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Mobile, AL




The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to an almost sold out crowd!

I love it!

We got a great show for you tonight!

I say you might be right, I love it!


Stacy seems to flinch as Ryu approaches, expecting to receive a Pink Mist, as is tradition.

Ryu holds his hand out, laughing to himself

RYU: Don’t worry Stace, there's no mist here. I just wanted to let the fans know that tonight I have somethings to say.

RYU: OCW has been around for ten years if you can believe it, and I’ve been here for almost half of that.

RYU: The fact of the matter is that I’m at a point in my career where I have to start thinking about the future of my career, most importantly my legacy.

RYU: There are things I need to settle, not only with OCW, and my fans but with one man here in particular. A man I have always called my brother.

RYU: Hide we have certainly had our differences but tonight I want to meet you in that ring, face to face, man to man and say something important to you, thanks for your time Stace.

Ryu smiles once more, nods to the camera and makes his way off screen. Stacy has a look of utter confusion, realizing that despite encountering Ryu she has not been misted.

The camera pans to the announce team.


I'll say. I love it!

Section 1


We turn to the backstage hallway, where the camera is focused on OCW's resident animal hunter now turned interviewer, Drago Cesar, dressed slightly formally with a tie over his normal gear.

Drago Cesar: Hello lady and gentleman of OCW, tonight I will be interviewing one of the most popular specimen in this company........

Drago looks to his left. The camera pans out to reveal the former North American champion, Mugen, looking more than a little unhinged.

Drago Cesar: Yes, the former North American Champion, The Mugen! Now, I'm have to ask you question about what happen at the Madison Square Garden for the Riot 10th Anniversary. How did it feel when you lost your championship to someone that you considered a joke for very long time?

Mugen: The only joke I know is this joke that's been going on for too long. I don't know what match you are talking about at the Madison Square Garden, I was at the Garden because that's my hometown of New York and I was there to support Matsuda. The last time you and I faced one on one was last week in Chicago and I won this back from Sean McGee and you in a hellacious triple threat.

Mugen turns around and reaches from a bag a replica of the OCW North American Championship.

Mugen: The champ is still here. Now what do you have to say about that?

Drago is dumbfounded by the former champ's statements.

Drago Cesar: What? You idiot, we never fight last week, I was never against the you and the Sean McGee. What REALLY happen is back at the Garden, where I kicked your ass to take your North American title! You don't remember the people chanting my name while you look up at lights?

Drago Cesar: It seems like YOU have issue because ever since that night where I beat you, the thought of your loss to one of the BEST eat you up inside like the parasite!


Drago Cesar: And now, you pretend it never happen because you are not enough of a man to look at your problems face to face! I might have some problem, but man, there is something very wrong with YOU. You are wrestling a book tonight, for crying out loud! A book! What's going on in your head?

Mugen throws up his arms in an outrage.

Mugen: A BOOK?! A BOOK?! My opponent tonight is not just A BOOK. They are THE BOOK. And if you don't respect The Book, The Book will not respect you.

Mugen gets in the face of Drago.

Mugen: You should get your head checked out Drago because you are just making up things in that hollow excuse of a brain that you have. On the other hand, I have 99 problems, but being the North American Champion ain't one.

Mugen laughs maniacally as he walks away from Drago.

Drago Cesar: .....One of these days.

Drago shakes his head as the feed fades to black.


The camera pans to the announce team.

That boy done lost his damn mind!

Insanity I love it!

The room is dark, the rattle of chains and the scent of forgotten meat permeate the air. In the darkness is muffled whimpering.

?: Do you believe is now? Do you realise the error of your ways?

More muffled whimpering and suddenly a supernova of light brightens the room. The Family are here and with them, strung up by his dreadlocks to a meat hook is the recently kidnapped D'Jones. He looks broken and spent as Eli removes his gag, the derelict human being able to only utter the word "yes" repeatedly.

Could it be?

I love it!

Section 2


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As Bobby Minio paces around the ring, the crowd responds enthusiastically. There are not a lot of heroes left on the OCW roster these days, and even fewer who make their presence felt and their voice heard as often as the four men in C4. Minio gestures to ring side with a nod, reaching his arms out to catch a mic that was tossed his way. He takes a deliberate moment to bring the mic up to his face.

Bobby Minio: The main event!

A hint of incredulity hides beneath his words. He almost cannot believe he’s headlining tonight’s Riot, but at the same time, he’s happy to get what he believes he has earned. The crowd responds with a solid pop, but he feigns ignorance, patting the mic with his palm.

Bobby Minio: Is this thing on?

The crowd responds with another, sizable pop. Minio grins, taking a few more steps around the length of the ring.

Bobby Minio: So tonight, in the main event, against a guy I’ve had a couple of battles with in this here ring. One… one of which I’m proud of, the other, I wish I could forget. Tonight, I get that situation back on track.

Bobby Minio: Tonight, I pin the man known as BUFFNESS in the middle and move on towards redeeming myself, and C4, in the North American title tournament… and I also send McGee to the back of the line, far away from contention for the strap.

Bobby Minio: I’m sure that most of you have heard of BUFFNESS, and know him very well. You know that he’s always been a big part of the North American title scene, and that’s no back patting bullshit either.


Bobby Minio: He’s a serious man and a serious badass who is always a threat to any man who walks the walls of the arena with gold around his waist or over his shoulder.


Bobby Minio: I’ve got no issues acknowledging that… but he’s been slipping, and I’m not the only person who’s seen it. There’s blood in the water, Sean’s suffering a crisis of faith or confidence and the sharks on the OCW roster are ready to strike. We all got our day, Sean, and today ain’t yours.

He shakes his head toward the camera, repeating the words away from the mic. “Today ain’t yours, Sean!”

Bobby Minio: Another man suffering a crisis lately is a fella I’ve shared a lot of TV time with on the last series of Riot broadcasts, Jacob Trance, and that right there is a crisis of ego.

Bobby Minio: We all knew Trance’s head was big, but the Family have hitched a basket to his noggin’ and they’ve been riding his inflated ass like a hot air balloon. Newsflash, Trance.

Bobby Minio: All bubbles burst, and the Family bubble has grown to capacity. Sooner, than later, your honeymoon with that title is gonna come to an end.

Bobby Minio: Whether it’s C4 or anyone capable of this roster, that reign comes to an end, and I’ll be right there, laughin’ my ass off as your pup tent reality comes crashing down. The reign of Trance, OVER. The cult of Trance, OVER, and don’t forget…

He leans over the ropes toward the hard camera, his left hand turned sideways and back out, four fingers outstretched, the newest C4 sign the brothers have been flashing.

Bobby Minio: C4… goes over EVERYTHING!

His fingers fold down to the familiar formation of a pistol. He turns it toward the hard camera, before holstering it into his hip.

Bobby Minio: Always unrivaled, finally unbroken. The quadruple threat cannot, and will not, be stopped.

He turns, moving toward the side of the ring facing the ramp. He hesitates on a step.

Bobby Minio: Oh, almost forgot. Mic drop.

The thud of the mic puts the period on the statement. Minio slides out of the ring, slapping a few hands at ring side as the crowd’s buzz nearly drowns out the sound of Minio’s entrance music playing for his exit. The show fades into the next segment.


Bobby is fired up!

Fired Minio, I love it!

The X-tron flickers on as BUFFNESS stands with Stacey Clarke. The crowd begins to boo and jeer as a wide smirk crosses McGee's face. BUFFNESS turns towards Mrs Clarkes and motions for her to start the interveiw

Clarke- BUFFNESS, last week you told the fans how you really feel about them. Would you like to elaborate?

BUFFNESS- No stacey I don't , Ive said what I had to say about the fans .

The crowd begins to boo again.

BUFFNESS-Boo all you want idiots .... just look down at your kids feet ,look at the shirts they buy ....BUFFNESS sells and thats all that matters!!!

Clarke- Well tonight you have a match with Bobby Mineo in the 2nd chance bracket for the North American tittle any thoughts?

BUFFNESS holds a fist up for everyone to see.

BUFFNESS- Tonight Im going to punch Bobbys face off and theres nothing or no one who can stop it!

BUFFNESS picks up his F.I. breifcase and walks off camera as the scene fades.  

The camera pans to the announce team.

I don't even.


Section 3

Mugen vs The Book!

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Mugen grabs a microphone from the ringside attendant and starts looking around at the crowd.

Mugen: I'm sorry to inform you that I will not be defending my North American Championship tonight. But, I have demanded a match from the booker man.

Mugen pauses for a second as he looks around waiting for a reaction. The crowd seems confused yet amused at Mugen.

Mugen: I went to the booker man and I told him to book me. He said he could book me in a match with Jookie. I said no, book me. He offered me a match against McGee again and I said no, listen to me literally and BOOK ME. So, without a further ado, tonight I will be wrestling against.....................

Mugen smiles for the crowd and tries to build up some anticipation.

Mugen: I will be wrestling against THE BOOK!

Mugen points at the entrance ramp as two OCW backstage assistants bring out a 5 foot tall book with flimsy inflatable arms attached to the sides and skateboard wheels on the bottom. The assistants roll the book down the entrance ramp and slide it into the ring.

Mugen: You are going down!

The ref is confused but shrugs his shoulders and rings the bell. Mugen charges the book and pushes it into the corner turnbuckles. Mugen starts punching the book as the ref yells at him to let The Book go.

Mugen: Let me go! I know I've got 5!

Mugen backs up and then charges The Book with a kick. He throws the book down to the mat and points at it with the C4 gun salute. Mugen climbs the turnbuckle and points at The Book.

Mugen: Time to die!!!!

Mugen leaps off the top rope and does a double stomp to The Book. Mugen goes for a lazy cover on the book and tells the ref to count. 1..........2.......... The Book pops up in a kickout and Mugen jumps back looking pissed off. Mugen charges The Book but gets tripped by one of the Book's inflatable arms. The arm actually falls on top of the downed Mugen who barely kicks out at 2. Mugen uses the ropes and brings himself back to his feet.

Mugen: Not tonight The Book!

Mugen rolls the book on its side and opens it up to one of the middle pages. He looks at the crowd, pandering to them with the C4 Gun Salute.

Mugen: Somebody's going to die tonight!!!!!!!

Mugen reaches into The Book and decides to rip pieces of the pages out and starts throwing them everywhere. Chants of "Holy S***" and "You Sick F***" are heard in bunches in the crowd. Mugen picks up the rest of The Book and drops it with a Package Piledriver. A pin is made by Mugen as the ref counts 1-2-3.

Mugen: That's right! UNSTOPPABLE!

The referee raises Mugen's arm in victory but Mugen shakes it off and starts stomping on The Book. The referee grabs a hold of Mugen and tells him to stop. Mugen leaves the ring laughing maniacally.


The camera pans to the announce team.

In my 13 years as a professional broadcaster I can honestly say, I have never ever in my life seen anything like this.




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Our Hero looks on at the capacity crowd. He paces back and forth.

Our Hero: Interesting show tonight eh? You know what makes it even more interesting? A certain mother loving law breaker isn't here tonight.

Our Hero: It's actually quite nice not being annoyed on twitter or having an annoying buzzing sound coming behind me calling me a fascist, or a misogynist, just because I ordered a bologna sandwich and not a vegan egg roll.

Our Hero: And since I am not being accosted it looks like I can shake things up just a tad. Which is why next week at Riot 403, Jacob Trance will defend his OCW World Championship against a man.

Our Hero:  A legend in the making and a former World Champion. A man with shall we say....a fire in his heart.....

Our Hero: Tiberius Dupree!

The Crowd Cheers As a smiling Mr.Sensation makes his way to the back!

The camera pans to the announce team.

I can't belive it, thats huge!

I don't belive it, but I love it!


We cut back from commercial with Matsuda pacing in the ring, waiting forwhatever important thing Ryu has to say to him, he is clearly skeptical.

The Sensation-Tron turns, we see Ryu walking through the hallways in the back with a microphone in hand.

RYU: You know Hide, I called you out here tonight because there are some things I need to get off my chest, not just to you, but to the fans and also to the rest of OCW.

RYU: I’m actually insulted that the fans and the rest of the roster would think that I would lower myself to joining a veritable “Who’s That?” of OCW’s roster.

RYU: I mean look at who we’re dealing with, professional jobber and three time three time three time Ex Division Championship Match Loser Bobby Minio.

RYU: Mugen, a tag team jobber who has the personality of the cardboard cutouts he was ‘wrestling’, if you want to call what he does wrestling, last week. A man whose only claim to fame is being a lackey to each of the current members of your excuse for a ‘stable’.

RYU: The never was, certainly isn’t, and never will be greatest of all time. Jobber to the stars Paul Pugh.

Ryu walks through gorilla and past the curtains onto the stage of Riot, he points at Matsuda in the ring and makes his way down the ramp continuing.

RYU: But you Matsuda are the worst of them all, and its certainly not because you’re a talentless hack like the rest of your compatriots.

RYU: Its because you have the audacity to stand in that ring and lie, week in and week out claiming that you are the Final Boss of the Ex Division.

RYU: When the truth of the matter is you’ve beat a mountain of nobodies, running away from the only contender worth a damn in this division or in all of OCW for that matter.

RYU: The man who is the only reason that that piece of leather and metal around your waste means a thing.

Ryu climbs up the steps and across the apron and through the ropes. He stands across from Matsuda.

RYU: Now I know you expected me to trick you somehow, get you in the ring alone, deliver an H-edge and stand tall above you.

RYU: But you see, I don’t need to do that because the long and short of it is I don't need to because I’m better than you Hide and everyone in this crowd, in the back, and in this ring knows it.

RYU: Hide this month I’m going to walk into Chill Faktor and I’m going to stare into the face of Eternity.

Ryu points to the belt slung over Matsuda’s shoulder then out to the fans

RYU: And I promise you and these fans that when I do, Eternity WILL blink.

Mastuda considers Ryu’s words and merely raises the Ex Division title above his head defiantly, as the two men stare each other down with a combination of respect, hate, and arrogance.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Up next, Djesus who is now part of The Family takes on the former World Champion Paul Pugh!

This is gonna be good!

North American Tournament Semi Finals!

Djesus vs Pugh

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The camera pans to the announce team.

I don't belive what I just saw!

I love it!


We come back from the commercial break to what must be a pre-taped segment as it's set in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse courtyard. Scattered, stand members of the Family, facing off into the distance at varying angles. At their head, facing the camera is the OCW champion, Jacob Trance.

Trance: People talk and they talk, they prattle on like the voices in my head about the clanging chimes of doom. About how the end is upon us, that I have hastened the demise of this god forsaken industry, but I must protest...

Jacob gives a sigh.

: I have saved this world and others like it, famine and disease run rampant but I keep them at bay, I am the last bastion of humanity. I am an old god, the dying star that refuses to become a black hole.

Jacob looks down to his hands.

Trance: Cain begat Able, Isaac begat Cain and , Jacob, begat Isaac but such a poor fate shall not befall me. I have my apostles and no Judas within my midst. We are the one true believers and what happened last week is of no consequence, yes, to a mortal being a loss can be deadly... BUT TO A GOD...

Jacobs rising voice drops to a whisper.

Trance: But to a god it is inconsequential, a mere test of my families unfailing faith. Like all great movements, they simply go stronger as you try to destroy them. The tower of Jacob shall not fall, not in this world or the others... Not through ancient or modern sieges. So I implore you, do not think you are over and above this fact...


Section 4

Djesus is walking in the back, his sweat stained shirt slung over his shoulder. He walks with a new found purpose, rather than joyfully greet him or say hello the staff around him flinch at his fearsome demeanor.

Djesus stops for a moment in the hallway sensing some sort of presence he turns around and comes face to face with Eli. The two 'brothers' in the family, and two finalists in the NA Title Tournament Winner's Bracket come face to face for a moment.

ELI: Next week I am going to show Papa Trance how false you are, and next week will be nothing short of a trial by fire.

The camera pans to the announce team.


they are building the rep.

I love it!

Main Event

North American Tournament 2nd Chance

S. McGee vs B. Minio

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The camera pans to the announce team.


What brutality!

I love it! Brutality!