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Tobin Frost walks through the backstage area like a man on a mission, ignoring everyone that he passes by. He turns a corner and eyes the private locker room of the OCW Champion Cody Storm. Without knocking he bursts through the door and is met by Cody’s two associates. Before anything can pop off between these men Cody quickly stands up and motions for Wheeler and D to have a seat. Tobin looks ready to pounce, but Cody, OCW Championship on his shoulder, is smirking waiting for Tobin to say is piece.

Tobin: You know what… I was a fool to even consider standing on your side of the line. You are no different from all the other champions before you who stood where you stand now. Claiming to be different, claiming to illicit change. But like any politician who makes those claims, shit doesn’t change. You were just playing the game. I see that now, trying to buddy up to me because you see me as a threat. Despite my better judgment I gave you a chance Sunday.

Tobin: I called that match right now the middle and in the end after you secured the victory you had to take things one step further. Doing what all the scu… You know calling you a scum bag, would be disrespectful to Parker Stevens. But you showed on Sunday that you and your lackys are who we thought they were. You're no Son of God. But that doesn’t matter now Cody. Because I earned a title shot at that belt you have on your shoulders. And sooner rather than later I’m taking it from you.

Cody lets out a very audible exhale shaking his head at Tobin, his hands are shaking after these latest comments, but it looks like he's trying to calm himself down with his breathing. 

Cody Storm:
 "I'm sorry, you're angry at me? I'm not who YOU thought I was? You got in my way Tobin! I had every right to kill him if I wanted to go so far! He got his fair one on one shot which you personally called down the middle, and then he got what he deserved for slandering my name and my lineage!" 

Cody Storm: "Do you usually like helping liars and slanderers Tobin? You like to stop victims from getting revenge? Is it fun for you? I thought we were the same you and I, but it turns out your sense of right and wrong is screwed just as badly as the rest of OCW's. You're just another person I'm going to have to fix."

Tobin: No one has lied about you, no one has slandered you, anything bad that has happened or will happen… you’ve had coming. So don’t try to play victim. You are supposed to be the OCW Champion… Handle your business in the ring and move on to the next. That’s what champions do. But who am I kidding? I’m talking to nothing more than a lair claiming to be the “Son of God” keeping the OCW Championship warm for me…

Cody’s face gets red at these comments.

 You need to pray to God or some other deity because you don’t only have to worry about Sean and I gunning for you. I’m sure KD is going to want your head after what went down Sunday. See you in the ring “Champ”…

Tobin exits leaving Cody angry in the locker room.


The scene opens with Trisha still sitting on the couch.A.C. Cobra walks back in with a aery grin on his face.He walks over to Trisha and hand her the phone. 

A.C. Cobra-Sorry I took so long had business to attend to.

Trisha shrugs her shoulders and seems happy.

Trisha- It's fine you where gone what an hour? I ended up walking to get something to eat nice neighborhood by the way.

A.C. Cobra-Oh ok what did you go get to eat?

Trisha begins to dig threw her purse.She pulls out a bag the camera zooms in on the bag.It's 2 buns with the words "Harvey's" placed in the middle.

Trisha-I got the goodness read reviews on it online before I made my trip down here.Very convenient one not even 5 blocks from you.

A.C. Cobra looks a little scared as Trisha dig in the Harvey's bag for her food.

A.C. Cobra-Uhhh what did you get from Harvey's?

Trisha pulls out what appears to be an hamburger.She's talking while un wrapping the burger.

Trisha-This deluxe juicy thick cut beef hamburger with Canadian bacon.It's drenched in bacon ranch and I added some onions to it.

Trisha begins to place the burger to her mouth.

Trisha-This is going to be divine just give me 10 minutes then will get back to the questions and what not. 

She begins to smell the burger.A.C. Cobra seems to be getting upset.

Trisha-Ahhhh the pork gods has blessed me today with this marvelous bad boy.Welp time to try it.

As Trisha is going in for a bite A.C. Cobra leans over behind him and grabs an fire extinguisher and begins to spray the burger with it.Trisha looks very upset and begins to curse Cobra out.


Before Trisha can finish her sentence A.C. Cobra sprays her down with the extinguisher.Trisha wipes her face off as shes doused in the foam and stands up.


A.C. Cobra points at a sign that on the garage wall. It's a picture of a bear that's getting ready to eat an human. The sign reads "You like ribs? So do they"

Trisha-OK? What does that even mean

A.C. Cobra places his head down and shakes his head.

A.C. Cobra- It means no meat eating in our house.Along with no drinking and no smoking.Your body is your temple it also means your time is up get the hell out!

A.C. Cobra points his finger towards the door.Trisha stands there angry and confused.


A.C. Cobra still points towards the door.Trisha walks over grabs her bags and then leaves.The camera zooms in on her leaving then zooms back to A.C. Cobra shaking his head.

The scene fades.

We need to stop sending Trisha to these people's houses

Fine Scaggs, we'll get Trisha on commentary and you can be kidnapped on a weekly basis. Better for you?



We are taken to a small conference area where Garth Jones, King Tyga, and a few OCW representatives are sitting behind a table, a small crowd just in front of them. As everything begins to settle and the chatter slowly dies, Garth gets up from his chair and makes his way to the podium off to the side.

Garth Jones : Ladies and gentlemen, how are you tonight?

A few members of the crowd respond, anticipating the inevitable "I said how are you tonight?" to gain a larger reaction. However, they are not greeted with the usual response.

Garth Jones : Yeah, no one really cares. Anyways, tonight is a wonderful night to be out partying and celebrating a weekend well won . . . Garth turns to look at a few of the OCW Representatives and then the crowd . . . and yet you wanna sit here and ask questions. So, without further ado and yada, yada, yada, please welcome the guest of honor, your 'New King of the Jungle', KING TYGA!

Once more, a few members of the crowd respond as King Tyga gets up from his seat and steps to a podium on the opposite side of the table away from Garth. King Tyga looks into the crowd for a bit before spotting someone ready to ask, prompting him to point to him.

Garth Jones : Uh, you. In the front. No, the guy beside you. No, the one in the fake Nikes. Yes, you.

Crowd Guy 1 : King Tyga, how do you feel about your win at Road 2 Glory against Tigerman?

King Tyga : Mi victoria en Road 2 Glory fue muy positivo ya que hace más de dos por cero en vistas de pago. Frente a un tipo como Tigerman no fue una tarea fácil, y me deslicé hasta de vez en cuando, pero al final la Lucha más bien preparado y bien entrenado salió vencedor. No puedo decir que el mejor luchador salió, porque era el partido de los dos hombres, pero me alegro de haber tenido la oportunidad de demostrar que no es sólo un tigre adecuado para OCW y que el tigre es su orgullosa Rey de la Selva.

As King Tyga finishes his speech, he looks over to Garth to make sure he will translate, to which Garth nods and leans forward.

Garth Jones : Your question is boring. NEXT.

The fan sulks back into the crowd as a few more hands are raised, to which King Tyga points the selected one.

Garth Jones : You, in the fake spray tan and obvious boob job. You're up.

As she goes to speak, what sounds like a plane crashing into a house full of meth heads hopped up on helium comes from her vocal cords, causing Garth to instantly cover his ears before she can finish her question.

Garth Jones : NEXT!

The girl stomps off as King Tyga points to the next hand.

Garth Jones :Yeah, you there in the back. The one who got lost on the way to the drag convention. How the hell did you even end up here anyways? Securi . . .

Fan 3 : No I'm supposed to be here! I have a question for King Tyga! And I'm dressed up as Link from Legends o . . . 

Garth Jones : Hurry up then.

Fan 3 : Right. King Tyga, after your match at Road 2 Glory, during your celebration, a man known as Drago Cesar finally appeared in front of your very eyes after all this struggle to . . . 'catch' you. This also allowed Tigerman to get a few hits in. How will you deal with Drago Cesar and his plots?

King Tyga looks as if he is massively confused, not sure what to say and just hearing about Drago for the first time.

King Tyga : Todavía no estoy del todo seguro de que esta Drago Cesar es, esta es mi primera audiencia el tiempo de él y Road 2 Glory es mi primera vez en realidad lo encuentro. Puedo decir sin embargo, que a partir de los rumores y de la pequeña charla dando vueltas que podría ser alguien que debo mantener mi ojo, pero hasta que él se convierte en una amenaza inmediata que tienen sobre las cosas que atender.

As Tyga finishes speaking, a figurative lightbulb can be seeing appearing over Garth's head as a sly smile appears across his face. 

Garth Jones : He said he will deal with Drago when he has spare time to worry about such small things. Last question. Next! Yeah, you there in the middle. The only one to show up with any sense of fashion or decency.

Fan 4 : King Tyga, tonight you suffered yet another loss on a non-pay-per-view show, making you one win for three losses on Riot. How do you feel?

King Tyga : Mis pérdidas son del todo como yo estoy fallando a entrar en ellos plenamente preparado y comprensión de la competencia que estoy en contra. Mi victoria ante el AC Cobra fue anyones de agarrar pero mi haber sido derrotado porque no podía mantenerse al día con la fiereza y poder.

Garth Jones : I completely agree Mr. Tyga. All it was, was Rookie Luck. Beginner's Luck if you will. Its also proof that whoever is booking these things has absolutely no clue what they are doing because instead of booking King Tyga against prime talent, they'd rather try and make a laughing stock of him by placing him against people who are absolutely out of their mind. In fact, I'm pretty sure King Tyga let him win because he felt sorry for the poor guy that he probably wouldn't last a week under the proper conditions.

With that, Garth walks away from the podium to grab his clipboard and briefcase and then proceeds to the doors to leave. However, his trip is cut short as a rather large male figure steps through him.

Large Male Figure : Who in here said my girlfriend had a fake tan and a boob job? Huh? Tell me who!

The figure looks around the room before spotting Garth who has now stopped in his tracks. Obviously seeming like he'd be the one to say such things, the figure raises a muscular hand towards Garth.

Large Male Figure : Was it you pretty boy?

Garth Jones : Yeah it was me. What are you gonna do about it?

As the figure takes an angry step towards Garth, King Tyga steps in between them shaking his head. After taking quick notice that the masked figure is taller than him and could probably overtake him, the figure decides its not worth it and turns around to leave.

Garth Jones : Yeah! You better walk away! I'd beat your a . . .

Before Garth can finish, the figure turns back around causing Garth to jump back behind King Tyga. After a few moments, the figure leaves and once he has made sure its clear, Garth and King Tyga head for the car.



Bobby Minio vs Sid Harrison


Helluva... well it wasn't


We cut backstage where our North American Heavyweight Champion Paul Pugh being followed by a camera in the locker room area. As he arrives in the room, the din of a distant shower can be heard, but the room itself is deserted. Pugh shakes the metaphorical cobwebs out of his noodle and places the Championship onto the bench next to his gear.

He takes a deep breath and wipes some sweat from his brow before opening his locker. As he does so, a small piece of folded paper floats onto the ground. Pugh opens it, reads it and smiles. He then opens the locker, quickly snatches up his belongings and makes his way towards the locker room door, leaving the paper on the bench he just occupied.

The camera quickly swoops in for a closer look as the former World Champion leaves the room deserted. The cameraman quickly unfolds the paper and shows it to the eager lens.

This isn't OVER. Next week we MEET again. GREATNESS... T