OCWFED.com Presents Riot


Break Ups are never easy and this one is particularly nasty. We pan into the dysfunctional official locker room of Overness Meets Greatness. There are nearly a half dozen arena staff trying to cater to the demands of Tiberius Dupree and Hideto Matsuda. 

What looks to be a first down measuring chain and yard sticks being operated by unqualified staff members. They are trying to find something accurate enough to measure the length of the room. On one side of the room Matsuda is barking that his side is too small. Tibby is doing exactly the same, demanding that his side should be larger.

Two other staff members stand with gorilla tape ready to split the room down the middle. Lacy Love is painting her toe nails listening to her Ipod. Madeline tries to calm Tibby, Minami encourages her man instead. While this is going on Patolomai and Dimsmore oddly enough are playing Chinese Checkers.

Dimsmore: How long you think this will last?

Patolomai: I fear as long as those two draw breath...

Dims sighs then looks in Tibby and Suda.

Dimsmore: I could Dim their lights for bit.

Patolomai: I don't think that would benefit the situation.

Dimsmore: True, but at least we'd get some peace and quiet for a few.

The camera pans back over to Tibby and Suda who of course are still going at it. Somehow they managed to split the room precisely in half. Madeline quickly ushered the arena staff out the locker room while Tibby and Suda start a fresh batch of bickering.

Dupree: Why don't you just give up, leave-quit-white flag it. OMG doesn't need you!

Matsuda: Give up?! I put the Overness in OMG, your lame Betterness was never in the equation.

Dupree: That's because Betterness is silent STUPID, like the "k" in knuckle sandwhich!

Tibby waves his fist in the air, Matsuda responds by launching a chair at Tibby's head. With the reflexes of a mongoose he dodges. Ducking behind a couch to taunt him from cover. After tossing a boot Matsuda stops and starts to smirk.

Dupree: What's so funny, your aim is atrocious. 

Matsuda: Hmmm...besides remembering that your in love with snatch monkey, I just realized the bathroom is on my side of the room. The moment you step out that door to use the ladies room you'll forfeit your place in OMG!

Tibby ponders for a second, unable to come up with a witty reply he sits on the couch and folds his arms, eventually he turns on the tv. Within a minute the channels begin changing, Matsuda has the remote from across the room. Immediately outraged Tibby hops over the couch and stands on the taped border.

Dupree: I will go scumbag stevens right now...right freakin' here! Then I will fling my betterness right in your Chinese Japanese Strong Style wanna be face!!!

Now standing on the taped border face to face with Tibby.

Matsuda: Did you just call me Mugen face?!

Dupree: You freakin' right I did!

Very calmly Matsuda walks back towards Minami who whispers something in his ear.

Matsuda: First of all your racist, seriously, seriously racist. Second of all this means absolute war.

Dupree: War?! You want absolute war?! My forces are already moving into place.

Behind him Madeline shakes her head, only seeing Pato and Dims playing checkers, no forces to be seen. Matsuda comes back strong.

Matsuda: Well my forces have already started moving!

Minami places each title on her boyfriend one by one, then makes a swift dash for the door. She crosses enemy territory untouched and to the exit.

 Next time she runs across my land I will cut her hamstrings with a dull razor blade and elbow drop her ankles till she bleeds her own blood.

Nonchalantly he replies.

Matsuda: It won't matter because the moment she gets the voodoo doll, I gave her orders to force all your limbs into your shiterus, then roll you down a flight of steps to your eminent doom.

Dupree quickly scrambles towards Maddy, who he then sends in quick chase. He turns back towards Suda.

Dupree: She's on the move to counter your move. It's only a matter of time before you die of starvation. You must be thirstier than General Generic marching across the Sahara with a empty big gulp.

Matsuda: Just wait till you fall asleep, I'm going to carve out your eyeballs with a wooden spoon, play a few games of table tennis then sell them to the peedo for a NA title shot.

The two continue to go back and forth with equal wit as the camera fades to ringside.

Will they ever stop fighting?



* K.Dangelo in the back singing before his match*

K.Dangelo : Go hard ! Go hard ! Lord use me Lord ! Lord use me Lord ! 

* stops and falls to his knees and bows in prayer *

K.Dangelo : Lord I come to you as a humble servant . I am not a perfect man but I what I can to please you . Tonight they have made me team with the enemy but only you know what's best .So please forgive me for my actions . I'm not a perfect man but the people I hurt tonight is for selfish reasons I admit . Lord all I ask is for one thing and that is to main event Lution for the OcW World title ! Lord let me rid you of this devil .
Protect me and be my strength and I'll give you all the glory ,all the praise in your Son's mighty name Amen !

* K.Dangelo rises and smiles then looks up *

K.Dangelo : It is done !


Drago Cesar vs Yung Shanghai



The all to familiar halls of the backstage of OCW are shown. The camera wonders down the hall and to the fan access area. We see an all to familiar war torn vet, wearing his traditional Kevlar vest and helmet, showing some fans appreciation.

Several different shirts are seen on the fans, some of the shirts saying things like, "MY GRENADES" and another that says, "INJUSTICES". A few other fans are seen wearing fake Kevlar vests and Army helmets.

Raze: Well, one day everyone, you will be recruited into my army! We grow stronger everyday and the stronger we grow the more injustices we can overcome! We will overcome the injustice of Taco Bell running out of Bean Burritos at 2:30 in the morning when you've had a serious night of drinking!

Raze: We will overcome the injustice of Wal-Mart not carrying AK-47s in their 'Everyday' section! We will overcome the injustice of the old lady going 35 in a 50 MPH zone! Dammit, I hate injustices!!!

Raze: Now my soon to be little minio....I mean, soldiers, what questions do you have for your soon to be leader?

Several hands shoot in the air, most of the young crowd raise their hands, eager for their question to be answered.

Raze: You there.

Little Boy: Do you think this battle is done with Trance?

Raze: I have won but a battle and this is war. War can never be decided by one battle and usually takes many battles to be won. So no young cadet, this war will continue.

A few more hands shoot in the air.

Raze: You, the scrawny one.

Scrawny One: Do you think you have a chance against Trance with the way he has...become?

Raze: The man has snapped, one of the most dangerous kind of enemies to deal with because they have absolutely nothing to lose. Though dangerous, they can be beat. Me and my army will stand strong and will overcome the odds. I can't let that injustice of a psycho go on, why, I would be breaking a crime against a humanity if I didn't step in!

More hands shoot in the air.

Raze: Alright, you, the fatty in the fron..what did you say!?! You dare to disrespect a commanding officer?? I will shove my 12 foot boot so far up your a...I mean..what is your question....*cough* saucer tits *cough? 

Saucer Tits: What is your opinion on Mr. Sensation returning?


Raze: Alright, that is all, DISMISSED!!!

The fans begin to leave the area, however, one little boy and father are seen remaining, the boy eagerly approaching The General, the father following close.

Boy: Sir, can I have your autograph?

Raze: Well, it never hurts to improve the penmanship for when I sign the notice on the firing squad for Trance! Now little soldier what should I-

As The General begins to sign the autograph book, the father moves quicker than expected and is behind General Raze before he realizes what is happening, putting him in a Full Nelson.


Before he can finish the sentence, the little boy charges and kicks right into the General's Grenades. The man releases The General and he drops to ground, twitching in pain. The General looks up at the boy and the man, unsure of what has happened.

Boy & Father: Amen.

The two walk off, heading towards the exit.

The General pulls out a radio from his vest

Raze: This....is The General....need immediate Medivac....Grenades...down...

The General passes out and the scene fades.