OCWFED.com Presents Riot



As we return from commercial the entire arena is on there feet as a “Welcome Back” chant echoes throughout the entire arena. Our Hero paces back and forth and while stoic in his demeanor can’t help but crack a very small yet noticeable “Half Smile”

Our Hero tries to speak but the crowd continues to cheer. So he stops and lets just a little bit more adulation encompass his person. Everytime he raises the microphone to his lips the crowd roars ever so louder. 

Our Hero: ………

Our Hero pauses once again as if he has forgot something. What could it be? he goes through some of the pockets in his Brown Coat. Until he finds what he is looking for in his left front breast pocket. He puts the microphone in his other hand as he reveals the one and only Super Deadly Totally Tubular Sidekick, the one and only most powerful creature, LORD SHARK! He raises the lord high over his head in triumph.

Our Hero: We’re back!

The crowd roars in approval.

Our Hero: And my how things have changed.

Our Hero closes looks at around the arena at the new signs from the crowd, the new Riot decor and the Wrestlution 9 Banner high above the arena. Before being swept away in the moment Our Hero decides to focus on the task at hand as he continues.

Our Hero: Ever since last Sunday my Phone has been damn near unusable with the out crop of text messages and calls, all trying to find out what exactly happened. 

Our Hero: The bottom line is this, all the pain, suffering, mental anguish and hell even this.

Our Hero points to his eye patch.

Our Hero: Are all because of one man, Leonheart.

Our Hero: It’s always the ones you don’t expect that turn out to be the most dangerous. For all intensive purposes Leonheart who was considered by most just a comic foil. A man who had unlimited potential in his hay day became nothing more than a running gag reel. 

Our Hero: An overtly effeminate, bi-polar laughing stock of the company.

Our Hero: We chanted for his death in the ring, we chanted for him to go away, and all in all we ignored him as a threat.

Our Hero: The bitter irony is that Leonheart has been able to do what, Guy Fausto, QQQ, Geomon, Smythe and a host of other were never able to do, and that’s take over. 

Our Hero: While we all laughed at his mannerism, and his rampant stupidity, he plotted. While we ignored him and shunned him, he planned. While we insulted and ostracized him he put his master plan into motion.

Our Hero: And the end result is what you see before you, a broken man and a new OCW. But know this Leon, the truth, the whole truth will come out very soon. And even though you wrapped your massive vagina over OCW know that.

Our Hero begins to intensify.

Our Hero: You can kick a dog all you want, you can starve him, you can make him suffer, you can burn him, you can cut him, you can abuse him. But if that dog doesn’t die. If your heartless intentions leave that dog limping….that dog is going to know your scent, that dog is going to know what you look like, that dog is going to know what you sound like.

Our Hero: You tried to put this dog down son, all you managed to do is piss this old dog off.

The crowed cheers.

Our Hero: I’m back now and you can only hide for so long. I will find you, I will get my company back and I will kill you.

Our Hero looks into the camera as we fade to the next segment


Cody Storm/KD'Angelo vs SlamU



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