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Lexington Walker walks up to Tobin Frost who sits in the arena hallway thinking about last week’s events. Lex waves his hand in Tobin’s face but gets no recreation.

Tobin is so deep in thought that the world is on mute. Lex throws his hands up in the air in a sign of frustration.

What have a signed myself up for. I wanted the monster, not this sad puppy dog sitting on the floor.

Lex shakes his head before yelling at Tobin.

Lex: Get up! You have a huge match tonight. Your first shot at the man who took your North American championship.

Lex: Get up! There’s no time for pouting, Pugh is a former world champion and one of the top competitors in this company. You going into the ring like this isn’t gonna cut it…

Lex’s rant is cut short as out of the corner of his eye he sees Jim Black walking up for an interview. Lex walks over and cuts Jim off.

My client is in no condition to speak with you but I will be happy to answer your questions.

Jim is a little taken back but accepts the offer.

Jim: What are Tobin’s thoughts about the events of last week?

Lex: Really that’s the best question you have? How do you think he feels? His mentor and if I can speak honestly his “dead weight” was brutalized by your OCW Champion.

Lex: I say your because any man who did what your champion did is not a man that I can call my champion.

Lex: I refuse to even speak his name. That man and his associates brutalized one Samuel Hudson and pushed my client Tobin Frost to turn his back on his code.

Lex: Now you have gotten to know Tobin over the past year and you know that his code is everything to him. The montras of “Blood, Sweat, and Respect”, or “Arrive, Suplex, Leave”, aren’t just words for T-Shirts. That is what the man has spent his whole life doing.

Lex: Giving his all to earn the respect of his pears and the fans. He’s not one for the mind games and dirty tactics. But that man pushed my client to that point.

Lex: He brought that man’s mother to Riot last week as a means to an end. Despite my thoughts on the matter that plan worked. He got Samuel back… But at what cost?

Lex points at Tobin who still sits on the ground.

The events that followed were reprehensible. Those actions were as disgusting as any of the great atrocities of our time. Those actions weight heavily on my client because he brought that woman to Riot last week.

Lex: It is a testament to Tobin Frost’s character that it has impacted him this much. During a time when he should be eyeing Wrestlution 9 and the OCW Championship, he is more concerned about the well being of an old man and a mother.

Lex: So to answer your question simply Jim, the man feels bad. Now instead of letting your waste my time with more stupid questions I’m going to ask that you turn around and leave.

Lex: Maybe after my client handles the North American champion, I’ll grant you the chance to waste more of my time.

As Lex says this Tobin gets up and begins to walk in the opposite directions. He shakes his arms, and slaps himself his the face trying to get in the right mind set for his match later tonight.

Tobin wait!

Lex begins to scurry toward Tobin leaving a visibly upset Jim Black alone as the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Tobin needs to get his head on straight and soon he is facing the North American Champion!

Who is the Former World Champion!

* K.Dangelo stands in the back with Jim Black *

Jim Black :
Well K.D you get the other half of the BlackList . What are your thoughts?

* K.Dangelo removes his sunglasses and smiles *

K.Dangelo :
Well Jim we first have a moment of silence for poor Mr.Wheeler.

K.Dangelo: He fought like a champ but he ran into The Alpha.
Not bragging but when other invaders have stepped through those ropes.

K.Dangelo: I've sent them running like scalled dogs with their tales between their legs . I've retired more sinners than Mugen has loss in title matches.

Jim Black : You aren't end this young guy's career are you?

K.Dangelo : No ! I think the youngster has plenty of potential. He just got himself hooked up with a devil.

K.Dangelo : KD SMASH, KD SMASH, KDS SMASH , But Jim be sure of this I haven't forgotten this clown jumped me and all sinners must pay ! Mr. Johnny D do the smart thing and don't show ,please its for the best.

The camera pans to the announce team.


You don't put a space before a period or a question mark .

Nicca you don't tell me what to do !


Bobby Minio vs Justin Raze



The camera pans to the announce team.


Talk about a fight.


We return from the mundanity of another potentially late edition of Thursday Night Riot to the most over place on Earth, MatsudaLand, where we find our dearest Villain continuing to lead Trisha Waldrop on her tour. Departing from the idealized world of Futuretopia, the tour continues across a small walking bridge until they reach their next destination, Hardcore Island.

Matsuda: Legend has it that this river is filled with the imported tears of failed ex division challengers.

The Dear Leader dips a pinky into the salty waters, and dabs a drop of the crystalline waters on his tongue.

Matsuda: Mmm… Minio… it tastes of failed revolution! Come with me Trisha.

The crew reaches the kendo stick gates of Hardcore Island, the mascot of which is a chibified Devil Matsuda, complete with bleeding eye sockets. Just as the tour passes the Lotus Law Ball Pit, they are interrupted by Minami, who appears uncharacteristically frantic.

Minami: [out of breath] (Hide-chan… it is Roofus-senpai…)

Matsuda: Nani?

Trisha: Roofus is here? In MatsudaLand?

Matsuda: Shut up Oprah. (What is the idiot doing now?)

Minami: (Quickly… you have to come to the Kawaii Forest in Anime Town!)

Rubbing his temples Matsuda runs off into the direction of Anime Town. Trisha and the In Your Crib crew chase close behind as scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Ill ask again how did he make so much.

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Johnny D vs KD Angelo


The camera pans to the announce team.


Wham bam, thank you madam!


We are taken backstage to an undisclosed location, where the resident animal hunter Drago Cesar is about to discuss his plan of action.

Drago Cesar: Welcome back, lady and gentle man, to Drago Cesar's Beastly Adventures. Last time on the show, we hunted for the tiger, but I guess he run away back home to watch all his baby tiger, no matter!

Drago Cesar: Tonight we examine new type of species, a breed so rare that I think is only possible to find within these halls! What specimen are we looking at today?

Drago Cesar: Well, it is special type of cobra, the A.C. Cobra! People have many definition for the "A.C.", but through reading books as well as the Wikipedia, I have found that A.C. stands for Air Conditioning, and that this very rare breed of cobra is used in automobile to, uh, facilitate cooling in the car! Now let's see if we can get closer look of this rare breed!

Cameraman: Uh, Drago, I don't think any type of cobra is used for that type of thing.....

Drago Cesar: What you mean? I'm learn this stuff from Wikipedia, is be true!

Drago walks up to a door in the hallway and startes knocking on it. He quickly flees and crouches around the nearest corner, binoculars ready. A.C. Cobra comes out and immediately spots Drago staring at him from about 5 feet away.

A.C. Cobra: Drago? The hell you playing ding dong ditch on my door for you. Why the hell you have those big ass binoculars on? I'm not even a mile away from. Either start talking or me and Luke can beat it out of you.

Drago Cesar: Uh....I'm just looking around, nothing special! Testing out binoculars.

Drago closes in on the camera and whispers.

Drago Cesar: As you can see, the Air Conditioning Cobra is very aggressive, it does not like to approached head on, otherwise it might coil up and attack! I have to be very careful around this beast!

A.C. Cobra step away from his door and approaches Drago.

A.C. Cobra: There you wanted a close up I'm right here. You stalking me or something? I got more important things to worry about deer hunter!

Drago's face turns a little red at A.C. calling him a "deer hunter". He's about to pull out his net from his vest when the cameraman stops him.

Cameraman: No, Drago! Now's not the time.

Drago nods his head in a reluctant sort of way, then returns the net back to his vest pocket. He turns to face A.C., and smiles at him.

Drago Cesar: This animal need to be returned back to home, and I, Drago Cesar, will do ANYTHING to bring it back......By any mean necessary.

A.C. looks at Drago confused. He looks down at the net then looks back up.

A.C. Cobra: You didn't catch Tony The Tiger with that horrible excuse for a net? Can an human body even fit in that mini fly swatter? Anyway I'm done entertaining your foolishness. So either you back the hell up or I'll send your boyfriend camera man and you into next week.

Drago slowly starts backing up, hands raised in a sarcastic, overblown way of showing fear.

Drago Cesar: Oh, ok, Mr. Cobra! No problem! Just going to back away and never bother you because you are SO intimidate! I'm going to find you and capture you, then put you back where you belong, with your wildlife friends! One day, Mr. Cobra! One of these days!

Drago walks off with his cameraman as AC stands in mild disbelief.

Luke walks out the door and the camera zooms in on him.

Luke Funetes:

The scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.


I think Drago may have bitten off more than he can chew.

The greatest hunts reap the greatest rewards!