OCWFED.com Presents Riot




Madison Square Garden


As the fans settle into their seats for the milestone show of Riot 400, an electric buzz flows through the arena. The fans are ready for a show that is going to live up to four hundred episodes of OCW.

After a moment, the lights dim, and the volume of the excited buzz increases. The ring announcer steps into the ring, ready to open the show.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome, to the FOUR HUNDREDTH EPISODE, OF OCW RIOT!

The crowd excitement peaks and explodes, roaring in appreciation for both the history of OCW, as well as the future.

Ring Announcer: The opening contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, and is a BOMBSHELLS MATCH! Introducing first to the ring, ALICE MALICE!

The arena lights turn to the entrance ramp while the fans chant “ANNA - MOSITY! ANNA - MOSITY!”

Alice Malice’s song does not play however.

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With a smug grin plastered on his face, Stephen Hailowe paces around the ring, a mic gripped in his hand. The crowd begins to shower the man in boos as he prepares to speak.

Stephen Hailowe: I know, I know! I’m outraged too! This oppression, this objectification, it ends TONIGHT. See, I’ve watched, sick to my stomach, as this traveling sideshow cashed in on violence against women and their scantily clad bodies!

The crowd pops at the violence and the Bombshells bodies, but Hailowe is not phased.

Stephen Hailowe: I’m so glad that you all agree! Because it’s SICKENING. It’s disgusting! This company’s patriachy, under Poppa Sensation’s abusive rule, it’s circling the drain, just just this era of society where women are wrapping paper and Christmas ornaments, you hang them from your tree and oogle them from afar, or you rip them apart to get to whatever selfish thing waits for you underneath! NO MORE! NO MORE! NO MORE!

The audience begins to chant “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” over Hailowe’s attempt to manipulate them into a chant of his own. He looks immediately annoyed, but he presses on.

Stephen Hailowe: Well I’m making it official tonight. This abuse against women is ending immediately. The OCW shall for now on, be a safe space for any and all women! No more violence, no more selling of their sex, no more of any of this crap! The Bombshells division is FINISHED.

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Our Hero, JCS makes his wasy to ringside joined by OCW Legends Ma'jin and Casey Paine, who climb over the railing. They are both greeted by a wonderful ovation before Hailowe shouts into the microphone.

Stephen Hailowe: Well if it isn’t the corrupt MAN at the top of this company. Here to mansplain me, and silence my voice with his all powerful manhood! Come to tell me how equality has no place in HIS company!

Sensation: Who in the hell do you think you are kid? This is RIOT 400!, And I'm not about to let some rainbow haired blogger ruin it. Get the hell out of my ring, sissy.

Stephen Hailowe: I’m sorry, all I hear when you talk is the violence speech of an oppressor. Nothing you say is going to change this, the Bombshells division is over, and your rule here is coming to an end. OCW is heading toward a glorious new era of DIVERSITY.

Sensation: You don't get to make that choice kid. This isn't your company....OCW LOVES THE BOMBSHELLS!!!. And why the hell am I arguing with you? You big nothing.

Stephen Hailowe: Sticks and stones! Oh well jeez, you do not believe me that the people have had enough of this? Check the OCW Twitter feed.

Sensation: What am I a tween girl?

Stephen Hailowe: Just check it. Check it and tell me how the people feel about your version of ‘equality’.

With a shrug and an amused smile, Sensation looks to someone off to the side and nods, telling them off mic to pull up the OCW Twitter feed and put it on the screen. He takes a step back on the entrance and looks up.


As the OCW’s Twitter mentions appear, a surprising result takes shape. The tweets are overwhelming negative.

“Another CISHET SHITLORD ruining the world for women! Down with the @OCWFED!” and “DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY! DEATH TO VIOLENT MASCULINITY! @OCWFED” and “Companies like @OCWFED are why I need feminism!” the comments continue on and on each more negative then the last, with one tweet even suggesting someone kill Mr.Sensation.

His mouth slightly open, Sensation stares on in stunned silence. The audience in the arena is the complete opposite of these people on Twitter.

The audience in any arena for that matter, they cheer the Bombshells, they love the Bombshells, the same as they love Sensation and the OCW as a whole. The negativity catches him off guard.

Stephen Hailowe: Do you see? The people pay your bills, Jaysin, and they have spoken in extreme clarity. Deal with the truth for the first time in your disgusting, sexist life.

While Sensation, Ma'jin and Casey Paine turn to address Hailowe, he snears, then spits onto the canvas, before cutting them off.

Stephen Hailowe: You thought you could bring some other abuser down here to intimidate and silence me, yeah right! Even worse, you thought this silly puppet here, with her internalized misogyny, was going to vouch for you? She was going to legitimize your gender slavery? No. No way. The damage is already done. The public has made up their mind.

Sensation: I need some security out here right........

Stephen Hailowe: I guess you’re not getting my point. Reality has yet to set in. Give it a moment.

Just as Sensation is about to reply, a buzzing goes off on the stage. Majin and Paine look around, but Sensation is already aware. He reaches into his pocket, producing a cellphone, which he answers away from the mic with his back turned to the arena.

Hailowe looks as proud and smug as ever. After just a few moments, Sensation turns back to the crowd, holding his phone down at his side while he speaks quickly into the mic.

Sensation: The Bombshells match is… postponed until later in the show, while I work all of this out. Hailowe, this is not over.

Stephen Hailowe: We’ll see about that, boss “MAN”.

The crowd boos so loud the building shakes. Majin and Casey Paine look confused as Sensation turns to leave, speaking into his phone again with a sense of urgency.


The two follow him backstage, while Hailowe struts arrogantly out of the ring and up the ramp. The show goes to commercial.


The camera pans to the announce team.

What the hell is that about? How the hell does some blogger come out and talk to the CEO in such a manner. What year is it?

It's the year of progressive activism Charles, I love it!

Are you insane this lunatic just shot called. He has no right, who is he? he's a nobody!

Sounds like someone is afraid of progressive thinking Charles!


Section 1


The following video has been pre-recorded.

The scene is set at what looks to be a hot as hell desert. The humidity is almost enough to melt the skin off of one's bones. Out in the distance, a jeep can be seen pulling up to a spot.

Two figures can be seen stepping out of the jeep; The mysterious Johnny Law, sporting a shirt that says "I Am The Law", and the resident animal hunter himself, the North American Champion, Drago Cesar, wearing some desert camo, a pair of shades, and a shovel in both hands. After walking a short distance, they come to a particular spot and stop.

Johnny Law: Hey, before we get started here, did you hear about that NA Title Tournament that OCW's going to host soon?

Drago Cesar: You mean with the matches like the Boobie Manatee vs. The Trance Turtle.........
The Jesus vs. The KD.............
Puma Pugh vs. The Anteater Austin Lee.........
and of course, The Mugen vs. The Great Big Sean Shark McJabroni!

Johnny Law: Erm.......Right. That one. You got any favorites to win that tournament and face you?

Drago Cesar: I'm like it to face anybody, but I'm like it the Boobie and the Puma! I think that facing any of those beasts would make for an excellent hunt!

Johnny Law: You're not worried at all about losing your title?

Drago Cesar: Johnny, you know that I can capture any of my prey even when the things look bad!

Johnny Law: All right hot shot, let's make this quick. So, what are we looking for again?

Drago Cesar: We are looking for the rarest creature of them all!

Johnny Law: What could possibly be lying under all that sand? Desert gorillas or something?

Drago Cesar: No! This is much larger specimen! This is the.....SANDWORM!

Johnny Law: Sandworm? What the hell is a sandworm?

Drago Cesar: It is like a worm, but in the sand! Much larger than your average one, and it will eat anything in sight! If we capture one, do you know how much people be talking about us?

Johnny Law: Wait a minute.......Dude, is this because you watched Tremors the other night, and you thought those things in the movie looked so real that they HAVE to be real?

Drago stands in silence with his head down. Johnny puts his hands on his face in frustration.


Drago Cesar: I, I'm so-

Johnny Law: Forget it, I'm going back to the jeep so I can at least get a nice drink before my flesh is burnt to a crisp!

Johnny starts to walk towards the jeep as Drago attempts to dig into the sand. Johnny grabs a cold bottle of water from the trunk as he feels a slight rumble coming from the ground. Suddenly, he hears a roar and then a scream coming from Drago.

Johnny closes the trunk, but when he runs over to the spot where Drago was, there is nothing but the shovel that Drago used.

Johnny Law: Drago? Drago? Oh my God, DRAGO!??!?!?!??!?!

Johnny takes the shovel and starts frantically digging in the sand, but to no avail. He curses himself for being too late when, suddenly, he feels another rumble under the sand. Johnny embraces himself for his imminent doom as he notices that a figure pops out of the sand and into the air.

Johnny notices that Drago was spit right back up from the sand, but before he can do anything about it, Drago lands ass-first onto the roof of the jeep, then bounces off onto the sand. Drago groans in pain as Johnny rushes to his aid.

Johnny Law: Oh my God, Drago, what the hell happened to you?

Drago Cesar: .....OOOOOOHHHHHH.......The worm......is the REAL.............I think..........my ass.........is broken........

Johnny Law: Oh man, I need to get you to a hospital!

Johnny drags Drago's lifeless body into the jeep, then drives away in hopes of getting help for him.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Did he just....

Sandworms, I love it!


C. Bridges vs D.Y Nasty

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The camera pans to the announce team.

What a showing by the rookies!

New Blood I love it!

We join the Family, Jacob Trance, Eli and Lucas Crowe. Absent for Christmas Cobra is oddly, nowhere to be seen. The OCW title lies, sprawled out across the floor.

Trance: Here we are... The insignificant think nothing has changed, it's all the same but let me enlighten you... The landscape is different, horizons have shifted and people now wake up in the middle of the night screaming... But not in terror my children, they scream in joy, they scream the song of the other world because they BELIEVE in it, they believe... IN ME.

Jacob looks towards Eli who is sitting in the corner almost dejectedly

Jacob: Now it's time for me to believe in my Family, now it's time to give to them a new reason... A new purpose. I have the power now, Matsuda tried to take it but he fell... I know how you feel Eli, I know you expect to be slated by Bobby, but fear not... You will get what you deserve... For you... A gift...

Jacob beckons Eli over, handing him what appears to be a mask, creating a wide grin on Eli's face as the

The camera pans to the announce team.

A dark gift!

Darkness is spreading, I love it!

The crowd stir in their seat, waiting for the next turn of events at this milestone event for OCW. The lights dim as “Trainwreck 1979” plays over the speakers.

Loading the player...

With a C4 shirt on over his ring gear, Minio gestures for a mic and begins to work the hot crowd around the ring.

Bobby Minio: Welcome back everybody! Who’s ready to see C4 go over EVERYTHING?

They pop in response, which puts a grin onto Minio’s face.

Bobby Minio: Another season, another opportunity to put an end to the Family once and for all! That’s right, later on tonight, I get to deal with the underbelly of the Family, their dead weight, the big slow and stupid Eli!

The crowd boos the very name of Eli and the Family.

Bobby Minio: I know, right? What an attraction that guy is! What excitement he brings to the table, when he shows up to stiffle any kind of fun you all were having watching Jacob Trance get his ass beat, covering Trance’s back like a wet blanket! I know that’s what you all paid for, to show up and watch Trance get bailed out and protected time after time by the dead weight of the roster. That’s gettin’ your money’s worth!

Bobby Minio: Nah, uh uh. I’ve been given this opportunity, well, two opportunities, tonight. One, I get a chance at competing in the OCW North American title tourney, for a chance to face my good buddy Mugen in the final, because I know that man is going to make it to the final! C4 will walk out in a few weeks with a strap, as expected, and all will be right in the wide world of wrestling. The other opportunity, is a chance to embarrass Trance’s pound puppie Eli. I’m going to dropkick his big dumb head off, and then I’m going to expose the Family for what they really are, a kennel for unwanted talent.

He paces around the ring again, soaking in the hot crowd’s response to his every word against Trance and the Family.

Bobby Minio: We’re going to pick off the remains of the Family until only Jacob Trance is left, just him clutching his title for dear life, then, we take THAT too! The C4 Revolution kicks into high gear tonight. Hold on tight or be left behind, cause C4 goes over EVERYTHING!

Minio takes a few seconds to let the crowd’s excitement soak in, before…

Bobby Minio: Mic drop.

He drops the mic before rolling out of the ring and heading backstage. The crowd cheers and we move to the next segment.

The camera pans to the announce team.

The One Man Revolution is ready for his big night!

Bobby Minio I love it!

The camera fades to an open field in the Louisiana Bayou. There is a large gathering in the field, at the center there is a massive bonfire.

The camera zooms into the gathering, there are people dancing around the bonfire, some with their hands in the air exclaiming at random intervals 'Papa Dimanche!'

The camera moves past a woman sitting cross legged holding and petting a rooster, a man pounding on a drum and three women dancing.

It paused at a man wearing a ceremonial cape dressed over his shoulders praying over a woman.

The man stands up straight revealing himself to be the one and only Djesus Djones.


The thrall of people exclaims loudly, some offering adulation to the Loah, while others praised Djesus, calling him Papa Dimanche.

Now that The Baron Djesus Dimanche has taken care of the needs of his fine sistah, he must turn his attention to a more... selfish matter.

Djesus holds out an arm from beneath his cape as a man approaches him and hands him a small burlap doll resembling a man in a singlet. Djesus raises the doll into the air.

The Baron Djesus Dimanche calls upon the gods of his ancestors! He calls upon the spirits of his very ancestors! Behold the spirit of The Baron's for KD!

The crowd lets out its audible disgust, some boo while others actually spit in the direction of the doll.

The Baron calls upon you to put a blight! To put a plague! To put a curse! To DAMN the spirit of his foe! Represented by this idol!

Djesus steps forward and throws the doll into the bonfire. The bonfire seems to explode as the doll enters the fire.

The camera zooms into Djesus' face which is illuminated by the fire. Djesus looks into the camera.

Tonight KD, The Baron buries you in his Garden.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Gardens and Curses, I love it!

We cut back from commercial with Pugh, in his ring gear, in ring with mic in hand.

Ladies and Gentleman! I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Our dear friend Austin Lee won't be able make it tonight because he tested for elevated enzymes.

The crowd begins to boo the fact that they will not get to see Pugh in action. Pugh turns to the ref and motions

Therefore without further ado, I demand that the ref raise my hand and declare me, the winner of this match, AND the one to advance in the NA Title Tournament.

The ref obliges Pugh and raises his hand. The ref puts his hand down and Pugh makes his way to exit the ring, before he can the lights dim.



North American Tourney Qualifier

Pugh vs ?????

Loading the player...

The camera pans to the announce team.


What a match!

Matches, I love it Charles!

The scene fades to the backstage area where we find none other than the Eternal Ex Division Champion, our Benevolent Villain, Hideto Matsuda standing backstage with his favorite interviewer in the lovely Ms. Stacy Clark. Upon initial examination, you can tell that much has changed for the obelisk of the Ex Division going into the tenth season of OCW, a fresh hair trim, gorgeous new ring gear, and most importantly, a change in the Ex Division Title.

No longer was the Dear Leader adorned with the countless belts that have come to represent the conglomerate that was his Eternal Ex Division Championship--the design has been streamlined.

One belt, golden in every way from the strap to the plate, however, what never seems to change is the name: Matsuda. Etched in gold, though it may better be etched in granite.

Stacy takes the microphone to her lips to begin the interview.

Stacy: We're here backstage with none other than the Eternal Ex Division Champion, Matsuda! Matsuda, how are you feeling going into your fifth year with the company?

Matsuda smiles for a moment, but shoots Stacy with a glare that said "get lost or get misted". He takes the microphone into his hands and draws the camera closer as Stacy disappears off screen.

Matsuda: It is pretty easy to tell that the Riot Anniversary show was a bitter sweet one for me.

Crowd: NANI?!

Matsuda: On one hand I became the first OCW superstar to compete in not one, not two, but three main event level matched on one show--during the course of which I retained my Eternal Ex Division title solidifying yet another year as champion.

Matsuda: Just think about that. Throughout all that has happened in this company over the past three years, one stone tower remains unchanging. Whether with blond hair, black hair, long hair, or no hair, this motherf*cker right here has been at the top of his division. Ask Bobby Minio if he remembers another Ex Champ.

Matsuda: But on the other hand, I lost my first one on one shot at the world title. And it damn sure wasn't from a lack of trying. I rode into battle with the family by myself, but one man punching holes in a wall does not tear it down.

Matsuda: Two years ago I wouldn't have to ride into battle by myself. If Patolomai, Dimsmore, or even that astrological asshole Dupree were still here, you know good and well there would be no family.

Matsuda: But seasons come and go, superstars go on to become legend… but I'm still here and still dumb enough to keep punching holes in that wall until they all come tumbling down!

Matsuda: Tonight, I have an opportunity to do what I should have done a month ago: kick that fat Charles Manson cosplayer's head clean off his shoulders.

Matsuda: So bring your Family, Jacob, because All You Need is Kick, and I have a surplus.

Matsuda: Bombaeyae motherf*cker!

Matsuda shoves the camera and the scene fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Suda's pumped up for tonight Jack!

Bombaye, I love it.

North American Tournment Qualifier

Eli vs B.Minio

Loading the player...


The camera pans to the announce team.

Good grief!

Violence, I love it!

The scene opens backstage with Stacey Clarke in the area designated for interviews.

Stacey: I would like to introduce my guest at the moment, The Lord of the Lariat Mugen.

The Lord of the Lariat walks into the scene with his new Mugen licensed merch. On his shoulders is what looks like a perfect replica of the OCW North American Championship.

Mugen: Thank you my lady. I would like to start off by saying what a great time it is to be in OCW. Season 10 is going to be the year of the Lariat.

Stacey: You do look like you have been working out extra hard in the offseason....

Mugen starts flexing for the cameras.

Mugen: I'm glad you noticed baby girl, Molly and I took a trip to Japan where we took part in some of the most advanced training techniques with Bill Pine. She's staying back there for now.

Stacey: You still have the North American championship on your shoulder. You do know that the champion is Dr....

Mugen: The champion is me! I haven't defended this belt since I defeated Sean McGee at Summercide. And tonight, he gets his well deserved rematch for this.

Mugen slaps the belt a few times while admiring it.

Mugen: I am your reigning, defending North American champion. And I will stay like this! C4 Over Everything!

Mugen walks away from a bewildered Stacey Clarke as the scene cuts out.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Has mugen lost his mind?

Crazyness, I love it!


Section 2


After the commercial break!

The camera pans to the announce team.


We've just heard from the back, that per a special request made by KD, this Tournament Match is going to be contested under Extreme Rules!

Oh its gonna get cray cray today ay.

Djesus vs K.Dangelo

Loading the player...


The camera pans to the announce team.


I say that was a close one!

It was close I love it!

The Xtron flickers to life, and the flame of a single candle can be seen giving life to a small area in the centre of the screen, slowly, Lucas Crowe's dimly lit face flickers into sight.

His hair once again dyed black, his eyes dark with black eyeliner and black lipstick completing the more familiar gothic look that he was once known for.

Crowe : For seven years now, on and off, I've been part of this company , and in those seven years, I can count the number of title shots I've received on a single hand , a single hand missing 2 fingers and a thumb.

Crowe : The darkness has crept once again into the depths of my heart, and I grow cold , even when surrounded by my new 'family'...my Kindred.

Crowe turns his head to the side, revealing an unusual look for him, his hair shaved almost to the crown, the top slicked back, and the word 'Kindred' can be seen tattooed along the side of his head, just above his right ear.

Crowe : You see, Kindred was always about 1 thing...legacy, members come and go, but the core is the same , me , I am now part of Father Jacob's 'Family' , so they too, are my Kindred.

Crowe turns back to face the camera, the candle light flickering with each breath he takes.

Crowe : A wise man once said, ' Friends are the family you choose ' , well, this season , the family I have chosen , is going to wreak havoc on the family I was given..the OCW locker room.

Crowe : 2015 is the year of the crow...and the crow flies straight....a perfect line..

Crowe : They say that in OCW you have to be hungry to survive...well, I've been snacking for far too long now, and I'm ravenous!!

He blows out the candle as the screen descends into darkness.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Someone is still emotional about The Season Finale of Son's of Anarchy!

I cry every time Scaggs, I cry every time, I love it Scaggs.

Clint Bridges stands backstage, holding a huge bottle of whiskey. Jim Black stands next to him, mic in hand.

"I'm here with Clint Bridges, who made his debut earlier tonight. Clint, let's be honest, you didn't have the best showing out there."

Clint swigs the whiskey, swishes it in his mouth, then swallows.


Black: "You must be crushed if that's your first impression to the OCW fans."

Clint: "Look at me, Black. Look at me."

Black stares at Clint's face.

"Do I look like a sumbitch who never got his ass kicked? First thing people noticed was the goddamned scars. I don't give a rat's nutsack if I got kicked in the back of the neck, face, or where-ever the hell else."

Black: "You have to be disappointed by your loss, though."

Clint: "Would I prefer to be the asshole with his hand raised? Hells yeah, I would. This ain't gonna stop me Black. Not by a long shot. See, I've been fighting all my life. I picked fights - and I did it for fun. I tried to arrange my own goddamn fight club on the weekends and just got a bunch of movie poslayers or whatever the hell they are."

Black: "Cosplayers?"

Clint: "That's what I said! I beat all their asses! I'm goddamned inspired to find some competition here in OCW. I get paid too! What's not to like, Black? A paycheck, and getting to fuel my only addiction?"

Black: "You're taking large swigs from a bottle of whiskey. I think that's an addiction."

Clint shrugs and guzzles more.

"Jack ain't no addiction you damned idiot. No, I love to fight. More than that stupid irishman, either of those stupid Irishmans. I'm gonna show up every week and throw punches until I can't throw 'em any more. If the other damned fool goes down first, great! If I go down first, I'm gettin' my fat ass right back up and heading right back into the ring the next week. Nothin ain't stopping me, Black. Nothin!"

Black: "Nothing ain't is a double negative and sort of says everything is stopping you."

Clint finishes the bottle of Jack and throws it on the ground. He cracks his knuckles.

"You one of them intelleculs or somethin'? How bout I have my next fight now, I'm drunk enough to be ready for it!"

Black: "Clint Bridges, everyone! Back to you, Scaggs!"

The camera pans to the announce team.



He knows my name!, I love it!

Section 3

North American Tournment Qualifier

Mugen vs S.McGee

Loading the player...

The camera pans to the announce team.


I'm going to go ahead and say what a move!

Moves, I love it Charles!


The camera pans to a dark room backstage. A figure can be seen standing in the darkness with something over his face. The figure paces back and forth a few times before he begins.

Many of you know who I am... but very few of you know who I am.

The figure pauses and walks away from the camera, he walks back and continues.

Some of you know me from my younger days in Japan, they called me the Radiant Pink Spider. Pink Spider was an arrogant high flying rookie, a big fish in a small pond...

????: Some of you know me as the Lost Father of Ambition, the Broken Obelisk of OMG, the Mad Genius of the Lotus Illuminati. Illuminati was a monster who wanted to watch the world burn...

The figure laughs as he traces a smile with his two index fingers in front of his face

With a smile on his face...

The figure composes himself and continues

Some of you know me as the Hardcore Icon the Black Spider. The man who looked upon OCW's excuse for an EX Division, reached into the mud and dirt and grabbed what was his, the Ex Division Championship. Reforging the belt in his image, creating an EX Division to be proud of...

????: But who am I?

????: I am none of these men... but I AM all of them

The figure pauses as if to take in that last line for himself

I've transcended all of those men, no, not men, masks

The figure reaches behind his head and pulls off the thing obscuring his face, he looks down at it for a moment before throwing it aside.

I have become INFINITE...

????: And OCW, I've come back to [REDACTED] you up.

The figure smiles into the camera, while his face is obscured by the darkness his smile can be seen. He turns his back to the camera

The screen fades to black and text fades in:


The screen fades to black again and new text fades in


The camera pans to the announce team.


How delightfully cryptic!

Cryptic, Charles, its Cryptic!


As Sean McGee celebrates his victory, Mugen rolls out of the ring and goes to the timekeeper who is holding his "OCW North American" Championship belt.

Mugen rolls back into the ring and hands the belt to a confused Sean McGee. You can see Mugen patting McGee on the back and saying "You deserve it".

Mugen rolls out of the ring holding his head as he is looking at the still confused McGee. Mugen is yelling back "I'll be back for that title".

The camera pans to the announce team.


What is he doing? He is not the champion!

Everyone's a winner in OCW! I love it SCAGGS!


Section 4

The show returns from the commercial break as Marley is seen standing in the middle of the ring. Boo's fill the arena as Marley motions for the crowd to quiet down. Marley walks around the ring with his head down as the boo's get even louder. After a minute of soaking up the boo's Marley raises the mic to his mouth.


The crowd starts to calm down.

Marley: I guess I deserve the boo's huh? This whole year I've just been making broken promises. Promises that I kept for just a week or two. They say a promise is a comfort to a fool, so from now on I will never make another promise. I'm just going to make my actions speak.

The crowd starts to chant "WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU, WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU."

Marley: I don't expect you guys to believe a word I say anymore. But I want you to make-believe you were in my shoes. How would you feel if you sat at home and saw where the EX Division is now from where it use to be. I helped make the EX the highlight of every Riot show or Pay-Per-View. So when I log on to OCW dot com and see that theirs suppose to be a State of Address for the EX Division, I say to myself "Marley your the three time EX Champ. You should have been involved in the discussion."

Marley walks around the ring as the crowd starts to side with him.

Marley: I don't care what happens to the EX just as long as I have a say about the future of the EX Division. So I'll just sit here and wait until whoever is going to do the addressing comes out.

Marley climbs the turnbuckle as the arena starts to fill with "GUY" chants. Just then the Riot Theme Song starts to play as three Bodyguards walk from behind the curtains and stop at the stage.

Marley jumps off the turnbuckle and focuses his attention to the ramp. The guards make their way down the ramp as Marley rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. He tosses the chair over the ropes and hops back into the ring.

Marley: I know they didn't send Beavis and Butthead out here for me. What part of I'm not leaving don't you understand?

The guards surround the ring as Marley drops the mic and quickly picks up the chair. They rush the ring. Marley strikes one with the chair as the other two tackle him to the mat and cuff him.

They roll him under the ropes and escort him up the ramp as the crowd starts to chant "SEE YOU AT LUTION, SEE YOU AT LUTION."

The camera cuts to the last bodyguard laying motionless in the ring as the show cuts back to a commercial break.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Interesting Development!


The scene opens on a locker room backstage. The two members of C4, Mugen and Bobby Minio sit slouched in their chairs, still wearing the signs of their defeat on their sleeves. Minio finishes untying his left boot, before slamming into onto the ground.

Bobby Minio: We’re off to a solid start to the new season!

Mugen: Yeah… well, it’s one night. Next week, we move on and get back on track.

“Pssh. Who wants to wait until next week?”

Both men jump to their feet in a defensive stance, Mugen in front, with Minio, with one bare foot, behind him. The man who had entered, was none of other than their former friend, and recent adversary, Paul Pugh.

Boys, we stand here as losers. Three separate losers… sounds weird right? Not an ounce of gold… not an ounce of magnificence… just three. Sad. Losers.

Mugen and Minio both look at him and look away

Mugen: Get out of here…

Pugh recoils and laughs

Pugh: Hoot, I’m not going anywhere. See. You boys – you’re rudderless. You boys. You need to hunker down and accept something. Without me – C4 is toothless. No bite, no fury, you’re just two guys… don’t get me wrong brothers – you’re talented. But you’re just wasted talent as long as…

Minio: You lost out there too… Brother.

Pugh nods

Pugh: You’re right Minio. I lost out there. So let’s do something about it… let bygones be by-hoots… lets do something about taking this place back from the people who are sitting in our seats at the top of the table… boys. You tag me back in, and I’ll take you into the stratosphere… all over again.

Mugen shakes his head: We can’t trust you… Bobby, we can’t trust him.

Bobby looks up at Pugh who is still standing in the doorway.

Minio: …he’s right. You can’t be trusted…

He shrugs, and returns to languishing.

Pugh: You don’t need to trust me. You just need to understand me… I don’t want to be friends… I’m here to prove myself again… and that starts here – with you two… C4 was my baby. C4 is my baby… and my baby is struggling… so lets feed it…

Mugen: Prove it.

Pugh: I thought you might say that.

Mugen looks puzzled.

Mugen: So… how are you gon…

Pugh: There’s four of us now. C4. Over everything.

Mugen and Minio both raise their heads and look at Pugh. He smiles and ushers the cameraman out of the door.

Pugh: This isn’t for you…

He throws up a “live long and prosper” hand signal and turns it on its side – the “>” that has become synonymous with C4 now exists in an elegant sign… the scene fades as he slams the door.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh snap!

C4, I love it Scaggs!

We are currently listening to the voice inside the mind of the Grandiose Galactic Galivanter Tiberius Dupree who is making his rounds backstage after returning as "The Fire" earlier against his arch-rival Paul Pugh.

Strolling through the hallways as if he never left, greeting and meeting everyone he sees with a smile. Tibby catches his reflection of a nearby glossy surface.

Betterness: This has to be a freaking nightmare or some kind of screwed up alternate reality. My beautiful, beautiful golden mane is gone, and replaced with this genetic default crew cut number two from four years ago. Heavens this can't be real, please let it not be real...

El Fuego is now spending a few seconds flirting with decently attractive woman from catering.

Betterness: Why are you talking to this...this woman. She's not hot...she's not even luke warm for Christ sake. Now that I think about it, everyone I've seen since stepping into this arena has a special case of ugly.

Betterness: It's like when DC Comics rebooted everything a few years back, everyone kind of looks the same, but they kind of don't, their uglier with even uglier spandex. Even that peedo Pugh looked uncomfortably weirder than usual. Yet this can't be a nightmare, if it was, I would have been laid down with the 3 second tan in a heartbeat.

Tibby moves onto the next person, this one just as insignificant.

Betterness: Fatboy Trance is still champ so this must be the place...only in the real world could such a trajedy have come to fuition.

Dupree looks at a poster featuring his frienemies Matsuda and Mugen as he walks down the corridor.

Betterness: Why does Nani look like a greasy Korean with bad plastic surgery?...this is like the freaking twilight zone.

He sees a large African American that could only be K'Dangelo from a distance.

Betterness: I see KD is still big black and mean, he wouldn't miss Riot 400 if it was in the White Nebula Sector....

He pauses is a conundrum of thought.

Betterness: Freaking Four Hundred Riots, that alone could flip the world on it's axis.

Tibby approaches the end of his circuit as he makes his way towards Roofus, Madeline Osiris and Chuck his old DupreeTV camerman.

Betterness: Wow...just wow... 400 Riots...it feels like an out of body experience if I say so myself.

Unfortunately the camera fades without any cosmic nipples, just Dupree's classic half smile.

The camera pans to the announce team.

400 Episodes and A Baron of Betterness make this night complete!

Cosmic Nipples, I love it Charles!

Main Event

Matsuda vs J. Trance

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As The Family circle the ring the opening chords of Extreme’s Kid Ego breaks the tension. Pugh wanders out onto the stage – crucially, alone, as his former fierce rival Matsuda looks on, confused. Pugh walks towards the ring as Trance looks up at him, a smirk cracking his face – Kid Ego is but one man – what is he doing here?

Pugh stops about half way down the ramp, the rest of The Family haven’t turned to face him, but Trance’s interest seems piqued as the former World Champion stands alone on the ramp. Pugh smiles and pardons himself into the camera… “Oh silly me…”

Glitch Mob’s “Can’t Kill Us” kicks in as the crowd go into a frenzy, but before anything can be established, the lights go out.

The music continues playing as a red strobe light starts pulsating, an obscured picture can be seen – movement from three figures as The Family remains perfectly still. The lights die for a moment, as does the music but when they return, we’re met by a striking scene.

The Family are still where they were before, but inside the ring stand four men. Bobby Minio, Paul Pugh, Mugen and Hideto Matsuda – side by side, all donning the same T-Shirt bearing the classic C4 logo.

As the crowd erupts in anticipation, Bobby Minio takes a step towards Jacob Trance, who doesn’t flinch for a second. Mugen steps towards Eli, and Pugh towards Crowe. All six men stare each other down, none of them seemingly willing to give an inch until…

SMASH! Mugen steps out of the way as Matsuda delivers a thunderous Superkick to the torso of Eli who immediately tumbles off the apron. A huge smile crosses Trance’s face as Matsuda looks to come towards him.

Trance hops down off the apron and laughs as he turns to face the stage area. Lucas Crowe immediately follows suit as Eli collects himself and retreats towards his leader. The camera fades to commercial with C4 all standing strong in the centre of the ring – Matsuda selling a broken foot after smashing the ribs of the giant.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Good heavens a fight for survival!

Fighting, I love it!

The camera pans to the ramp!

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As the fans are still on fire with excitement from the last segment, Deadmau5’s “Professional Griefers” plays onto the speakers, the song that had welcomed out Stephen Hailowe earlier in the show.

Once again, Hailowe emerges onto the ramp to a crowd that immediately flips their excitement to a deafening chorus of boos. Hailowe has a mic in hand, and slowly moves down to the foot of the ramp as he begins to shout over the crowd’s response.

Stephen Hailowe: Ladies and Shitlord oppressors, the WHITE KNIGHT of OCW has arrived yet again!

A chant of “NO ONE LIKES YOU!” catches on with surprising quickness.

Stephen Hailowe: As many of you may remember, I have a background in “journalism”, coming from the OCW website team, and I have heard of a HOT SCOOP that I’m sure you will all just love! Something that is going to change the OCW as you know it! Something that… just might change the world… Sensation! Come tell these people the great news!

Loading the player...

Sensation: I have been informed by the board of directors, that due to the a very large and vocal outcry via social media. That the Bombshell Division is to be suspended indefinitly until such a time that precautions are made in order to "Provide a Safe Working Enviroment for our Female Competitors"

The New York crowd begins a very loud and clear "This Is Bull####" chant as the camera pans to the back to show nearly 2 Dozen OCW Bombshells stunned at the news. Some almost to tears and others beyond livid watching the lockeroom monitor.

Stephen Hailowe: Do you hear that, OCW fans? The outcry has been heard. A change is happening, a change for the better! Social justice is coming to the OCW, and soon, we will be able to enjoy a truly equal world, where male oppressors have NO SAY IN ANYTHING, because their opinions mean NOTHING!

With a scowl on his face, Sensation moves to speak, but Hailowe spins quickly, pointing a finger viciously toward Sensation before screaming.


Sensation: Suck my *Expletive deleted*

Stephen Hailowe: PIG!, You have a specific role now, Sensation, you make sure the cameras are on… outside of that, you’re nothing. Now you get to see what it’s like to work in the OCW as a Bombshell, navigating your oppressive terrain of forced gender-normative roles and a complete lack of human respect that only an ignorant SEXIST like you could cultivate! Enjoy it Sensation, because it’s all a piece of crap MAN like you deserves!

Hailowe storms up the ramp, boos and flying through the air toward him. An aluminum beer bottle narrowly misses Hailowe’s head but he no-sells the garbage.

He moves past Sensation, tossing the mic at Sensations chest, which drops to his feet with a soft boom over the speaker. Hailowe leaves to the backstage area as nuclear heat rains down.

The camera pans to the announce team.


What the hell does this mean for OCW!

I love it Scaggs, Equal Rights for Everyone!