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Long Island, New York

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Ladies Night 2017 Theme blares.

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The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Ladies Night 2017 gets underway.

The Camera pans to ramp as an old nostalgic tune hits and the duo of Scaggs and Poling head down to the ring!! The packed crowd roars in excitement and begins to chant "WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK!

Welcome to a very special OCW Event!

OCW is always bringing you the most cutting edge and amazing content!

And tonight is no exception. 8 of the greatest women wrestlers in our sport go head to head to crown a new Queen of OCW!

That's right the winner walks away the OCW Womens Champion!

It's a New Year, and New Season and a new dream!

Lets get this party started!


The camera pans backstage where Madison is walking the hallway with some Starbucks ice coffee in her hand. She is on her way back to Dennis when...

Voice: "Madison!"

Madison looks around but can't see anyone. She continues up the hallway.

Voice: "MADISON!!!"

Madison thinks she is losing it, she once again looks around and can't see anything. She moves forward but stops as she feels something on her foot.

Madison looks down to what looks like some robotic dog that is humping her leg.

Madison: "What in the hell???"

Madison kicks at the robotic dog until Madison realises this is not a robotic dog. This is a telepresence robot and that voice is Leon's.

Leon: "What do you think you're doing?"


"I tried shouting but it didn't seem to work so I tried..."


"What??? No! I was trying to get your attention by poking your leg."

"It didn't look like..."

Leon cuts Madison off.

Leon: "Look, I wasn't trying to have robotic sexual intercourse with your leg. I just wanted you to know Dennis and Alex are in the locker room together and..."

Madison: "I don't know what games your playing Leon."

"Hey, I don't know why you don't just tell Dennis about us already."

"There is NO US!"

"Well there wont be a Dennis and Madison if you don't hurry to that locker room. Dennis looks like he is about to get to second base if you know what I mean?"

Madison: "Stop... Just STOP!"

Madison runs away as Robotic Leon has a evil smile across his face


The Camera pans to the announce team!

What in thee?

Just don't.


Round 1 Match

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!




We are backstage at OCW's Ladies Night where we encounter an unusual scene unfolding...

Security Guard: Excuse me miss, you can't be here. It's off limits to civilians only OCW officials and superstars beyond this point.

The guard grabbed the lady dressed in eighteenth century garb by the arm and turned her towards him, a look of disgusted horror crossed his face.

Lady: Well I never, how dare you grab a fine lady like myself cobber.

The shot pans to show the face of the woman, it appeared to be Sebastian Abbott in a wig.

Security Guard: Mr Abbott? You don't need to sneak in to be here you know right?

Lady: I have no idea who this Seb Abbott cobber is, my name is Gretchen Wieners and I'm a laaaaady.

The guard tried stifling a laugh but couldn't.

Lady: I'll have you know I'm here to compete tonight for championship gold.

Still laughing the guard said: Mate, you can't compete tonight. You have a beard for crying out loud and a rather hard to hide bulge.

Seb dropping the lady bit glared at the guard.

Seb: C'mon mate I can do a great lady impression, and how can you see my manaconda under this big arse dress?

guard: look Gretchen the card is finalised and the competitors are already prepping.

Passer-by's stopped to stare at the oddly dressed woman.

Seb: Well screw me sideways, I got dressed up like this for nothing.

Feeling dejected Seb turned and walked off towards the locker rooms to change back into his street clothes, meanwhile the security guard was taking pictures of the retreating Seb on his phone...

Security Guard: This is going on Facebook....

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I have...

No words.


Round 1 Match
Bertha Stigglitz vs Hurricane Holly Hunter

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Good God!