OCWFED.com Presents Riot



The scene opens with Trisha Waldrop being shown getting off an plans. The camera zooms in on Trisha as she steps down off the airplane. She's dragging around her luggage and is wearing an big bulging coat. She stands in the middle of run way with a confused look.

Trisha- I wonder where Cobra is he said he would be here at 3.

The camera zooms in on the sign that reads "Welcome To Canada". The camera then zooms out and shows and strange all black SUV pulling up. A man in an dark coat and ski mask hops out the SUV.

???- You Trisha?

Trisha stands there confused. She clutches onto her bag and flips her hair.

Trisha-Yes I am who the hell are you?

???- Get in the car now!

Trisha-Ummm no?! I'm waiting on someone. If your going to kidnap me at least have food I'm starving.

The ski masked man shakes his hand and takes his hand and palm her forearm. The camera zooms in on the two. Cold air can be seen blowing from both of there mouths as they speak.

???-Get in the car Legally Blond.

Trisha-Ok just please don't hurt me. 

Trisha walks slowly to the car then stops.She turns around to the masked man and begin to speak.

Trisha-How do I know your not going to kill me?!?!

???- You don't now get in.

The man forces her in the car and the scene fades.



The scene opens back up with Trisha in the SUV. The masked man that got her earlier sits next to her. There's 3 other people in the car without mask on at all. Trisha looks around and is very confused.

Trisha-Ummm you know I can see you guys faces right?

All 4 people in the car look at her. An older woman resembling Mrs.Doughtfire begins to speak.

???-Your suppose to! E.D. take off that damn mask. Why go scare are guest like that?!

???-Sorry about the confusion honey I'm Mama Cobra A.C. Cobra mother.

The lady now who we know as Mama Cobra begins to point around introducing everyone.

Mama Cobra-This is my son D.K. Cobra,my daughter U.E. Cobra and my husband G.A.Y. Cobra.That cluts that tried to scare you is E.D. Cobra the trouble maker in the family and my son though as dumb as he acts sometimes not sure if he's mines.

D.K. Cobra-So Trisha where are you......

In the middle of D.K. sentence a loud laugh can be heard. The camera zooms in on Trisha who is the culprit laughing.

Trisha- I'm sorry GAY Cobra hahaha wooo. Are you serious?!? 

Trisha begins to make funny voices. She begins impersonating an ring announcer.

Trisha- "And coming all the way from Willicoochi Georgia The scariest man alive GAY Cobra!! HAHA Your real name is GAY Cobra like come on. Mama Cobra how was you two wedding?

Trisha begins to impersonate an priest.

Trisha- "Mama Cobra do you take GAY Cobra to be your husband till death do y'all apart?" 

The car immediately stops and Mama Cobra turns around and is pissed. The camera zooms in on Trisha who stopped laughing and is now scared.

Mama Cobra- Look you Hillary Duff American baby out of wedlock. You haven't even been in the car 20 minutes and your already causing trouble! You cried for food you make fun of my family?!

Mama Cobra- How old are you youthful Paula Deen?

Trisha in an frightened voice begins to speak.

Trisha- Well mam I'm......

Mama Cobra cuts Trisha off in the middle of speaking.

Mama Cobra-SHUTU UP!! Don't answer that everytime you open up your flapjack face I get an headache. The next peep out of you your on the first plane to America and don't get to talk to A.C. you understand me little girl?

Trisha nods in agreement. Mama Cobra starts the car back and continues to drive the scene fades.


I'm glad we have Icy Cobra

a AC Cobra.

I don't really care Scaggs.


The xtron flickers to life an we can see Cut-Throat lent peeping around the corner of one of the backstage corridors, his gaze fixed firmly on a door roughly halfway down the hall, he doesn't even notice the woman approaching him from behind, she places a hand on his shoulder and temporarily startles him .

Queen Anne : Excuse me.

Cut-Throat : Yaaargh!! Ye startled me...well, well, well...ye be a fine wench if ever I seen one.

He eyes her up and down.

Cut-Throat : What can I do for ye?

Queen Anne : My name is Queen Anne. and I want ye to take me with you.

Cut-Throat : Take ye where?

Queen Anne : On the hunt for the HMS Matsuda.

Cut-Throat : What makes ye think I need your help?

Queen Anne : Because last time you wasted good rum on an intern.

Cut-Throat : That be a good point.... I tell ye what, i have it on good authority that she be docked in that room just down there, ye go up there [he points up to a vantage point a little further down the hallway]

Queen Anne : And then what?

Cut-Throat : And the, when she sails down this corridor, and approaches this corner, ye give me a signal, and strike her bow with this [he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a giant tuna fish]

Cut-Throat : Once she be taking on water, that's when we take her down!

Cut-Throat : Take this [he hands her his telescope]

She takes the telescope and makes her way upto the vantage point.

Cut-Throat : If we are successful, ye will have earned me trust, and only then shall we be discussing a share of my bounty for ye...Now..how are we looking?

Queen Anne : All clear.

Cut-Throat looks down at the sack next to his feet.

Cut-Throat : Ye better be right this time!! We can't afford anymore mistakes!!


Cut-Throat : What be the colors? Be they beautiful black sails? 

Queen Anne : No sir..they be blue, with the star of David upon them.

Cut-Throat sighs.

Cut-Throat : Stand down..that be the flag of the false prophet, only fools gold lie in the belly of that beast.

Cut-Throat patiently waits, practicing his swing of the tuna fish like a baseball bat as he has it gripped by the tail

Queen Anne lowers the looking glass after about 10 minutes of no action and retrieves a flask of rum from her pocket, and begins to sip away as she waits, after around 20 more minutes footsteps can be heard coming down the hallway towards the location of Cut-Throat.

Cut-Throat : Be that a sail??? 

A tipsy Anne hastily places the flask down and scrambles to get the looking glass back into position and focused on the hallway.

Cut-Throat : ANNE? ANNE? BE THAT HER??

Queen Anne : I don't know!! It's all black!! I can't see!!

Cut-Throat : Your OTHER eye Anne!! Your wearing a damn eye patch!! Use your other eye!!

She moves the scope to her good eye just intime to catch a glimpse of black

Queen Anne : FIRE!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!!!

Cut-Throat pulls his arms back and swings the fish as hard as he can as he leaps out of position from the corner, the fish smacks his prey hard in the face, knocking him to the deck.

Cut-Throat : DOWN TO THE DEPTHS YE GO MATS...Wait..Ye is not the HMS Matsuda!!!

A very angry, and bloody nosed Bobby Minio is half seated on the floor, glaring up at Cut-throat.


Cut-Throat throws the fish at Bobby, it hits him in the stomach with a dull, wet, 'thud' as Cut-Throat races around the corner and out of sight, grabbing his sack on the way past.


King Tyga vs Cut-Throat



The scene now opens with the car stopping. The camera zooms in on a beautiful house. Trisha is shown to be sleeping. Everyone hops out the car leaving Trisha still sleep in the car.G.A.Y. stops walking towards the home and turns around.

He walks up to the window and knocks on it.

G.A.Y. Cobra-Come on where home!

Trisha wakes up and wipes the crust out of here eyes. She hops out the car and G.A.Y. Cobra grabs Trisha luggage from the hatchback and meets her on the passenger side of the door. They both begin to walk.G.A.Y Cobra looks like an older version of Metal Snake.

Trisha- Hey about earlier....

G.A.Y. Cobra cuts her off.

G.A.Y. Cobra-Aww don't sweat it. It happens all the time just call me papa or dad. I dealt with it my whole life.

Trisha-Ok papa? So can you tell me about your son A.C. Cobra he's easily the most mysterious guy on OCW would love to know more about him!

Papa Cobra stops walking as they reached the front door. He points to the garage.

Papa Cobra-Why don't you go ask him yourself? He's in the garage. I'm sure he's expecting you. I'll take your bags to the guest room.

Trisha nods in agreement and gives Papa and handshake and begins to walk to the garage.

Trisha reaches the garage and begins to knock on it. Instantly it opens and A.C. Cobra appears in sweat pants with no t-shirt on. He walks over to Trisha and begins to speak.

A.C. Cobra- Hey you made it. Come on in.

The garage has an 1970 AC Cobra car in it. Along with a bookstand full of books. Trisha picks up one book that reads "The Book of Cobra" she places it down as the camera pans the room. A.C. points towards 2 chairs and they both sit down.

Trisha-So A.C. Cobra I feel like nobody on the roster knows you. You hardly speak and when you do it's about Rebels and then that attack last week with Reckless Kid. What's your problem?

A.C. Cobra- Nothing has gotten into me. I'm perfectly fine the people who take advantage of me is the problem. Chumps who get 1 win over me like King Tyga is the problem.Jokers like Drago who prance around the the Hip Hop Tarzan is the problem.Me? I'm fine cool calm and collected.

Trisha-So last week that attack on Lucky the annoying phone calls? All that and there's nothing wrong.

A.C. Cobra-That would be correct see I'm a fan of wrestling not a fan of b***s***.I felt like Lucky win over me was BS.KD beating me was BS. The wrestling Tony the Tiger beating me was b***s***. I've been a along time OCW fan myself.

Trisha cuts him off

Trisha-Is that right?

A.C. Cobra-Yes yes it is. I know what it takes to get where I need to go. The hell with belts I've been given an great chance here at OCW. I'm only 21 this time last year I was on top of the indy world. Now I'm here and losing the place I always wanted to be and it sucks.

Trisha nods her head.

Trisha-Hmmm I see. Ok the question that everyone wants to know. What the hell does A.C. stand for?

A.C. Cobra-Well it stands for.........

Right as Cobra was about to speak Trisha phone rings.She pulls it out and the camera zooms in on the call. The number says "UNAVAILABLE".

Trisha-Ummm hello?

Trisha seems confused while on the phone.

Trisha-Yes he's right here why?

Trisha hands A.C. her phone

Trisha-Ummm it's for you.

A.C. gets up and takes the phone from her.

A.C. Cobra-Sorry have to take this.

A.C. Cobra leaves the garage the scene fades.

Oh my god I hope he's ok.

This is television Scaggs, of course he's ok... right?



Kid Ego (c) vs Jacob Trance




The camera cuts to the entrance ramp. The lights dim as the wail of a siren kicks off Childish Gambino’s Bonfire instrumental. Wearing a black C4 t-shirt, the One Man Revolution, the Voice of the Well Voiced, Bobby the mouth Minio emerges through the curtain, and much to the chagrin of everyone involved, he is carrying a microphone.

He moves down the ramp at a deliberate pace, smirking as he looks at the fans who boo his very appearance. Behind the smirk, Minio wears a mask of annoyance, punctuated by a still bloodied nose at the courtesy of a mistaken pirate. Once again, Matsuda has somehow brought pain to Bobby Minio.

Bobby Minio: We need to have a heart to heart.

Boos rain down from the audience. He smirks again. For a moment, he waits for the boos to die down, but he quickly realizes that would be a mistake, so his voice pushes through the crowd.

Bobby Minio: I’ve heard your complaints. I’ve heard you whining. You say I talk too much.

He pauses his step for a moment, stopping at the foot of the ramp, with a booing crowd on both of his flanks.

Bobby Minio: They said the same crap about Chuck D. He never shut up and neither will I. I’m sorry that the truth hurts. It pierces your eardrums, it rattles around in your empty skull and eventually, you find it coming out of your mouth too, because the truth is infectious. Eventually, It feels GOOD to acknowledge and spread the truth… Now let’s address some of those hard truths.

Bobby Minio: You want to cry about me talking? I’m sorry am I hurting your fragile feelings? Hard truth: I’m responsible for RATINGS. I’m responsible for large chunks of your product here. Would you rather we sit around and cater to Matsuda’s ego some more, listening to him pontificate about his innate ability to prey upon rookie talent? Oh we’re all very proud of you Matsuda, that little ID monster we gave birth to is growing up SO FAST! When people look back at your career, they can all say, ‘Wow, that Matsuda, he really knew how to bury a new talent! He did such a good job of protecting his spot in the company!’

Bobby Minio: Or Dupree. Would you rather that the time I take up entertaining all of you be spent with a camera set on Tibby while he catches up on seasons of the L word to finally get a goddamned clue? You want my silence? How would you entertain your goddamn selves? I’d suggest you start by reading the nutritional content of the soda you murder yourselves with, the stale popcorn you choke down your throats like clowns such as AC Slater and Cody deep throat cellphones every week, or the nachos that are slathered with imitation cheese that is slowly clogging your arteries.

The crowd boos with purpose this time. Trash begins to land at the foot of the ramp, garbage targeting Minio, who laughs to himself as he ducks a full soda and sidesteps a hot dog that had been over dressed with condiments. As the flow of trash dies down, Minio wipes the blood away from his upper lip before bringing the mic back up.

Bobby Minio: When I came here preaching about change, I was talking about changing this place so that the TRUTH was of utmost importance. C4 is REAL. Bobby Minio is real. The Revolution is real… and I’m making it my personal mission to eliminate all of the fakes, the phonies and the posers... I’m sorry. Am I talking too much?

A roaring chant builds up across the crowd like a tsunami wave, growing exponentially with each section of the arena that joins in. The fans chant: “GO HOME JOB-BY, GO HOME! *CLAP CLAP*”

Bobby Minio: That’s what you have failed to understand. I AM HOME. I don’t care about wins and losses, I care about being heard, and this is my platform to speak my mind, with nobody to stop me. Even you, you sit here and listen to me.

The crowd pops with a massive wall of boos again, but the chant has died down for the most part.

Bobby Minio: I know you listen... because you respond! If you don’t like it, change the channel! Get up, take a piss break, go buy some more junk food to cram down your dislodged jaws! Do anything but sit here and listen! but you do. You sit here and you play into my hands, you boo when I want, you chant when I want, because secretly, you love this.

A “NO WE DON’T” chant replaces the demands for Minio to go home.

Bobby Minio: LIARS! You’re all LIARS. You are so predictable! You want to be in charge of something. Fans can’t just BE FANS. When physically gifted, talented athletes, when they work their entire lives at a skill set, and put that to use on a field or a rink or a court, when they work against all odds and pull out a big win, do you talk about them? NO. You say things like “we played so well!” or “we beat them!”. WE didn’t do anything. It’s your pathetic attempt to control a situation. You only control YOURSELVES, and barely, might I add. Allow me to illustrate.

He turns to a booing fan in the front row. The man is wearing an OMG shirt, with a sign that reads “LEGENDS NEVER DIE!” with a cut out photo of the four former members of OMG celebrating in the ring. Minio moves closer, bringing the mic between he and the man.

Bobby Minio: Alright dummy, what’s your name?

As the fan begins to answer “Kev-” the sharp sound of a slap screams through the speakers. The fan quickly pulls his head back in shock. Minio had just slapped the name out of his mouth.

Bobby Minio: Sorry I missed it. What was the name again?

The fan hesitates, but Minio urges him to reply, a feigned look of sympathy on his face. He gestures with the mic for the man to continue. Again, he goes to speak “Kevi-” *SLAP*

He stumbles back this time as the friendly look on Minio’s face melts into fury. He grabs a soda from a nearby fan, winging it with a lazy underhand throw square into the stunned face of the slapped fan. With another motion, he snatches the man’s OMG sign from his hand, before shredding it onto the floor while the fans collectively screamed boos down on the One Man Revolution.

Bobby Minio: Look! Look at ‘KEVI’ over here. He couldn’t even control his ability to say his own name. He had no control over his sign glorifying a dead horse, and it was ripped to shreds! Good news is, you can use it to line the bottom of your cage, ‘Kevi’.

Bobby Minio: C4 and I… WE’RE IN CONTROL. And while all of your heroes come and go, retire and return... I’m still here. I’m the constant. You’re stuck with me. Down with the false prophets. Down with your paper idols. Overness, Greatness, Buffness, all of that is HOT GARBAGE. I am crowned Prince of REALNESS. I am the usher of the Reckless Abandon era, and no one gets to slow down, until C4 SAYS SO.

Trash once again begins to seemingly fall from the sky as the instrumental of Childish Gambino’s Bonfire starts up to announce Minio’s entrance. He turns to move up the ramp before stopping, while the booing continues.

Bobby Minio: Mic drop.

He flips the microphone over the back of his hand like a slugger flips a bat after cranking a homerun into the grand stand, before marching up the ramp through the torrential downpour of discarded snacks. Stage hands run out behind Minio, before bravely diving into the back breaking task of cleaning up the mess he had just created.