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Pugh: You know what it means to be Champion?

Directly into the camera, no scene set, nothing - Pugh is addressing the audience.

Pugh: It means fame - fortune. It's the reason KD'Angelo wakes up in the morning, its the reason that I keep coming back here despite the fact I should know better. It's the proof that you are the man - the guy that all of these people aspire to be. What does it mean to me? It means the culmination of a journey.

See, I've been Champion - it was great, we all yucked it up as I tore through the best that OCW had to offer - until one cold day... Boom. Nothing. Gone. Nada. The title had chewed me up and spat me into the trash.

Its a curious thing really, because on one hand, when you haven't been there - all you ever want to be... is there.

When you've seen it, when you've done it - when you are IT... you become jaded. You lose your edge, you become a husk of what you once were. You lose the title, you slip into obscurity and they... the people out there. They forget about you.

...and what of you? What do you do? You wonder how and why- you ask yourself if it could have been different, you go through the motions but one thing is for certain... it never leaves you.

The will to be a Champion - the will to be THE MAN. The guy that carries the company, the guy that stands as the benchmark. The Precedent - the level by which greatness will be measured...

One day - like a monster within - the fire begins to burn again. It starts in your stomach - your very will, and it engulfs your whole body - your heart, your soul... soon enough all you want to be is the World Heavyweight Champion all over again...

Jacob - that journey... that fire. It brought me here tonight. See you refer to yourself as a God... well Jacob - meet the Devil.

He points to himself

Pugh: It says it on the marquee - it says it on the programs these people have bought - on the show titles, on the ring apron... Tonight is the night of the Devil... Tonight is the night that Kid Ego resumes his record breaking run at the top of this business.

Tonight is about me... and if you want to keep hold of that Championship... you better bring some divine intervention...

He clicks his fingers and turns away, walking out of shot as we arrive at our next segment.

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Madison Square Garden. Some of the biggest events in sports have happened here. Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier. Andrew Dice Clay has sold out Madison Square Garden in back to back nights and now, in the first pay per view of the season, OCW brings Devil's Night to the Garden. In what will prove to be a huge night, it doesn’t seem to affect Jackson Montgomery. Sitting at the hotel bar on the 10th floor, Jackson stirs his drink with the little straw it came with.

Jackson thinks, “I sure wish Davie was here to see this.”

David “Davie” Wallis was a longtime friend of Jackson's who he grew up with and went into the military with. During an attack by a roadside bomb, Davie was shot in the head by an insurgent who Jackson nearly beat to death with his bare hands before being pulled off by his commanding officer.

Jackson shakes his head, downs his bourbon, and slams the glass onto the bar which made the young lady behind it jump a bit.
“Charge it to the room” Jackson says before walking away.

He heads towards the elevator with a bag that was previously out of view. The black bag had the letters OCW scrawled across both sides. Jackson watches the numbers countdown as the elevator makes its way from the 17th floor. To Jackson, this is a metaphor for his first big match in OCW…15…14…13… It’s almost time. Jackson begins to sweat a bit 12…11…10…Jackson can’t help but think about how everything would be different with Davie here.

As the doors open, Jackson walks inside and forces himself to push out the thoughts of Davie. His head needed to be in the right place. The elevator hits the first floor and the doors open. Jackson walks through the lobby, his tattered clothes draw attention from yuppies standing at the check in desk. He snarls at them, looking over with his bad right eye before ending outside where a cab sits. He climbs inside and tells the driver to head to Madison Square Garden.

The following segment has been prerecorded.
The scene is set in a jungle......somewhere. The vibrant colors of the trees, the various wildlife roaming about, with one particular species standing out....The African Lion. This large beast strolls its way through the jungle, with its mere presence driving fear straight into the hearts of the smaller animals. The lion keeps strolling for a minute, but it stops at the sound of leaves shuffling. A potential predator? Or perhaps it was just the wind? After looking around for a few seconds, the lion decides that it was probably just him and keeps moving onward. Just then, he stops again at the sound of a twig breaking.

???: SHET!

The lion looks toward the direction where the sound came from and he finds two human-shaped beings attempting to hide, crouching behind some leaves, but their hiding spot isn't exactly all that great. He tilts his head in confusion as one of the figures hiding behind the leaves slowly rises up. The camera pans out to reveal OCW's resident animal hunter, Drago Cesar, searching his vest pocket to find his special weapon. The other man stands up along with him and it is none other than his partner in crime, Johnny Law, holding up a camera.

Johnny Law:(whispers) If you don't do something about that damn lion, we're both going to be dead, you hear me?!!??!

Drago Cesar: Sssssshhhhh.........

Drago slowly inches his way toward the lion, to which the large feline doesn't exactly take as a welcoming gesture. Drago pulls out The Net, one of the most effective non-lethal weapons this side of the continent. The size of The Net is about the size of Drago's hand, which might not seem that intimidating to others, but it has taken down many dangerous creatures in the past. The lion is now just seconds away from attacking! Who will strike first? Who will survive? Drago looks to put the lion away as he winds his arm back to throw The Net, but the lion is quick to react and starts jumping right at Drago. The resident animal hunter manages to throw The Net right onto the face of the lion, who, upon being caught with said Net, stops in his tracks and lands merely centimeters in front of Drago. The lion, rather confused, looks at this Net and back at Drago before collapsing and falling asleep, snoring ever so loudly. Drago chuckles and wipes the sweat from his brow as Johnny Law pats him on the shoulder.

Johnny Law: Man, we should've been dead right there! You and that net have saved us more than I can count. Anyways, let's head back home.

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We pan into the CEO’s office of MATSUDA Zaibatsu/ILLUMIcorp INC New York Building. Matsuda is sitting at his majestic desk staring angrily at the massive velvet chair, pile of papers on the ground, and fireplace now trespassing on the hallowed ground of his office space.

He taps the top of his desk revealing it to be a massive touch screen and presses on the picture of Junichiro, which produces a buzzing tone.

MATSUDA: Have you made any progress on the voting rights sutuation?

JUNICHIRO: I have, would you like my report?

MATSUDA: Immediately.

Matsuda makes several swipes on the surface of his desk as Junichiro walks in, tablet in hand.

Junichiro bows deeply as he stops in front of Matsuda’s desk. Upon rising he swipes and pokes at his tablet until the lights dim and a large holographic display appears encompassing the office.

The display shows a 3D pie-chart; a chunk labeled Matsuda reads 45%, a chunk labeled Illuminati reads 48%, and a third chunk labeled ???? reads 7%.

JUNICHIRO: As you can see here he who shall not be named currently controls 48% of the votes in MATSUDA Zaibatsu.

As we discussed last week, between the two of you 90% of the stock is owned. The remaining 10% was split up amongst the members/owners of OMG.

Three holographic images of the members of OMG appear.

Tiberius Dupree, Luke S. Dimsmore, and… one Patolomai.

So who did Ryu turn?

The image of Tiberius Dupree floats forward.

That animal, was it because of our match at Wrestlution?!

JUNICHIRO: No, actually he said he made his decision based solely on the fact that he who won’t be named called first.

MATSUDA: Get me Dimsmore and Patolomai’s contact information immediately.

JUNICHIRO: Right away sir.

We are at the scene of Drago's dojo, which has undergone some changes since the last time we saw it. The wooden walls and panels are replaced with more metallic looking ones and many of the tools used for training purposes, such as punching bags, training dummies, etc. have been replaced with electronic ones that gauge the effectiveness of each attack, and in the case of the training dummies, are able to be utilized in combat simulations where the dummy fights back.

The recently captured lion is in a cage located at the corner of the room, not quite looking mad, but rather annoyed at how easily he was dealt with by a tiny net. Drago is standing beside a wall with a huge poster on it, the poster decorated with the faces of the current OCW roster, containing both new and old faces. Drago looks at this poster with amusement, as he talks to himself.

Drago Cesar: So many familiar species......but so many NEW ones! Let's see......The Matsudon, The Carter Nighthawk, The Ranoceros......The Booby Manatee, The Pugh Panther.......The list goes on.

Drago's eyes wander the poster until they meet the portrait of Mugen. Remembering their last encounter over a year ago, Drago smiles with delight.

Drago Cesar: HEY JOHNNY!

Johnny Law comes from upstairs to the dojo, seeing Drago eyeing the poster and realizing what this means.

Johnny Law: So I take it then that all the preparations are complete? You've gotten your hunting practice in, so when are we actually going to do this thing?

Drago Cesar: When time is right, Johnny. There is time and place for everything.

Johnny looks at one of the inactive training dummies and flips a switch on its back to activate it. The dummy comes alive and starts running toward Drago, his back facing the dummy. The dummy grabs Drago by the back, but Drago manages to catch the dummy by its wrist, turn it around, and nail it with a clothesline so powerful, the dummy's head flies right off. Drago looks at Johnny in amusement.

Johnny Law: Just wanted to make sure you were 100% ready.


The feed fades to black.

Trisha Waldrop, formally a interviewer for Ambition, Asylum and a brief stint with Riot, now a blogger and pod-caster for OCWFED.com is airing a live special for December's Devil Night. With her is one of OCW's fresh new faces Buddy Burns for the first exclusive one on one interview.

Often referred to as OCW's Oprah, not just because of her look, but her presence is that of an intelligent, powerful and caring, yet stern woman. Only 5'4" in wrestling boots Buddy Burns looks like a large child sitting at a table with his grandmother awaiting a scolding. Trisha and Buddy are already in a friendly yet professional conversation when we arrive.

Trisha: So how are you liking it here in Online Championship Wrestling? I know it can't be easy trying to stand above the rest, especially with so many new faces here now.

Buddy: Was that a short joke?

Buddy cracks a smile, Trisha remains unchanged except the look in her eyes return his smile.

Trisha: I ask the questions here Mr. Burns.

Buddy: That was a short joke....definitely was....and YES I am liking it here so far, but...

Trisha: There's always a BUT....

Buddy: In your case, A WHOLE LOTTA BUTT.

Trisha actually cracks a smile this time, but only briefly and gives him her no non sense look.

Buddy: BUT....some of the bustas in the back forget why we do this. Why we put our bodies on the line, why we bleed and sweat night in and night out...Why we have out fancy cars, bank rolls, and white ivory towers. Why we have our shiny championship belts, Summercides, our Wrestlutions....even our Devil's Night...They forget.

Buddy: Well I know why we do this...we do this for you.

He points directly into the camera, with a look that makes him seem ten feet tall.

Buddy: And for you, and you and you.

He points his stubby finger at Trisha and everyone in the immediate area.

Buddy: For everyone, OCW exists solely to bring the world...no the universe... the BEST wrestling and entertainment they have ever seen. Take Sean McGee for example...He has it all and look how he treats people. I don't know who pisses in his BUFFBLASTER every morning but he needs a new perspective on life...

Trisha: Is that why you totaled his car and he retaliated by putting you through a wall 2 weeks ago?

Buddy: First of all I didn't TOTAL it, just gave it a little bit of a makeover.

Trisha flashes a picture of Sean McGee's green Acura in practical ruins.

Buddy: I did it to prove a point, you can't put people beneath you and not expect an uprising. And just because someone is standing in front of a venue doesn't mean he's a valet, nor does it mean you tip him with a funky ass one dollar bill.

Buddy: Second of all...he didn't put me through a wall...I jumped through a wall and he just happened to help...a bit.

Trisha plays a clip of McGee putting Buddy through a sheet rock wall. Buddy gives a liars smile.

Trisha: BUFFNESS Sean McGee is a formidable opponent to say the least. You will be facing him tonight in your first OCW pay per view, are you nervous?

Buddy: Of course I'm nervous but not because I'm facing mussels and wack sauce. But because I've never been apart of an official OCW pay per view before. The energy is crazy and it's just a bit overwhelming at first...I just hope I play enough of a part to add to that energy...

Trisha: I'm sure you will...one more question. I know you have to prepare for you match very soon. Why do you call yourself "Flyboy" Buddy Burns?

Buddy: Because I can fly...no seriously...I'm a licensed pilot. But it's not that... nor is it because I'm an ex-stunt man and have fallen from actual buildings. Nor is it because I look stunningly stylish no matter the occasion....

Pops his collar.

Buddy: Those are some of the reasons but not the main reason I adopted that title....I'm the "Flyboy" because I'm the only 100% high flyer in OCW and possibly the entire universe, I'm not a strong style slash high flyer, I'm not a technician slash high flyer, I'm not a pervert slash high flyer, I'm 100% purely, grade A certified High Flyer.

Trisha: Thank you for your time Buddy.

Buddy: It was my pleasure Trisha.

The camera fades as the two exchange departing words.


Jackson is now in the backstage area looking for his locker room, or any locker room for that matter. The show started already, but why should Jackson need to get here so far before his match? He shows up when he wants, gets shit done, and then leaves. While wondering, he sees B-17 and he’s furious. He dressed for his match but he’s pacing back and forth, tossing chairs around like crazy. Jackson doesn’t break stride and walks right into the madness.

Jackson Montgomery: “Hey pal. Calm the f**k down. What the hell is going on?”

B-17: “That son of a bitch Slamurai Jack is a no show. A NO SHOW! Who does that?

Jackson Montgomery: “Sean Strider, for one. Look, just calm down. You’re going to hurt yourself back here and no one wants that. You’ll get booked for Turmoil.”

B-17: “Whatever. Get out of my face.”

Jackson shrugs his shoulders and does just that. He pushes past the big man and continues on his way. What is the relationship between these two? First, they don’t give a crap about each other, then Jackson comes out on Turmoil to congratulate B-17 and now this. Just as Jackson turns the corner, he hears a loud commotion behind him. He begins to ignore it but his curiosity gets the best of him and he turns back. As he makes his way around the corner, he see B-17 on the ground. Jackson drops his bag and runs over to him. As he’s running, we see a man wearing a mask running away from the scene.

The Xtron Flickers On!

We find B-17 in the ring after K.D video. He is moving gingerly. Clearly feeling the effects of the attack by CM Puma. As he continues to stretch his right shoulder, he uses his left arm to raise the mic to mouth.

B:17: “Ouch…”

The crowd laughs.

B:17: Now, C...M...PUMA. I have a splitting headache, thanks for that. And my shoulder...it seems a bit stiff. All thanks to you. I think you may have taken my comments on Turmoil a bit personally. Or maybe it was the ass kicking I gave to you!

B:17: So let me clarify. You’re not ready for the Main Event. You’ve got skill, you’ve got heart. But sneak attacking me in the back...that proves you’re still just a kid, an immature, piece of shit, enjoying the Sandlot on DVD in your mother’s basement, pain in the back of my head, kid!

Crowd pops.

B:17 starts to pace: Instead of taking your ass kicking as a lesson and go home and lick your wounds you crawled home, curled up to mom and as she stroked your greasy hair and told you were her big, strong, boy something must have snapped in that disturbed mind!

B:17: So allow me to do you a favor. You’re not ready to be at the top of this mountain, you can’t hang! So come out here and allow me to throw your ass off the edge. It’s gonna hurt, there will be bruises, but when you finally stop rolling you will be at the bottom of the mountain and you can start climbing. Pay your damn dues first, and drag your cowardly ass out here so you can make the first payment!

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We cut to a suburban kitchen, we hear a phone ringing, a woman doing the dishes answers the phone. We see that its Lacy Love.

LACY: Hello? Mhmm, yeah… Hold on one sec.

Lacy puts the receiver to her shoulder and yells.

LACY: LUKE! Your weird japanese friend with the face paint is on the phone.

We hear a familiar voice yell back

Tell Ryu I’m not giving him my voting rights in MATSUDA Zaibatsu, I don’t care what Tibby did.

No, not Ryu, your other weird japanese friend with the face paint.

DIMSMORE: Oh,its Matsuda. I’ll pick up, gimme a second.

The camera cuts to Dimsmore in his home office on the phone.

DIMSMORE: Heyo! What’s going on Matsuda.

As Dimsmore listens to the phone nods a few times

DIMSMORE: So that's why he’s been calling me for those voting rights.

Dimsmore listens intently for a few moments

DIMSMORE: Hey man, if its for you no problem. We’re The BFFs after all.
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The camera cuts to the arena parking lot as Jookie Marley exits his vehicle and makes his way into the arena. As soon as he enters the arena Jim Black runs up and puts the mic in his face. Marley jumps back.


Marley grabs Jim Blacks hand and pushes the mic away from his face.

Marley: Hold the mic right there and don't move it a inch or you can hold these five fingers to the side of your face.

Jim Black: Marley you have been acting differently as of late. Why is that?

Marley holds out his hand and starts to count on his fingers.

Marley: From I was younger I watched guys like Parker, Guy Fausto, Mayhem, RD Money, Smythe and Leonheart put their bodies on the line week after week for this business. From I was ten years old I knew OCW is where I had to be. I worked hard to get here and then when I got here I worked harder to get a belt around my waist. I've been in OCW on and off for five years now and, I'VE YET TO SEE ANYONE HERE ACT THE WAY THAT BATTYMAN NATHAN CARTER ACTS.

Jim Black: It seems as if he is getting to you. The way he acts is getting into your head.

Marley: No homo! Two weeks ago I was not on Riot. You want to know why?

Jim nods his head.

Marley: I've been speaking to a Psychologist about my sudden anger problems. You know what he told me? He said whenever I felt myself getting angry "just take three deep breathes and keep repeating woosah." Well last week I skipped Riot to go pay him a visit and fire his ass.

Jim Black: I see...

Marley: All that woosah bull just made me want to kill Nathan even more. Since he got here to OCW he has been a pest in my life. Then that drugging stunt he pulled made it even worse. Its to the point that I want to kill this fool. If I don't kill him then I want him paralyzed.

Jim Black lowers the mic slowly as the camera man zooms in on his face. He looks shocked. He clears his throat before speaking again.

Jim Black: I-I-I cant believe this is what you've become.

Marley: Y-Y-You C-C-Cant believe it? Gimme that damn mic and go find someone else to piss off Carlton Banks.

Marley snatches the mic from Jim Black and shoves him out of the camera shot.

Marley: Camera man zoom in on me because I want to make sure that battyman hears everything that I am about to say.

The Camera man zooms in on Marley.

Marley: Nathan you condom attire wearing piece of shit, tonight I will end your short lived career. The next time you'll ever be on a OCW show is when they're showing clips of your funeral. TONIGHT I"M GOING TO KILL YOUR ASS!!

Marley drops the mic and walks out of the shot. The camera zooms in on the mic on the ground. A black hand suddenly appears and picks up the mic. The camera slowly rises from the shot of the ground back to Marleys face.

Marley: No homo!

The screen fades out as Marley once again drops the microphone and walks away.
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Mugen pulls out a microphone from his jacket pocket as he soaks in the boisterous New York City crowd who are happy to see their hometown boy and the holder of the Northern Americas Grand Prix. Mugen turns around and looks at Young Ryan and pats him on the back.

Mugen: New York EFFIN CITY.

The crowd cheers for the cheap pop.

Mugen: As you have seen from the past few weeks, I am a man who knows how to make my money. Especially in the greatest city in the world. And a man who knows how to make money, knows how to manage it right. That guy Sensation on the other hand doesn't. While I love to be here in the grandest stage on earth, Madison Square Garden, I know for a fact that Mr. Sensation had to be clawing for every penny just to get us in here for tonight.

Mugen starts doing a strange "clawing" motion with his free hand.

Mugen: See, I heard from some respectable sources like my buddy Gabe Seltzer that Sensation has had to pick up a few odd jobs as of late. Such as cleaning the toilets at the strip club over on 43rd Street. I even heard he has to wipe down the poles after them chicks use them. YIKES. Talk about taking a quick trip to Herpes Street and Gonorrhea Ave.

Mugen looks at Young Ryan who is trying not to crack up and keep his straight face going.

Mugen: Now where am I going with this? Well, I can't bare to see a man of such "integrity" like Sensation do things that his weak micro hands shouldn't be doing. So here....

Mugen reaches into his inside pocket and pulls out a check. He then puts the check close to the nearest ringside camera. The check reads "To: That Sensation Buster" in the amount of $25,000.

Mugen: See, I made this money in just the past 3 days because I'm not just a businessman, I AM the business......man. I'm going to leave this backstage in your office, feel free to deposit it tonight if you so wish.

Mugen hands the check over to Young Ryan and puts a hand on Ryan's shoulder as Mugen sort of leans on him.

Mugen: Which now leads me to this kid right here. I've decided to take part in OCW's Mentor a Rookie program and I'm going to mentor this greenhorn right here. Look at him...

Mugen points at Young Ryan who begins to wave to the crowd.

Mugen: He's scared. He's had what, one, two matches here in OCW? He doesn't know what he's doing yet. BUT with my perfected veteran advice, he will be a superstar in no time. Now I'm feeling like I'm in such a SUPER generous mood tonight especially after dropping 25 stacks. You, Young Ryan, are getting your first PPV match ever.

Young Ryan's eyes light up like the Fourth of July.

Mugen: You! Get to face...........

Mugen starts running around the ring in circles as he's trying to build anticipation.

Mugen: ohhhhhhhhhhh wait for itttttt.............

Mugen stops to turn and look at Young Ryan

Mugen: ME. You get me kid and the match starts right......NOW.

Mugen moves over to a corner as a referee slides into the ring.
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Mugen finally starts to get somewhere with the net as the camera focuses on his face of frustration. The cameras cut away from Mugen.


Matsuda forces barges into the office he now shares with Illuminati, paperwork documenting his now equal voting rights in hand.

MATSUDA: Where are you? I have you deadlocked now!

Illuminati looks up from the ILLUMIpad tablet in his hands

ILLUMINATI: Oh Matsuda I didn't notice you there, come take a look here.

MATSUDA: At what?

Illuminati holds the tablet up for Matsuda to see

ILLUMINATI: I dispatched some bounty hunters to find Patolomai in Samoa

Matsuda walks closer and looks at the tablet. A grey haired man with a massive curly mustache, khaki hunting gear, and an elephant rifle slung over his shoulder is standing next to a suspended net with someone trapped inside.

HUNTER: HELLO THERE OLD SPORT! Tobias hold that ninny-fanny upright.

ILLUMINATI: No need to yell Reginald I can hear you just fine. You see Matsuda he is about to threaten Patolamai at gunpoint to give me his voting rights.





HUNTER: Alright chap state your name for the record.



MATSUDA: HEY! That's my line!

Well I suppose he hasn't found Pato...


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The scene starts off backstage. Jim Black is standing with AC Cobra who's in non wrestling gear.

JB- I'm standing here with the self proclaimed gamer of the year AC Cobra!!

You can hear the crowd begin to pop

JB- AC, tonight you're hear to watch what everyone will be watching the world title match of Trance vs Pugh who do you have?

AC pauses for a second takes the mic from Jim and begins to speak.

AC- Jim, in the mist of pushing left down, right up, left down, this match crossed my mind. Trance a man of wits though he is a coward! Very, very, calculated and dangerous in the ring. Then you have Pugh...

The crowd pops as AC mentions Pugh

AC- He is a man who is also very calculated. I think the two been so even it's tough to pick and side. One of these guys going to need to use a cheat code if they want to win!!

JB- Exactly what would that cheat code be?

AC- Well how the hell im suppose to know?! These guys just have to dig deep and leave all in the ring. I'll be in the back with my Mountain Dew watching this one!

AC walks away from the camera and JB begins signing off.

JB Devils Night continues as.......

AC quickly runs back in front of the camera and nudges Jim out of the way.


You can hear the crowd from inside the arena finish AC slogan

Crowd-G Unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd continues to cheer as the scene fades.
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The bell tolls, signaling the end of the match, both Nathan and Jook are motionless on the canvass. "The Burden of Being Wonderful" echoes throughout the arena, causing a mass of boos to erupt from the crowd! Nathan smirks as he starts to regain consciousness, using the rope to slowly stagger to his feet.

Once on his feet, he demands that the Ref raise his hand in victory. After he‘s satisfied, he pulls the Ref’s arm in, so that he is face to face with the Perverted One. Nathan sticks his tongue out, and lightly licks the tip of the Ref’s nose. Disgusted, he tries to pull away. After a short struggle, Nathan lets go and the Ref falls to the mat, and then scurries out. Nathan takes a moment to kick the downed Jook, while laughing and signaling for a microphone.

Nathan Carter: “Jookie... Jookie...Jookie....oh......oooooohhhh Jookie...YOU JUST COULDNT CUT IT GUY!!!!!!” The Crowd boos so loud that there is no question, everybody fucking hates Nathan. “This is usually the part where we cuddle. I scratch your back, you...well, heh, you’re not worthy to lay in my bed. As a matter a fact, as much wood as I gave you tonight, I highly doubt you’d want anymore. He’s gonna be sore , folks!”

Nathan starts laughing a bit uncontrollably. The boos from the Crowd are getting louder and more frequent! Nathan notices a child of 8 wearing a Jook shirt, fake hat with dreds, and a giant plush joint. (all on sale at Ocw.com/shop Promo Code: GOT JOOKED) Nathan notices that the child is crying, so Nathan kicks Jook again. Nathan pulls out a piece of Jook’s hair, and slides out of the ring. He tosses it to the child!

Nathan Carter: “Look at that! I just made this kids life! Just look at your Hero, kid! There’s a souvenir just for you. And Mom, I got one for you too, all you gotta do is call my on my...”[/B]

HERE COMES THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And with that, Nathan snaps to attention, eyes on Xander Rane who is already half way down the ramp! “Scary for a man that size”, is the only thought in Nathan’s head as he rolls into the ring. Nathan locks eyes with Xander who isn’t slowing down. Nathan begins to scream as he tosses the mic to the ground, the loud pop of the mic makes the already shaken Nathan, jump!

Xander climbs onto the apron, never taking his eyes off of Nathan. Nathan, after taking a moment, is finally starting to keep his ground. Regaining his ever so cocky grin, he spits at Xander, and opens his arms as if to say, “Come at me, Ho”! The spit misses and Xander follows it down with his eyes. He doesn’t even look up as decides it’s time to climb in the ring.

Nathan’s smirk is gone and as tired as he is, he is barely able to limp back from the beating he suffered a few moments ago. Xander is now in the ring, Nathan decides to turn and run but he is met by a kick from Jook!!!! While Nathan was running his mouth, Jook was able to regain his composure and breathe for a minute, all unbeknownst to the ever so arrogant Carter!

Xander Rane: (OFF MIC) “Finish him! THEN HE’S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!” He roars as he points at Carter, then the Sky!

Jook smiles! The Crowd is goings absolutely nuts! Jook taunts to the crowd, as does Xander! Jook kicks Nathan again and signals for the JKO! As he goes for it, he notices Rane coming at him! He backs off confused, as Rane picks up a chair and puts it under where Carter is kneeled over!

Xander Rane: (OFF MIC) “I said FINISH HIM!!”

Jook Marley: (OFF MIC)“My boiiiii!!!!” He says as he points at Xander Rane!

Every ass is up in the arena, the noise is deafening! Chants of Xander, and Jook echo throughout the arena! The kid from earlier is twirling the Dredlock he received earlier in victory! Jook signals to the crowd one last time grabs Nathan for the JKO and then...

The crowd goes silent...dead silent. The air is still, no one is breathing, likely from the shock of what they see. They pray their eyes are deceiving them, this... cannot be...it’s too frightening for words! Before Jook could drop the JKO on Carter, Xander lunged and now has Jook by the throat. Nathan quickly backs off as Jook’s grip loosens, Xander doesn’t let go. Jook falls to one knee as the crowd finally begins to show their disdain!

Never one to miss an opportunity, Nathan slithers up to the almost out of breath Marley, and takes a moment to stare into his eyes. With his wicked smirk, he gives him a kiss on the cheek, as he turns he pats Rane on the shoulder two times, and with that Jook shoots straight up, 7ft in the air and right back down again, twice as fast on the chair!

Nathan and Xander look at each other in agreement, and then down at the fallen Jook. After a moment of staring, Nathan begins to laugh while Xander just looks at the ceiling of the arena somberly. Carter throws a hand sign to the air waiting for Rane, who kisses his hand and raised it to the sky before making the same sign and bumping fists with his apparent new ally.

As they walk up the ramp, it is apparent that Nathan has hurt his back to some degree. An awkward fall on a table earlier is the culprit. However, he doesn’t let that ruin this moment. They exit to an overwhelming amount of boos, as Jook staggers to his feet.

When the scene changes we're greeted not with the lush insides of the most famous arena in the world, but by the cold, greek-esq columns that support the U.S. post office across the street. In a shot that is less common on OCW television and more at home in an action movie, the camera zips up a line, climbing up to the roof of the building.

The camera reaches the top of the building and all is calm; a stark contrast to the rapid ascent. At the far end of the rooftop is a figure sitting with his legs draped over the edge of the building. The drop must be at least 8 stories, but this individual doesn't even seem to notice.

The wind picks up and the long hair of this person begins to blow. It's mostly a mass of dark black, but at the ends of several strands is deep red: the deep red of stale blood. The shot zooms in on The Monster's back and he's got the most recent edition of The Post-Star from nearby Glens Falls, the location of the last Riot broadcast.

The headline reads: "Security Guard Still in Critical Condition."

The Monster:
You know..... it's not nice to sneak up on people like that....

The Monster lets out a short, coarse, laugh. Then he tosses the newspaper to its untimely doom.

The Monster:
I almost feel bad for Peter. But then I think about it again, and really I did that man a favor. He can rest easy in that coma I left him in. If he wakes, he'll be waking to a world where his worries have been dealt with. His wife doesn't have the time left to see if he wakes, especially not without the money coming in to pay for her chemo. And... if he doesn't wake: well, then I guess it doesn't matter anyway.

This time the Monster's head flips back as he lets out a roar of a laugh, laying his palms on the edge of the roof to steady himself.

The Monster:
Since the attack of I've heard a lot of talk swirling around New York as to "who would do such a thing?" or "why would they do such a thing?". Normally I would tell you all not to concern yourself with answers to these questions. There's no sense in stressing over things that you cannot control. But truth be told, you should be concerned. You should all be VERY concerned.

The Monster: These aren't the only questions to concern yourselves with, however. Go back a month ago. Go back to that night outside my family's home. I did not start this on my own. I am not alone. So who is with me? Why did they bring me here? And what is their ultimate goal?

The Monster: Now, I have no intention of answering these questions myself. But I want to stress one thing to you all: That man walks among you. That man that woke me from my nightmare so that I might become yours, is inside that arena right now.

The Monster stretches his index finger in the direction of Madison Square Garden.

The Monster:
He could be anyone. He could be part of the security staff, a member of catering, a rookie, a veteran, a contender, a champion. He could be the head honcho himself. But one thing we do know, when he calls, whether that be tonight or somewhere further down the road, I will be there. And I will bring that special kind of fear reserved for the dying with me.

The Monster stands up, lifts his arms to his sides, and in one motion turns on his heel so that his hair masked face is in the shot and then falls backwards off of the rooftop.

Nothing happens after that. None of the things that we would attribute with such a long fall. No "SPLAT!" noise. No commotion from pedestrians. No piercing screams. Everyone and everything just continues on as if nothing is going on around them. When the camera gets closer and the shot peers over rooftop The Monster is no where to be found....

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Backstage, we arrive in the OCW wrestlers locker room. Contrary to popular belief, the OCW locker room is a communal situation, with all of your favourite wrestlers milling around preparing for tonight. The camera trains on a focused looking Paul Pugh ahead of his main event match this evening.

He's already dressed in his gear, ready to go - emerald green trunks with silver trim and a Union Flag. A beautiful bedazzled green robe rests on the hanger behind him - a throwback to his Kid Ego days.

He's taping up his wrists in preparation for what is about to come - a probable challenge but a definite war. As he finishes up the taping, a member of the production team gives him a nod - it's go time.

As he finishes the tight coil of white athletic tape, he bites the end off the roll and throws it down into his bag. He hops to his feet, claps his hands together and walks towards the door - out of scene, and into the belly of the beast.

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The scene fades in....

Sean McGee sits in the dressing room watching one of the
Television sets broadcasting tonight's show. Seeing his visual cue he hops up and grabs the F.I. briefcase and heads down the hall to the ring entrance.

Arriving at the gorilla position McGee is about to reach for the curtain before he stopped by two security gaurds. These gaurds are not OCW'S usual security, these are New Yorks finest. Standing shoulder to shoulder the gaurds give BUFFNESS a stern look as they both shake there heads no.


Before McGee can think of his next move he finds himself surrounded by 5 more cops. One of them hands him his gym bag bag as another points him towards the exit.

Officer - After you .

Knowing it's a waste of time McGee grabs his stuff and makes his way to the parking lot.