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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Summercide 2016 Theme blares.

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The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Summercide 2016 gets underway.

The Camera pans to ramp as an old nostalgic tune hits and the duo of Scaggs and Poling head down to the ring!! The packed crowd roars in excitement and begins to chant "WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK!



Live from Sunny, Los Angeles California!

This is going to be one of the greatest shows in the history of OCW!!! I can just feel it!

It's like Lution Season, only a lot hotter!!! We got ICONS, LEGENDS, CHAMPIONS, ROOKIES, FUTURE HALL OF FAMERS, THE PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE of OCW under one roof ready to out do each other!

This is going to be one night to remember, I PROMISE YOU!!!


The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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The sold out arena is on their feet in a mixture of cheers and 'Boos' as Majin, Casey, The Steve, Nathan, Parker and Malu pace the ring. After a minute or so of mocking and laughing at the fans at ringside, Casey walks to the edge of the ring and motions for a mic.

From off camera stagehand hands her one through the ropes. Casey then turns and prances to the center of the ring where she hands the mic to Majin.

"Nate Ortiz. The Franchize. The Golden Boy. The mountain that OCWs Mount Rushmore was carved in. The pinnacle of this company."

Majin pauses as he laughs to himself. With his free hand he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lighter. He places a cigarette in his mouth, lights it, then shoves the items back into his pocket.

He takes a long, deep drag from his cigarette, holds, then exhales through his nose. He then raises the mic again.

"Nate Ortiz..."

Majins head twitches and a sadistic smile quickly flashes across his face.

"...what a joke."

All the members of ToP begin to laugh.

"Before we go any farther, Id like to at this time turn everyones attention to the X-Tron."

The camera then turns to the X-Tron where a video begins to play.

The Xtron Flickers On!

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The camera turns back to the ring where Majin, Casey, The Steve, Parker, Malu and Nathan are all laughing hysterically. Casey mocks Nates face at the end of the video and pretends to be falling as the group continues to laugh. Majin hits his cigarette again before raising the mic.

"God that never gets old. OCW,...THATS Nate Ortiz for ya."

Majin hits his cigarette again, exhaling through his nose.

"Nate, Summercide 2006 marked the beginning of these fun little games that we continue to play today. ToP vs Rev. Inc.. Summercide 2007, I nearly ended your career. A decade later,...Summercide 2016,...OUR 10 year anniversary,...just what am I going to do to you this year?"

Majin pauses, lowering the mic, and rubs his chin as if thinking. He hits his cigarette then raises the mic again.

"Ya know,...Nate,...Ill go ahead and tell ya exactly what Im going to do. Tonite,...Nate,...Im going to do..."

Majin pauses as he slowly starts to smile.

"...absolutely nothing."

Majin slowly starts to laugh to himself.

Majin- "Ya see,...Nate,...there isnt going to be a match tonite. Well,...let me rephrase that. There isnt going to be a match tonite between you and me."

The entire arena begins to 'Boo'. Majin just smiles, ignoring them.

"BUT,...you on the other hand,...Nate,...still have a match. Ya see Nate,..."

Majin holds up his heavily taped arm.

"....Im still not medically cleared to compete. But dont worry. You want ToP so bad? You are still gonna get ToP. Ya see, Ive been in contact recently with another former member of Theatre of Pain. An old friend that you know OH so well."

Majin slowly starts to smile again.

"And,...NATE. Hes just,...DYING,...to see you again."

Majin smiles a sick, psychotic grin before he starts to laugh. He then hands the mic back to Casey. Suddenly the arena fills with 'Boos' and a chant of 'Ca-sey has crabs! Ca-sey has crabs!' starts up. Casey smirks as she raises the mic.

"Please. Losers."

The arena continues to 'Boo' as Casey holds both her hands in the air, motioning for the crowd to 'Bring it'. A chant of 'Youve got her-pes! Youve got her-pes!' now starts up.

"SHUT UP! You worthless, ignorant, sorry ass useless pieces of trash dont even deserve to be looking at what you see in this very ring right now.

Casey- You have 4...not one, not two, not three,...but FOUR OCW Hall of Famers standing before right now.

Casey- And do you idiots wanna know something? We ALL got there without ANY help from any of you morons!"

The 'Boos' from the crowd are deafening. Casey smirks as the group in the ring laughs.

"Yeah. Thats what I thought. Anywho.... Tonite, tonite yours truly is gonna be making OCW history...again,...by becoming the ONLY female in this company to become a 4 time OCW Womens Champion!!!.

Casey- A Title that I MADE. In a division that I MADE! Do you hear that, Sophia? Huh, hun? MY Title.

Casey- MY division. You have the nerve to tell me that if it wasnt for you and what youve done with the Womens division, I wouldnt be here today?

Casey- Hun, if it wasnt for ME coming into this company 10 years ago, YOU wouldnt be here today.

Casey- Youd be flippin burgers in some piggly wiggly 10 minutes from SAUGUS for minimum wage right now. So...youre welcome."

The arena fills with 'Boos' again. At ringside we see a rather large fan give Casey a not so kind hand gesture. Casey smiles and blows him a kiss.

"No thanks, fat ass. As I was saying... I made the Womens division. I made the Womens Championship. Do you know how many wannabes and hacks Ive chased out and retired from this company?

Casey- You think youre any different? Youre not special. Its easy to be on top of the world when theres no one there to challenge you. Ive seen the best this company has to offer.

Casey- And Ive beaten them. The Womens division was shut down and closed cause I beat everyone that came for me. For MY Title. And for 9 years MY Title hung on MY wall at my house as a reminder of that.

Casey- And what happened to MY Title. As a gesture of kindness I gave to your new little sidekick as a gift. Why? Because for some, whatever ungodly reason, I thought maybe, just maybe, she had what it took to fill my shoes.

Casey- To be the next great Woman to enter this company. To pick up where I left off 9 years ago. But holy Jesus was I ever wrong.

Casey- She chokes in her first big match and loses something that no one could EVER take off of me! She lost MY Title!"

Casey- "Willow, youre pathetic. If you only knew how sick it makes me to my stomach knowing that Im the one that trained you. Put all that time and effort into you.

Casey- And for you to blow it when you finally get the call to the big leagues. And on top of that, you become the puppy dog of the person that you cant beat?"

Casey sticks her finger into her mouth and pretends to throw up.

"You wanna be Sophias little puppy dog, Willow? Go right ahead. Sit Willow, sit. Good BYTCH! You wanna be Johnny and Nates errand girl? Go right ahead.

Casey- Maybe you can go pick up everyones new Rev. Inc. shirts from the dry cleaners tonite after the show. After all, thats all youre good for. And after I beat you tonite, and become OCWs NEW Womens Champion,...for the FOURTH time,...everyone will see that

Casey: Poor, poor little Willow. So pathetic. Its no wonder your mother left you."


Casey smirks as she mockingly blows kisses to the fans at ringside before passing the mic to Malu. Malu takes the mic and slowly begins to pace back and forth.

Tonight all of this comes down to Dennis Black and this pukka pie eating destroyer of men talking to you all.

Malu: I put my title on the line against Dennis’s pride, his championship, and his dreams. You see I’ve already done everything I’ve wanted to do here sans for fight a certain Samoan who’s still on milk cartons.

Malu: But Dennis wants to badly to be looked at like one of the big dogs. Tonight I slap his ass back down to reality. He can go back and have Madison lick his wounds after tonight. Tonight we stand on top of the OCW landscape and the Revolution ends before it even gets started.

Malu stops in front of The Steve and tosses him the mic. The Steve takes the mic and walks over to join Nathan Carter in one of the corners of the ring.

The Steve-
"Versus, tonite, The Steve says The Steve and,..."

The Steve slaps Nathan across the chest.

The Steve-
"....Nathan Carter are gonna take you to school. To old school. V, you and The Steve have been up and down the roads together many, many times. Hell, The Steve would even go so far as to say at one point The Steve would have even called you a 'Friend'.

The Steve- If The Steve had friends that is. But in truth, in reality, come to think of it The Steve never has liked you. The Steve only used you for your supplements when The Steve didnt feel like taking or using up all of his own.

The Steve- If you only knew how many times The Steve told you The Steve wasnt holding when in fact The Steve was but just didnt want to share The Steves good stuff with you, you probably wouldnt like The Steve either.

The Steve- But you were just to stupid and dumb to see this. And while were on the topic of just how stupid and dumb you are..."

The Steve pauses and begins to shake his head.

The Steve-
"....Roses and balloons DO NOT...."

Before The Steve can get on the topic of roses and balloons, Nathan Carter quickly reaches over to The Steve and takes the mic from him. Nathan holds up his free hand and motions for The Steve to calm down, noticing that The Steve was about to get all worked up over such a sensitive topic.

"Steve, relax. Breathe."

Nathan takes a few deep breathes, breathing in through his nose, and out through his mouth, as if showing The Steve how to breathe.

"We get it. We understand. We really do. Were with you a 100% on this, brother. Everyone in this ring right now hates roses and balloons. Chocolate and carnations all the way, man!"

Nathan turns away from The Steve and makes a face as if saying 'YIKES!'. Nathan then smiles and softly shakes his head, as he pats The Steve on the back. Nathan then begins to strut around the ring.

"Versus, what I think The Steve was trying to say is that tonite, one of the greatest from the Golden Era and the Icon and Legend of tomorrow are gonna simply straight up kick your ass."

The arena 'Boos' as Nathan laughs.

"What? Do you people really think that Versus has a chance against us tonite? Theres 2 of us. Do the math!"

A chant of 'Rev. Inc.!' Rev. Inc.!' suddenly starts to fill the arena.

"Go ahead! Call'em out! Maybe if you yell loud enough they can come on out now, and we can get this party started a little early!"

The 'Rev. Inc.' cheers get louder and louder.

"Go on! Get louder! Let them come on out! Again, do the math! How many of them are there? How many of us are there? I....."

Before Nathan can finish, we start to hear something play over the arenas PA.

The Xtron Flickers On!

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Revolution Inc stand together at the top of the ramp, as the crowd chants 'Rev Inc' over and over and over. A smile comes across the members faces, as they turn their attention to the people standing in the ring. Versus, as always, has a mic in his pocket, pulls it out and begins to speak.

Versus: Gentlemen, and of course the human Petri dish...see Case, I didn't forget you. I hate to...check that...love to interrupt, because tonight isn't about you.

Versus: Tonight, the Revolution is televised on a Pay Per View for the first time in a decade, and although you seem to be building a small military...at least you realize Majin, you finally realize what it takes to have an opportunity...a fleeting chance to hang with the Revolution.

Versus: Myself, the Franchize, the Womens CHAMPION, the 2nd generation superstar and of course Turmoil's present and future leader Devante Beezelburg!

Nate leans in and whispers something in Versus' ear.

Versus: ..............Dennis Black!!

ToP is seen laughing at the fact that Dennis is not with the group right now. Madison walks up to Versus and snatches the mic out of his hand.

Madison: If you think for one second, that my Dennis isn't ready for your fat, sweaty samoan grundlestain, you're sadly mistaken! See, I'm not the queen of OCW for no reason, I breed leaders, I breed winners and I....

Versus steps in and takes the mic back. He gently puts his hand on Madison's shoulder.

Versus: Queeny...your highness, take a deep breath and take a seat on the bench...we got this. As Ms. Cox was saying, Malu, you puka pie eating diabetic piece of Casey Crab Cake, do you have any idea what you've done?

Nate: You pissed him off.

Versus: Tell 'em.

Nate: He's not out here...for, YOUR protection.

Sophia steps forward with a mic.

Versus: Get 'em girl.

Sophia: We talked to him and told him to stay back, because he was about to see how far his title could fit up your 2-hole. But we stopped him, because he will feel a whole lot better with 2 belts, than with 1 hospitalized Samoan.

Willow steps forward with a mic.

Versus: Here she coooooooomes!

Willow: Speaking of big bitches...hi Daddy!!

Versus & Nate: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!! That...just...happened!!!

Versus: Nuff said Willow, nuff said. Wow...just wow.

Not really. Aunty Casey, I'll be seeing...(looks at Sophia) we'll be seeing you tonight, and I'm hope you're ready to see what revenge tastes like.

Sophia: You probably won't like it, cuz it won't make you gag. But it'll definitely make you lay down.

Versus: Not sure how to follow that...I mean really. Besides the fact that I get to go against the gimp, and Nathan "All Tests Positive" Carter.

Versus: Neither of you can get the job done by yourself, you both...always seem to need another guy there to...ahem...help out.

Versus: And Steve, you do NOT get a man chocolates, especially when they're covered in burn cream! I mean....

The Steve can be seen getting riled right back up again as Nathan Carter facepalms, and Nate Ortiz sighs!

Nate: Not this again.

Versus: But his hands...he can't eat it, cuz he'll get all that lotion on them!

Nate: No, no, we get it.

Versus: The lotion.

Nate puts his arm over Versus shoulder.

Nate: And that leaves Majin...creepy, dimented, tattooed, weasley, kaniving backstabbing, jorts wearing numbnuts.

Versus: And don't forget, a terrible barber...just horrible.

Sophia: Like...he did a really bad job.

Nate: I get it.

Madison Cox: Just Awful......

Willow: Like, shave your head cuz it's way past repairable bad haircut.

Nate: I GET IT!

The Crowd Laughs

Nate: Trust me, you're gonna want to keep that lock of hair, get the DNA from it, save it, build a clone Jurassic Park style, and then you can spar with that clone...and just like whoever you feel like sending my way, is going to do tonight they will lose, Over, and over, and over.

Nate shakes his head, and runs his hand through his horrible, horrible haircut. Just a really bad, bad cut.

Nate: Majin, you are a special type of bitch aren't you? Mr Psychopath can't wrestle with a little BooBoo!

All of Rev Inc, mockingly does the 'awwww poor baby' gesture.

Nate: One way or another by the end of the night, I can guarantee two things. Versus smokes, and Nate wins.

Versus: Third person, huh?

Nate: Seemed right.

Versus: Yeah....kinda does. So....that about does it right? I mean, there's nobody else we can make fun of, right?

Nate: Wait...what about hipster Harambe?

Versus: Is that...is that Parker Stevens? Ay PeeStee, what's up kid?! I almost forgot you hang around with them. That's hilarious.

Parker grabs the mic.

Parker: What's so damn funny mate? You fittin to catch a siren?

Versus: First of all, it's called a Dime Bag Drop!!!!

The Crowd Pops into a Dueling battle of D.B.D, TRUTH SI-REN, D.B.D-TRUTH SI-REN

Versus...But that's a different story for a different time. We didn't forget about you...as a matter of fact, we brought in our newest member tonight, so that you could have a match where you don't have to turn on someone.

Versus: But...nah...you wouldn't want to face him. Forget it.

Rev Inc turns and begins to walk away.

Parker: Where you going?! Don't turn your back on me, you will respect me! I don't give a rats ass who you got.

Parker: Bring em on, I'd destroy each of you one by one tonight if I had the chance, but we have to spread the ass kickings about the crew now don't we?

All member of Rev Inc stop. Versus takes a deep breath and smiles, before they all, seemingly simultaneously turn around.

Versus: I'm glad you said that. So...you accept then? A match with the newest Rev Inc member? You're cool with that?

Parker: Cooler than your mothers cu...

Versus: WE GET IT, WE GET IT! Good. So, ladies, until later tonight, we bid you adieu.

All members of Rev Inc stand with their back to ToP in the ring, raise their fists simultaneously, and then, slowly extend their middle finger to ToP standing in the ring furious and ready to fight.

As Rev. Inc. make their way towards the back, we cut back to the ring where we see the members of Theatre of Pain motioning for Rev. Inc. to come back out and down to the ring. When its clear that Rev. Inc.

isnt going to come back out, the members of ToP begin to exit the ring. As we begin to fade, ToP makes their way around the ring and up the ramp, mocking and arguing with fans at ringside and along the ramp as they make their way up the ramp and towards the back.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Holy hell what a start!!!!

Good god almighty in heaven, this show is gonna be HUGE!!!

* Arnaud and Charles Young are in the weight room . Arnaud is sitting back having a drink while CY is doing push-ups.

Arnaud: Look Charles you need to slow down. In just a couple of minutes you are going up against a veteran, a former champion , so save some of that energy.

* Charles Young starts pushing himself even harder then stops*

CY : I have a goal and taking it lightly won't help me to reach it . You have won gold and beat a hall of fame guy.

CY: Even if it was just Smythe. I need this.

CY: Even if I lose I want to be noticed.

CY: That's why I'm pushing myself like there is no tomorrow because there might not be one for me.

* Arnaud stops and looks over at CY. He gets up then puts his drink down. *

Arnaud: You know what kid with that kind of thinking, you are going to do big things in this company. Now let's go it's showtime!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Holy hell what a start!!!!

Good god almighty in heaven, this show is gonna be HUGE!!!

Coming up next Former Hardcore, Tag and Ex-Division Champion Ed Reed takes on Charles Young!

Reeds been on the shallow end of a losing streak, this one is Young all the way!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!

That sent a message to everyone in the EX-Division!

We bringing it back!!!


We find ourselves in the D.A.M Skybox where The Overlord of the OCW, The Lord of the Lariat, The Messiah of the Multiverse, Mugen is seen sitting at peace with the world for a rare moment. With his eyes closed, Mugen is in mid-stretch while seated on his large leather beanbag chair.

The stress of yet another OCW World Title match and a missing Jaysin Sensation do not seem to have Mugen rattled at all..........for now.

Molly is seen walking into the room with a baseball bat in hand while looking around cautiously. The recent security break-ins at OCW HQ have had her on edge.

Molly: You seem awfully quiet tonight.

Mugen nods slowly as he replies with a slight sound of acknowledgment.

Mugen: Mmmhmm

Molly: Any update from the troops?

Mugen shakes his head as he continues to stretch his legs.

Molly: Okay come on, you are way too quiet now. You must know something I don't.

Without even looking at Molly he replies.

Mugen: You could say that. You could say that I reached out to my sources and sought out a friend to help tend to my matters.

Molly: Oh? Care to share with me who this friend could be? Is it William, or Willis?

Mugen shakes his head in disagreement.

Molly: Wilma? Arashi?

Mugen: My dear, you shall know very soon, as shall the rest of the world.

Mugen stands up, turns around and looks at Molly in the eyes. He grabs the baseball bat out of Molly's hands.

Mugen: Let me take that from you before you hurt yourself. With my full concentration on the match tonight...............all I have to say is.

Mugen holds up three fingers.

Mugen: The third time's the charm my dear.

Mugen smirks as Molly giggles. Molly walks out of the Skybox as Mugen returns to his pre-match stretching routine.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I don't like this one bit!

The Overlord can do no wrong, dummy!