OCWFED.com Presents Riot



The grey skinned, ghoulish looking man stands in the center of the OCW ring, he reaches into his inner jacket pocket with his thin, veiny fingers, and retrieves and letter, all the time with a creepy, wide smile on his face as he stares out at the crowd.

??? : Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here tonight to make a short announcement on behalf of my master.

He unfolds the piece of paper as a hush falls over the audience.

??? : You may refer to me simply as, 'The Gentleman'.

GM : I am here to inform you all that upon signing a new contract here in OCW, my master wishes to offer an open challenge for Wrestlution 9, pre-show or Main show, singles competition or tag competition...

GM : Hardcore rules or standard match rules....

He folds the piece of paper back in half and places it back in his pocket, then clasps his bony hands together, interloping his fingers infront of him.

GM : My master is once again back to wrestle the best in the business, and his partner, his kindred, will be following shortly...to, ironically, breathe life into a dying tag team division.

GM : My master wishes to remind you all that he is one half of the ONLY team in OCW that has beaten the immovable champions known as the A-Team, a former tag and International champion, and co-creator of what came to be known as 'The Serpent Series'.

GM : Ladies and Gentlemen...my master....

The man takes a bow and points to the entrance ramp.....



GM : If some of you need refreshing on just what kind of monster my master is, please, enlighten yourselves....

He points to the Xtron as it flickers to light.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Theres baaaaaaaaack!

**** this. (Hides Under His Desk)

We are moments away from the next match up on RIOT, but we find ourselves swept off to a darkened room, lit only by a naked bulb.

In immediate camera view are Harrison, Eli and Trance, however, more eerily, in the background are two smaller figures, completely obscured by shadow.

The camera man, out of sheer curiosity tries to advance to find the identity of the two mysterious individuals, but as he goes Jacob nods and Harrison seizes the light bulb in his hand, blocking out all light until the tinkle of fragile glass is heard, plunging the room into darkness.

Jacob: You really shouldn't have done that...

The sounds of a brief scuffle can be heard through the camera as Jacob's laughter fills the room, not long after the camera feed dies off, presumably damaged beyond repair.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh good grief!

Riot is still pumping and we are almost done, Let's take it back to Trisha! After these messages!


We return to Tokyo after a commercial break to the Kawaii Forest, drenched in a thick fog of black smoke. Matsuda is nearly pulling his hair out as his park is plunged into chaos.

Matsuda: (Minami, what the hell happened here?!)

Minami: (Well… I was in the middle of my performance with SKA48… and some fire crackers went off. Roofus was in the audience and he just… he just snapped!)

The park patrons all appear to be running from one silhouette in the distance wielding a foam samurai sword. As the smoke begins to clear, the figure is none other than a deranged Roofus flailing about at passerbys as a small unit of magical princesses begin to mount an offensive on him.


The magical princess battalion ready their net, but are quickly thunked on the head by Roofus' warm, soft, sticky, "steel".

A troop of little girls in sailor uniforms attack him with make shift pole arms, but Roofus appears to be surprisingly adept at melee combat. A well placed parry followed by a flourish quickly put him at an advantage.

Just as Matsuda brandishes the kendo stick he snagged from Hardcore Island, the sound of a golden helicopter descending catches his attention.

Matsuda: Dupree…

Our villain speaks under his breath in distain as he suddenly realizes the master plan.

Matsuda: Its a diversion! The park entrance!

The camera crew struggles to keep up with the acrobatic Ex Division Champion as he makes his way to the front of the park where the mustard chopper of betterness is hovering over the statue of Matsuda and Exy at the front of the park.

The chopper touches down as OMG: BOLD operatives flood around the statue, using sturdy rope they cant be doing? Oh NO!.


Dupree steps out of the chopper with a smirk and a victory cigar that he continuously gags on. Matsuda stands about a hundred yards away.

Dupree: Bet you didn't know about Roofus' PTSD from Vietnam! It's best not to bring him to these yellow countries!

Trisha Waldrop finally arrives on the scene, huffing and puffing, but even tired cannot hide her shock at what had just occurred.

Matsuda: I'LL KILL YOU!

Dupree jumps and shouts for everyone to abort. After returning to the helicopter, Dupree turns to Trisha.


Trisha quickly obliges, and the helicopter takes off into the distance, leaving Matsuda swinging his kendo stick at the wind. The final scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.






Tobin Frost vs Pugh


The camera pans to the announce team.


What a fight!

Lution is so close!


We pan to a make shift office in the arena. The Door Reads Mr.Sensation on it. As the door swings open we see Our Hero pouring over some documents. Just then the most unlikest of people walks in.

Our Hero: You know that just by crossing the threshold I could strike you down right where you stand!

Leonheart smiles

Leonheart: Now that wouldn't be very sporting would it? The terms of your agreement were Team Sensation vs Team Leonheart. What sense what it make to strike me down? Don't you want the grand finale at Wrestlution, your greatest crowning achievement.

Our Hero lets the words seep into his being. Often times the truth hurts despite where the truths originate from.

Leonheart: And speaking of the grand finale, I noticed you gone out front. You haven't given the rallying cry to the people about who will stand by you at Wrestlution 9. Why is that.

Our Hero slowly rises to his feet.

Leonheart takes a slight step back.

Leonheart: I mean with the aquistion of the former World Champion and Current North American Champion Paul Pugh, I would have figured you would have made some grand statement about the resurrection of some great OCW Name to join Team Sensation, Perhaps an RD Money, A Majin, A Nick Kage, A Versus? Hell why not ring up your Son In Law Nate Ortiz!!!

Our Hero's eyes light up with anger!

Leonheart: But then I got to thinking, and more so I got to spying, The NSA ain't got **** on me. I know you have reached out far and wide, and no one seems to be beckoned by the call.

Leonheart: How does that make you feel?

Leonheart: I may be a bastard, I may be the incarnate of pestilence in this organization I may be the doomsinger, but you. The One True King, the Heir Apparent stand alone on this mission. Could it be that despite my tarnished record there lies a legacy more destroyed than mine?

Leonheart: Could it be that they would rather watch me succeed, then help you fight?

Our Hero thinks for a moment. A sinking sense of dread pierces his face.

Leonheart: Here use my phone I have everyone on speed dial, call out call anyone. How about Geomon? How About The Steve, Whats Mad Michael doing these days? What about Smythe?

Leonheart holds his phone out for Our Hero to take it. He just looks on.

Leonheart: Even in these supposed dark days they would rather stand by me, then help you. Just so you know, the deal has been made. I'd allow you to forfiet, but you made things so clear last week.

Our Hero: I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees in an OCW run by you!

Leonheart: And so it shall be done, if you are so ready and willing to fight for this company who am I to deny an old man his last dying wish. Wrestlution 9, Mr.Sensation vs Paul Pugh.
Has kind of a nice ring to it doesn't it!

Our Hero: Pugh won't stop me, I will succeed.

Leonheart: You're right, Pugh won't stop you.

He will END YOU, everything you worked for everything you built, everything you bled for will be taken away. In 2 weeks you will come to the cold hard truth, you will stand alone you will die alone, and OCW will be mine. Come to grips with reality old man, face the future, embrace the inevitable.

Leonheart: You are a throwback a relic to a time that no longer matters.

Our Hero:
Get out or so help me god you wont make it to Wrestlution.

Leonheart: Gladly old man.

As Leonheart leave he throws some more salt on the wound.

Leonheart: Everyone dies eventually Sensation, you get the benefit of dying alone.

Our Hero slinks back into his chair.

Our Hero: They can't stop the signal......

The Camera Fades

The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh this can't be. Our Hero has no chance against the North American Champion.

Embrace change Charlie my boy!


Show Not Over