awoken the Tainted Satyr that lives in me! When I embody this state of mind there is absolutely no escape!"

Nathan snaps his fingers, sending the silent woman away again. He gets to his feet and lightly touches the spot where Jook punched him. He completely snaps and grabs the camera bringing it to his face, his eyes, crazy with fire.

Nathan: "Bitch, how about we settle this at Devil's Night? I didn't drug you, and I sure as hell didn't do anything you didnt want me to. I even won your match for you last week! You couldn't compete; and I quote "If I touch another man right now, I'm going to explode!"

Nathan: "If the match is booked then you are in for one hell of a ride Jook! You may be a former Ex Division Champion, but your about to be shelved by the future of the EX Division! I was gentle last time, this time? This time I'm going down to that ring and I'm going to make it look like a 'Prom Rape PSA re-enactment', set to a chilling Tori Amos song and everything! So Marley, there is only one question that remains... ARE YOU DTF?!?!"

The camera slowly fades out, to the sound of Nathan's heavy breathing.


The scene opens up with the Lord of the Lariat, our North American Champion walking around the well lit backstage area in a black suit with pinstripes made of Swarovski Crystals. The light in the backstage area is just bouncing off the crystal pinstripes and seems to be distracting OCW staff walking around. He seems to be walking with a purpose as he is looking around for something or somebody. Suddenly his eyes light up as he makes a quick jog to his hard left.


As the camera quickly turns to follow where Mugen has gone we see the One Man Revolution himself, Bobby Minio sitting at a catering table in the back, staring at an untouched salad with a solemn face.

Mugen: MY DUDE! It's so good to finally see you. I'm glad you got out of Homeland Security just fine. Thanks to ya boy!

Minio: 'Ya boy'? Are you trying to say that you actually helped me get out? Between which missed call?

Mugen: Yuh. I called in a favor and got you out.

Minio looks away from Mugen as his anger starts to boil inside.

Mugen: See I have a friend who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody's cousin who has a auntie who works in the system and I got you out.

Minio: How did you meet this supposed person who got me out?

Mugen: Oh, he's on my line.

Minio: Your line? You mean like in a ponzi scheme?

Mugen: No.....its not your classic pyramid scheme, its a income funnel. I'll show you.

Mugen starts to draw something on a piece of paper really quick. It looks like an upside down triangle.

Mugen: See, I'm at the bottom of this thing and all the money comes into me. That's why I'm so rich these days!

Minio mutters to himself, "it's a just a damn pyramid turned upside down!".

Mugen: Say wut? 

Minio: Nothing. But you should know that your favor didn't help me. I got out cause I was clean to begin with! They tossed me in there to 'teach me a lesson', a week later and I have no idea what I even learned.

Mugen: Whaaaaaaat, I gotta speak with this guy George then.

Minio: Yea, you go speak to George.

Minio starts to walk away from Mugen, still muttering to himself. 

Mugen: Bye buddy! I'll catch you later! After I beat that punk Raze!

Mugen waves to Minio with a big dorky smile on his face as the scene fades to black.

After the camera transitions the first thing that can be heard is a loud scraping noise. The sound of metal being pulled across cheap flooring. The camera focuses in on a scene inside a prison interrogation room. From where the camera is situated we can see a seated man in cuffs at one end of the table and a police officer being seated at the other. 

Police Officer:
 So Mr......

The Monster: Do not use my name. 

Police Officer: Mr......

The Monster raises his head casually into the air, giving off an ambivalent impression. 

The Monster:
 Mike, do not use my name. Names hold a certain amount of power; authority. Neither of which do you have in this situation.

Capt. Mike: Excuse me?! You're the one sitting there in cuffs.... Fine, what would you prefer to be called then? 

The Monster: Why not refer to me as I am? As a monster: The Monster.

The Captain flashes a disgusted look, but for the sake of time concedes. 

Capt. Mike:
 Fine. If you wouldn't mind 'sir Monster' I have a couple of questions for you.

He pauses, waiting for a response, but finds none and so proceeds. 

Capt. Mike:
 Firstly, and this is really more out of curiosity than it is for any open investigation, why were you so cooperative with the Salisbury boys? 

The Monster: Because I was just dying for a relaxing drive out to Prince George's.

Mike just glares at The Monster. When he begins to speak again it's with a voice raising as he goes.

Capt. Mike:
 You know what? We're not going to play nice here anymore then!

The Captain stalls for a second studying The Monster's reaction to his words. 

Capt. Mike:
 What the HELL are you smiling for?!

The Monster: Because I've known you for quite some time now Mike and I've never known you to let anyone to get under your skin so easily. I've barely done anything here today Mike. And you know as well as I do that situations like these......

The Monster does what he can, even with cuffed hands, to make a gesture encompassing the room.

The Monster:
 They're won and lost on shifts much like that one. You've gotta keep calm if you want to stay in the game Mike. 

Mike just stands there shaking his head.

Capt. Mike:
 I don't understand. I don't understand at all how you could do this to your wife.... your kids? Where's your heart man? Just a month ago you were one of the most involved parents in town. You were at all the fundraisers, the P.T.O. meetings, you threw biweekly B.B.Q's for everyone....

Captain Mike takes a second to collect his thoughts before continuing. 

Capt. Mike:
 This isn't something I'm supposed to do. It's against policy, but I think it's necessary. 

The Captain steps to the door and walks through. A few indistinct words can be heard coming from the other side of the door frame before a little girl walks on through. Her cheeks, still rounded with the remnants of baby fat mark her as no older than ten. Normally she'd be very pretty, but her features stand in shocking conflict with the deep, purple, bags around her eyes; products of long nights spent crying instead of sleeping. When she spots Our Monster sitting across the room, her eyes grow a little lighter and she dashes to his side. 

Little Girl:

The Monster: Susie. 

Susie: Daddy, there was a huge fire! It was so hot, and, and, and I couldn't breathe. And I didn't know where you were, but mommy found me. She found me and she took me outside. Daddy, we couldn't find you. They said it was you. That you started the fire, but I knew it wasn't you daddy. I know you wouldn't do that. 

The Monster turns his head, presumably to look right into his daughter's eyes, but we can't see his face so we wouldn't really know. 

The Monster:
 I'm sorry hun, but they were right. I did it.

Susie blinks her eyes rapidly, that quick glimpse of light seen in them before dashed. The water works start building up, and through bleary eyes she lets out a piercing scream before bolting for the door, which flies open as Captain Mike ushers her out of the room and storms in to take her place.


Captain Mike slams his fist down on the metal table, a mixture of anger and whatever remnants of authority of the situation he can muster.

Capt. Mike:
 WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? How could you say those things to your own daughter?

With a quick pull of his wrists The Monster breaks the chain links holding his cuffs together. Before anyone can react he has his hand around The Captain's throat and has him up against the wall. When the next words come out of his mouth, they aren't painted with anger or any discernible kind of emotion. They sound calm, almost bored.

The Monster:
 If anyone steps into this room to try to interfere I will snap his neck right now. 

No sound comes from the hallway, no door movement, no footsteps. The only thing that can be heard is Mike gasping for what little air The Monster lets him have.

The Monster:
 Now: I cooperated when I was arrested because I knew it was going to happen sooner than later. But you and I both know it's entirely futile. You can't arrest a man for burning down his own property. And you have nothing on me as far as attempted murder charges go because you have no confession, and I know my wife; she's not going to press charges and put her children through any of this. I'd put money down that she didn't even know you brought Susie in for this; I'll bet you took her out of school without anyone's permission. Great work Cap. 

The Monster lowers The Captain, releasing his grip and turning towards the exit. 

 You.... *cough* you're right. We have nothing concrete on you. But I have to know.... I have to know why? Why would you do this to your family? 

The Monster turns back.

The Monster:
 Because Mike, much like in your line of work, there are a lot of sickos out there who would take advantage of my family ties. Take advantage of my emotions. They'd try to back me into a corner. Hurt them to leverage me.

Mike: So you did it to protect them?

The Monster throws his head back letting out a roar of a laugh.

The Monster:
 Of course not Mike! I did it because I hate being weak. I did it because I want to show everyone how completely callous, how entirely invulnerable I am. I did it Mike....

The Monster turns back to the door, this time exiting completely, and apparently meeting no resistance. His voice trails back....

..... Because it's what I want.


The camera approaches Illuminati who is backstage sitting cross legged a top a large storage crate, motionless. Just before the camera is a few feet away Illuminati snaps to life and turns, the one eye on his mask looking ominously into the camera.

ILLUMINATI: Oh hello! I didn't notice you there.

 You see I'm here meditating on the words that were spoken last week.

ILLUMINATI: Meditating on words that were spoken by one...

Illuminati lets the pause hang for several seconds as if he's enjoying the uncomfortable suspense. Just as the silence seems to have lasted just a second to long he continues.

ILLUMINATI: Hideto Matsuda, the so called "Eternal" EX Division Champion.

Illuminati laughs to himself as he says Eternal

You see Matsuda, through his dominance in the EX Division has constructed an edifice for himself. A monument to his Eternal dominance.

Illuminati holds up a hand motioning for his audience to stop.

 But wait, wait just a moment...

Illuminati points at the hypothetical monument he's describing

 A crack in the... NO, several cracks in the face of Eternity

ILLUMINATI: Look, here is Matsuda losing his EX Division Title to Jookie Marley after I screwed him with a fast count.

ILLUMINATI: And look there! A draw with Tiberius Dupree, a match that by all accounts Matsuda claimed he could have won handily, but several shots with a Kendo Stick and an H-Edge put an end to that line of thinking.

ILLUMINATI: Ah! And here is the ugliest crack of all, this is were I dethroned the Eternal Champion and did it with his own signature super kick no less.

ILLUMINATI: Matsuda, I contend that you know I am the one flaw in your run of "form" and that is precisely the reason why you waited until after I had left to issue your open challenge.

ILLUMINATi: Matsuda, I accept your challenge, but I don't care for that bauble you carry around your waist. I come to you with an offer, the chance to remove the perpetual thorn in your side...

ILLUMINATI: Rise, or fall.

ILLUMINATI: Prevail, or falter.


ILLUMINATI: Matsuda, you are the resistance

Nonpoint's cover of 'In the Air Tonight' blares over the loudspeakers as Xander Rane makes his way to the ring somberly, although with no hesitation in his eyes whatsoever. He seems like a man resigned to the disappointments in life, almost uncaring by this point. As he enters the ring, and takes a mic, a small section of the audience boos and chants "YOU LOST" *clap clap* "YOU LOST"

Xander:You know what guys? You're fucking right, I lost. I told you a rainstorm was coming, and the funny thing about the weather, is that you can never really believe the shitty weatherman can ya?

A few in the audience have turned against the defeated man standing in the middle of the ring. He stands there, embracing the judgement of the people.

Xander:I'm no hypocrite, I'm not like the damn family. Y'all deserve better than those bunch of cult motherfuckers, but hey, I know where I stand with you right now, and I'm not going to pretend it doesn't hurt. All I wanted was to succeed here with you, to let you guide me into becoming the hero. It looks like rain doesn't always fall where you want it to though, huh?

By this point, much of the audience had noticed Xander stopped talking to them halfway through, he was just looking up at the ceiling of the arena at this point, tearing up and slowly falling into the fetal position.

After a while, he seemed to peek over his knees at the audience and in a hushed, choked up voice, he began to tell them what he wanted.

Xander:Just give me one more chance guys, let me prove it to you. Let me show you that I have what it takes. I want to be your champion, no matter what it takes, and in order for the rain to fall correctly this time, I need all of you to be my Ranedancers.

So, the crowd had already decided this man was a lunatic, but hey, he seemed like he genuinely wanted the fans' approval and cared about all of them, so why not support the maniac for a while and see what he can do with them on his side? They decided to play along and started chanting for him to bring down a "RANESTORM, RANESTORM, RANESTORM"

Xander:(whispering to himself not in the mic) I did it, I told you I'd do it didnt I?

And he falls asleep, in the middle of the ring, in the middle of the show, but most importantly in the middle of all his Ranedancers.

scene opens up in a dark musty gym with a haze of dust in the air shown by the cracks of sunlight glaring through the front windows. Nothing is heard, no one is seen. The smell of sweat is in the air from previous sessions, Camera man pans side to side slowly. Then Bam! a loud slam is heard, making the camera jump a little bit. Bam! another slam. The camera man makes his way through the gym to find who is making this sound. Bam! another slam!

Camera man spots a ring as he turns the corner. Bam! another slam. Focusing on the ring, it appears to be a wrestler doing his fall back slams one after another. Drips of sweat are pouring down his face and body. Wearing cargo shorts with long black socks and black chuck taylors on. Getting up from the mat, the outline of his body is painted on the mat due to repeated slams and sweat slamming it. He takes a break and walks over to the corner of the ring where he has kept his towel and water bottle. Hand on hips, head down, sweat dripping off his head. He picks up the towel, wipes his face followed by a swig of water. Turns and looks at the camera man. 

Wrestler: C'mon

With those words being spoken, he throws his sweaty towel toward the camera, perfectly landing over the camera lens causing the shot to go dark, slams being loudly heard again, As the wrestler continues to do his reps and the scene slowly fades

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*The scene opens in a dingy bar, just around the corner from the arena, Crossbones has just made his way into the venue, he takes a slow look around the room , taking in every person he sees, scouring intensley..

He perches himself on a stool at the bar, and sits patiently waiting to be served, as the bar tender makes his way over.

The bar tender looks him up and down, and with a cautious apprehension in his voice begins to speak.

Bartender : Can I help you sir?

Crossbones cracks a wide grin, exposing his teeth to the bartender, the bartender notices he has 2 dull gold teeth on his bottom row and 1 larger gold tooth where one of his front teeth should have been.

Crossbones : Rum....mate....1 shot there of....2 fingers deep...if you please.

The bartender grabs a half filled bottle of rum from one of the shelves and pours some into a shot glass and slides it across the bar to him.

Crossbones takes the shotglass filled with rum, presses it against his left eye, and tilts his head back, the rum burning his eye as he does.

Crossbones : HERE'S TOO YA ANNE!!

He slams the empty glass back on the bar and grins at the bartender, who is stood with a confused look on his face.

Crossbones : 2 more shots this way my good man.

The bartender pours out 2 more shots into shot glasses and passes them to him.

Crossbones : Does ye know who I am my good man?

Bartender: Excuse me??

Crossbones : Has ye ever heard of The Legend of Crossbones??

Bartender : I'm sorry, I can't say that I have.

Crossbones : Really? The man who once ate part of his own foot to get out of a bar debt.

Bartender : No.

Crossbones : The man who once fought off 2 great white sharks armed with only a chicken bone and a turtle shell?

Bartender : No...and that's impossible.

Crossbones seems to be growing increasingly agitated at the lack of recognition.

Crossbones : The very same man who held onto a bucking bronco for over 4 minutes using only his teeth?

Bartender : Again no.

Crossbones : Surely ye must have heard of the fully grown man who sat down to pee of his own accord??

Crossbones : What? No...this is ridiculous.

Crossbones pulls on his beard and points the tail end towards the man.

Crossbones : A man who bound his own beard with his very own foreskin that he removed with the tooth of a monkey???? Ye MUST have heard of him!!!

Bartender : I'm sorry, but is this some kind of hidden camera show? I'm on tv right?

Crossbones : Have ye no respect for the man who lost a nipple to an ill tempered lobster??? What kind of soulless sea dog be ye?

Bartender : I have no idea what you are talking about, and even less idea of who 'ye' be..so please, can I get back to my other customers now?

Crossbones : The Legend must continue...

Bartender : What?

Crossbones : I be looking for a crew...a first mate..a 2nd in command..a partner in crime if you will.

Bartender : In here? Look around, does this look like a pirate convention? Do you see Jack Sparrow flouncing around anywhere?

Crossbones : Jack Sparrow? Do I look like I'm joking to you? I be a real pirate of the caribbean..this isn't a Disney movie.

Crossbones : I be the man that hunted the HMS Matsuda...the man that sunk the S.S MINNOW...and now I be sailing for fresh waters...

Crossbones : But one man does not a crew make..and I have a bag of gold for any man wishing to join.

Without warning, he jumps up onto the bar and spins around, knocking glasses and mats over, facing the entire room , the entire population of the bar turns to face him, a little startled.

Crossbones : Ladies and Gentlemen..Ye all know me, Ye all know what I've done..

The patrons continue to stare at him, not a single person having a clue what he is talking about...or so it seems...

Crossbones : I be looking for a man with sea legs..and the stomach of a cast iron pot..

Crossbones : A man who is willing to stand toe to toe with Davey Jones himself..but also a man who knows his boundries and who will not try to spoon me in me hammock!

He holds his arms out wide whilst looking around the room.

Crossbones : Anyone? Anybody? ANYBODY?

After complete silence for what seems like an age, a glass gets thrown across the room from the far left corner , a huge man stands up from his table and nods at Crossbones.

Crossbones jumps down off the table and runs over to the man , he looks him up and down.

Crossbones : Jesus wept, ye be a big one..I'm not even sure if I can afford to feed ye , and ye don't look much like a pirate!..but we can work on that.

Man : I didn't realise this was a cosplay competition....why the hell are you dressed like that?

Crossbones : What be this cosplay of which ye speak? I be wearing me best clobber!!

Man : You want bodies, I'm a body.

Crossbones throws his fist in the air.

Crossbones : HOIST THE COLOURS!!

Man : What?

Crossbones : Ye colours..hoist them...it means raise the flag!! Your arm, raise it!!

Man : The man reluctantly raises his arm in the air.

Crossbones : HOIST THE COLOURS!! 

Crossbones : Follow me my good man, we have lots to talk about.

The two men turn to leave the bar, as everyone else goes about their business.

As they are leaving, Crossbones grabs a waitress by the shoulder and spins her around to face him.

Crossbones : Wench!!! Show me yer breasts!! Fer good luck!

Waitress : Excuse me?

Crossbones spits on the floor next to the woman.

Crossbones : How about just the one then, fer me new first mate?

The waitress proceeds to slap him across the face, hard.

Crossbones : That'll be a no then, my love?


Crossbones turns to the giant man next to him.

Crossbones : My man, me thinks it's time we retreat before this pitbull of a woman takes a bite out of me yam!

The two men hurry out of the bar as the security man surround the waitress.

Crossbones begins singing as he runs -'Yo - Ho ... all hands...hoist the colors high...Heave -ho , thieves and beggars...never shall we die.....*

A real official generic looking OCW employee (not Buddy) approaches BUFFNESS as he exits the arena handing him the keys to his beautiful Acura TLX. BUFFNESS gives him a dirty look just for being alive and in his presence.

BUFFNESS swore the guy who parked his car was a bit shorter, nonetheless he makes his way to the wrestler's parking area. He walks down the lot passing a few cars, then recognizes his car, or what was his car.

His gorgeous green machine has a crushed rear windshield, a massively dented rear end, busted tail lights, a large metal pole in the front windshield, scratched side doors, a smashed driver side window and worst of all huge silver spray painted Dallas Cowboy star on the hood. The interior of the luxury car is also destroyed in the same fashion. In a sudden rage BUFFNESS grabs hold of the open door with a uncanny death grip.


He rips the driver's side door right from it's hinges, holding it in mid air then launching it into the middle of the parking lot with enough impact to bring up a splash of gravel. The camera fades as BUFFNESS tries with all his vigor to calm himself down.


The scene opens with the camera zoomed in on a wooden door. The camera man opens the door and observes the room. There's an leather couch in the room and the room is filled with video gaming posters. 

The camera man zooms in on a flat screen tv. Tecmo Bowl for the Super Nintendo is currently being played. The camera pans to the couch and reveals AC Cobra playing the game.

AC- No wrestling for me tonight, a little busy as you can tell.

A slight grin goes over AC face. The camera pans back to the tv. Bo Jackson just scored a 30 yard touchdown. Clapping sounds can be heard in the background, signaling that AC is the person controlling Bo.

The camera man pans towards AC Cobra. He gives the camera man two thumbs up as the scene fades.

We follow a shortish man into one of the backstage locker rooms. As the scene crosses the threshold into the locker room we as the audience immediately realize that the room is somehow larger than it actually is.

There are six small plain office desks, lined three to each side of the room. At each desk is a member of MATSUDA ZAIBATSU’s sponsored Idol Group [M I N A Y A], who in their free time work as Matsuda’s personal secretaries.

Behind the six desks on a raised platform, three steps up is a very large, very elaborate Mahogany desk trimmed in Gold and Ivory. Sitting at the desk is the CEO of MATSUDA ZAIBATSU, OUR VILLAIN Hideto Matsuda.

The shortish man approaches the platform, but stops just short of the first step, he bows deeply,

JUNICHIRO: Matsuda-sama

Matsuda lackadaisically rolls his head to the side away from his paperwork then looks to Junichiro.


JUNICHIRO: I understand you are very busy with MATSUDA ZAIBATSU work but there are OCW matters that require your immediate attention.


JUNICHIRO: Ry… The Vile Peasant Who Shall Not Be Named in the Presence of Our Eternal Overlord has accepted the open challenge you made last week.

Matsuda raises an eyebrow, a vein in his forehead tenses at the attempted mention of Illuminati’s name.

MATSUDA: How… Dare… They. After making me suffer the indignity of performing on this D-List excuse of a channel they call [REDACTED].

MATSUDA: They insult me again by making me suffer the INDIGNITY of making me face that ANIMAL, YET AGAIN.

JUNICHIRO: If it would please his Eternal Overlord we can contact our legal division and have an injunctio…

Before Junichiro can finish one of the members of [M I N A Y A] stands up rushes to him and slaps him across the face.

As if he had somehow commanded the action telepathically the other five members stand up and yell at Junichiro synchronously with the slap.


Matsuda massages the bridge of his nose as the members of [M I N A Y A] compose themselves and return to work. Junichiro is clutching his cheek and awaiting Matsuda’s response like a puppy.

MATSUDA: You know what, if they want to pop a rating by putting me and that worm in the ring together that's fine.

MATSUDA: But let them know that next week, they’ll be televising a murder on RIOT.
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