OCWFED.com Presents Riot



The camera is stationed inside Your World Heavyweight Champion's locker-room, but he's no where to be seen. Instead his wife, Cherese Lee-Storm, is wrapped up in a towel having just come from her post match shower. The door opens up and she jumps a little not expecting anyone. In walks The Champ and his Blacklist cohorts.

Cherese Lee-Storm:
"Cody what the Hell are you doing here?"

Cody's eyes narrow at her tone.

Cody Storm:
"Excuse me?"

Cherese Lee-Storm: "You're supposed to be in the hospital with your mom, that's why they gave you the week off!"

Cody Storm: "Can you give me even a single reason I should be at the hospital right now?"

Cherese Lee-Storm: "SHE'S YOUR MOTHER!"

Cody Storm: "I said a good reason. And if you were smart you would bite your tongue, or mom's not going to have to worry about visitors entertaining her, because she'll have herself a hospital suite-mate."

Cherese's face says it all as her jaw drops a little and she scurries off to the back area presumably to get changed away from the men. Cody walks to the far side of the room over to a table and waves Jonny and Wheeler over to look at something. He lays a pile of papers down on the table.

"What's this?"

Jonny D: "Did OCW finally try to offer us contracts we deserve?"

Cody Storm: "This is a contract for Tobin actually. After what he did last week I went to my lawyers. As a group we decided that it was clear that if Tobin was willing to do whatever he must have done to bribe, blackmail, or torture a mother into slandering her own favorite son, who knows what he'd stoop to, to win the World title."

Jonny D: "That's a good point. So what's the contract about?"

Cody Storm: "This is an agreement stating that Tobin Frost will not touch Cody Storm in any way prior to their May fourth match-up at Wrestlelution IX. If Tobin Frost violates this agreement he will lose said title shot, and will not be able to compete for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship while it is in Cody Storm's possession."

Wheeler: "Oh yeah, I'm sure he's going to sign this alright."

Cody Storm: "Before this night is over, he will sign this. He will pay for what he did to my mother."


The camera pans to the announce team.


I feel like a "You Will RUE THE DAY" is in order.

Cody dropped his mother on her head, what makes you think he wouldn't do worse to someone who he isn't related to?


The darkness engulfs everything. There is silence. Nothing is seen, nothing is heard. Light shines through the darkness, revealing a chair, table, and several items scattered on the table

The camera zooms in on the light bulb hanging above the table, swaying back and forth. The camera tilts down to the table, showing a lit cigar, a bottle of Scotch and a single glass, half filled.

A hand reaches out from the darkness and picks up the cigar, pulls it into the darkness for a few moments, and returns it to the table, the lone figure blowing smoke as he sets it down.

The figure leans forward into the light, revealing General Raze, elbows resting on the table, staring into the half filled glass of Scotch.

Raze: A Prophet.....Messiah....Savior......or a liar...

Raze looks directly into the camera.

Raze: These past few weeks you have attacked me, my men...and my Grenades....all of these a injustice in their own.

Raze: Now, you say I lead my men blindly, I lead them into darkness, I lead them with lies, blatantly leading them to their deaths....but that is where you are wrong Jacob.

Raze: Each and everyone of my men know what they fight for, they know that they may not return and they know the horrors they face but they still fight! I don't keep them in darkness but keep them in the light!

Raze reaches out and takes the glass of Scotch and takes a drink and sets the glass back on the table and looks back at the camera.

Raze: Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jim Jones...all of these people, a Savior or a Messiah, just like you Trance...but, wait...where did all of these 'Messiahs' lead their followers?


The General now stands up, knocking the chair over in the process and almost knocking the table over.

Raze: You lead your followers to death! You fill them with lies! You take advantage of these people and become their false prophet!

Raze: You say you help these people see their darkness and then show them the light? You lie to their faces and keep them in the darkness, keeping them there with the lies you fill them with! You lead them to inevitable death, making them truly think that you will save them when they face death...but you can't..

Raze: The only time these people will finally see the truth is when they are about to slip into death's embrace and finally realize...you can't save them and that you were just another Manson, Koresh, and Jones. And for those few moments that they have they will go into death with regret, sorrow, and tears running down their cheeks, mourning over the fact that they believed...IN A LIAR!

Raze: You say I lead my men to death? Well, for your information, I have dismissed my entire force until further notice effective immediately, leaving just me Trance.

Raze: There is no one else, just me. I'm fighting this war, by myself Trance and it will be just me that finally stops you at Wrestlution 9, no one else....just me.

The General picks up the Scotch glass, downs the rest, throws the glass on the floor, breaking it and picks up the cigar and walks into the darkness

From the darkness:
I'm not afraid to face you, whether it be in the darkness or in the light. Me and my Grenades will both be there. See you at Wrestlution....liar.

The light flicks off.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Everyone walks a dark path sometimes.

It's the nature of the beast, JACK!


Luke Fuentes vs Yung Shanghai


The camera pans to the announce team.




Welcome, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the most over place on Earth!

Located in scenic Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, just outside of the Tokyo city limits, lies the magnificence and child like wonder of MatsudaLand, the officially licensed theme park of OCW superstar Hideto Matsuda. Constructed by the "Nanimagineers" of the Matsuda Zaibatsu, as a suggested tax write off by former OMG financial advisor Odessa Ebony, MatsudaLand has been a vacation staple for those visiting Japan since its construction in 2012.

Trisha Waldrop arrives on the scene on the MatsudaLand Railroad, easily identified by the steam engine baring our Eternal Super Junior Triple Hardcore Champion's features plastered across the front like a strange yellow Thomas the Twack Engine. The horn blows with a loud BOMBAEYE!

As OCW's Oprah Winfrey, exits the train she is met by Our Villain himself standing beneath a seven foot statue of himself holding the hand of an anthropomorphic Ex Division title and pointing toward the sky. Before Trisha is even greet the Twack Pack general, she is bombarded by camera children who take numerous photos of the unprepared Trisha with the Hello Kitty-esque Matsuda mascot. One of the little boys hands her a ticket to claim the photo later.

The camera pans out to the park itself, divided into three individual theme parks: Tommorowtopia, a futuristic look at the world under the rule of the Dear Leader, Hardcore Island, identified by the gates made of kendo sticks, and Anime Town, a world filled with schoolgirls and magical princesses.

Back on the scene Matsuda meets Trisha with an awkward embrace.

Matsuda: Trisha, Trisha, welcome, to the most over place on Earth! MatsudaLand!

Trisha: Matsuda… this is incredible! When they scheduled me to do an In Your Crib segment with you I had almost assumed that I would just be taking another trip to the /warzone/ you guys call the Mega Mansion. I must say, this is a wonderful departure from the usual house tour.

Matsuda: You should expect no less from your Villain, Trisha. MatsudaLand is a national treasure, Ms. Waldrop, and most importantly, it is exactly 5848.68 miles (and 9412.53 kilometers) from that rectal crease Tiberius Dupree and his filthy midget henchmen.

Trisha: What do you have against little people?

Matsuda takes a step away to take some pictures with a handful of fans, stunned to see the man himself at his theme park.

Matsuda: What? Nothing. I just liked it better when they were my midget henchmen. Et tu, Igor? Et tu?

Trisha: I'm sorry, I don't speak Japanese…

Matsuda: It's Latin you obsidian neanderthal! Just come with me, to the world of tomorrow.

The duo board a futuristic monorail to TommorowTopia as the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Where does this money come from?

Vitamin Water bro!


The sound of a passionate debate welcomes us to the next scene. The One Man Parlay Refusal Machine, Bobby Minio, looks at his teammate, Paul Pugh, with an incredulous stare. His jaw hangs in awe, as Pugh stands firm in his position. Standing a few feet away is the One Man Dojo, Mugen, who has resorted to shadow boxing to kill time while C4 is temporarily distracted with Minio’s conflict against the Dread Pirate Cut-Throat.

Bobby Minio: “Has everyone gone crazy?! Am I the only one who’s still sane here?!”

Pugh chuckles at the notion, still remaining calm with his frustrated protege as he leans in to explain.

Paul Pugh: “Bobby. there will be opportunities to fix this. Hell, this might be that opportunity. A parlay is ‘safe passage to a negotiation’, it is not simply ‘safe passage’. We still have to negotiate. So let’s sit down with the nut and have our negotiation!”

A groan escapes Minio’s throat as he gestures towards Cut-Throat.

Bobby Minio: “It’s like this wacked out a**hole got in your head! We are not out on the high seas. We are not sailors. We are WRESTLERS. We wrestle in a RING. So let’s beat the s*** out of this dummy right here in this locker room and get it ov- …”

Minio’s words screech to a halt on the tracks like a derailed train. For a moment, his jaw drops in awe. He stares in disbelief as he realizes.

Bobby Minio: “Where is he? WHERE IS HE?!”

Paul Pugh: “Oh. Well, that solves it I suppose.”

In the ensuing debate, Cut-Throat, and his sidekick the sack, have slipped away quietly. The three men were so concerned, or, in Mugen’s case, not that concerned, that not a single man had noticed the pirate leave.

Bobby Minio: “I’m going to find him, I’m going to drag him by his ears back here, and we’re going to dunnybrook this motherF***** once and for all!”

As Minio turns to leave, an OCW staff member steps into the doorway, standing in Minio’s path, gripping a clipboard as if it were his entire life.

OCW Staff Member: “Mr. Minio, need you ready by the entrance ramp.”

Bobby Minio: “I just need five minutes…”

OCW Staff Member: “We’ve been looking for you for ten minutes. You have to report to the entrance ramp immediately or-”

A clearly discontent Minio emits a withering sigh as his shoulders drop. He shakes his head before muttering as he shoved passed the smaller man from the production department. His shoulder rocking the OCW staff member in the opposite direction.

Bobby Minio: “FINE.”

The staffer fought to keep his balance, before attempting in vein to straighten himself out and save face before the two remaining members of C4 in the room. Mugen mouthed the word “FINALLY” with an obvious cadence to the syllables. Pugh smiled, still amused, and with a subtle shake of the head, began considering Minio’s odds against General Raze.

The camera pans to the announce team.


I tell ya the kid gets no respect!

Tell that to my wife!