OCWFED.com Presents Riot



XL Center
Hartford, CT



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Stephen Hailowe stands in the middle of the ring, doing his damnedest to ignore the chorus of boos that are raining down on the ring like napalm.

He spins, an over the top gesture of decadence toward anyone that treats him with anything short of uncompromising respect.

Stephen Hailowe: That's right, OCW's White Knight is here, in he flesh! Sensation sponsored doxing be damned! Ladies, trans persons and cis scum, I have quite the treat for you all today!


Stephen Hailowe: The first edition of my highly anticipated, crowd funded segment series, Tropes vs. Women in Wrestling! With the "Bombshells" division from the last few years, I have more than enough content to pick from!

He gestures toward the big screen, which brings up a "Tropes vs. Women in Wrestling" logo over a group photo of the women that Stephen Hailowe campaigned so efficiently to "protect".

Stephen Hailowe: First up is Ony-

The boos immediately intensify. At this point, you cannot even hear Hailowe over the arena speakers. The bass from the collective noise rumbles the arena seats below the fan's asses.

Hailowe's forced oblivious treatment of the initial boos crumbles on the spot. He begins looking around the arena wildly, building toward what can only be described as a nuclear meltdown of a tantrum.


A unified collective NO booms down from what seems like the heavens, but is really just the acoustic design of the building.

Regardless, it actually staggers Hailowe, who stumbles backwards while screaming "BE QUIET" at a blood curdling pitch.



Section 1


The camera pans to the ramp!

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Tiberius Dupree: Will you give it a damn rest already? You whine more than the entire Family's monthly cycles combined!!

Stephen Hailowe: No one invited you!

Tiberius Dupree: I invited my damn self. I came here to tell you something, and it's important....

Stephen Hailowe: You're going to help me destroy the patriachy?

Tiberius Dupree: ... I came here to let you know that when I win the title off Trance, stuff like this, and the general hell you've been raising with your non-stop sniveling, it stops.

Tiberius Dupree: I'll personally put an end to it if I have to throw you out of the building by the britches! Now stop torturing my poor dragonflies already.

As quickly as he had arrived, Dupree leaves.

The crowd is extremely hot, *cheering their brains out at the combined notion of Dupree winning the title and the end of Hailowe in the OCW.

Hailowe however, is not celebrating. He throws his mic down while screaming "I AM BETTER THAN EVERYONE HERE!" in a fit of childish rage, he begins jumping up and down on the mic as if it were a spider that had laid eggs in his esophagus.

The crowd resumes booing, adding in the occasional piece of trash or debris hitting Hailowe's body while he continues to brutalize the now silenced microphone.


The camera pans to the announce team.

What a way to kick off the show!

I love it! Don't Disrespect Hailowe!

We got a great show for you tonight!

I say you might be right, I love it!

The familiar view of the backstage hallways opens up the scene, the rhythmic patter of footsteps already providing the soundtrack for the visual.

The camera pans to the left, revealing a bandaged Bobby Minio walking along with his duffel bag slung over his arm. The bandages are wrapped around Minio's head, almost appearing as a white bandana wrapped around his forehead.

He has a look of mild disappointment on his face as he moves through the backstage area, but he still walks with his bandit swagger as usual.

He stops, turning toward a door with the letters C4 printed in large font onto a sign that is held up with duct tape. He pushes through the door way to reveal tonight's inner sanctum of the Quadruple Threat.

Hideto Matsuda sits, leaning back on a black leather couch, his gold laid out across his lap, with a look of agitation plastered across his face.

Paul Pugh is on another couch, his feet, in wrestling boots, up on the arm of the couch while he drums a variety of butt rock anthems onto his knees with chop sticks.

Mugen stands in the far corner, his replica North American title fastened around his waist, admiring his championship look in a body length mirror. All three men acknowledge Minio in some way, but Paul Pugh laughs upon see Minio's appearance.

Paul Pugh: Hell Bob, that's some new look you're rockin' tonight!

Bobby Minio: I'll say... I look like a civil war veteran!

Paul Pugh: You look like some jobber who had his head bounced off of the stairs.

In some attempt at responding in good humor, Minio forces a chuckle before edging into the frame of the mirror that Mugen had been using, paying close attention to his bandages.

Bobby Minio: Hell with it!

Without any hesitation, Minio rips the bandages from his head, revealing a staple job that would give Frankenstein a self esteem booster.

Minio decides it looks mean, and is content with it. He turns to the camera, gesturing toward himself.

The camera does not move, prompting Minio to step forward, grab the camera forcefully and pull it back to where he was standing.

Bobby Minio: If you're gonna follow me in here and creep on the hoots, might as well set the record straight on a few things. Tonight, my man Mugen here and I are gonna battle it out for a shot at the grand final of this North American title tournament, and no matter what happens, I support my brothers no matter the cost. Just like Mugen will support me WHEN I win, right broski?

He turns toward Mugen who is now firing eye daggers toward his friend Minio, who quickly turns back to the camera with a nervous laugh.

Bobby Minio: ... but don't get it twisted! The goal is still the same. C4 has evolved for a specific reason, and that is to dismantle the Family for good. No more catering to Trance's ego.

Bobby Minio: No more kool aid seminars, no more cryptic backpattings or ball washings on the mic. The reign of that clown is coming to a quick end, and anyone who would get in the way? Move aside or get bowled the f**k over! McGee, that's specifically addressed to you, brother.

Bobby Minio: That crap you pulled, that nonsense you let our match devolve into, that's the kind of BS that holds this industry back as a whole, and that tantrum, that's exactly why a man like the Lariat KEEEYYYIID, MUGEN, is fit to carry he gold and you're just another wishful thinker. Straight up class. Tell 'em Lariato!

Minio shoves the camera to the side, framing a fired up Mugen on screen.

Mugen: There are three things in life that are guaranteed hoot.

Mugen holds up three fingers to the screen

Mugen: Death, suplexes and me taking your head off with a cold blooded lariat. It doesn't matter if you are McGee, Drago, Trance, Eli, Ryu or even.....

Mugen takes a look at Bobby with a smirk on his face. Bobby smiles back nervously.

Mugen: Or even Bobby. These days, I don't need to say much because Bobby, Pugh and Hide can do all the talking. My role in C4 is simple. Destroy whoever gets in our way and kill at all costs. I'm looking at you Family. I'm looking at you Ryu. I'm looking at you Drago.

Mugen pats his replica North American Championship and smiles for the camera.

He turns the camera towards Paul Pugh but Pugh waves it off and gives the camera the finger.

Pugh then pushes the camera towards Hideto Matsuda, who grabs it by the lens and brings it in real close.

Matsuda: So the man who has made himself a career losing to me annually strings a couple wins together and suddenly he thinks he's worthy of speaking my name in anything more than a cautious whisper.

Matsuda: Listen up Ryu, Spider, Illuminati, or whatever the hell you are calling yourself this week because I'm only going to say this once.

Matsuda: Everybody in the back has always thought you were a bit out there, but I never thought so, Ryu. Not once did I ever think so in the fifteen years that I've known you--that was, up until last week.

Matsuda: Did you really think anyone in this building thought YOU were worthy to even breath the same air as C4, let alone join us? Sharing the ring with you may as well have been a Make-a-Wish. "Lost Father of Ambition".

Matsuda: You hold that name like its some sort of title to be admired, but do you know why you are the "Lost Father"? Because that's all you did. You lost. You lost, you lost, and you lost again.

Matsuda: On your best day you are nothing but the poor man's Matsuda, and you know thats all you will ever be.

Matsuda: Last week you made your intentions known and you dared to call me a liar. I dare to call myself the Final Boss of the Ex Division because I am just that.

Matsuda: For the past three years, I have been the glass ceiling made of shatter proof plexiglass on which every Ex Division wannabe has bashed their head.

Matsuda: There is no happy ending. No cheat codes. You know this better than anyone, Ryu, when you step into the ring with the Final Boss, you are on a crash course to a bad end.

Matsuda: But if you think your arms are long enough to box with god, Ryu… Take a jab.

Matsuda: C4 over everything.

Matsuda shoves the camera down and the screen cuts the static as the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Them Boys are spoiling for a fight! and it starts right now! As Paul Pugh takes on a new comer to OCW, since K.D Angelo was unable to be here!

Violence I love it!

Section 2

We are backstage with Eli, D'Jesus, a hooded figure and of course, the leader of this group, Jacob Trance.

The latter is stooped over, scratching on the floor in charcoal, various words and religious symbols are sketched out, most prominent is a mock up of the last supper featuring past and present members of the Family, a total of seven, lucky for some. He glances up towards the camera and smiles.

A fire starved, and a fire dies...

He states, rolling the charcoal in the palms of his hands which he then holds up to the camera.

For I have touched the flames and been reborn, scorched into a new beginning. A fire can begin with the tiniest spark of life, it can then burn bright and become a raging inferno but one day... One day it has to be extinguished, a mighty, self destructive force is the the flame.

Jacob looks towards Eli and D'Jesus.

I am afraid you must undergo a trial Pastor... I wish you to take whatever Eli brings your way, what he sees fit to do... And I want you to survive, to cling to life and fight... As for you Eli, I want you to inflict as much pain as you can, baptise him in the fire...

The man in the hood twitches slightly.

It is fine my child, the voices in your head are nothing, they listen to me, for they are of other worlds, rejoice... You are a prophet and soon this world shall know your worth...

Jacob chuckles.

Do my bidding.


Pugh vs L. Conseco


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The scene fades in...

A black Lincoln Town Car pulls into the arena . BUFFNESS exits the vehicle and makes his way to the trunk. After retrieving his bag he turns to make his way into the building and is met by Stacey Clarke.

Clarke - BUFFNESS I understand you don't have much to say lately but your attack on Bobby Mineo last week ...

BUFFNESS cuts Stacey off before she can finish her sentence

BUFFNESS - Bobby got what was coming to him last week .

McGee begins to smile as he replays his handy work over again in his head.

BUFFNESS - Bobby should of stayed down ... Lucky for him his friends showed up !

BUFFNESS reaches down and grabs the strap to his bag and slings it over his shoulder.

BUFFNESS - Now this interview is over , I'm late and I gotta go see who my opponent is tonight .

Clarke - You don't have a match tonight your suspended .

McGee stops in his tracks and turn back towards Mrs. Clarke.

- What the do you mean I'm suspended !!!

Clarke - The news broke this morning , It's on OCWFED.com .

McGee checks his phone and begins to read the article . The expression on McGee's face grows more and more evil as he finishes

Taking a deep breath BUFFNESS turns back to the camera.

BUFFNESS - Thanks Boss !!

BUFFNESS walks out of view of the camera as the scene fades

The camera pans to the announce team.

It's about time someone did something after what Sean did last week!

You don't take your A+ player out the game like that! I love it!


The camera cuts backstage to capture a B-Reel shot of the talent and staff going about their business. Matsuda is seen walking on screen with his Ex Division Title slung over his shoulder. As he is conversing with some of the staff everyone is the shot goes dead silent.

Ryu Matsumto walks into the shot and past Matsuda, not acknowledging him. Ryu stops, his back turned to Matsuda, some of the staff shuffles away fearing a brawl, while others stay to witness it.

The two men stand in the hallway, the tension is broken by Ryu letting out and audible laugh, he continues down the hallway. Matsuda smiles at the audacity of Ryu's game and continues his conversation unaffected.


You can cut the tension with a knife!

Tension, I love it!

Section 3

An image of a painted face, seated in front of the camera fades in.

Off-Camera Voice: Tell us who you are, and where you're from please.

Maverick Dragon: Yes, I’m Maverick Dragon, I’m twenty-four years old, and I’m from Dallas, Texas.

The scene cuts to home video footage of Maverick’s matches at local indy federations. Maverick is noticeably dressed in variations of red, white, and blue attires throughout the footage. A voice narrates the footage.

Narrator: Throughout the years, sports entertainment has featured charismatic individuals who have proudly shown their patriotism in the ring.

The scene cuts back to Maverick Dragon’s sit-down interview

Maverick Dragon: It’s something that is really important to me, and I feel like it should be that way for everyone…

Cut back to indy footage

Narrator: However, it seems that real patriotism has become more and more, unpopular…

Maverick Dragon: …it seems like the media and, um…well, just people in general go out of their way to avoid showing patriotism. Like it’s taboo, or something…

Again, the scene cuts back to Maverick, appearing as lost for words at first.

Maverick: It’s just…it’s like that Superman movie that came out a few years ago. What was it called?

Off-camera Voice: Man Of Steel?

Maverick: No, not that one…the one before, was it Rise? Re…Returns, that’s it! Superman Returns. You know, one of the big things that Superman fought for, a long time ago was “Truth, Justice, and the American Way…” but in that movie, the guy says something like “Truth, Justice, and all that other stuff…” or something like that. And it’s just like…man, what happened to the American way?

The scene cuts back to an image of Maverick waving the American flag after a victory

Narrator: After making a significant impression in Dallas, Maverick Dragon tried out for the OCW, and was hired in January of Two Thousand Fifteen.

Cut back to the image of Maverick Dragon

Maverick: Oh yeah, I’m really excited about it. You know, I think I have a lot of things I can bring to the table, and I’m ready to do it.

A still image of Maverick holding his OCW contract is shown

Maverick: You know, one of the things that I’m really excited about, is showing people that it’s okay…it’s okay to be patriotic. It’s okay to be proud of where you came from.

Off-camera voice: What would you say is your biggest goal?

The camera shows a silent Maverick, pondering the question.

Maverick: Heh. Well…obviously, winning a championship is important. I mean if you’re not aiming for that, you shouldn’t be here, right? But I think along with that, as equally important, what I want to show the people..the fans. Adults, and children…it’s okay to dare.

Maverick: It’s okay, to dare to fight for what’s right. To fight for your values. People might think it’s old-fashioned, but I think that with everything going on in the world, people might just need a little old-fashioned.

Maverick Dragon smiles, and nods toward the camera as the scene fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

This is what OCW NEEDS!

A Hero, I love it!

Mugen vs B.Minio

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The camera pans to the announce team.

In my 13 years as a professional broadcaster I can honestly say, I have never ever in my life seen anything like this.


The stench of acrid, cigarette smoke rises into the air, lingering over the room. A few heads turn in disapproval, smoking in a church is after all a no go, even more so at a funeral.

An open casket sits on the alter, in the back row, sprawled on a pulpit is the perpetrator, a shock of red and black hair, a leather coat and the remnants of a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

The wayward son, Johnny Phoenix takes another drag and rises, a bottle of jack held in his free hand.

Yeah, yeah... I know, child of sin, shouldn't be here, all that crap.

At this he staggers down the aisle, much to the horror of those that have gathered.

I... I have as much... No... More right to be here than all of you!

He reaches the casket and slumps against it, propping his weight up as he takes a slug of whiskey.

Ain't that right ma?

He chuckles to himself and stubs the cigarette out on the rich mahogany.

Ashes, to ashes and...

He lifts the whiskey bottle and pours it into the box.

Dust to dust...

At that he hurls the empty bottle towards a crucifix depicting The Lord.

Go **** yourself you charlatan.

At that he turns, the priest having fallen over, overcome with what was happening. Phoenix flicks a quarter in his direction, landing between his legs.

I *******g hate your kind, but thanks for taking my confession padre, keep the change.

Swiftly, he departs, leaving the scene behind him.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Well that was dark!

Darkness I love it!


A name tag is in full view, the camera focuses and it reads "Lord Doctor Sensation Esq." A chuckle breaks through the crowd before they settle down, the camera cutting inside the office.

We see Mr Sensation in the middle of performing a crossword, every answer states "I hate Leon." In the background is a glass case containing the fabled rubber Lord Shark of old. He mutters to himself when suddenly an intercom goes off, prompting him to answer.

Our Hero:
This better be good to interrupt my daily affirmations, Beth.

Beth: I'm sorry to bother you sir, but Mr Stevens is here to see you sir.

Our Hero thumps the desk in rage, looking to his drawer with trepidation.

Our Hero:
I have no want or need to associate with that no good scumbag!

Beth: Sir, it says the appointment was scheduled by and I quote "that guy who should have been swallowed" and you countersigned it...

Our Hero: I have prepared for this moment!

At that Our Hero stoops under his desk and retrieves a Sensational Super Soaker filled with a suspicious yellow liquid.

Our Hero:
The hunter becomes the hunted! Buzz him in so I may let loose the dogs of war!

The intercom gives a sigh.

Sending him in now sir.

The doors locking mechanism clicks open and it swings open.

Our Hero:
Say hello to my little friend you Jurassic scumbag bastard!

Sensation cackles as he pumps the water pistol dousing Stevens as he walks in the door.

Our Hero:
Even stapling a poodle to your head I can SMELL the scumbag within you!

Our Hero jumps onto his desk and continues his aquarian assault as the camera pans over to a cowering TJ Stevens.

Please! Stop!

He has his hands over his face trying to fend off the liquid barrage.

Our Hero:

TJ tries to flee but trips over his own feet.

Our Hero:

Stevens: Stop! I'm not Parker!

Our Hero: That's what Parker would say!

Stevens manages to roll onto his feet and practically screams at his boss.


Sensation pauses and gives him one more squirt for good measure.

Our Hero:
Ah! Uncle Jesse my boy! Have a seat!

TJ moves to sit but Our Hero wrinkles his nose.

Our Hero: In fact don't, you smell of piss and shame and I don't want to have to burn the seat... What can I do for you?

Well sir, it's been awhile since I've worked and times are tough...

Our Hero twiddles with a pen, indicating he's not really caring.

Our Hero:
Uh huh, yes, yes, I see.

Stevens: So you'll consider using me?

Our Hero looks out the window, thats really just a wall with a sketch of a window. Upon further inspectionm the sketch of the window has a post-it with the likeness of Stephan Hailowe on it. Upon further, more further inspection said post-it with the likeness of Stephen Hailowe has a pencil jammed in it.

Our Hero:
Yes, yes.

TJ jumps forward to embrace Our Hero but he wheels back in his chair.

Our Hero:
Evasive manoeuvres taken! Get the hell out of here piss man!

: But...

Our Hero points away.

Our Hero:

At that Stevens trudges away and the scene fades, Our Hero turns towards Lord Shark, and puts up his his fingers in a "Too Sweet" motion, bumping the glass.


Our Hero: One more for the good guys!

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh Good heavens!

Vintage Sensation, I love it!

North American Tournament Semi Finals!

Djesus vs Eli

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The camera pans to the announce team.

What a brawl!

I love it!

Ryu is sitting outside of the arena in the driver's seat of his rental. The driver's side door is open and he's leaning forward outside of the car.

He motions for the camera to come closer. The cameraman obliges him and gets closer.

So last week I walked out to the ring, and I said somethings that I found quite a few people disagreed with.

RYU: And that's fine, believe me it is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as wrong as it is.

RYU: But what surprises me is that a lot of people are saying I should watch out, 'You can't just insult C4 the way you did'.

Ryu stands up out of the car and looks down at himself, then he looks down at himself as if to make sure he is still there, he then looks left and right then shakes his head.

The fact of the matter is, I walked out to the ring, I told off C4, and they did nothing. I'm still here.

RYU: Back when I was in a stable if someone walked into OUR ring and had the audacity to say something about us, they did not walk out much less survive to talk more [REDACTED] the next week.

RYU: And that just proves to me and everyone else Matsuda, that you've gone soft. If I had gone out there and said what I had said to "The Demon" my teeth would be down my throat.

RYU: But I didn't say it to 'The Demon' because 'The Demon' is gone and dead, replaced by the shade we all see dancing for his fans in the ring.

RYU: Matsuda I suggest you find that Demon once again, because at Chill Factor you face The Strongest Creature in OCW Ryu Matsumoto.

RYU: And I promise you that if you aren't ready to face me with everything you have I won't just take your title. I'll take your health, I'll take your legacy, and I'll take your SOUL.

The camera fades!

Section 4


The camera pans to the announce team.


Up next the biggest match of the year so far!

I love it!

Main Event

OCW World Heavyweight Championship

T.Dupree vs J.Trance

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The camera pans to the announce team.