OCWFED.com Presents Riot




Allstate Arena,

Chicago, IL




The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to an almost sold out crowd!

Are you blind?

Just in one eye!

We got a great show for you tonight, I LOVE IT SCAGGS!



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Our Hero, Mr.Sensation paces back and forth in the ring, like a Pit Bull waiting for a hunk of meat to be tossed into the yard to be devoured. Our Hero doesn't look pleased in the slightest.

Our Hero:
I'm not even supposed to be out here right now. Right now we are supposed to cut to Chris Baxter, telling you how the tides are changing or some such, or perhaps a segment by D.Y.Nasty about how he is the future. But instead you have me.

Our Hero: Who am I? Who am I can be summed up in just one word, Dedicated. I say this because without dedication OCW would not have lasted since 2003. I'm not one to praise myself but there is something to be said for our longevity. You see since 2003 I have seen dozens, if not hundreds of fly by night organizations. Some showed promise, but most were from the word go destined to fail.

Our Hero: League after league, federation after federation, owner after owner web master after webmaster, arrive one day gone the next. Over and over and over. Every new iteration claiming to be better than the previous. And through it all the one constant, the one sure thing has been OCW.

Our Hero: And why? Dedication or more specifically, MY DEDICATION, because for some reason, in my heart of hearts I believe in people. In the OCWFED Dark Days, 2005 when having working ring camera was an exercise in futility, when wrestler after wrestler opted OUT, I remained. When the dust settled, my sheer will and what some might call stubbornness kept pushing.

Our Hero: Because you see all that you see before you wasn't always as pristine. We, hell I had to ****ing bite, scratch, claw my way to it. And it wasn't even for my benefit it was for you. For you all to forge these friendships, alliances, cliques, rivalries.....COMMUNITY. I gain NOTHING from this venture, absolutely nothing. The only silver lining is the notion that because of me, because of this place YOU PEOPLE have a place to call a second home and a second family to interact with.

Our Hero: That line of being the hero long enough become the village somehow rings true. I look in the back and I see selfishness, I see bitterness, mockery. You have a guy like Parker who was made into a General Manager for YOUR benefit pushed to the breaking point literally as well as physically.

Our Hero: To finally get his wish of Freedom, and some peace only to quit after one show and laugh about it! Did I not give enough hugs in the board room? Did I not show gratitude and pride? Did I not try my best to assist on occasion despite lackluster efforts at times?

Our Hero: I don't really understand...... this toxicity that some of you seem to relish in. As if to say you would rather see us DIE, in order to be happy. As if we are some EX-Lover who has somehow jilted you. I don't put a gun to anyone's head, you're contract can be voided in an instant with no ill will on my part.

Our Hero: But the level of non compliance is staggering. I am more than aware of the world around us. It seems that even in these attempts to make things in the locker room as seamless that still isn't enough........ I know we have all made sacrifices, but none of you can ever and will ever make the sacrifices I have made on you're behalf. And I don't expect you to! because that is not your purpose.

Our Hero: I don't want any of you to meet me half way, all I really need is to meet me a quarter of the way and the lot of you can't even do that, its pathetic, because as much as I used to Harken to the GOLDEN ERA, the fact is they always performed. I have Champions who stand in silence and Hall of Famers who enjoy toxicity. And if I can be honest it hurts in the way a father is hurt by his childrens actions when they fall from grace.

Our Hero: Don't look at me right now as a pariah, or even as Leonheart's baby brother, look at me as a man, a man who is tired of your shit. Because at the end of the mother####ing day OCW has survived on 2 tin ****ing cans and a pack of silly string.

Our Hero: We survived with Cell Phone Cameras and notepads, We survived the god damn zombie apocalypse and I will be good god damned if im going to let a small group of people take from me what I spent 10 fucking years building, I refuse. I won't let you win, you cannot win. I don't care if I have to go NJPW route and throw 3 matches and Al Poling. Because when the smoke settles, when the dust clears, in this ring stands a man, a man so ignorant, so stubborn so bullheaded he will carry this fucking company on his shoulders out of sheer spite.

Our Hero: Get it together kids, because if Chris Baxter can summon the will to perform a segment, there is no excuse for anyone who comes to work everyday to not at least give it a college try. To those who worked tonight thank you, for those who dropped the ball, do better, if you don't want to do better leave. I don't care if the locker room is 2 rookies and a midget, I will make it work.

Our Hero: In closing all of you in the back **** you for making me doubt my cause, **** you for making me doubt your sincerity and **** you for disrespecting yourself. And now ladies and Gentleman, ON WITH THE SHOW!!

Our Hero drops the microphone in a Bobby Minioesq fashion as Riot officially gets under way.




Section 1


Following the intro, we are taken to the ring where an Australian woman is standing by with a microphone in hand.

The crowd starts to settle down as the woman begins to speak.

Mystery woman: Ladies and gentlemen...My name is Amelia and I am here to introduce to you...you next champion. A man who has perfected the art of pure wrestling and has become the international symbol of perfection. He's bbeen known as the Prince of Extreme, The Suplex King, The Nastiest Man alive and now, The Online Sensation. I introduce to you........




The lights cut off as a familiar video package plays...


The arena fills with cheers in anticipation. The lights cut back on and D. Y. Nasty is standing in the ring with the mystery woman gone and a microphone in hand.

He surveys the arena as the crowd breaks out into a "D. Y. Nasty *clap clap clapclapclap* chant that puts a smile on his face.

D. Y. Nasty: I'm heeeeeeere

The crowd pops for D. Y. Nasty as he takes a moment to take it all in, clearly feeling pumped up to be on the big stage in a sold out arena.

D. Y. Nasty: That's right ladies and gentlemen, the Online Sensation and the International sign of perfection is here and it's about time we give this whole place a wedgie because it's time for some new blood. It's time for the old traditional way of doing business around here to change and it's time we get nasty around these parts of town.[/B]

He takes a moment to gather himself and he looks down for a moment as the crowd goes silent.

D. Y. Nasty: I've waited a long time for this moment. I've wrestled around the world and none of that matters anymore. What I did in the past is what got me in the spot I'm in and now I'm going to do what's right. I'm going to claim what I deserve and what I deserve....is gold.

D. Y. Nasty smiles as the crowd cheers him on.

D. Y. Nasty: I've wrestled in 5 different places and I have only captured one title and that changes starting today. Starting today, the Dynasty known as D. Y. Nasty begins and the legacy of the greatest man to lace up a pair of boots begins....Today, begins the age of Nasty and it's about time we Make....It....Nasty

The crowd roars and breaks into a "MAKE IT NASTY MAKE IT NASTY MAKE IT NASTY" chant

D. Y. Nasty: I came here to prove to not only the world...but to prove to myself that I have what it takes. To prove to the world and myself that I am championship material, that I can be the guy on the commercials and that I have what it takes to sell out arenas, to put butts in the seats, to bring viewership to an all time high and do it ALL WITH THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE DRAPED AROUND MY WAIST!

He pauses and brings the mic to his side trying to conceal his excitement as the crowd roars in the background respecting the passion.

D. Y. Nasty: The time has come ladies and gentlemen and nothing will get in my way. Anyone who tries to stop me from claiming my gold will be maimed, destroyed and forgotten about. I will not only destroy you physically, I will end your existence and you will never be remembered. Do not get in my way because if you do, you will learn the hard way of why they call me Nasty.

He drops his mic and paces around the ring to a standing ovation as he gets ready for his match by stretching on the ropes.


The camera pans to the announce team.

The rookie's got a light of fire in him! Can't wait to see him next week!

Good he's going to need it!

Up next we have a special treat. As part of the talent exchange with M.W.A we present to you 2 brand new superstars.

I can't pronounce any of these names.



Lucha Libre Triple Threat!

F.F. Foom vs Matsumoto vs Esqueleto Phantasmal

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Good lord!

Lucha I love it!

(Pre-Recorded Segment from Earlier in the Week)
The cameras start rolling with The Lord of the Lariat Mugen walking around the streets of Chicago with OCW Bombshell, the Electric Kitty Molly. The two are taking in some window shopping along Chicago's famed Magnificent Mile on a rare day off for Mugen. Molly seems fixated on an outfit in a particular store's window and stops to look at it.

This is nice isn't it?

With no response from Mugen, Molly turns around to see where he is. Mugen is still there but hes staring a particular window display at the adjacent store.

Are you okay?

Without saying a word, Mugen takes his jacket off and starts walking towards the adjacent store like a man on a mission. Mugen starts pointing at the window display.


Molly rushes over to see what is going on to find out that Mugen is in front of a hobby shop. The shop happens to have cardboard cutouts of OCW Wrestlers placed in the front window. Two of the cutouts happen to be those of Sean McGee and Drago Cesar.

Oh no....


Mugen throws down his jacket and runs into the hobby shop. Screams are heard from within the store as we finally see Mugen in the window display squaring off against the two cutouts. Mugen decides to spear both of the cutouts and starts laying punches into the inanimate objects.


Mugen suddenly clotheslines the head off of the Drago Cesar cutout and then rips the Sean McGee cutout into two. Mugen pins the Drago cutout and starts slapping the floor for a 3 count. Molly is about to run in and get Mugen out of the store before the cops come but Mugen bursts through the door holding a brand new OCW North American Championship replica belt.

Mugen: I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly shakes her head as she insists on Mugen to leave the area before they all get in trouble. The scene fades out

The camera pans to the announce team.

That boy done lost his damn mind!

Insanity I love it!


Section 2


Marley walks over to the ropes and is handed a mic. The sold out crowd starts to chant "WE CANT BELIEVE IT, WE CANT BELIEVE IT."

Marley: Yeah I cant believe it either. Two weeks in a row? Something has got to be up if I come out here two weeks straight, or maybe is it because of the NEW YEAR?

The crowd erupts into "2015" chants as Marley smiles and walks around the ring.

Marley: Nah its not that either. Tonight I was suppose to fight a kid who calls himself Calix, but I guess he got frightened when he heard he had to go up against THAT GUYYY and hitch hiked back home. From what I'm hearing, The pressure was quote "Too much for him." So that leaves me without a match.

The crowd erupts into boos.

Marley: I didn't put on my new attire and come out here to do a modeling show. So just like last week, I'm not leaving this DAMN ring until someones head gets kicked off. This time I cant get escorted out in handcuffs though because I took care of OCWs security problem.

Marley points to the Xtron. The Security Guards can be seen in a storage room, banging on a door and shouting for help. The camera cuts to the outside of the room and a Forklift is seen holding the door shut. The camera cuts back to Marley in the ring.

Marley: I guess Riot is put on hold until someone brave enough comes and fights me.
The show cuts to a commercial break. When the show returns from the break, Marley is seen sitting in the middle of the ring eating popcorn.

Marley: Aaaaaannd welcome back to JKOCW! I'm your host, Marley aka Mr. three time, three time, three time EX Champion, aka THAT GUY!! I bet everyone here tonight and everyone at home watching thought I was joking about my show being put on hold huh?

The sold out arena starts to fill with "GUY" chants.

No one back their is gonna bring their ASSS out here and fight me? I guess I'll just have to walk my ass to the back and stir up some more trouble.

Marley drops the mic and begins to walk to the ropes.

The camera pans to the announce team.

He's looking for trouble!

He's going to find it!


The following segment has been prerecorded. Viewer discretion is advised.

We turn to a doctor's office, where Drago and Johnny are sitting in front of a doctor. Several x-rays are shown, revealing the extent of Drago's.......damage.

Doctor: As you can see, Mr. Cesar, your tailbone was almost separated in half from the impact of your fall. Not only that, but your spine was also slightly compressed, so don't be surprised if you find that you're an inch or two shorter.

Drago Cesar: So what does this mean? I'm not compete anymore?

Doctor: Unfortunately, that's true. Despite our efforts with these surgeries, with these injuries and the fact that you had massive bleeding from your anal cavity, it's going to take a very long time to completely recover. As a matter of fact, it's a miracle you can even sit down or stand upright.

Drago Cesar: I'm.....going to take a walk outside.

Drago limps off out the door as Johnny stands up and talks to the doctor.

Johnny Law: Doc, are you absolutely sure that he can't compete? He's just won a cha-

Doctor: I'm damn sure he can't, because if he so much as trips at the state he's currently in, he'll probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life! Listen, I know it's difficult for your friend, but for his safety, he HAS to stay out of the ring. Now he'll need lots of rest.

Johnny nods slightly to acknowledge the situation. He leaves the room and calls Drago over.

Johnny Law: Let's go home champ.

Drago Cesar: Don't call me champ, Johnny. If only I hadn't pursue that damn sandworm.....

Johnny Law: I'm sure we'll find something else to do to fill the void.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh no!

I love it.

North American Tourney Semi Final

Mugen vs K.D Angelo

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The camera pans to the announce team.


He moves on!

I love it!

Kalix walks on screen and is joined by Jim Black holding a microphone. Before Jim can ask a question or initiate an interview Kalix grabs the mic and begins.

: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sure you know who I am. But in case you lived under a rock I am Indie Megastar Kalix Eastbook and DESPITE my seamstress taking the holidays off I am here to show OCW why I'm here and how I'm going to be the next big star.

Kalix seemingly produces a dvd out of nowhere holds it up to the camera and continues

: And don't forget BUY MY DVD! Not only does it have all my best indy matches on it but it also documents my meteoric rise to fame on the indies, so don't miss out KALIX EASTBOOK, BUY MY DVD!

The camera pans to the announce team.

I don't even.

I have the DVD I love it!

As RIOT returns from a commercial break BUFFNESS stands in the center of the ring in street clothes holding his F.I. briefcase . The crowd roars its approval for the former North American Champion . BUFFNESS runs his hand over his chin and begins to pace around the ring as " SLAM U" chants begin to ring through out the sell out crowd.

Holding the mic up BUFFNESS begins to speak

BUFFNESS- It's been a long time huh ?

The crowd breaks out into a "YES" chant .

BUFFNESS- I know right ... the 10th anniversary show then last week ... and now I"m welcomed back with the classic "SLAM U" chant !

McGee begins to walk around the ring .

BUFFNESS- I've been trying to come up with the proper words to express how I've been feeling .... And I think I got it.

the Crowd begins to cheer as BUFFNESS stands on the middle rope holding the F.I. briefcase over his head.


The crowd becomes dead silent for a second before raining down boos .

BUFFNESS soaks it all in as he exits the ring and heads up the ramp back through the curtain.



The camera pans to the announce team.

Huge opportunity for Buffness tonight!

I love it!

Up next by way of Mr.Sensation we have, Indie Sensation Kalix Eastbook against The Former Ex Division Champion, Marley!


Section 3

Marley vs K.E

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The camera pans to the announce team.


Alpha Counters! I love it!

The camera cuts back from commercial to Djesus sitting on a fancy couch in the middle of the ring with Pugh stepping into the ring. Djesus raises a mic to his mouth and begins.

Brotha Pugh! Welcome! Djesus knows you have a match with him but that doesn't mean Djesus isn't capable of pleasantries.

Djesus stands up and walks over to Pugh who is pacing in the ring. He holds a hand out to shake Pugh's hand. Before Pugh can reciprocate the lights cut out.

When the lights come back on Crowe and Eli are standing in the ring. As Eli blindsides Djesus with a vicious Lariat from behind, Pugh makes a beeline for Crowe who ducks through the ropes and allows Pugh to chase him to the back.

Eli towers over Djesus and picks him up to deliver a monstrous Powerbomb. Eli rolls out of the ring and reaches under the ring grabbing a meat-hook attached to a chain. He rolls back into the ring and ties Djesus dreads to the hook, and the chain around his arm.

Eli then begins dragging Djesus to the back by his hair, as he's dragging him up the ramp Djesus manages to come to and begins screaming and flailing his legs. The two disappear to the back.

The camera pans to the announce team.


What a bunch of jerks!

No Joy for you!

Mr.Sensation is in his office, after his heartfelt tirade he is massaging a migraine. As he looks over his desk he notices a manilla envelope. He opens the contents of envelope and begins to read.

Mr.Sensation's eyes widen and he chortles. The more he reads the lighter his mood gets. Until he is finally cracking a half smile like a certain baron of betterness.

Oh my god.......

Mr.Sensation grabs his phone and shouts.


Mr.Sensation looks up directly into the camera and shutters back!

Mr.Sensation: You guys are fast!

The Crowd laughs!

Mr.Sensation: Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen as you may have heard earlier I am about as happy as a lobster in a pot, which means I am not happy. However I just received some great news regarding, our favorite Warrior of Justice. One Stephen Hailowe.

It seems that our little buddy Hailowe shares a home with... a shall we say Parental Unit......ehehehee...but more importantly this report seems to indicate that Mr.Hailowe that bastion of justice indeed has a history of violating others.....

Mr.Sensation: Those others being...THE LAW!, Mr.Hailowe I will be presenting this information to the board. I look forward  to hearing from you good sir.

The camera fades as Mr.Sensation leans back into his chair pleased.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What an interesting development!

Criminal Minds! I love it!

North American Tournament Semi Finals!

Eli vs S.McGee

Loading the player...


The camera pans to the announce team.


He rolls on!

I love it, Scaggs!

-scene opens in the back of an empty ambulance as chris baxter is in the back of it
rocking back and forth whistling eerily-

Baxter: you see .. this is sadly last step to people involved with someone
with mental illness.. or it would seem how the media would put it .. you see on the news
all the FUCKING time .. all you see that is portrayed when people are killing others .. they
gp STRAIGHT to the mental history .. Bi-polar .. schizophrenia .. MPD .. all of these are shown in a negative light and this is what happens to the people that come in contact with them according to the media .. murderers .. mass killers .. school shooters.. -Baxter holds his head- it's not fucking right

-Baxter hops out of the ambulance and walks up to a cop car-

Baxter: and this is where people like me go .. strait to jail if anything goes wrong .. we dont get the help we need and if we do we are labled as crazy .. psycho .. negative stigma all the time and the way the media portrays us apperently we're one string away of becoming a god damn news story .. and then the cycle will continue .. look at their history .. see we have an illness and connect the two .. Just today i read a news article about a guy who hacked his mothers head off with an axe because he was being nagged at .. and where do they fucking go .. RIGHT TO HIS FUCKING MENTAL HISTORY

-Baxter shakes his head then proceeds to and pops the trunk and pulls out some various cop tools such as Mace .. stun guns .. and handcuffs-

Baxter: I've seen all these used on my brothers and sisters whom all just had a minor episode.. who needed a person to talk to just one day for a little bit .. most of our episodes are minor that require a hospitalsation for a few days but the cops who are too damn lazy to try and just talk to us to get us help use brutality and force and just stuff us there like we are some kind of animal .. We are good people .. Fuck i saved a nurse when i was in the damn hospital ..

-baxter paces around and gets in close to the camera-

Baxter: I!! .. am here to break the stigma .. I!! am here to show the world that people who have a mental illness can have a positive impact on the world .. and I!! will make an Impact soon enough .. all that matters is time .. tick tock my friends .. Tick .. Tock ..

-scene fades to black-


Section 4

We're at Drago's dojo, where Drago is sitting back on his couch watching crappy TV as The Silverback reads some Crime and Punishment, and Johnny Law is on his computer. Drago's face says it all: Regret and anger.

Drago Cesar: I had it all! I had this title around my waist, I had finally got to where I want! And now? I have to deal with my broken ass, and I'm probably out of job! I can't hunt like this!

The Silverback: Bloody hell, why don't you write a book or something? Surely many of your fans would buy it.

Drago Cesar: Write a book? What would it be called? "The Rise and Epic Fail of Drago Cesar"? You son of a g-

Suddenly Johnny's phone rings. He looks at his phone and his eyes are suddenyl wide open. He answers the call.

Johnny Law: Hey, how's it going? Yeah, I don't think he'll be able to in his condition.......Right, right.........I see. All right, I'll let him know. Thanks.

Johnny hangs up the phone as he looks toward Drago.

Johnny Law: The bossman just called. Says that he understands your situation, and while you won't be keeping that title, he's willing to offer you a different position in the company. Get this, he wants you to become a color commentator, an interviewer!

Drago Cesar: An interviewer? Like asking question to all those different species? Most of them probably want to break my ass even more!

Johnny Law: Nonsense, we'll always be there to help, and if that fails, I'm sure you can use one of your little gadgets if things get too rough.

Drago stares at the TV and thinks.

Drago Cesar: An interviewer, color commentator, huh? Maybe I can't be hunting, but I can be best interviewer! Better than that jabroni Jim Black! I will ask all hard hitting question! Johnny, I think we can make this work!

Johnny Law: Gre-

Drago Cesar: But who should I interview first? It should be someone big, someone that is a HUGE star!

Johnny Law: I'm sure you'll think of someone by next week.

Drago Cesar: Decisions, decisions........Drago Cesar's career is alive again!

Drago stands up, full of excitement.


Drago groans in pain and sits back down.

Johnny Law: I'd let that heal before you say that again, champ.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Heal up bro!

Healing, I love it!

Main Event

SSD vs The Family

Loading the player...

The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh my!

I love it!

Without any music or introduction, the screen flickers on, revealing a unknown yet common scene. A poorly lit room, with windows located high on the wall. Planters outside of the windows tell the more observant viewers a bit more about the location.

It’s a basement, likely in a suburb. The basement has been converted into something that looks somewhere between a bedroom and a political campaign office, with the cozy items of a boy’s room, and poster making materials, multiple computer stations, a contrived CHE’ poster next to a poster of Rosie the Riveter.

As the viewer takes the scene all in, a dull pink and blue blur flashes onto the screen. Stephen Hailowe sits in front of a webcam, staring down at the audience.

Stephen Hailowe: Did you hear the BIG NEWS? ‘Hailowe has been doxed!’ Like, ‘OMG’.

His feigned simpleton accent and demeanor are too close to his own demeanor for his own comfort. A moment of self awareness washes over his face, but only the briefest of moments, for self awareness is a personality trait that Hailowe has on his character sheet.

Stephen Hailowe: The nerve of you… the nerve of you all. You sit there, you laugh at POPPA SENSATION’S jokes, oh gosh they’re so funny! You’re all so funny! My pain, my FEAR, my suffering, it’s just hilarious! It’s a real RIOT, right ‘yall’? DIE! Everyone who laughed at this, who laughed at me being run out of MY OWN HOME, should be eaten alive by cannibals!

The crowd’s somewhat light tone leading into this segment is gone. There is an uncomfortable silence blanketing the audience now, and no one is enjoying themselves. Even those that would laugh at this man’s antics.

Stephen Hailowe: Why isn’t anyone out there defending me? Why isn’t anyone out there standing up for the victim? Everyone of of you who laughed is guilty, sure… but even if you didn’t laugh, if you didn’t stand right up and demand a refund for your ticket to this harassment side show, YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY. As always, I’m the only one in this world standing up for what is right, I’m the only one!

He is pounding his fists into the desk off screen to punctuate each statement.

Stephen Hailowe: Is there even a question about who would do this to me? Who would love to see me terrified? Love to know my safety has been shredded right before my eyes? Uh, Sensation, I know you were behind the doxing! I’m sure everyone knows, and come this time tomorrow morning, the media will know, and you’ll have to answer for your crimes! You will have to answer for this violation to my well being and my safety! While you were enjoying your Christmas or whatever your people call your day of worshipping white male oppressors, I had my non-conforming holiday gala RUINED by YOU Sensation, and YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. You will be-

As his voice raises, his tone firmly in the “yelling” zone, another, softer yet shrill voice interrupts Hailowe from out of frame, and his shakes his camera comfort.

Older Woman’s Voice: Stephen, can you keep it down?

Stephen Hailowe: No M-... I’m… I’m doing a thing here! Please don’t interrupt me!

Older Woman’s Voice: Would you like a snack while you ‘do your thing’?



With terror and anger in his eyes, Hailowe dives to the side of the camera, fumbling with something that shakes the view up. Within an instant as the woman scalds Hailowe, the camera feed cuts out and the audience shares an uncomfortable laugh at his expense. Again.

The camera pans to the announce team.



Invasion of privacy I love it!

As C4 comes down to the ring to celebrate Ryu walks over to Matsuda who is still looking at him incredulously. He grabs Matsuda's arm to raise it only for him to pull away angrily.

Before Matsuda gets a chance to say anything Mugen walks over to him to calm him down while Bobby talks to Ryu trying to smooth things over.

Not waiting for a long winded explanation or argument Pugh just walks over to Matsuda grabs his arm and walks him over to Ryu, grabbing his arm as well.

He then raises both mens' arms. Mugen and Bobby clap and pander to the crowd. The crowd is loudly cheering for C4 as they stand in the ring victorious.