OCWFED.com Presents Riot



As Razes match finishes an all too familiar theme fills the arenas Jacob Trance walks out onto the stage and down the ramp, oddly alone. He pauses and lifts the microphone as if to say something before simply sliding it into the ring for Raze to talk. As Raze stoops he is hit from behind by a large man wearing a hood.



After the attack Trance drops to his stomach, the hooded man standing silently, unmoving.

I liked your little speech Justin, I could tell that you put a lot of thought and effort into it, however there was just... One problem. YOU'RE WRONG!

Jacob shakes his head.

Jacob: I am not leading these people to death, I am leading them to bettering their lives, one becomes two, two becomes four because I give these people something to adore.


Jacob: Purpose, love, family. These are the values I teach where as you try to tell me a military general never leads people to their demise?


Jacob:You stand before me and you lie in the house that the Lord built! You are a sinner, a charlatan and a fraud. You fail to understand the powers in which you meddle...

Jacob straightens up, almost like a snake onto his knees.

Jacob: You send your people home as an act of compassion, you want to go it alone... All you've done is proven you can't lead, all you've done is taken away your men's purpose and told them you do not trust in their abilities. Whereas I, I take BROKEN men... And I make them something more...

Jacob stands, but not before sliding a steel chair under Raze's prone form.

Jacob: Sid my child, show him enlightenment.

At that the man known as Sid runs forward as Raze tries to rise and jumps into the air, placing his boot on the back of Justin's head, ramming him face first into the chair.


In that swift motion, the hood comes flying off revealing Trance's captive to be Sid Harrison.


The crowd give a startled reaction that someone who was obviously being tortured would do their captives bidding but the sheer, repetitive nature of the brainwashing has obviously taken its toll as Sid sits in the corner, staring at his leader.

This child, he was abandoned by his only friend, his father figure who left him to wander the worlds... I invited him into my home and I instilled a purpose with him... YET YOU HAVE THE CHEEK TO CALL ME EVIL!

Jacob begins to laugh and points to the Wrestlution logo hanging at the back of the arena.

Jacob: You're right Justin, we will end it on the 4th of May in California, but I won't be long...


Jacob: Then you'll realise that when Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, when Humpty Dumpty had a great fall... That all the generals horses and all the generals men... Couldn't put Humpty... Together again...

Jacob continues to laugh as Sid heads towards him, helping him onto his feet, he adds to the image of servitude by holding the middle rope down as Jacob exits, the pair departing backstage as EMT's once more, have to attend to Justin Raze.

The camera pans to the announce team.


How was that needed?

Sometimes you need to send a message. And sometimes that message is: I am going to beat you like you stole my grandmama's money.



Instead of getting drunk at a hole in the wall bar like they usually do, Betty Ford are instead getting drunk in the catering area. Nobody is brave enough to tell Eerie Sunshine and Anna Mosity they couldn't pull up chairs to the buffet table. So there they sit eating and drinking like they own the place.

Anna Mosity: Come here...yeah you!

She points directly at the camera we're viewing through. The camera man gingerly approaches.

Anna Mosity: Relentless Fists of Yale? You think I'm scared of you bitch, I can't wait to get my hands around that scrawny neck of yours.

Eerie chimes in.

Eerie Sunshine: Your man hands you mean...your War sized mammoth paws.

Anna just gives Eerie a very cold serious look, she gets the picture. This is business.

Anna Mosity: Lindsay your the evilest sack of sh*t I've ever seen in my life. I'm gonna get off something proper when I pull the devil's fork from your uptight snatch. You brought in all these fake ass hoes and call them bombshells.

Anna Mosity: We the originals...we the Casey Paine'z of this generation. We the first...before you had indian bitches and football bitches...we was here saluting the world with a handful of f*ck yeah.

Spittle hits the lens.

Anna Mosity: Don't think you could ever break me, or this bitch right chea. So if you wanna get your ass whooped on the grandest stage of them all so be it. Just you and me, none of your pretty puppets. N' I'll make sure Eerie minds hers till I need help removing my foot from your sh*tter!

Thinking the segment is finish the camera begins to fade till we see a pair of tattooed arms grab the camera.

Eerie Sunshine: Who said we done!

She basically pulls the camera man onto the buffet table.

Eerie Sunshine:
Lindsay, you security is gonna need f*ckin' security!

More spittle.

Eerie Sunshine:
Fat Pine Sloth Bombshell Champion Bitch, yeah you! I want to mount your dead carcass on a ring post like the stuffed pig you are.

She takes a long swig from an unmarked wine bottle...a very long swig.

Eerie Sunshine: So detach them two other bombsheeld hoes from your chest stomach and accept my challenge like a man!

Eerie Sunshine: Me and you Wrestlution 9, Bombshell Championship, Bad Bitch vs. Fat Bitch!

She mushes the camera, for the camera man's sake we finally fade.

The camera pans to the announce team.


These 2 are outta control.

I like my chicks with an extra side order of nasty! If I can be honest!



Dimsmore vs Jacob Trance


The camera pans to the announce team.


A bloody battle.



The familiar view of the backstage area opens on the screen. A couple of EMT's are currently pleading with the One Man Revolution, Bobby Minio, to sit down in the back of an ambulance.

Minio, a man with a particular aversion to the medical staff for a number of reasons we have not yet explored entirely, has a glazed look melted over his eyes.

Unfortunately, the fog has done nothing to calm his demeanor, as he violently rips his arm from one of the EMT's hands as the man had attempted to lead Minio to the emergency vehicle.

Bobby Minio: "I am fine, goddamnit. Just let me go get changed."

EMT 1: "Buddy-"

An agitated Minio quickly cuts off the EMT's sentence.

Bobby Minio: "No, BOBBY. Not Buddy, BOBBY."

EMT 1: "I... I was just being pleasant..."

Bobby Minio: "Well I don't appreciate your banality. Save it."

EMT 1: "Let me just check your chin out."

Bobby Minio: "My chin is fine."

His chin is anything but fine. A thick stream of blood had been running from his busted chin onto his chest, creating a hint of a gory necktie. Still, Minio protests.

EMT 1: "BOBBY. I can see the bone."

Bobby Minio: "Look, if you're gonna try to flirt with me, at least be mature about it. Jesus."

EMT 1: "... I... C'mon."

Bobby Minio: "That's Luke's phrase. Get lost before I punish you for gimmick infringement!"

At this point, the second EMT, a larger man wearing an ill fitting set of scrubs that seemed to be hiding a bulky outfit underneath, turns towards Minio and the first EMT.

His lower half of his face is covered with a medical mask, but something was above the face mask too. Another, darker mask.

Minio, looking at his bloody palm after touching his chin, was just beginning to realize when the second EMT shoved his "partner" out of the way, leaning down into Minio's face.

The second EMT quickly pulls down his surgical mask to expose a grim smile, littered with gold teeth.

Cut-Throat : "Cut-Throat once wore a red tie to a black tie dinner!! THE LEGEND CONTINUES!!!"

Minio's jaw drops to his chest, the blinding pain of his busted chin and sore chest escaping his mind as his brain processed his plan of attack. His brow furrows, his jaw snaps closed to a sneer, and he lunges forward.


The sound of a bed pan bouncing off of Minio's face echos through the halls. The actual EMT recoils with a cringe at the hit.

Cut-Throat had taken a two handed swing to Minio's already injured jaw, leaving a small splatter of crimson on the broad side of the bed pan.

The hit rocks Minio, who falls flat on his ass, his hands instantly raising to place of impact.

Cut-Throat : "Full sail ahead, little fish...the boatman comes for everyone, why are ye in such a rush to get there??' "

Punctuating his statement, Cut-Throat quickly strips himself of the scrubs, revealing his gear beneath, before spiking the clothing onto Minio's head in a humiliating fashion.

As Minio struggles to remove the uniform from his face, Cut-Throat slips away again into the halls, the sound of his laughter mocking Minio as it echos behind the escaping pirate.

Minio, realizing Cut-Throat is gone and that he is simply out of gas tonight, slaps both of his palms down on the concrete floor.

The first EMT, approaching with caution, slowly starts to gesture to a momentarily defeated Bobby Minio. Without making eye contact with the medical staff member, Minio grumbles out loud.

Bobby Minio: "Alright man. Just stitch me up."

EMT 1: "Alrighty! It will be quick and pa-"

Bobby Minio: "QUIETLY."

EMT 1: "Ulllllright. Quietly. Quietly it is."

The EMT, kneeling beside Bobby Minio, both his ego and his face wounded, began to fish through his duffel bag of equipment for his stitching kit. Minio's eyes slowly close as he begins beating himself up mentally for his failures throughout

the night.

The camera pans to the announce team.


The Clang Heard Round the World!

How Humiliating.

The scene opens up and Marley is seen leaning on his car and talking on his cell phone.

Marley: Yeah guy I couldn’t believe it either when I saw it. Dude don’t got respect for even his own family. You gotta be a sick guy to powerbomb ya own mother. Yeah!!

The crowd goes crazy when Jim Black walks on camera.


Marley: Let me call you back guy. I’m about to be annoyed.

Marley puts his phone in his pocket.

Jim Black: So you came back last week and I had to hear it from someone that works in the production truck? I thought I was your boy? Jim starts to fake sob. I’ll be ok.

Marley: Mannnn shut yo ass up and stop acting like a punk. Just know that I’m back and ready to take the EX Division over again.

Jim Black: You said that last year and left immediately after. What makes this time any different?

Marley: This time its gonna be different. When I walked out on that stage last week and seen all those people cheering in the crowd it made me see what I was missing. How can I be that guy if I’m letting my fans down? Yeah its gonna take some time to get used to the way the EX Division is now but I’m patient.

Jim Black: That was deep bro. I almost shed a tear.

Jim sobs and wipes his eyes with his shirt sleeve.

Marley: Guy are you really crying?

Jim Black: Sob No, its just my allergies acting up because of the change of the season. I got to go.

Jim Black walks off the screen as Marley looks at him with a confused face.

Marley: Haha I guess somethings didn’t change while I was gone. He still a punk.

The scene fades out as Marley walks off the screen with a smile on his face.


Just then The Xtron Flickers on!