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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as September 2 Remember 2016 Theme blares.

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THE OFFICIAL September 2 Remember Theme


The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS September 2 Remember 2016 gets underway.

Welcome to September 2 Remember 2016

It's been a few years but the premiere OCW show is back with a vengence!

We have a huge show for you tonight!

Championships will be decided, wills will be tested!

Im so excited!

This is gonna be huge!

The cameras start rolling backstage in the center of the catering area where we find a few people stuffing their familiar faces with food, AHEM Bill Ding AHEM Porker Nevins.

Eventually we see guards from the Mugenta Security forces come in from opposite sides of the room and meeting in the center. These two groups are escorting Versus and Majin, the leaders of Rev Inc. and The Skwad respectively.

Majin: What are you doing here?!

Versus: I don't know, these kind gentlemen grabbed me out of my locker room and told me to get in the van.......I mean go down the hallway.

Majin: Maybe they want us to fight!

Versus: Probably! Why else would they escort us to the CRAFT SERVICES AREA?!? Dipsh*t. Honestly, is that always your train of thought?

Majin: You already know it is.

Versus: That's a problem man, you really should see a pack of therapists to help out.

Majin: Last time I saw a therapist...it didn't end well for her.

Versus: I remember that, didn't she go nuts and buy a cat farm?

Majin: Yeah, didn't get the kill shelter like I suggested.

Versus: Probably should have, then she could have taken you and all the other Skwad pussies and put em all down at once...

Majin: You motherf*cker....

Majin is about to lunge out at a strangely calm Versus when the sound of someone clapping interrupts the moment. We see, coming from the shadows that it is actually The Overlord, The Lord of the Lariat, the OCW World Champion and leader of The Purge, Mugen walking towards the two groups.

Mugen: You two dummies simply amaze me at just how......primitive you are.

Mugen delivers a hearty laugh as he walks right in between the two faction leaders who flanked by security forces.

Mugen: Majin, Versus, I've gathered you two here in a time of war.....

Majin: In a time of war to surrender your face paint and leather? I'm okay with that.

Versus: Gathered us here to partake in the last supper of salad, veggie platters and finger sandwiches? I'm not a picky eater, but I'm not eating that...Ok, I would eat that, but I assumed, you know, owning a somewhat popular and always destroyed restaurant, you'd provide at least an pu-pu platter.

Majin: He did, he showed up, you showed up...poo...poo.

Mugen: SILENCE! I've gathered you two here to issue an order.

Majin and Versus both mockingly laugh at the idea of listening to an order from Mugen. Mugen gives Versus a stare that could turn a man into stone.

Majin: This f*ckin guy...

Mugen: Oh you think it's funny?

Versus: You bet.

Mugen: Well, I'll let you both know that IF ANY MEMBER OF REV INC......

Mugen turns and looks at Majin.

Mugen: OR THE SKWAD, decides to interfere in my World Title defense against Drago. Your contract will be terminated, IMMEDIATELY. Understand that?

Majin: We don't have a horse in this race, so have yourself a nice little title match, because in the end, it doesn't really matter. The Skwad's the only faction around here that matters, anyway.

Mugen: The Skwad is the biggest collection of benchwarmers I've ever allowed myself to see. I've begun my collection of members based on what they CAN do, not what they HAVE done or how much d*** they have sucked.

Mugen: Isn't that right?Just stop the nonsense now, trying to convince yourself otherwise is a futile effort. Plus, neither of you dildo's have what's most important in your groups, a Mugen. And Versus, I...where did he go?

Versus is over at the crafts table. The security guard that escorted him to the 'meeting' is holding a plate while Versus loads it with broccoli and turkey and cheese finger sandwiches.

Versus: What?

Mugen: We're having a discussion, remember dummy?!

Versus: Yeah, but all that talk of Chinese food made me hungry 5 minutes later.

Mugen: You know we just call that food..........I mean.............................................. .........GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!

Versus rolls his eyes, grabs his plate and makes his way back over.

Versus: Is the dick measuring contest over now?

Majin: (looking at Mugen, points at his genital region) Nothin down there TO measure.

Mugen: I'll have you know it's glorious and hug...

Versus: Ok, ok, ok enough about the lil Minigen...I think I have an idea. I know we can't do anything tonight, but, we got a 12 year anniversary show...let's establish a hierarchy there.

Majin and Mugen both look at Versus as he takes a bite of his turkey and cheese finger sandwich, waiting for him to continue.

Mugen: Well?! We're waiting!?!

Versus: Oh, right, yeah, so 2 from the Purge, 2 from the Skwad, and 2 from Rev Inc....elimination chamber match.

Majin: I like it! Nothing solves problems better than putting people in a cage filled with plexiglass and metal and letting them hash it out...we're in.

Mugen: Majin, are you an unfrozen caveman? Did they find you in the middle of the arctic somewhere with a wooly mammoth in a headlock?

Majin: What?

Mugen: Versus for a man with single digit braincells left, that's not a half bad idea. the Purge is in.

Versus: Look at that, handling situations like gentlemen! It's about time people can do things in a peaceful...

Majin knocks the plate of food out of Versus' hand.

Versus: ...manner.

Mugen: Well I will see you later tonight at the after party, OH WAIT, you dummies aren't INVITED. NO CAKE FOR YOU. NO DRINK FOR YOU.

Mugen is almost cackling as he walks away from the leaders of his rival factions in the catering area.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That was surreal!


We kick things off with the Television Champion defending! Alex Robinson is a jerk!

Listen pal, SKWAD or not. This is in the interest of fairness. Ain't nobody told Dennis Black to be a double champion!



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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He's done it!


Stacy Clark: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Mr. Bray S. Spur.

A rugged Bray appears behind Stacy with his hood covering his face. Ace appears in front of him and Bray looks away from the camera and begins to punch the air.

Stacy Clark: Bray, later on you’re set to face off against a member of the Convoy in one on one action. After nearly a month of mind games that he played with your sister, Ace, you finally get a chance to meet him in the ring. What are your thoughts on this?

Bray S. Spur: If anything, I hope it’s Jakub. Ohoooo I hope it’s Jakub. Because if it is, I’m gonna beat him. If not, I’m gonna put him to sleep. That’s the only thing that I’m thinking right now. I’m thinking I’m gonna-

Ace: What Bray is trying to say is that.. he’s only looking out for me. Despite the many… many… many times he tends to get pissy and bitchy about things..

Bray S. Spur: Weekly Greek Jeri.... motherfu-

Ace: Even so….. At the end of the day, he’s doing what any other loving brother would do for his sister. He’s defending my honor!

Bray S. Spur: Honor?... Defend.. Your!? [scoffs] What kind of twisted ass soap opera do you think this is?

Bray slaps himself with his right hand and clear his throat.

Bray S. Spur: Okay okay okay, yes, I admit this. Jakub had no business trying to advice you on how to deal with my… “mental troubles”. He shouldn’t have tried to get to me through you, and he’s gonna pay for it.

Bray S. Spur: I’m not going to lie, the second you cost me that match against Nate Dunn, I was ready to beat the precious life…. out of Jakub. [turns to Stacy] Because of him, Ace is torn between selling her soul to cultists or staying by her brother’s side. And that’s a side no family members should have to go through.

Bray S. Spur: Believe me, this isn’t what I expected when I came to OCW back in January. I didn’t expect to get arrested. I never expected to have my own flesh and blood be by my side for most of it. I never expected to have all these crazy thoughts in my head.

Bray S. Spur: I just wanted to fight people, not crush them. ...But then I realized that this…. “Broken Spirit”, is who I am, and I gotta embrace that. I’ve got a hell of a lot of pent up rage right now, Stacy, and it might never go away.

Bray S. Spur: But that rage is what gives me the passion to keep doing what I do best. Fight. And you’re about to see some epic rage release on one of the Convoy members tonight.

Bray S. Spur: Because tonight, not only am I gonna pin him 1-2-3 with the Paranoia, no. He’s gonna get a message. A message that’ll stick with him for the rest of his life.

He closes in on Stacy.

Bray S. Spur: Don’t f*** with my family. Get it?... Got it?... Good.

He backs away from Stacy and flips the hood off of his head. He looks around and grins.

Bray S. Spur: And by the way, don’t call me…”Spur” anymore.

Stacy Clark: Why not?

Bray S. Spur: Because that’s a fruity ass last name. And because people don’t respect the “S” in my name, “Bray Spur” sounds like ass.

Stacy Clark: W-Well then Bray, should we call you just Bray S. then?

Bray S.: Screw that. Gotta have a last name.

Ace: How about Storm?

Bray S. Storm: Hell no.

Ace: Greek?

Bray S. Greek: Idiotic.

Ace: Kent?

Bray S. Kent: I’m leaving.

Ace: Well, how about Kruger!?

Bray S. Kruger: Still ass, but better than the rest. Come on.

Bray S….. Kruger and Ace storm past the camera and head to the gorilla position.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That is one Angry Young Man!

I thought the S was silent?