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The City of Angels!



Section 1

A loud howl echoes through the arena and ALIVE by Kid Cudi plays as Ryu Matsumoto steps onto the stage.

Despite his dominant showing last week with Sean McGee and KD there's a scowl on his face and he moves with an air of lethargy.

As he slowly makes his way down the ramp he unleashes a tirade of insults at the booing fans. Although the camera is too far a way to pick up the audio, what he is saying has to be venomous, as indicated by several crying children.

He snatches a mic out of the hands of a sound tech at ringside and rolls into the ring. He gets up and begins.

RYU: Everyone wants to know...

RYU: What happened last week? Why did it happen? Whose side are they on?

Ryu pauses to consider his next words and continues, his scowl turns into a smile

RYU: But in order to understand that we have to get to the root of things; and without beating around the bush I think its fair to say, OCW is DYING.

The crowd boos loudly at Ryu's revelation his smile turns into a laugh until the crowd subsides.

RYU: Let me get this straight, on the one hand you have C4 led by Bobby Minio, standing as saviors where men like the Franchise Nate Ortiz and The Fire Tiberius Dupree have stood.

RYU: On the other you have The Family led by Jacob Trance standing as monsters where men like Leon and Parker have stood.

RYU: And you all have the audacity to tell me that the sun hasn't set on OCW.

The crowd boos intensify

RYU: But a Bad Moon is Rising in its place, and where a Bad Moon Rises, Bad Wolves follow.

RYU: But make no mistake, this is no fairy tale. The Bad Wolves aren't here to huff and puff.

RYU:We aren't like the others here, Me, Sean, and KD aren't great because of OCW, like your members of C4 and The Family having opportunity after opportunity thrust upon them.

RYU: We are great in spite of OCW, we fought and clawed our way to every victory, accomplishment, and championship.

RYU: The difference between US and THEM is that we have a HUNGER in us. A HUNGER like they have NEVER known. And we see weakness now, we smell the rotting flesh on OCW's carcass.

RYU: And while OCW dies, I promise you Me, KD, and Sean are going to have our fill. And there is nothing ANYONE in this company can do to stop us.

Ryu drops the mic, his smile fading into a scowl once again as the crowd boos. He slowly makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp, a spring in his step as he seems to revel in the crowds hate.



The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot Episode 406

With Spider AKA Ryu making a statement!

He's definatly got some big plans.



The scene opens with a close up of Raze and Eli's masked faces and slowly pans sidewards towards D'Jesus and then finally settles on Jacob Trance.

Trance: Demons run when a good man goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies, Night will fall and the dark will rise. When a good man goes to war. Demons run, but count the cost.

Jacob raises his bowed head.

The battle's won, but the child is lost... When a good man... Goes to war...

Trance smiles sadly.

BOBBY! Tonight's the night when you make your choice, do you conscript and go to war or do you do and watch your friends perish on the front lines... I'll be waiting for you in the other world Bobby, I beg of you not to leave me waiting in the dark...

Abruptly the lights cut out and the three lesser Family members can be heard whispering "there are other worlds than these" as we return to the commentary team.

The camera pans to the announce team.







Section 2

The camera starts backstage where it seems like the parking lot of the arena. The camera keeps turning to its right until it stops on the Lord of the Lariat, the Triple Crown OCW North American champion Mugen. With a big smirk on his face he starts walking and talking.

Mugen: So last week the reject squad thought they were finally man enough to join the adults at the big table. That's all fine and dandy because I'll hand out LARIATS to you Ryu. To you KD and most certainly you McGee.

Mugen pauses for a second as he reaches the production truck and starts laughing.

Tonight tho, is all about The Family though. Jacob Trance. Champion vs Champion. Are you ready for the second most painful 10 minutes of your life? I say second because I know the first is every Saturday when the rest of the Family toss you around and have their way with you.

Mugen opens the door to the production truck. As he enters numerous OCW employees stare at Mugen with confused looks.

Come on guys its just me your good ol pal. Come on Kenneth, I know you remember me.

Kenneth: My name isn't Kenneth though it's....

Mugen: Oh come on Kenneth, you are such a card. Now here's a 20 and.....

Mugen pulls a $20 bill out of his pocket and a USB drive with a note.

Just do what it says on here tonight. No questions okay? Just play the song.

NotKenneth sighs and nods in reluctance.

Mugen: I'm a guy who likes to have a little fun because life is way too short. Who knows, you might turn around one day just to get a lariat from yours truly.

Mugen smiles for the camera and pats his belt.

Mugen: Trance, you talk about having all the power in OCW because of your belt. HA. I hope you liked the 80s as much as I do.

The scene fades out as Mugen is laughing

The camera pans to the announce team.

He is sending an emphatic message.

He isn't called the lord of the lariat, for nothing!



Section 3


The scene opens on the backstage area, a bathroom. The One Man Revolution, one quarter of C4’s current incarnation, Bobby Minio, stands in front of a mirror, each hand gripping the porcelain sink. He stares into the mirror, at himself, deep in preparation for his upcoming match against K D’Angelo, and as we find out, deep in conversation, with himself.

Bobby Minio: The North American title tournament is behind you now. BUFFNESS, and what he did, it’s behind you now. Experiencing the ugly side of your buddy Mugen, that’s behind you now, and the Family? That… that’s somewhere else. You look forward. You MOVE forward, and right now, there is one obstacle in your path. KD.

Somehow, despite seemingly impossible, his fingers dig deeper into his grip on the sink. He lets out a short sigh.

Bobby Minio: That big bastard. Every time you’ve gone head to head with KD, you’ve been destroyed. Every single time. Something’s gotta change, kid. Something’s gotta break. Something’s gotta give. You avoid that Black Rack like the plague. You stay off of that man’s shoulders, and you WILL destroy that brick ****house!

His grip on the sink relents, but his hands ball into fists. He bangs them down on the corners of the sink with a thud that booms along the wall the sink is attached to.

Bobby Minio: You look, and you move, FORWARD. Never backwards.

He slams his fists down onto the sink again to punctuate his point.

Bobby Minio: Backwards is submission to the past.

His fists slam again. Drywall begins to crack, white puffs of dust escaping through the cracks that spiderweb away from the space where the sink meets the wall.

Bobby Minio: Submission is DEATH. Backwards is DEATH. No more second guessing. No more hiding. You’re an active competitor again. Not one more day on that IR. Now MOVE.

He steps back, his back straightening, before bringing his left fist above his head, and crashing it down onto the sink. It finally gives, and it finally breaks.

Minio turns his back in one motion with the fist raining down from above, and walks away. The cheap wall behind the sink finally crumbles, the sink crashing down on the ground, shattering to an uncountable number of pieces, spilling out around the floor of the bathroom.

Water from the pipe hisses and sprays defiantly around the room, but Bobby Minio no sells the damage he had done. In his head, the bell for the match had already rung.

As he passes the camera, the screen pans back to the sprinkler emerging from the battered wall, and fades into the next segment.

The camera pans to the announce team.

That got real tense.



Bobby M. vs K.Dangelo

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh my word!



Section 4


The camera pans to the announce team.


Time for the main event!

Champion vs Champion, and its next!

Main Event

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Mugen vs J.Trance

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The camera pans to the announce team.


What a glorious battle! FULL OR POWER

I love it!