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Philly, PA


RIOT opens in a flurry of pyrotechnics and loud cheers, days after the sell out success of the Chill Faktor pay per view extravaganza. The camera sweeps across the roaring crowd as it prepares to focus on Scaggs and Poling to do the show preview but as they go to speak they're cut off by a dark chuckle.

The crowd soon begin to boo as the lights dim, an eery screech piercing the ruckus. Onto the stage walk Jacob Trance, Raze, Eli and D'Jesus, the Family. Jacob smiles for all and nods to the two senior members who head backstage.

Trance: Here I stand... Unchanged. I walked in the realm of mortals against your precious Tiberius Dupree and though his flames burnt bright and long, they could not consume me. They galvanised me, made me stronger... But that's not for now, I'll speak more on that later once your darling Bobby gets here.... All your heroes are dead. Dead and gone.

Jacob nods to Raze before handing him the microphone, whispering in his ear before departing himself.

Raze raises the microphone to speak but as he does, he is met with an overwhelming chorus of boos. Raze lowers the microphone for a moment, waiting for the OCW universe to have their say, looking back at the wall as the boos go on and on. As the chorus dies, Raze brings the microphone back up and begins to speak.

Justin Raze: So, I guess your all wondering......why?

Justin Raze: Why, why, why, why, why......why not?

Justin Raze: Before we get to the why not, lets have a little history lesson.

Justin Raze: Yes, when Trance began to rise and his message began to take a dominant form, I was the first one there to fight him. And, it wasn't just him I was there to fight. It was everything that he stood for. Every ideology, every belief, everything. I knew I had to destroy it.

Justin Raze: So, we met at Wrestlution, we fought, I won....but what did I really win? Did I win everyone back that believed in him? Did I stop the message that he preached and continues to preach? No and in fact, I just added fuel to the fire.

Justin Raze: So, we fast forward to now, me coming back to OCW, making my appearance at Chill Faktor, and me...coming out, a member of the Family. And we come back to the question of why.

Justin Raze: Well, let me tell you why...

Raze, raises his other hand towards the camera, pointing at the camera, making it look like he is pointing at every single person in the audience.

Justin Raze: It's because of each and everyone of you, each and every superstar back here!

Justin Raze: I was shunned, I was thrown away, I was thought the least of! Everyone wrote me off! Everyone believed that this person would never amount to anything!

The fiery anger can be seen in Raze's face as he continues.

Justin Raze: Then, the day before Chill Faktor, a phone call came from a nemesis from my past. He offered me a choice, redemption, and most of all...a Family.

Justin Raze: He didn't see a has been, a piece of trash, a no nothing...he saw redemption in in me, he saw a prospect in me, and most off all, he saw me rising to new heights.

Justin Raze: Instead of fighting against him...I have embraced him! I have found my redeemer that will lead me to new heights! And in return...he asks for a God of War..

Justin Raze: I humbly accept...

The screen goes dark as Raze makes his final statement.

Section 1




The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot Episode 405


He's kind of a big deal.

Before our first match let us take you to the world of social media as 2 of OCW newest rookies sound off.


Chris Savage ‏@UcSavage Feb 25

I have a match coming up with @Dynasty2k15. I don't know how I feel about being cruel to an animal...
D. Y. Nasty ‏@Dynasty2k15 Feb 25

@UcSavage I showed the world I was a caged animal at chill faktor. Now the beast is going to give u a savage beating.

Chris Savage ‏@UcSavage Feb 25

@Dynasty2k15 Yeah, they should've kept you in that cage. This is what happens when you feed scraps to a dog. He'll want a prime rib.

D. Y. Nasty ‏@Dynasty2k15 Feb 25

@UcSavage that's cute. You want an animal...you got it. Careful what I wish for. You're about to enter a world full of pain

Chris Savage ‏@UcSavage Feb 25

@Dynasty2k15 Yeah. I feel sorry for you. Don't go dependant on pain killers, ya hear?

D. Y. Nasty ‏@Dynasty2k15 Feb 25

@UcSavage I hope you're prepared little boy. That pretty face of yours and my foot about to have meeting. Bring your own lube.

Chris Savage ‏@UcSavage

@Dynasty2k15 Let me fix that for you: My foot + your ass = shoved. And I go in dry, sissy.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Those kids are fired up!

Social Media Status!

The scene opens on the backstage area. Wearing his street clothes, consisting of black jeans and a black "C4LIFE" t-shirt, Bobby Minio walks through the backstage hallways with a purpose. Over his back, a duffel bag, in his hand, a microphone.

A backstage staffer attempts to stop Minio by stepping in front of him.

Staffer: Mr. Minio, we needed to do those commercial spots for the upcoming-

Bobby Minio: Later.

Staffer: It can't really be later, I've got-

Bobby Minio: It has to be. Outta the way.

While staring directly forward down the hall, Minio uses one hand to push the man to the side as he continues on his march toward the ringside area.

The OCW Logo with the text "UP NEXT" appears in the bottom corner as the scene transitions to the announcers.



The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh my! It looks like Bobby Minio is here!

He's walking, he's talking!


Section 2

*Camera's are taken backstage prior to the D. Y. Nasty vs. Chris Savage match and show D. Y. Nasty standing by with the lovely Australian Goddess Amelia.

Amelia: Ladies and gentlemen. I am the personal interviewer and ring announcer for your future champion. The man of a thousand suplex's and an in ring psychopath. He is "The Online Sensation" D.....Y.....Nasty.

*The crowd can be heard roaring in the background showing respect for D. Y. Nasty's first PPV match.

Amelia: D. Y. Nasty. You put on one helluva match at Chill Faktor with the season veteran and one man wrecking crew K. D. You managed to put on a great showing and come out victorious in a match where people doubted you would even survive. How do you feel?

*He smiles and takes in the admiration of the fans for a moment before she brings the mic to his lips to speak.

D. Y. Nasty: I heard the doubters out there. I heard them all say I would be destroyed out there but like I always do, I proved them wrong. I showed the world that I am an caged animal waiting to be unleashed and unleashed I was. And man...does it feel good.

*Amelia smiles so sadistically and nods in approval.

Amelia: How do you feel having a match so soon after your cage match.

D. Y. Nasty:
I'll be honest hun, I'm pretty sore but these fans want to see me. I was a big prospect here in OCW and the fans saw last night why. I give it everything I got every time I step in the ring and I leave it all out there.

D. Y. Nasty:There was a moment earlier in the match I could've won. I was standing on top of that cage and even though I bad mouthed the crowd, they all stood to their feet. They didn't want me to just climb down...they wanted that memorial moment. So I stood up, I watched the entire arena stand to their feet and I dove down and delivered one helluva Frog Splash.

D. Y. Nasty: Seeing those camera's flashing, reading all the tweets and seeing #kdvsdynastycage trending....all that reminded me of how I live for the admiration of the fans and how the voice of the people will get me the gold I crave. The gold I want, the gold I need, the gold that gives me an itch in my neck....these people are going to be what get me to that place and of course...

*He winks at Amelia and she returns a devilish smile. She gathers herself before continuing as the crowd roars in the background showing happiness that "The Online Sensation" they all wanted is finally here.

Amelia: Tonight, you face somewhat of an unknown entity. A man by the name of Chris Savage who was the self proclaimed host of Chill Faktor. Any message you want to send to him. Maybe you feel like you need rip off his testicles and grind them into a milk shake and make him drink it?

*D. Y. Nasty looks shocked that such harsh words could come from such a beautiful mouth.

D. Y. Nasty: Well, if that's what the Goddess craves...then I guess I'm going to have to utterly annihilate him.

D. Y. Nasty: Savage, you talk a big game. You're a great keyboard warrior but this isn't twitter boy. Tonight, the beast will be unleashed and the animal hunts. You're nothing but a stepping stool for me to get to the top. Do me a favor curtain jerker, be sure when you hold the curtain open for me, you wait until I get all the way through before shutting it. Can't have something you touch graze this body.

D. Y. Nasty: I'll see you in the ring.

Amelia lowers the mic and whispers to D. Y. Nasty "come see me when you're done destroying him." He nods his head and gets ready to head to the ring.

D.Y.Nasty vs C.Savage


Loading the player...


The camera pans to the announce team.

He is sending an emphatic message.

Ya think?


D.Y.Nasty and Savage both continued backstage, brawling with what willpower they could muster. The fight before the match left both men equally tired, but just as much bitter to gain the upperhand against the other.

Crowds of people quickly ran out of the way for fear of their own safety. Savage continued the punches to the head on D.Y.Nasty.

An official came and immediately trying to split them apart, but Savage instantly shoved him out of the way, connecting another punch on D.Y.Nasty's head. D.Y.Nasty struggled to collect himself, banging over tables and stopping himself from bumping into walls with Savage not too far behind him.

Savage: "I don't hear you spewing your garbage now like you did on those tweets, Nasty boy!"

Heading down the corridors, Savage grabbed D.Y.Nasty by the hair and turned him, ready to slam his head on the steel gates ahead. However, D.Y.Nasty placed his foot on the gates, saving himself from the impact, and punched Savage in the gut.

Savage hunched over and attempted to run away, but D.Y.Nasty promptly caught up to him. D.Y.Nasty grabbed Savage by the head and tights, whipped him around, and-- BANG!

Savage shrieked in pain at the brute force against his back against the concrete wall. He fell to one knee; D.Y.Nasty took advantage and began a sequence of blows on Savage's head. Savage looked beaten, but D.Y.Nasty wasn't done.

He turned and looked around until he spotted a steel chair. He went for it, folding it shut.

When he turned, Savage was there, shocking D.Y.Nasty and shoved his foot between D.Y.Nasty's legs. A low blow! Savage forced D.Y.Nasty to his knees. Savage grabbed the chair intended for him and raised it high.

Suddenly, a mixed plethora of referees and officials came and held back Savage, forcing him away from D.Y.Nasty as more officials came to check on him. Savage attempted to fight them off, but then Mr.Sensation came with security.

Mr.Sensation: "Get him the hell outta here!"

The officials continued pushing Savage until he was no longer heard from a distance. Those remaining, Mr.Sensation, went to check on D.Y.Nasty, who was left beaten on the floor, clutching his stomach.


Spider is in full form.

Raring to go!

Section 3


As Death From Above 1979’s music winds down, Minio paces around the ring. His fist gripping a mic, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder, and his jaw clenched in fury. He’s got something on his mind, and we’ve come to know for a fact that Bobby Minio share whatever that is.

Bobby Minio: MIC CHECK. Is this thing on?

The crowd responds with a unanimous “YES” which earns half of a smile from the man in the ring.

Bobby Minio: Good, cause I want it to be absolutely clear when I speak over the course of the next few minutes. I want Jacob Trance, of all people, to hear this crystal clear. Are we crystal?

Another quick “YES” from the crowd, which Minio nods in reply to.

Bobby Minio: Alright… There’s no other way to say this, so I’m going to be blunt.

He steps forward, dropping the duffel bag in the center of the ring, before moving to lean over the ropes facing the hard camera.

Bobby Minio: For every action, there is a price. Some cheap, some expensive, but every action has a price. Maybe you run down a man on the mic, and it comes back in kind. Maybe you cheat your way to a victory, and the payback is taken in the halls of the backstage area, regardless what it was, someone always keeps track and someone always pays.

Bobby Minio: At Chill Faktor, Trance and the Family took it upon themselves to take a legend out of action, seemingly for good. Tiberius Dupree, for all of his flamboyant behavior and his ego that was big enough to push around in a wagon, he was an important cog in the OCW machine. He was a man that lit the crowd on fire any time he hit the ramp, he was a man that set a standard in the backstage area, and he was a man that inspired many others to rock ridiculous haircuts, talk about themselves, and succeed.

Bobby Minio: The Family took it upon themselves to eliminate that cog from the machine, as a means of controlling it even further. We’re reaching critical mass. We’re reaching the end of this experiment we call “Let Jacob Trance run wild”, and while I sat back, and I said that my time had not come yet, and I would wait patiently to get my hands on Jacob Trance… I’m tired of waiting. It doesn’t really matter if my time is now, because Trance has burned the candle at both ends, and it’s time to snuff his flicking light of bull**** out once and for all.

He turns, looking back at the duffel bag. He begins to walk a slow circle around the ring, around the bag in the center.

Bobby Minio: Who answers the call of desperate men? Who plants themselves beside the river of integrity and tells the men that would compromise it “NO MORE?” I do.

Bobby Minio: and… I’ve got everything I need to deny Trance from playing with his toys anymore. I’ve got everything I need, right there in that bag.

He turns, pointing to the duffel bag.

Bobby Minio: Are you ready to see it?

The crowd once again responds with a quick and booming “YES!”. Minio nods, crouching down beside the bag. He unzips it slowly, deliberately, milking the moment for all it’s worth.

He reaches inside, fishing around until he finally grabs what he is looking for.

Bobby Minio: It’s simple really.

He removes his hand, standing and facing the hard camera yet again. His hand… is open, and empty. His fingers outstretched sideways, the Four Finger Salute, the sign of the new C4.

The crowd pops hard at the reveal, as Minio’s fingers slowly close to another familiar hand gesture, the C4 finger pistol, which he aims at the camera.

Bobby Minio: This bullet has your name on it Trance. Be seein’ ya.

Minio turns to leave the ring, but stops in his tracks.

Bobby Minio: Oh yeah, almost forgot...

Bobby prepares to drop his microphone but the lights go out, the usually audible thump does not come and when the lights return Jacob Trance stands on the ramp, microphone in hand.

Jacob Trance: Oh Robert, you speak as if I am the source of all evils in this world, you stand before a God and proclaim him to be the devil.

Jacob tuts.

Jacob Trance: You stand there and blame me for what happened to Tiberius Dupree... You stand there saying it's all my fault but you need to open your eyes and look within yourself... Therein lies the one you should be blaming Bobby.

Jacob sneers at the fans for booing.

Jacob Trance: You are the reason he is sitting at home, you are the reason he might never come back. You are responsible, you're the one who put him in that situation because you weren't prepared to deal with me yourself. YOU ARE A BASTARD BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION!

Jacob drops his voice to a whisper.

Jacob Trance: But you... You're a coward...

He returns to normal volume, smiling.

Jacob Trance: And all these people can see it now... All your heroes are dead Bobby... You're no longer the anti-hero... You have become the villain... You have seven days... Seven days to become a knight in shining armour... Or seven days to damn another innocent soul...

Minio stares at Trance from the ring, his brow furrowed with a burning hatred for the man on the ramp. The two of them stare at each other intensely until the screen transitions to a commercial.


The camera pans to the announce team.

That got real tense.


BUFFNESS's music blares through the speakers of the arena. Slowly he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring as he stops halfway up the steps to mock the crowd. Grabbing a mic he makes his way through the ropes to address the crowd

BUFFNESS- Tonight the powers that be sent me out here to challenge anyone in the back that I choose.


BUFFNESS- But lets be honest .... Trance won't be strolling out here tonight , Mugen's not gonna come down here and hand me my title back and thankfully that washed up has been Dupree has dicided to carry his old ass home so I wont have to send him to the ER to get staples in his head.

A "The Fire" chant rages through the crowd as BUFFNESS continues.

So that leaves me with Bobby Mineo ... oh no wait I think I might have killed him .... Oh theres Paul Pugh ... no he ate a set of steps at the pay per veiw ... Damn no one is left !!!

A huge smirk crosses the face of BUFFNESS .

The crowd begins to name some of the new rookies in OCW

BUFFNESS- D.Y. Nasty ... Marcus Fogg ... Chris Savage ... Not one of those guys can lace my Jordans !!!

BUFFNESS- So tonight all you bums can sit back and wish I was in a match tonight cause Im not wrestling !!!

BUFFNESS holds up his F.I. briefcase and exits the ring as fans begin to throw trash in the ring.

the scene fades...

The camera pans to the announce team.

What a jerk!

I love it!


J.Raze vs K.Dangelo

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh my!


Section 4

Ryu is walking down the hallway backstage proudly carrying the newly won EX Division Title over his shoulder. Before he can get to where he is going he is approached by Jim Black.

Ryu can I get a moment.

RYU: Of course, what can I do for you Jim

BLACK: I just wanted to get your thoughts on your big win at Chill Faktor, how do you feel?

RYU: You know what Jim, you know how I feel? I feel vindicated Jim. I went out at Chill Faktor and I proved that The Eternal Ex Division Champion, the Final Boss himself was a myth.

RYU: Last month I told you Matsuda was a liar, he said he was going murder me at Chill Faktor, and I'm still walking. He said he would shut me up, and I'm still talking. He said he was unstoppable, and I stopped him. The only truth Matsuda has ever said is that All You Need is Kick.

Ryu smiles arrogantly and continues

RYU: And I showed him how true that was at Chill Faktor.

BLACK: How about Matsuda invoking his rematch clause so soon.

RYU: Well Jim, my business is being better than Matsuda at what Matsuda THINKS he does, and he's going to be the first notch in Ryu Matsumoto's ETERNAL title reign.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Up next the EX Division Champion takes on the Enforcer for the Family!

I love it!

Main Event

OCW EX-Division Championship

Spider vs Matsuda

Loading the player...

The camera pans to the announce team.


What a fight!

And theres still more to come!

Clams Casino's Crystals blasts on the arena's PA system. C4 members Bobby Minio, and Paul Pugh come out first through the entrance.

They all step aside to allow Mugen to appear through the entranceway as he carries three identical looking North American Championships and wearing a shirt that says "Lord of the Triple Crown". The group make their way to the ring which now features a red velvet canvas.

Bobby pulls a microphone out of his jacket pocket and starts tapping on it to get the attention of the crowd.

Bobby: Do we have your attention now? Without a further ado, your OCW North American Champion. Mugen

Bobby hands over the microphone to Mugen as they fist bump each other.

Mugen: They want to call this a ceremony tonight but instead I would like to refer to this as a declaration of OUR POWER.

Mugen pats Matsuda's Ex-Division Championship that was won back earlier in the night. The Strong Style Daigaku start laughing maniacally.

Mugen: In OCW's history, some of the greatest wrestlers have held the North American Championship at one time. Drago Cesar, Sean McGee were great, but I AM the greatest and only Triple Crown North American Champion.

Mugen points to each of his belts with his right hand as the fingers on his left hand increase by 1 each time.

Mugen: Those in the Tokyo Dome at Chill Faktor witnessed history being made. I've defeated everybody that OCW has sent me and I am making an open challenge to any of the boys in the back.

Mugen takes each belt and lays them down on the mat as he looks at the entrance.


Mugen starts running the ropes as a result of his impatience as the rest of C4 is laughing in the ring.

The lights dim as The Family's music hits Djesus comes out flanked by Crowe to his left and Eli to the right, Trance walks behind like a Shepard watching his flock.

: It doesn't matter, what you think you have, because at the end of the day The FAMILY has the one thing that matters, the one thing that everyone wants to have.

Djesus points to Mugen who is running in the ring as The Family makes their way down the ramp. In the ring C4 prepares for the epic confrontation.

Trance: And what the Family doesn't have, IT TAKES.

Djesus, Crowe and Eli rush the ring and slide in, Matsuda, Mugen, and Bobby meet the three assailants with blows. Trance follows once the path is clear and makes a beeline for Pugh.

Before the confrontation can escalate even further Matsuda delivers a super kick to Crowe, knocking him out. He receives a vicious Clothesline from Eli for his trouble.

Before Eli can react he's dropped with a Mic Drop out of nowhere by Bobby. As Bobby attempts to get to his feet Djesus delivers a brutal Spear.

Pugh, Mugen, Djesus, and the World Champion Jacob Trance are left in the ring facing off. The lights cut out completely and a wolf's howl plays through the arena.

When the lights cut back on Sean McGee can be seen delivering a brutal Superman Punch to Pugh. Before anyone can react KD drops Djesus with a quick wick kick.

Mugen and Trance clear the ring on opposite sides as a third figure is seen, its an erratic Ryu Matsumoto who is surveying the chaos.

A look of sheer malice shadows his face as he points to Matsuda who is stirring. Sean and KD lift Matsuda up and throw him into Ryu who catches him in a quick H-Edge.

He stands up almost immediately and slaps Sean in the chest to hype him up. He points to Crowe and smiles.

Ryu lifts Crowe up and throws him into Sean who delivers an emphatic DOA, spiking Crowe head first into the mat.

He then points to Pugh and Djesus, then points to KD and cuts across his throat with his thumb. Sean and Ryu pick the two up and lift them up under the arms, they hand them both off to KD who delivers a resounding double powerbomb to the two.

Ryu pounds the mat repeatedly as if to put additional exclamation points on the statement the three of them had just made.

Ryu grabs both KD and Sean's wrists and raises their hands into the air, he tilts his head back and howls loudly.