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Our Hero surveys the landscape of Terminal 5, which is a much smaller enclosure than OCW is accustomed to. The intimate setting does have its advantages, as a smaller venue the crowd is full of diehard fans, which are the best kind of fans at times like these. 

Our Hero adjusts his lapel as he prepares to address the crowd. Chants of "welcome back" begin to echo through the intimate venue, as Our Hero prepares to speak. He stops for a moment to soak it all in. 

Our Hero: I say "GOT" Damn it's good to be back in NEW YORK CITY!!!! 

The crowd cheers with approval for the New York native.

Our Hero: Let’s get down to brass tacks, unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have noticed that one of the, if not the greatest wrestling organization on the planet of earth and quite possibly the moon was off the air for the last several months.

The crowd boos. 

Our Hero: Yea I know it stinks. You see the truth of the matter is that Online Championship Wrestling lost its television rights. 

The crowd boos with an almost collective gasp of shock.

Our Hero: I can sit here and make excuses, I can point fingers at the locker room at the board of directors, at managment. I can be that person who wants to blame everyone but themselves. But if you guys know me, then you know if I’m wrong I am big enough to admit it. And if I bleeped up then you can be assured that I will man up to that. 

Our Hero: And that’s just what I did folks, I bleeped up.

"You bleeped up" chants start coming down on Terminal 5.

Our Hero: I bleeped up y'all, big time! 

Our Hero smiles.

Our Hero: At the end of the day I went to war with the Network and with 11 years of Ego and Swagger behind me I thought we couldn’t lose. When it hit the fan I was left with a misdemeanor assault charge, a hefty fine and no TV Deal. And if you didn't know when you aren’t on TV the revenue streams get a lot smaller.

Our Hero: So that’s why we are here. And not Madison Square Garden because we can’t afford it. I won't mince words OCW is on the ropes. We teamed up with a new television partner the young upstarts atRushTV. They know our history, they know our legacy, and they want to build their brand as well. Together we are going to war! We need to prove ourselves, we are no longer the juggernaut of old. We have doubters in the boardroom, doubters on social media, and worst of all doubters with lot’s and lot’s of capital. 

Our Hero: This won’t be easy, it won’t be fun. I need all of you in the back to step it up, we all have a lot to prove now, all eyes are on us, our greatest glory is not in never falling but rising each time we fall.

Our Hero: So I'm telling OCW to RISE, RISE UP for every time they told you that you wouldn’t succeed, rise up for every time they told you that you wouldn’t be the best, rise up for every time they told you….

Before Our Hero can finish his rhetoric the whining guitar of "Devils Rejects" by the iconic Rob Zombie begins to hum through the speakers. Mr Sensation sucks on his teeth with indignum, this was meant to be his time, as the grand puppet master, Jacob Trance walks out onto the ramp, OCW title firmly strapped around his waist. He pauses, a calm little smile on his face as slowly he grips the microphone in his hand like a brandy glass, raising it to his lips. 

Trance: Unfortunately I am not a sheep, but instead I am the shepherd and I am sure that my flock…

He motions to the OCW fans in attendance.

Trance: No longer wish to be held captive by the braying bark of a madman, a merchant of doom and gloom.

Sensations face contorts with rage, but Trance gets another word in, raising a finger as if to accentuate his point.

 Even the mightiest oak will come crashing to the forest floor if its roots become rotten and die. That… That’s what you were… THE ROOTS, THE HEART!

Jacob pounds on his chest with his free hand, pacing the stage now.

 You left it to die, you abandoned it, you stopped believing like you never believed in ME!

Jacob shakes his head in disgust.

Trance: Garbage, that’s what you thought, but look at me now… I’m no longer paying rent, you’re no longer in control… This isn’t your world, I AM THE WORLD! I am the one who picked up the pieces, put the fallen men back together again, yet here you are… Laying claim to the kingdom that I built with my own two hands.

Jacob continues shaking his head, heading down the ramp now.

Trance: You sought to overthrow me with beasts of fire, monsters from the land of the rising sun, a one man revolution… But it didn’t matter, the ghosts and demons in your head, they lied to you… They gave you poor counsel, the one true voice, your light is right here… I am here. I can save you, I can save… EVERYONE.

The crowd begin to boo, a brief "Save Our Hero" chant breaks out but it dies off quickly. 

Trance begins to climb the steps, pausing, leaning on the top of the post, just watching Sensation, almost like a curious child watching its parent going about their business.

Trance whispers his next few words into the microphone:

Trance: I can be your angel… I can be your devil… It’s all the same to me. 

Our Hero paces back and forth nearly frothing at the mouth.

Trance chuckles, smiling at Our Hero’s situation, to make matters even worse, he climbs the ropes from the outside, standing on the middle ropes, one hand clutching the top of the post as he leans forward, leering over.

Trance: Entrails, ashes, salvation, devastation… It’s all there, it’s right there Jay, I can see it, swimming behind your eyeballs, trying to stay in the shallows of your minds ocean. Do not stray my son, for here be monsters.

Trance laughs again, enjoying his moment.

Our Hero: The only monster I see, is the demon inside me that's about to go upside your face.

The crowd cheers.

Trance immediately sets his focus on Our Hero, straightening up, vaulting straight into the ring, crossing the gap in a mere four steps, bellowing with laughter in the face of Our Hero.

Trance: The margin between bravery and stupidity is infinitely small, it’s such a fine line my old friend, such a fine line indeed, cast in salt upon the floor. Be careful you do not scatter it to the wind with an errant foot, for then you’re no longer safe, then the monsters will come.

Our Hero: Why the hell are you out here? this isn’t Sunday Church!

Jacob turns away, wheeling around, a hand extended to the audience.

Trance: Because my friend, I am this house, I am the foundation, I am the longest setting key stone you have ever had. I don’t want to tread covered ground…

Jacob straightens up, looking at Our Hero smugly.

 BUT! There was once a time, a time in my life that I wanted to stand here, in this very ring across from you, to hear you say three words. Those three words I know I’ll never hear, because you are nothing more than a serpent that would sooner devour its own offspring than acknowledge change and evolution they had nothing to do with. 

Jacob holds up three fingers.

Trance: Those words have changed… And I will say them just for you…

Jacob walks across the ring, dropping his voice to a hushed whisper as he speaks directly into the left ear of Our Hero.

Trance: I am God.

Jacob backs up once more, spreading his arms, as if beckoning Our Hero in for a tender embrace.

The white hot crowd at Terminal 5 shows a torrent of boos.

Our Hero: A god among men?

Our Hero: Allow me to read through your maze of madness. You’re essentially saying I should bow down to you because you are the longest reigning world champion in OCW? I mean that’s what I think you’re trying to say in your own convoluted self indulgent way.

Our Hero: For someone who "Cares not for, false prizes" and "Golden Trinkets" you sure do parade yourself as some kind of second coming. I think deep down you do care about that gold around your waist. But here’s a little bit of a news flash for you, Jim Jones. We ain’t had TV for quite some time, you ain’t a fighting champ. From where I am standing you are a ain’t a god.

Our Hero: You’re more like a king. King……

Our Hero: King NOTHING!

Trance: That’s admirable, you’re trying so hard to get to me with your words. You’re used to insults, you’re used to the trading of vitriol. You can call me a king, but my people… They call me God, they call me Father. You can remain lost, for the wolf doesn't lose sleep over the concerns of sheep.

Jacob turns to leave.

 Thank you for your time, but the days of heroes is over.

The microphone falls with a tell tale thump, the conversation is over.

Our Hero: Not so fast, god king!!!!!

Jacob pauses, and looks back over his shoulder, not giving Our Hero the satisfaction of altering his course.

Our Hero: My vitriol may mean nothing to you but my influence does. And since you’ve been resting on your godly laurels not defending that precious prize. I am going to do you a favor, I am going to add some legitimacy to your reign. 

Our Hero: Tonight on the first Episode of Riot for the new season, in Front of Terminal 5, in front of my people in NEW YORK CITY the OCW World Champion, The God King Jacob Trance will defend his Championship!!

The crowd goes wild!

Trance chuckles to himself as he continues to walk to the back uninterested.


Trance rounds on Sensation, like a charging bull, but Our Hero valiantly flees the ring, a massive smile on His face as he backs his way up the ramp. Trance rips his vest off, hurling it to the outside as he readies for the match, his title is taken away by the timekeeper as he backs up into the corner, teeth gritting in sheer fury. 

Our Hero with the mic in his hand.

Our Hero: You may be a God King, but I also have a God…..a God of War.
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The bell sounds and cascade of boos showers down around the winner of the match, the fans obviously unhappy with the circumstances in which it ended. Amidst the the wreckage of the announcers table a furious Our Hero stands in silence, looking down at Aries as Trance is handed his title, a massive grin across his face.

Aries starts to attempt to stand, pulling himself up with the barrier. Once he gets to his feet he's hauled over the barrier by unseen assailants, disappearing swiftly from view. Our Hero looks towards the disruption and back at Trance who has now taken up a position at the ropes, draping his title over them, taunting Our Hero.

Trance: It looks like your little billy goat had vanished, it looks like he continued to tarnish his legacy at your request whilst my legend grows. The ace in your hand has turned out…

Our Hero: Shut up! I'm sick of this! Sick of you and your bastarding Family!

Jacob begins to laugh.

Trance: Oh Jaysin, didn't you hear? Can't you see? This world and all the others are mine!

Our Hero: Whose world is this? The World is yours? The World is yours? It’s mine, it’s MINE!

Our Hero: You see Trance to quote the a man who left this earth far too soon. Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the question!

The crowd cheers for the homage!

Our Hero: This reign of terror you so proudly beat your chest over is merely a sham. The Sham of a man with fear in his heart. Because he knows that when push comes to shove he doesn’t have the stones to be the very best in OCW. So you dance around with your, cryptic words and meanings, and your acts of gang violence. 

Our Hero: No more my friend, in fact I figure we start this season up on the right foot. You say you’re the GOD KING of OCW, let us put that theory to the test once again. Tonight in front of NEWWWW YORK CITY, OCW will begin a #1 Contender's tournament for YOUR! World Championship!

Our Hero: We got legends, we got hungry vets, we got surprises and much more! strap in folks because its about to get real!

Our Hero Points to Trance and his OCW Championship, and then to his watch as if to signify it is time.

Our Hero: And it starts right now!

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The scene opens up with a mysterious man wearing an all black hoodie and sweatpants is seen wandering around a dark, restricted area inside of the arena. The man makes his way to a door that reads “Employees Only.” As he touches the knob of the door, a voice is heard.

Security Guard: Excuse me; you’re not supposed to be in this area. Who are you? Remove your hood.

The man ignores the Guard and continues through the door as the Guard follows behind him.

Security Guard: If you don’t leave I will have to inform the Police.

The mysterious man turns around. 

???: What are they gonna do?

As the Guard reaches for his phone he is met with a swift kick to the face that knocks him unconscious. He continues on his way into the arena. You can tell he has worked, or has been to this arena before. He finally reaches the backstage area. Another voice is heard.

Jim Black: Are you lost?

The mysterious man stops, but doesn’t face Jim Black.

???: I have to speak to Mr. Sensation. Where is his office?

Jim Black: You can’t just walk around here and demand to speak to Mr. Sensation. I’m going to call the Police.

Jim Black reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. The mysterious man turns around and removes his hood. Jim Black is startled when he sees the man’s face.

Jim Black: J-JOOKIE!

Jookie Marley: Wha gwan?

Black: You look different with a beard. Where the hell you been? You just disappeared off the face of the Earth, and no one could find you. 

Marley: I had to take a long vacation. Too many things were on my mind.

Black: You were all over the news. TMZ was even claiming that the acting career you left OCW for, led you to commit suicide.
Marley: They will make up any story for a little attention.

Marley starts to laugh as he and Black start to walk around the backstage area of the arena.

Black: So how is the acting thing going?

Marley: It was all right.

Black: Was? 

Marley: Yeah, it got me a bigger house and some cars, but I felt like I was only doing it for the money. I’d rather put my body on the line every week for these fans. I wanna be that guy again. That’s why I came here tonight to talk to Mr. Sensation.

Black: I think he’ll give you another chance, but your rep around the locker-room sucks. His room is this way. Lets go try and get you another shot.

Marley notices all the bad looks he’s getting from the OCW Wrestlers as he follows Black through the hallway. Random Wrestlers start to call him names as the scene starts to fade out.

???: Uh oh don’t tell me Mr. Frosted Flake is back again. 

???: I give him a week to disappear.

???: He leaves and comes back more than Jordan did in the NBA.
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Cut-Throat holds a mic in his hand as he looks out to the crowd, half the crowd are chanting his name, the other half look confused as to what the hell he is doing here tonight , and where he has been.

Cut-Throat : I know what ye all be thinkin'.

He rubs his brow.

Cut-Throat : 'Where has ye been Cut-Throat?'

Cut-Throat : Well let me tell yee, after I failed to sink the HMS Matsuda , I set sail for his homeland , intent on rapin' and pillagin', minus the rapin'...

He strokes his goatee between his fingers.

Cut-Throat : But on the way, ole Cut-Throat got side tracked , with an opportunity too good te be missed.

Cut-Throat : I stumbled across the whereabouts of me grand-father , the last self proclaimed true pirate lord, Crossbones himself!! 

He starts to hop up and down excitedly.

Cut-Throat : Turns out he was in an old folks retirement home just outside of Oklahoma all this time, so I turned hide and set sail back to America.

Cut-Throat : I finally laid eyes on him, late on a saturdays eve , sat there, all peaceful like, in his strange , chariot with wheels..his peg leg replaced with some work of witchcraft , and wearing some strange contraptions called 'Reebok's.

Cut-Throat : I bode my time, and waited til nightfall, til his strange , crew dressed in blue had left him unguarded , I slid up behind him and drew me cutlass, span him round in his chariot and yelled in his face - 


Cut-Throat : Not a sound he made, his gaze un-blinkered, I waited for him to draw his weapon...but nothing..not a single sound, nor movement.

Cut-Throat : I circled him, ready to pounce, waiting to slay me foe, and take his place as the greatest pirate that ever lived.

He starts to prod the air, mimmicking his movements from his tale.

Cut-Thoat : Still nothing...'What kind of dastardly game is this?' ..I asked him.

Cut-Throat : And still nothing..so I placed me cutlass back in her sheath, and took a step closer...

Cut-Throat : And then it happened.

Cut-Throat : With a might roar, crossbones opened his mouth and boomed - 

Crossbones : 1,2,3,4...I DECLARE A THUMB WAR!!

Cut-Throat : He flung his hand towards me, and mine towards his, and we interlocked with an almighty 'CLAP'...locked in a deathgrip battle the likes of which will never be seen again.

Cut-Throat starts to mimmick the hand movements.

Cut-Throat : It was relentless, his thumb over mine, mine over his, I almost lost an eye to the dreaded 'sweat bead' ..the bane of all athletes.

Cut-Throat : For 12 days and nights we fought , neither party giving an inch , after the 4th day I dropped to a knee , all but succumbing to the burning desire in me bladder, and I;'m not ashamed to say , I soiled meself in the name of piracy!!

Cut-Throat : On the 12th day, at 11.53am, he showed weakness, he blinked, and ole Cut-Throat took full advantage, I kicked the wheel of his chariot, and as he recoiled backwards, his grip loosened, and I pulled the old 'bait n switch'.

Cut-Throat : I swerved me thumb left, and at the last second, jerked it back to the right and placed it ontop of his thumb in a vice like grip , one of his crew who had been watching from the door came running over and slid down on all fours next to us, he began to count as he slammed his hand on the floor.

Cut-Throat : 1 , 2 , 3!!!

He jumps up and down again excitedly.

Cut-Throat : I had done it!! I defeated the greatest pirate alive , in the most deadly battle known to man!! I jumped to me feet, ripped off his mask and stood there, basking in me glory, holding my trophy up high for all to see [ he points to the new mask he is wearing on his face, and taps himself twice on the cheek]...I placed the maks on me head, and screamed, looking down at me broken foe.

Cut-Throat : I haver done it!!I am the last remaining pirate king of Tortuga!!! Now I wear the legendary mask! All hail CROSSBONES!!!

Crossbones : Everyone in the building came running into the room , and we all stood, pointing and laughing at the broken old man in the wheeled chariot.

Crossbones : Until someone pointed out that technically I was trespassing and they had me thrown out on me behind...but still!!!

Crossbones : Ye see, I knew this was the perfect time , I knew I could not be beat..and do ye know why??

Crossbones : Because Crossbones once went 13 days without blinking!!!


He drops the mic and runs from the ring, hops the barrier and disappears into the crowd as the audience look on in bewilderment.

The lights in the arena go completely dark and the crowd goes nuts. After a few seconds of silence and no one knowing exactly what is going on, 
"This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson begins to flood the PA system, not helping the confusion one bit. But the crowd is starting to groove to it.

Kalix Eastbrook: "This godawful music must be Carter's..."

Just as Kalix Eastbrook finishes his remark, the lights come back on and begin to strobe all different kinds of colors! While the crowd is mesmerized by this event, a figure steps out on stage, dressed in black and purple vinyl; its Nathan Carter. The crowd doesn't react in a way you'd think, they're more confused than before, and now they are a bit uncomfortable as the lyrics are now audible. With a mic in hand, Nathan is screaming along getting the crowd to finally loosen up.


Crowd: "YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"

Brian Wilson: "He can't say that on Live TV!"

Kalix Eastbrook: "You can say whatever you want on Live TV, it's about how fast your censors are...we'll find out tomorrow!"

The crowd is now starting to get behind Nathan as he slithers and screams his way into the ring. Once he is in the ring he rushes one of the turnbuckles and starts screaming with the music again...

Nathan Carter: "DO WE GET IT?!"

Crowd: "NOOOO!!!!"

Nathan Carter: "DO WE WANT IT?!"


Nathan climbs down and does the same thing in the opposite corner. The crowd is really enjoying the energy! The lights slowly go back to normal as the music fades, Nathan paces in the ring with the mic. He awaits the crowd to simmer down before speaking.

Nathan Carter: "Daaaaaamn, bitch, it feels good to be in a ring again! On top of that, I get to kick off the 2015 OCW Season!!!!!"

The crowd gives a nice pop, but then sits silently, hanging onto his every word.

Nathan Carter: "How rude of me... here I am debuting in OCW and I haven't even told you about myself. There's not much to say really. Oh who am I kidding? On the contrary, there's quite a mouthful."

A majority of the crowd begins to chuckle at the comment.

Brian Wilson: "Oh, come on, that's just gross."

Kalix Eastbrook: "Kind makes every erection for the next week not even worth it..."

Nathan Carter: "Now as nasty as that sounds, it's quite true. A lot can be said about a man of Absolute Pleasure. For instance, nothing pleases me more than inflicting pain on those beneath me! And make no mistake about it, I get off on it. Hell, the harder you hit me, the more I'm going to enjoy it!"

The ladies in the crowd go apesh*t, but it's clear the men in the crowd want nothing to do with it. Well, not all of them...

Nathan Carter: "Before there is any confusion on the subject, I want to get the elephant in the room out of the way. Is Nathan Carter Straight? Is Nathan Carter Gay? Heh, I have said it before, and I'll say it again; I am a man of Absolute Pleasure. I do what pleases ME! And my friends, there is a mighty long list of things that please Leather Daddy."

The women are going crazy again, this time a few of them go into a lesbian rage and start making out with the lady closest to them. Nathan notices some of the action and points it out.

Nathan Carter: "See! They have the Leather Daddy spirit in'em! By all means ladies, share the love but hold on the proceedings until the shows over. I promise you and your friends came come visit my Pleasure Palace afterwards. Bring some candles, we'll make a night of it!"

The men in the crowd can't help but mark out to Nathan for his boldness. The crowd is thoroughly entertained, but the same cannot be said for our announcers. 

Brian Wilson: "He's going to cost us our tv deal! Sensation is going to be upset."

Kalix Eastbrook: "Come on, Brian, it's great! I haven't seen real life lesbians in years, so if you ruin this for me..." He covers his headset mic, "I'll break your fingers."

Nathan Carter: "So is Nathan Carter Gay? NO! Is Nathan Carter Straight? NO! I'M JUST DTF!" Crowd pops, absolutely loving it. "So Jookie Marley come on down cause you're the next contestant on 'NATHAN CARTER'S PLEASURE PALACE!!!!"

Kalix Eastbrook: "I sure hope that the 'F' stands for 'fight'.

Brian Wilson: "For Jookie's sake anyway..."

Nathan drops the mic and begins to work the crowd whilst awaiting his opponent's arrival.

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Pacifica has received the news that he's booked for a match at Riot 410, against a veteran in Jook Marley. He speaks to himself quietly.. 

Pacifica: It's time..

He steps through the back door of his shack, revealing a large beautiful lake. Uncharacteristically, Pacifica shouts to the world... 

Pacifica: Jookie! this is the first step towards peace! and you'll be taking it with me!

Pacifica then takes a seat, admiring the view of the lake. And for the first time in a while..he cracks a smile.

Pacifica: Thank you...

The camera zooms out on Pacifica and the lake and eventually fades..

*Camera's cut to a hospital where D. Y. Nasty is seen going through physical therapy. He seen doing many shoulder work outs, lifting weights and practicing throwing what looks like a body bag.

He's shown improving as the doctor who performed his surgery speaks.

Doctor: The rotator cuff surgery was a success. There was an excess of fluid and a small tear that needed to be repaired and D. Y. Nasty has made a full recovery.

Camera's cut a picture of his initial x-ray.


D. Y. Nasty: The shoulder feels great now. I keep reliving that day over and over again and I can't believe how quickly everything turned around for me.

A video of the injury starts to play.

D. Y. Nasty: You know, in this business, you never know when the injury bug will strike. I probably could have already returned, but when you throw people as much as I do, you absolutely need your shoulders to be at 100%. I feel pretty good and I'm about to make my return.

More video packages of his workouts and physical therapy over the last 9 months continue to play.

D. Y. Nasty: Yes, I have lost weight and I'm no where near the same size I used to be but best believe...the suplexing legend is on his way back. Shoulder is cleared, I'm physically ready to go. Now it's time to get back in the ring and re-introduce myself.

It's time for a change around these parts of town. I have been injured too many times in my career for being the fan favorite. So now it's time to turn the tables. It's time to leave bodies broken and destroyed. Go hard from now on...can't worry about the past because that was yesterday. I gotta put it all on the line because it's my time. 

You sacrifice, you bleed and you sweat and you cry. Me....I will hunt, destroy, break, and laugh my way to the top. I will be The Caribbean born World Champion and I will destroy the legacies of everyone who stands in my way. This isn't a threat or a warning....This sir, is a spoiler. D. Y. Nasty will be champion and if you got a problem with it, I'll be in the ring next week and you can tell me to my face so there is no excuse. No excuse for you being laid out bloody in the ring. No excuse for you being on the shelf for 6 months at my hands. No excuses when the man of a thousand suplexes properly introduces himself. No excuse for me ending your career. The story of your legacies will end with "forced into retirement by D. Y. Nasty."

I am the destroyer of legacies and it's time the Grim Reaper put these "legends" out of business permanently. If you have a legacy in OCW, I'm coming for you. If you call yourself a legend...I'm coming for you. Hell, if you've ever held a title in OCW I'm coming for you. And if you're new then I will apologize in advance for ending your career before you can properly get your boots laced up. Destruction has been summoned and the enforcer is named D...........Y.............Nasty.

See ya next week.

Camera's slowly pan and zoom in on a determined look in D. Y. Nasty's face. He drops on the ground and starts doing 1 arm push ups on his surgically repaired shoulder. He looks at the camera and winks as the video slowly fades out.
The Camera follows Ryu as he storms through the backstage area he seems to be fuming. He angrily lashes out pushing past several ring hands. He puts his hands on his ears as if he's trying to block out some sort of sound.

A member of the security staff approaches Ryu with a hand out as if to calm him down. Before he can make contact Ryu snaps into action delivering a flurry of elbows at the security mans head. With each elbow Ryu seems to be mumbling something louder and louder.

RYU: Adapt or Die

RYU: Adapt or Die 

RYU: Adapt or Die


The security man is now on the ground motionless as Ryu continues battering him with elbows screaming ADAPT OR DIE and laughing manically as he does. An entire crew of security arrives to subdue Ryu as the camera cuts out.

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As Clams Casino's Crystals starts to fade out in the background, Mugen asks for a microphone from the ringside attendant who obliges. Mugen flashes a huge smile for the crowd which is as bright as his amazing suit made out of gold and lined with 24kt diamonds. He proudly pats the OCW North American Championship around his waist as he lifts the microphone up to his face.

Mugen: NEW York City. 

Mugen soaks in the cheap pop from the crowd at Terminal 5.

Mugen: Now as most of you know, New York is like my second home. I got a penthouse out here, got friends out here and I got some major money invested in some businesses out here. 

Mugen rubs his index finger and thumb together to express the amount of money he's talking about. And he means big money.

Mugen: Why am I telling you this? Because I'm a businessman.......

Mugen turns to his right and looks directly at the ringside cameramen

Mugen: Unlike our so called "hero"

Mugen uses his free hand to show some air quotes as he looks back at the hard camera.

Mugen: How does a hero screw up this badly? Well let me air out your dirty laundry b. Our "hero" thought he could leverage OCW's amazing ratings into more money on the major networks. Well guess what, DUMMY, WE DIDNT HAVE RATINGS CAUSE YOU WENT ON A BREAK! Of course they didn't buy your bluff! Now we out here wrestling in this hell hole.

Some of the loyal crowd start to boo Mugen.

Mugen: Chill chill, listen to me. Don't boo me, you should be booing the boss man. You hardcore OCW fans should be expecting this return of Riot at Madison Square Garden. NOT HERE. We should be touring the world right now. Everybody should be as baller as me and be having suits like this tailor made. We should be doing a lot of things but NOPE.

Mugen pats the North American Championship around his waist.

Mugen: Even with all the uncertainties in OCW, there are still 3 things you can count on. Lariats, Suplexes and Mugen as your North American Champion. I promise you that me, and the rest of the C4 boys will bring OCW back to the glory days.

Mugen stares directly at the ringside camera again wide eyed.


Mugen's wide eyed expression turns into his usual smirk.

Mugen: C4 over EVERYTHING.

Mugen flips the mic over to the ringside attendant who barely catches it. He jumps onto the second turnbuckle in the corner to pose for the fans as the scene cuts to commercial.


Smythe and Raze look ready to get the match started when Smythe rools out of the ring and picks up a microphone to a wild reaction of boos. With Raze wondering what the holdout is Smythe slowly slides back into the ring with a microphone in hand. 

Smythe: You all paid to see the return of OCW wrestling. Me, one of the best to ever do it, taking on one of OCW's brightest stars in Justin Raze to the tune of a sold out arena. That sounds like a main event match. That sounds like it's worth the price of admission. 

The loud crowd chants are over the top "SDW, FTW" overrun "LESS TALK MORE ROCK" as they want to see this match underway.

Smythe: But tonight, that's not what you're going to get. 

The boos are deafening. But as everyone knows Smythe could care less.

Smythe: An OCW superstar on the rise doesn't deserve to have his career shot down by being the first person Smythe D. Wonder beat on his way back to the top. Smythe D. Wonder's first match in over a year isn't a setting for the first Riot of the season and on top of all that. I have a surprise for you all tonight. 

The camera cuts to Raze who has his hands on his hips waiting for something to happen. Wilson and Eastbrook are also baffled.

Wilson: Would you expect anything less from this coward?

Eastbrook: Wait till you see what he's doing he obviously told me. It's sheer greatness.

Smythe walks over to Raze and pats him on the back.

Smythe: Justin don't you want to know what I was up to for the past year? Where I was while you were becoming a star in OCW?

Raze: No... actually I just want to kick your ass.

The crowd pops in agreement.

Smythe: I was coming up with the plan to save OCW from the snorefest that you and your peers had turned this place into. Salvation for the indy wrestling bootleg show that my show, Riot, has become. I found it Raze.

Raze: You were going to turn a prime time slot into you talking the entire arena to sleep?

Another Pop for Raze 

Smythe: No Raze... I'm going to take a regular guy like each and every person out here tonight. An average Joe... and make him the biggest star this company has ever seen and you're going to wrestle him tonight.

Raze cracks a smirk as the entire arena pops for the fact that a match is happening.

We were doing a show in Delaware and like every show hundreds of people came up me at the afterparty that I threw and tell me to change their lives. Normally I don't care, but on this night I made a decision. OCW needs regular people to be the next superstars. and this man told me the best story I've ever heard. He said, I work a regular job and have a regular family like everyone else and my life sucks. That was enough for me to give him the chance to change. So I told him "you're the one person in the world who's going to get a shot". 

I've been training and conditioning the future of OCW. Just like Nate Ortiz, Nick Kage, Versus and Sensation trained me. I told him to do what I say and I'll make him a star and his first time in the ring will be at the Pinnacle of the wrestling universe. That's what I can do for someone.

Smythe points over to the stage ramp

Smythe: Meet the future... Ron Portman!!!

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Outside Terminal 5 there is a scene being made. The kind of scene your accustomed to here at Online Championship Wrestling. A scene where a young black man is verbally assaulting a underpaid and largely overweight security guard.

At one of the main side entrances where some Wrestlers enter the arena out of the view of unruly fans, a very large voice resonates from a very small man.

???: MY NAME IS ON THAT DAMN LIST! Even the eyelids on your fat-ass face need extra exercise, read it again Blart-neck!

The young black man is short, like so short he would be exempt from almost every ride at any and all amusement parks, about 5'4 or so. His bark is loud, obnoxious and down right comical, sort of like a Maltese on malt liquor. The annoyed security guard takes another lazy glance at the paper on his clipboard and gives a sluggish shake of his head.

The man huffs and puffs, like the little engine 'that could. Wearing a cheap gray suit with a bow-tie and tilted fitted cap, dufflebag in arm, the small man begins to pace back and forth in heated contemplation. Then without warning he snatches the clipboard from the security guard, simultaneously pulling a pen out of his jacket pocket.

Surprisingly the security guard reacts rather quickly, grabbing the back collar of the man hoisting him slightly in the air. While the little man pedals 'nothing, he attempts to sign his name onto the paper barely touching it. Another more slender security guard reaches the scene, immediately rushing to defuse the situation.

The slim guard grabs the outrageous man dangling in the air by his torso, hoisting him over his shoulder like a gassed newborn. Still the small man hungrily tries to put his 'handcock on the clipboard as the guard carries him toward the street. The fat guard maglite in hand reaches the street just as the man gets dumped on the sidewalk ass first. He snatches the clipboard back from him.

???: I want your damn badge numbers damn it....ohhh you don't have badges, you're mall cops on lease...flashlight feds on patrol...the walkie-talkie task force...

He points his stub of a finger in the slim guards face as he dusts himself off.

???: See "Flyboy" won't stand for this kind of bull...

Before he can finish his sentence the fat security guard knocks the small man unconscious with his flashlight using only a small portion of his strength. The slim guard cracks a smile as he radios in the local police for pickup. As the fat guard puts his maglite back in it's holster he reads the scribble on the paper. It reads, in nearly illegible writing...



Dusk once again sets on the Tokyo skyline as we find ourselves back beneath the shadow of MATSUDA TOWER, the world headquarters of the apparently extremely profitable MATSUDA ZAIBATSU. As we enter the building, the camera closes in on Junichiro Ross and Jirai Lawler, who appear to be making their way down an impossibly long hallway, decorated in elegant, classic, European architecture with breathtaking artwork painted on the ceiling. The walls of the hall are covered with perfectly space security guards in black suits and dark sunglasses, who ceremonially salute the viewer as they pass through with military precision.

The duo opens the door to what could only be described as a throne room--quite literally a massive golden chair with red trim, sat squarely in the center of a mostly empty room, save for pillars and expensive looking statues of devilish gargoyles that vigilantly face the center of the room keeping watch over their master.

It is here where we catch our first undeserved glimpse at the ETERNAL EX DIVISION SUPER JUNIOR CHAMPION, his presence so thick it could be cut with a knife. He sits nonchalantly bare chested in his black fur coat, resting his jaw in his hand in a slumped position and a smirk on his face. Gem encrusted sunglasses block out any amount of expression that he might hold behind his almond shaped eyes. Behind him hangs a massive fifty foot painting entitled “Spider Wars” detailing OUR BENEVOLENT VILLAIN in gleaming diamond armor and a golden sword slaying a giant spider with a grotesque human face.

Jirai, Junichiro, and the camera cautiously approach.

Jirai: Matsuda-sama… Mr. Sensation has sent a cameraman so that you could be featured on RIOT this week… He would like to remind you that you are contractually obligated to do so, and are contractually obligated to be live at a show by the end of the month.

Matsuda lowers his sunglasses only to reveal a raised brow.

Matsuda: Does this insolent pissant dare to imply that Matsuda is incapable of reading his own contracts and thusly needs to be reminded of what they entail?

Jirai: N-no my lord… I would never--...

Matsuda: How do you think he forged this highly profitable empire if not on tremendous business acumen?

Jirai: [quietly] Well nobody knows that...

Matsuda: SILENCE!

Matsuda proceeds to press a button on his chair, triggering a trap door directly behind Jirai, who flinches at the sound of a door being opened, but is quickly relieved to find the attack had missed.

OUR VILLAIN however, is not so amused, and in a quick motion he stands and superkicks his subordinate into the pit with his patented ALL YOU NEED IS KICK. He turns to the camera.

Matsuda: Witness.

Matsuda: Me.

Matsuda: Next week.

He proceeds to shove the cameraman into the pit and the screen cuts to static.
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After the transition the picture seems a little different. The audience is not treated to crisp, cool, HD transmission that is customary from such a great station as RushTV. Instead what we have is grainy, bleak, mostly grayed out. In fact, it can only really be compared to the picture quality of a security camera. And that's because it is the picture quality of a security camera. A camera situated outside a suburban house. 

It's the picture esque suburban home. White picket fence, a fresh coat of white paint, green shutters, and vibrant, green grass; the kind of home that stirs images of both conformity and contentment. 

From the far side of the screen, however, this contentious picture is disturbed by obnoxiously bright headlights, coming from an equally obnoxious 2015 Ram truck. From the view we have it's impossible to tell who it is that is getting out of the truck (really shoddy security installation), but even if the angle were better the stranger has a hoodie on and drawn tight. The only possible way to know who is under the hood is to get a look at him from straight ahead. The unknown man strides towards the front door and pounds loudly until the door starts to open. 

The Hooded Man gives his supposed host no time to react to his presence. He immediately grabs a hold of the homeowners shirt and tosses him into the yard. The homeowners hair is everywhere and does just as nice a job of concealing his identity as the aforementioned hood. He lands back first on the lawn, but, showing the signs of a fighter, manages to use his momentum to come up on one knee and look the Hooded Man in the eyes.

The Homeowner:
 What the hell are you doing here?! 

The Hooded Man takes a few steps toward The Homeowner shaking his head testily as he nears him.

The Hooded Man:
 What, you're not happy to see your old friend?

The Homeowner: What are you doing here?

The Hooded Man gestures around, taking the time to take a quick spin and take in all of his surroundings. 

The Hooded Man:
 This is what you've become? This stereotype from Pleasantville? I don't know what this is, but this isn't you. I know you're not happy here. I'm going to take you back to what you love: to fighting, to competition, to wrestling. 

The Homeowner: It just shows that we were never really friends to begin with, because you don't know me at all. I'm more happy here than I've ever been. I have my friends, my family, enough money to live comfortably and not have to worry about anything. It's stress free. Most importantly, I'm a better person here. 

The Hooded Man makes his way to the picket fence not far from the still fallen Homeowner. He places his foot on the bottom plank before turning his head back around. 

The Hooded Man: 
You're a lie here is what you are. You don't care about family or friends. You've proven that countless times over. I don't know what you have yourself convinced of here, but I assure you, it's not reality. 

With that The Hooded Man shoves his foot forward and out the other end of the fence, cracking the plank in two. The Homeowner jumps up to his feet and makes his way towards The Hooded Man.

The Homeowner:

The Hooded Man just looked at him.

The Hooded Man:
 What are you going to do about it? Want to fight me over it?

The Homeowner's shoulders slump down.

The Homeowner:
 Of course not, I'm not going to fight anyone anymore. 

The Hooded Man turns around and in one fluid motion delivers a haymaker to The Homeowners' jaw. 

The Hooded Man:
 There's work to be done and you're going to help me do it like only you can. I'm not taking no for an answer. 

The Hooded Man starts delivering kicks to the downed man's ribs. He pauses for a second, but there aren't any signs of retaliation coming from the downed man. Only an attempt to enter a defensive position. 

The Hooded Man:
 The only reason you're here is because you're not good enough to be out there anymore! I must have made a mistake coming here. You can't help me. Face it, you're not what you used to be. You used to take what you wanted, show no remorse, and destroy anything that got in your way. No way in hell you'd ever be in this position. You're pathe......

The Hooded Man goes for another powerful shot to the ribs but his leg is caught with a single hand. The Homeowner rises to his feet while never letting go of the other man's leg. He grabs a hold of The Hooded Man's throat with his free right hand and stares him straight in the face.

The Homeowner:
 You're right.... but you're oh so wrong for what you've done here tonight. They're not going to forgive you, you know? They're not going to forgive you for bringing a Monster into their world. But I'm in.

The self-proclaimed Monster throws The Hooded Man to the side and starts stalking towards the Ram. The Hooded Man shakes the cobwebs loose and gets to his feet, following behind. 

The Hooded Man:
 But what about your family? They won't know where you've gone, shouldn't you go let them know?

The Monster: Fuck 'em.

And with that the two men pile into the truck and pull out of that quaint suburban area, the only sign of their altercation being the broken fence planks.

A distant shot of a city covered in a torrent of rain cuts to one of a lone figure in the eye of the storm. Wearing nothing but a fedora, shades, and a sleeveless jacket, the man walks, head held high, with seemingly no care in the world for the chaos around him. Even as the rain attempts to push down harder on him, even as he becomes drenched and soaked the his clothes, the man continues, undeterred. As he comes ever so closer, he speaks, his voice determined to grab your attention.

Xander:People of OCW, don't take me for a random lunatic that walks through a storm with barely a care in the world. Take me for a random lunatic READY to walk through a storm, through hell and back even, to prove his point. This storm will not bring me to my knees, because I have a greater purpose driving me forward than it or anyone in OCW for that matter. Soon, you'll all take notice of me, Xander Rane, titled as a defender of man from the day I was born. Soon, I'll be able to show you all how to walk through the rain with your head held high.

Xander looks up and gives one last smile before turning and walking back into the rain, head held high, as the camera fades to black.

Scene opens at a local Game Stop. The camera pans the room and stops on a poster. It's a promo poster for OCW 2K16 featuring Jacob Trance and The Family. The camera catches a glimpse of a hand touching the poster.

AC- Some things never change.

AC Cobra slowly walks towards the cash register with a video game in his hand. AC is sporting a typical video game outfit. Jean shorts and a shirt that says "Gaming over Bitches. AC & the store clerk make eye contact and the scene proceeds.

Clerk- Hello, welcome to Game Stop how may I help you?

AC- Yes, I like to return Madden 16 I just bought it yesterday.

The clerk takes AC gane from him and looks up the value of the game.

Clerk- Nice shirt man! Ok Mr. Cobra your return total is $45 in store credit or $35 in cash.

AC seems baffled by the clerks information about returning the game. He takes a second and continues the conversation.

AC- Mam, I just bought the game yesterday, how is it only $35 in cash? I bought the game less than 48 hours ago, I should get a full refund.

Clerk- Sorry our new store policy states otherwise. Would you like to pre order Call of Duty Black OP 4? If you pre order it now you'll get 3 exclusive map packs!

AC- What? No, I just want a full refund on the game I bought. Some people draw, rap, sing, & dance as a hobby. Gaming isn't a hobby it's a lifestyle for me I was displeased with Madden and returned the game in a timely fashion. I should be able to get a full refund.

The clerk smiles at AC and he proceeded to do the same.

Clerk- Would you want to sign up to be a power up member?! You get game informer magazines every month & you get---

AC cuts the clerk off and his entire mood changes. Clearly, upset with the store clerk he begins to put more bass in his voice.

AC- Look, just give me what I'm owed please! You guys short change everyone and its some BS. 

Clerk- So you don't want to be an exclusive power up member?

AC face palms himself in total disgust. He walks away clearly realizing the arguing isn't worth it. Cobra walks towards the door and abruptly stops and turns around towards the clerk.

AC- Keep the game, I'm going back somewhere that I'm wanted. OCW is home for me not this lackluster place that rapes people out of their money.

AC walks out the door and the scene fades.
Silence, no noise whatsoever, nothing is seen….except a lone figure, seated in the middle of the room, light bathing him. The figure leans forward, doubt and concern coming upon the face of this unidentified figure at learning of the defeat of Crowe at the hands of Pugh. When the lone individual sets back up, It’s seen to be Justin Raze, Trance’s ally and Hammer. Then, all of a sudden, the voice proceeds from darkness, erasing any doubt, any concern, any negative thought that young Raze may have, and brings joy the man’s face.

Trance:Do not fret.

Raze looks up.

Trance: Do not fret, for the will of the Old Ones is with you. They have hand delivered you a man so caught up within his self importance that you cannot fail, not even if you tried my child. An egotistical shell of a man that simply cannot fathom that he is not special, that the world does not revolve around his every want and need… A man that, much to his dismay must abide by the rules. Do you understand my child?

Raze ponders the words for a few moments, but then nods, and awaits more guidance.

Trace:Whilst Lucas was unable to thwart another disciple of ego, he was able to provide me with valuable information on his weaknesses, his faults. The spear has chipped away at the walls built around us, it is now time for the hammer to crumble the foundations. Should you proceed, I will reward you my child. I am sure you can understand the importance…

Jacob holds up the OCW title.

Trance: Of ensuring I hold on to this trinket, yes?

Raze:I…..I do…

Trance:Good… Then all you have to do is believe, go forth my child… Become all that you can be.

With that, Raze rises up from his seat and makes his way to the door. He looks back at Trance, and as he does, Trance nods his head and Raze turns and makes his way out the door, anxious to prepare for next week.
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