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Boston Garden!



Section 1




The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot Episode 404

We are still going!

Like the stubborn engine that could!

We are days from the first PPV of the new year Chill Faktor and we have a rapid fire show for you tonight!

We are taken to the ring where the Australian woman, Amelia, is standing by with a microphone in hand.

The crowd starts to settle down as the woman begins to speak.

Amelia: Ladies and gentlemen...For those of you with short term memory loss, my name is Amelia and I am here to introduce to you...your next champion.

Amelia: A man who has perfected the art of pure wrestling and has become the international symbol of perfection.

Amelia:He has been known as the Prince of Extreme, The Suplex King, The Nastiest Man alive and now, The Online Sensation. I introduce to you........The man, the myth, the legend...




The arena goes black as the crowd can be heard buzzing the in the background. The lights flicker gold and then back off constantly before going black.

The lights then come back on to show Amelia gone from the ring and D. Y. Nasty standing in the middle of the ring to a standing ovation.

D. Y. Nasty: Okay, okay, okay. Now before everyone flips their you know what, allow me to introduce myself for those who were not in attendance. Allow me to remind the world just who the hell I am and allow me to do this properly...eh hmmmm.

He massages his throat and signals for the roaring crowd to calm down.

D. Y. Nasty:
As the beautiful Amelia has already pointed out, I've been known by a lot of names but there is one name I have yet to be known as....and that's World Heavyweight Champion. None of the accolades I've acquired in the past means anything because I was never the World Heavyweight Champion. They call me a high signing and big prospect but none of it matters to me until I am World Heavy Champion.

He pauses for a moment as his expression goes dark but the crowd still cheers the international star.

D. Y. Nasty:
The admiration of you people means as much to me as trying to figure out how Kangaroos f***. You people don't determine anything. You people mean nothing to me anymore.

D. Y. Nasty: You people have cheered me for years and what have I gotten for that? Match of the year twice and a congratulatory pat on the back.

D. Y. Nasty: Listen....and listen closely. I want my gold. I dream about gold. I eat gold. I sleep gold. I fantasize about gold. I wake up and see gold.

D. Y. Nasty: I bleed gold and I am going to do whatever it takes to get the gold I desire. It's not a want at this point, it's a lifestyle now.

D. Y. Nasty: I'm tired of being overlooked because my match was prettier looking and the fans enjoyed it when Mr. 3 Moves of Doom over there gets title shot after title shot.

His expression is now a pissed off look as the crowd goes silent in confusion. Wondering why D. Y. Nasty isn't the fan favorite they thought he would be.

D. Y. Nasty:
You people and these people in the back have mocked me long enough. I now understand....it's not about how many people carry signs with your name or how much they chant your name....it's about taking matters into your own hands and that's what I'm going to do.

D. Y. Nasty: I'm going to break people. I'm going to destroy people. I'm going to be the single most destructive force in OCW history until I get my gold.

D. Y. Nasty: And if you get in my way.....pray...because it's gonna take the strength of God almighty to stop me if you stand in my way. So we can do this the easy way and just give me the title shot or....we can do this the hard way, but I must warn you all....you all wanted me here.

D. Y. Nasty: You asked me to come here and now...I'm here and it's too late to regret it because if you should choose the hard way....I am not to be held responsible for my actions but I will send you a "get well soon" card when it's all said and done.

The crowd seems uneasy as D. Y. Nasty has a dark look in his eyes.

D. Y. Nasty: Take this warning. Run. Hide. Doesn't matter...you can't run away from this. Because in the final moment, the story will be over before it begins. This is a battle, you're not going to win.

D. Y. Nasty: This isn't the beginning of the Dynasty known as D. Y. Nasty. Ladies and gentlemen....welcome....to the end.

D. Y. Nasty: Welcome to the end of crowd admiration and the beginning of a dark day. Welcome to a world wear darkness and hatred rules the world.

D. Y. Nasty: Welcome.....to.....my world and here, I am king and my crown....is gold. I get my gold or I destroy everyone in my path....the choice is yours.

The lights flicker off and back on to show D. Y. Nasty gone with just the microphone left in the ring. The crowd is silent and in awe at what they just witnessed as we move to a commercial break.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh my!

He's here!

Section 2

* K.Dangelo sits in the back shaking his head .He pushes back his chair and starts pacing the room .He then picks up the TV then stops and puts it down.

: Na not this time ,all these sissies can't run forever . I'm gonna make them believe in the Boondox again! Winter is almost over time to get back to the garden.


Spider vs Esquleto


Loading the player...


The camera pans to the announce team.

He is sending an emphatic message.

Ya think?


We cut to Jim Black at what appears to be a news desk with the OCWfed logo across the front. he adjusts the papers on the desk and begins.

BLACK: Ladies and gentleman we have a very special treat for you tonight, an exclusive interview between Ex Division Champion and Contender.

BLACK: Considering the past these two have had together and their rivalry we’ve secluded the two in different booths rather then bring the volatile situation to a head.

The feed cuts to Matsuda who is wearing a black and white track suit, with his Undisputed Ex Division Championship slung over his shoulder.

MATSUDA: I wish I could say it is a pleasure to be here, Jim.

The camera switches to Ryu who is still sweating from his previous match, a towel hangs around his neck.

MATSUMOTO: You know that’s really typical of you and everyone Jim, introducing the golden boy Matsuda, but there’s gunna be egg on all of your faces this Sunday.

BLACK: Well we seem to be getting right into it, how do you respond to Ryu’s accusations of being handed everything you have in OCW at the moment.

MATSUDA: Handed? Thats laughable. Ryu of all people should know that I am the one who gives the handouts in this company. He has been the recipient of ass whooping after as whooping by these hands, and this Sunday will be no different.

MATSUMOTO: Oh my god Hide, you’re quite possibly the most fake person I’ve ever met in my life. How can you sit there and put on your “championship” facade.

BLACK: So are these accusations of Matsuda misrepresenting himself because he’s champion.

I’m just saying I understand Matsuda has to answer to OCW and its sponsors, but I think he’s being more than a little disingenuous with his answers.

MATSUDA: Says the man with a sandwich shop logo on his trunks.

MATSUMOTO: You’re lucky we’re in these booths Hide, cause if I could I would have spit in your face by now.

BLACK: Well on that note thats all we have, you will be seeing these two men next sunday.


Spider is in full form.

Raring to go!

Section 3


The screen cuts to black but the audio is still feeding live.

This is such a waste of time. Its sad to see that the man I broke into this business with has become so little in comparison to me. You’re a disgrace to the Tarantula. I can’t even wait for Sunday. I’m going to choke the life out of you and have you forget what gimmick you’re running this week.

MATSUMOTO: And now that the camera is off the truth comes out. But you know it doesn’t matter, you can tell yourself you would kill me but I’m going to leave you a mess in that ring.

MATSUDA: No, I will literally kill you Ryu. You are nothing but a [REDACTED]. I’ll tear you limb from limb—

BLACK: Guys, you know we’re still broadcasting live.

Ryu is laughing

What do you mean live? So they can hear this? Good. I want them to know exactly what I’m going to do to this [REDACTED]. I want them to know that when they buy the pay-per-view Sunday, they are buying a live snuff film.

BLACK: Yeah…

Ryu continues laughing as Matsuda can be heard removing his mic.


The camera pans to the announce team.

This is what OCW NEEDS!



S. McGee vs K.Dangelo

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The camera pans to the announce team.

What a statement!


The audible action of someone taking a long hard drag of a cigarette fills the air, soon followed by cancerous smoke as Johnny Phoenix exhales. He flicks the remains to the floor and stamps it underfoot, snuffing out any surviving embers.

Phoenix: Well, here's goes nothing...

At that he takes out a hip flask and takes a shot of liquid courage, staggering his way towards the heavily secured entrance of the OCW arena. He approaches and two of the officers stop him

Officer 1
: Security pass please sir.

Johnny gives him a smile.

Phoenix: Why... Of course!

Johnny begins to rummage in his pockets before reproducing his hip flask with a shrug.

Phoenix: I'm afraid this is all I've got...

Officer 2: I'm going to have to ask you to leave sir.

Johnny holds up his hands.

Phoenix: I get it, I get it.

At that he backs up before swinging the hip flask into the face of the guard who goes down. The commotion draws more guards who swarm over Phoenix, pinning him to the ground as he shouts and swears.

You bunch of ****** pigs!

He spits on anyone he can target before they haul him up and bundle him into a car. As the vehicle goes to pull away the window rolls down and his head reappears.

Phoenix: It's better in the slammer anyway, it's cold as balls you hear me? Fucking cold as balls!

Another noise comes from the car.

Phoenix: Fine! ****

At that his head is pulled back inside as the security team look on, shaking their heads in disbelief.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Has that man lost his mind?

I think so.

"Tarzan Boy" blasts through the arena speakers as OCW's resident animal hunter now turned backstage interviewer, Drago Cesar, arrives at the ramp to quite an ovation.

Drago stands there with the North American Championship around his waist, with a concerning, if somewhat nervous look on his face.

He walks down the ramp giving high fives to those sitting in front. He then walks up the steel steps, and gets in the ring. An official tosses a mic to him.

Drago stands in the center of the ring, looking down at the canvas, contemplating his next words.

Drago Cesar: The first time I'm come here, I was just a rookie. I didn't understand what it meant to really become a part of this, so I left after very short time. My life has always been taking turn after turn ever since I serve my country in the war.

Drago Cesar: It was only when a friend talked to me that I wanted to come back to this place again. And I said to myself, if I'm going to come back, I'm doing it right.

Drago Cesar: And I don't think it could have gone any better than how it went last season. I had beaten some of the very best, and you people follow every step of the way.

Drago Cesar: You were all there when I beat the world champion in a way most people think would be impossible. You were there when I slapped the taste out of the Jesus' mouth. You were there when I beat the Mugen for the North American Championship.

Drago Cesar: From the good to the bad times, you were always there when I needed you the most, and that is why you all will always have my respect.

The crowd gives a slight pop as Drago strokes his chin, thinking carefully about what to say next.

Drago Cesar: And I know you guys have been wondering about when I'm going to have next match. I do have news regarding that, and to be honest, I don't think you will be happy, but it is something I cannot control.

Drago Cesar: Because of my injury that happen couple weeks ago, the doctors say that I can't be clear to compete.......Which means that, unfortunately tonight, I will be forced to give up the North American Championship that I won.

Drago takes the belt off of his waist, raises it up for a moment or two, then lays it down on the mat.

Drago Cesar: What is maybe worse is that I don't know when, or if, I will ever return to active in-ring competition. Doctors say that full recovery will take very long time, which would mean couple of years, or maybe even longer.

Drago Cesar: In any case, whether I return to being active or not, I just want to say thank you again to all of you thought that I wasn't joke when I come back here, who knew that they saw something in me that wasn't in anybody else.

Drago Cesar: I will be in back doing backstage interviews and maybe a couple of other things, so my OCW career isn't exactly done, but in-ring.......It might be an early retirement, I don't know.

Drago Cesar: Thank you guys, I have nothing but love and respect for all of you, and I hope you understand.

Drago puts his mic down as the crowd claps for him. They shout "Thank You Drago" as the animal hunter steps out of the ring and walks back up the ramp. He looks back with a somber look on his face and takes in all the fan appreciation before he leaves.

The camera pans to the announce team.


No, no!

This is awful!


Section 4


The camera pans to the announce team.


Up next the EX Division Champion takes on the Enforcer for the Family!

I love it!

Main Event

L. Crowe vs Matsuda

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The camera pans to the announce team.


What a fight!

And theres still more to come!

In the background the howling of the wind and the sound of falling rain provide a desolate backdrop, in the corner sits Jacob Trance, smiling serenely for all to see.

The camera moves in tight around Jacob’s face, and the crowd begins to stir. Television viewers realize that the scene has transitioned to a live view, as Jacob Trance now stands at the top of the ramp inside of the the arena.

He begins walking down the ramp, his voice booming over the PA system despite no visible mic in hand.

Jacob Trance: In a world of giants and men I have become a God... A vessel of faith, a beacon of hope and the server of redemption. People look to me for guidance and love.

Jacob chuckles before raising a hand.

Jacob Trance: Except... Except... There's a small section of non-believers... A minority that refuse to understand, to ACCEPT that I am an Old God born anew.

Jacob Trance: They believe they're over everything... They somehow believe they can challenge me. That they are closer than a Family. A smart man once said that you should have the affairs of your own house in order before you go chapping doors....

Jacob takes a breath, walking down the ramp toward the ring.

Jacob Trance: My door... Is always open... My door... Will take you to another world.... A better world... But behind my door are the monsters and ghosts that talk in your head, that tell you you're not good enough.


Jacob pulls himself up onto the ring apron, using the ropes.

Jacob Trance: Empires and dynasties fall, legacies can be tarnished... But God is forever... And I will mend all broken things... There are other worlds than these.

The screen flickers on over the ramp, catching Jacob’s attention. On the screen stands Bobby Minio, in street clothes, shot from the angle of a handheld cellphone.

The background becomes more clear, he’s traveling, in a crowded airport, with what appears to be a number of unhappy travelers all around him.

Bobby Minio: I’ve got a question Trance, a little something that’s just bugging me, even as I sit here, stranded in Philadelphia until these pilots grow a pair and start flying through these flurries.

Jacob ponders for a moment, but this interruption entertains him, and piques his interest.

Jacob Trance: An inquiry? … and who might you be to question me?

Bobby Minio: I’m a man wh-

Jacob Trance: - and I am MORE.

Minio’s eyes narrow into the camera. He pauses, waiting to see if Trance will speak over him again.

Bobby Minio: … ugh. I’m a man who’s watched you and this bulls*** charade since the beginning, and you know what? I’ll be here watching when it ends.

Jacob Trance: Your inquiry?

Bobby Minio: Yes… my “inquiry”... I just want to know, what happens to you when this all comes crashing down? What happens to this… your little stage act, when your followers have grown tired of your unfulfilled promises, the company grows tired of your unrelenting shenanigans, and the crowd grows tired of your unending self aggrandizing lectures? What happens to you then? Who are you after all of that?

Jacob Trance: I-

Before Jacob is able to reply, Minio jumps in to cut him off, repaying the favor from earlier.

Bobby Minio: See, I think, this whole thing, your family, it’s a house of cards, and you’ve left the windows open, with a stiff breeze coming through. I feel like you’ve been lucky, all this time.

Bobby Minio: You’ve held on to that title by the skin of your teeth, and you’re running out insertable horseshoes to keep up your keyster, to keep lucking your way through this Jacob Trance era.

Bobby Minio: Right now, it’s not my place to take that title away from you, I haven’t earned that right… yet! There are others though, others who deserve that right, others who are owed that right, the right to see unfinished business through the end.

Bobby Minio: See, a few weeks ago, the ever fabulous Tiberius Dupree, had a chance at you and your title, and you had that hypocrite Stephen Hailowe --

Bobby Minio: Hailowe… *Ssskkkshhh* Stephen Hailowe… Hail *skkkshh* HAILOWE *fffssshhhh*

The broadcast degrades rapidly on screen in front of the crowd’s very eyes. Jacob Trance’s smile fades for a moment, even he is curious as to what has happened. He begins to look around the arena, as Minio’s voice players over the PA again.

Bobby Minio: -----Haaaaiiilllowwwweeeee-----

The audio drags, sounding mechanical, robotic. Suddenly, a cheshire grin appears on the screen. It pulls back, revealing Stephen Hailowe himself, from his basement compound, live via webcam.

Stephen Hailowe: You rang? Hah! Wow, that signal was almost too easy to hijack! Sensation, seriously, have your tech team look into securing this stuff or I will just HAVE MY WAY with your broadcasts whenever I want!

The crowd is booing now, enough to drown Hailowe out, but his grin never fades. He presses buttons below the frame of the screen, increasing the volume of his voice exponentially, much to the chagrin of everyone in the arena.

Stephen Hailowe: Gosh, I just can’t hear myself think over all of the ghosts in the audience! Booo, booo! So spooky! … buuuut, you’re about 8 months out from Halloween… ANYWAY.

Stephen Hailowe: I just wanted to say YOU’RE WELCOME, Jacob, for ensuring that a socially responsible person like yourself, could retain their title and continue to be the biggest star of Riot!

In the ring, Jacob begins to pace the length of the ropes. It seems as though he weren’t as linked to Hailowe’s interruption in the match against Dupree as some may have thought.

Stephen Hailowe: I actually see a lot of similarities between us, Jacob. Parallels in our goals, similarities in our methods! We’re two gender-non-conforming peas in a non-conforming pod!

Stephen Hailowe: Both rejecting the structures of a society that has failed us, and so many others.

Stephen Hailowe: When I decided to let Dupree know about… things I had read on the Internet and CERTAINLY had no personal involvement with…

Stephen Hailowe: I know that I was doing the RIGHT THING. I knew then that Dupree was a bad role model for the OCW Galaxy, and really only served as a reminder of the toxic and dysfunctional culture that this company once ha-

Suddenly, Hailowe's feed cuts to black. Music begins playing over the PA speakers as a familiar entrance video starts on the screen.

Loading the player...

Tiberius Dupree: I guess real life trumps any internet connection!

Tibby stands on the ramp in all his splendor and receives a typical over the top pop from his Dragonflies.

Tiberius Dupree: Tranny Tran Trance...

The audience laughs in unison at the humor of his words.

Tiberius Dupree: I apologize with all my heart OCW Galaxy, that was really inappropriate. I'm truly sorry that, #TrannyTranTrance is trending the twitter...I truly am.

He points to the twitter logo and hashtag on the screen reluctantly as if he instantly made it appear himself. He then looks directly at the OCW World Champion, with a more than serious expression.

Tiberius Dupree: Jacob Trance, your reign is just a tweet away from being another passing trend. Just a pathetic moment in the grand legacy of that OCW World Championship. And come Chill Faktor, that legacy, you've so proudly stained gets cleansed.

Tiberius Dupree: Not via internet connection, not via satellite, but BY FIRE!!

Possibly in mockery or more likely in respect he does a Minio style mic drop, the crowd erupts as Tibby moves back up the ramp and disappears to the back. The segment fades out.