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Denver , Colorado


The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot Episode 407

You know its 4/20 right!

We are PG-13 Al!


Section 1

The camera pans to the announce team.

Looks like the gauntlet has been thrown down!

How will Bobby react?

The scene starts out backstage in the parking lot of the arena where Mugen and Molly are seen walking towards the Talent Entrance.

A security guard stops them for a moment and takes a look at the two. Mugen is carrying all 3 of his OCW North American Championships around as Molly is seen wearing an oversized OCW hoodie and sunglasses.

Mugen passes the security guard his Talent Pass ID card for the night but the security guard refuses to let them enter for the moment.

Security Guard Larry: Hello sir, you know she can't enter this part of the arena. It is for talent only.

Mugen: I'm not sure I understand you sir. She? Who's she?

Larry has a confused look on his face as he tries to explain to Mugen the situation.

Larry: I'm talking about her.

Larry points to Molly as Mugen looks at her.

Mugen: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat, thats not a her. That's not a woman good sir.

Larry raises his eyebrow at what was just said.

Larry: What? I'm just telling you that she can't be here.

Mugen: And I'm telling you that she isn't a she. This "she" is actually a he okay. Take out your Talent Pass for the night.

Molly reaches inside the pockets of her hoodie and pulls out an Talent Pass ID for the night. The camera zooms in a bit to reveal that the card is actually a card made for Ryu Matsumoto.

Mugen: See? This isn't a woman, this is Ryu Matsumoto.

Molly aka Not Ryu: (fake deep voice) Yes, I am Ryu Matsumoto

Larry: Really? Let me scan these IDs real quick.

The security guard scans both cards successfully and hands them back to Mugen and Not Molly.

Larry: Have a good day Mugen and Ryu!

Mugen and Molly start laughing as they walk down the hallway and the scene cuts out.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh boy!



Section 2

Ryu Matsumoto approaches the back entrance to the arena, wearing his new Team Bad Wolf training suit.

A security guard with a tablet stops Ryu at the door

SECURITY: ID please.

Ryu checks his pockets and comes up with nothing, he then checks through the duffel bag with his ring gear in it and also comes up with nothing.

RYU: It looks like I lost my pass, my name is Ryu Matsumoto, I'm actually main-eventing tonight. I need to get in so I can get ready.

The security guard flicks through his tablet and replies

SECURITY: I don't know who you are sir, but Ryu Matsumoto arrived earlier today with Mugen.

RYU: That isn't possible, because I AM Ryu Matsumoto and I wouldn't be caught dead with a joke like him.

RYU: You know what I'm not even going to try and deal with you is Bloom here? You know what [REDACTED] Bloom get Sensation here right now I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Someone's angry!

You would be to this is disrespectful!

The Xtron Sparks up!

Colorado goes wild as the Camera pans to the Skybox. We see the Ambassador of Bud, OCW LEGEND, VERSUS. Chant's of VERSUS HIGH ring out in the arena as he smiles. A "Mysterious" cloud covers the Skybox as the camera pans back to the announce team!



The camera pans to the announce team.

Hahah, I don't belive it!



Catering is a hell of a place for networking in the biz. As the scene opens, we catch glimpses of all your favourite OCW stars – Tito Ortiz, Terry Taylor, Barry Horowitz etc. (the roster is thin, give me a break). The camera heads to the corner of the room and catches Paul Pugh marching over to a table where the rest of C4 are sitting around an iPhone.

Pugh: What’s up fel…

Mugen: Shhhh…

Pugh looks at him, puzzled.

Pugh: Shhh?

Mugen: Short for shut the f…

Pugh: I know what it means dummy… what is… is this a podcast? Are you people doing a podcast?

Minio (sighing): …no that’s stupid

Pugh reaches for the iPhone and Matsuda slaps his hand away. Pugh looks puzzled again.

Matsuda: Yes.

Pugh stamps his feet.

Pugh: Who’s podcast is this? WITHOUT ME? Ohhh that’s how it is huh? Old Pugh ain’t allowed any of the podcast rubski? Well… screw you guys!

Mugen (shrugging): You weren’t here man… you don’t call, you don’t write…

Pugh (looking stunned): I was in traction! Angry McSteroid nearly killed me… and where were you guys? WHERE WERE YOU GUYS?!

The rest of C4 continue looking at the iPhone, ignoring their once leader. This enrages Pugh, who spins on his heels and, for lack of a better term, fucks right off.

Pugh: Fine… Whatever. I’ll sort this myself.



The camera pans to the announce team.

That boy ain't right!

How dare you!

The camera pans to the ramp!

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Section 3

*Marvelous Austin Lee continues walk around going from corner to corner jumping up on the top rope as he plays to the crowd.*

*Austin jumps down off the top rope, rolling out of the ring picking up a microphone.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: Don`t adjust your television sets ladies and gentlemen, the day you have been waiting for has arrived.

Marvelous Austin Lee: The one and only #Marvelous, #Modern Day Sports Entertainer, #The King of Entertainment style, #Sweet to be Sour, #The prince of the empire state,# That Good Guy Austin Lee.

Marvelous Austin Lee: *pointing at Raze who is still stood in the middle of the ring still.* Don`t worry big buddy I didnt forget about you.

*Austin rolls back into the ring walking up to Raze pushing him back a little.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: How have you been buddy?

*Extending his hand out to Raze. Raze quickly shoves Austin away,knocking him back against the ropes.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: Damn thirst its going to be likethat bro?

*Pulling his hoodie off and throwing it out Into the crowd.Revealing his right hand still wrapped in a cast.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: #Really # Really #Really bro.

*Walking back up to Raze, standing face to face with him.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Laughing* my bad I completely forgot.

*Austin makes his way out of the ring, reaching under the ring as he pulls out a Gatorade and rolling back into the ring and up to Raze. Shoving a Gatorade into Razes chest.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: You are not yourself when your thirsty bro. Now drink up.

*Pushing Raze to the side as Austin Lee turns his back to Raze as he looks out at the camera. Raising the microphone up to his mouth to talk only to be attacked from behind by Raze.

Raze throwing punches backing Austin into the corner as he continues to land punches on Austin.*

* Raze pulls Austin from the corner and throws him into the ropes. Austin bounces off the ropes and slips under Raze punch and counters hitting Raze with his cast on his right hand, knocking Raze out.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Picking up the microphone and standing over Raze.* #Thirst quenched

*The camera fades to black as Marvelous Austin Lee music begins to play.


The camera pans to the announce team.

I say god damn, thats how you make an impact!

Careful with your vernacular!

We join Pugh wandering down a hallway talking to himself. He’s still as furious as he was earlier, but he looks like he’s got a purpose now.

Pugh: Podcast… maybe I’ll start my own podcast. Maybe I’ll give that Kings of Things (@kingsofthings) guy a call and set up an interview…

Pugh storms past Mr Richard Blood’s office as the camera stops and begins to overhear what’s going on inside. Pugh notices this and puts his ear to the door.

Through the magic of television however, we join what’s going on inside. Mr Blood has a phone on his desk and seems to have Our Hero on speaker phone. They seem to be discussing what they’re going to do with Sean McGee after his recent transgressions.

Blood: So it’s settled then… suspension unless he has legitimate reasons. I’ll go out there and deal with it.

As Our Hero and Blood say their goodbyes, Pugh bursts the door down and tries to catch Sensation on the line.

Pugh: Woah Woah Woah… No No No. You don’t suspend him. That’s small time.

Blood looks Pugh up and down and gets out of his seat, walking around to join the former World Champion face to face.

Blood: What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing? Get out. This is private.

Pugh: …and I’d completely agree – if he hadn’t dumped me on my head. He put me on the shelf Dick… I’m not going anywhere until you hear me out.

The two men continue staring each other down until they’re interrupted by the voice from the phone.

Our Hero: Fine… let’s hear it.

Pugh grins and nods as Blood shakes his head. The scene fades as Pugh starts to gesticulate with his idea.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What a devlopment!



Section 4

The camera pans to the announce team.


Where the heck is Bobby Minio!

Something about this whole thing is fishy!

Main Event

Ryu M. vs Mugen

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The camera pans to the announce team.


What a fight!

You mean an execution!

We rejoin Riot with general authority figure and member of the board Mr Richard Blood standing in the centre of the ring holding a microphone, preparing to present the Sean McGee disciplinary hearing. The crowd cheer the former Ex Champion.

Blood: Alright Sean, let’s get this over with…

The camera pans to the stage where Sean McGee has arrived wearing a wolf based T-Shirt and clutching his FI briefcase.

He saunters down to the ring showing an absolute disdain for everybody in the arena. As he gets to ringside, he locks eyes with Blood and smiles.

He casually walks all the way around the ring, to the announce area and takes his time taking a microphone and getting onto the apron.

He finally steps into the ring and immediately walks face to face with Blood, seemingly trying to intimidate the Brit.

Sean: Yes?

Boos emanate from the audience in attendance as Mr Blood nods his head.

Blood: Mr McGee. The OCW board of directors has decided that, due to your recent conduct, you will be indefinitely suspended from active competition without pay…

Sean shakes his head as the fans are seemingly split on this decision. Blood draws breath, and continues on

Blood: …unless…

An expectant pop booms around the arena as the pregnant pause drops.

Blood: Unless you’d like to make a deal.

Sean looks intrigued

McGee: Deal? What kind of deal…

Blood: Well… Your suspension can be reduced if you submit to the following terms.

McGee strokes his goatee as Blood goes on

Blood: You, Sean McGee, will be suspended from active competition until Road 2 Glory, without pay. Upon the morning of Road 2 Glory, you’ll be reinstated… if you put your Future Investment briefcase on the line…

The fans pop

McGee: Hah. So all I’ve gotta do is beat some chump and its all over? Blood have you lost your mind – there’s nobody back there who can beat me. This is the best you got?

Blood (nodding): This is the deal.

McGee: Fine. Who’ve you got that I haven’t already smoked? Bring em out and I’ll put them in the ground.

The crowd begins to notice that there’s somebody standing on the ramp. The camera pans to see who it is as Sean notices the figure too. Paul Pugh stands looking towards the ring, towards the man who unceremoniously scrambled his brains at Chill Faktor, fury on his face and microphone in hand.

Pugh: You know Sean… I remember when you were this high…

He raises his hand about half way up his own height and nods

Pugh: before the Buffblaster, before the suspicious weight gain… before that tennis ball fuzz you call a Mohawk…

He strokes his own Mohawk hair do.

Pugh: Sean you were a great guy – cool in the back, cool in the ring… and now look at you. They give you a sniff of the World Title and you’re out here smacking fans around. You’re out here laying hands on a living legend after the bell has rung… you’re out here being all tough and scary and… Buff?

Pugh shrugs his shoulders as Sean smiles

Pugh: You know what Sean. You’ve come a long way since you were rolling with the Jewish Jerkoff army and I don’t want to stand out here disparaging you, I don’t wanna hurt your feelings but Sean… you ever lay hands on me outside of the confines of a match again and I’ll fold you up and put you inside that briefcase of yours… ya dig?

Sean smiles and taps his FI case as the crowd pop

Pugh: Funny huh?

He nods and mouths something at Sean as Buffness laughs back at him

Sean: What’re you gonna do Pugh? I know you’re not the guy they’re putting in front of me…You ain’t got any business in this ring. This is my ring now. You know it, these people know it… If breaking you is all I’ve gotta do to dodge suspension - I’d say I got an easy deal.

As Sean speaks, Pugh is walking towards the ring, dressed in his ring attire and a C4 shirt.

Pugh: Your ring huh?

Pugh charges down towards Sean who immediately hauls ass the opposite way. As Pugh slides into the ring, Sean slyly heads towards the ramp, laughing all the while.

Sean: You lost a step old man – you haven’t got any business in that ring anymore… especially not with me. Get on my level son!

Pugh: Sean, you might be on your little hot streak right now but let me give you a little piece of advice. You might be able to escape me now… but when we get in that ring at Road 2 Glory… well things change. The C4 army never sleeps. We’re over everything, and you slip up… and we’ll be all over you.

Sean again grins as Pugh’s music starts up and we fade to black!