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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as THE CLASH 2017 Theme blares.

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The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS THE CLASH 2017 gets underway.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Welcome to the first PPV of the New Year! The Clash 2017!

The Tradition of Violence continues!!!

We have a great show for you tonight!

Championships will be decided! and history will be made!

You excited?

Dam Skippy hippy!

The screen opens to a camera in the backstage area, one of the many private locker rooms divied up among the various groups within the OCW. The One Man Revolution, Bobby Minio, sits hunched over his GAEMS case.

The scene looks similar to last week, exception Pugh is elsewhere and Minio hasn’t been crushing Steel Reserve tallboys.

His attention is locked on whatever video game is on his screen, while his cold shoulder handles the camera. After a moment of silence, a small voice speaks up behind the camera frame.

Producer: Is there anything you wanted to say before your match against Kassidy Hayes later on tonight?

Bobby Minio:

He glances out of the corner of his eye before turning his attention back to his game.

Producer: Anything? Want to shred the guy up with one of your ‘infamous’ rants?

After another pregnant pause, Minio replies, his face still buried in the screen.

Bobby Minio: Why are you here?

Producer: Excuse me?

Bobby Minio: Where’s the interviewer? Isn’t this their territory?

Producer: They’re all busy with more significant segmen-

Bobby Minio: Whoa, more significant? Than me and the confused young boy from the High School theater department?

Producer: We just figured you’d lik-

Bobby Minio: Well I ‘figure’ you’re wrong, I’m busy.

He leans back into his game, once again shutting out the interruptions. The producer and the camera man discuss something out of the frame, but it is impossible to make out what they are saying.

Producer: Well since you’re just going to let your wrestling do the talking tonight, we’ll get out of your hair.

Bobby Minio: Buddy, that’s been your best suggestion all day.

The camera begins to shuffle out of the room, it turns back to see the producer squeezing rolled up sheets of paper in his hand. Just as they are leaving the room, the producer peeks his head back in, shouting a quick surprise message toward the focused Minio.

Producer: Your match is up in a few minutes!

Bobby Minio: What? Sh-

Minio, now panicking that he’s running late, lunges forward to grab his gear bag from the table. He slips forward, catching the GAEMS system with a wild, reaching hand, before dragging it off of the table and onto the concrete floor. Minio groans as the crash of his Xbox One bounces off of the cinderblock walls.

Bobby Minio: Ohhh, well goddamnit!

The camera man and the producer who had decided to stay in the hallway filming in begin snickering to themselves as Minio takes inventory of his destroyed traveling video game setup.

After a moment of reflection, Minio begrudgingly rips his boots from his gear bag and begins to kick off his Asics. As he continues to rush through his gearing up process, the camera pans down the hall and fades into the next segment.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Well dam!

No rest!!!



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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Right in the breadbasket!

That isn't where the breadbasket is!


An all blacked out BMW is seen arriving to the parking lot. The camera zooms in and everyone can see Prince stepping out of the back of the BMW. As Prince steps out he notices the camera crew alongside Stacy Clark. Stacy Clark approaches Prince to interview him.

Stacy Clark: Prince tonight is your second Pay-Per-View appearance and it is your anticipated rematch with OCW Hall of Famer Smythe D. Wonder. What are your thoughts?

Prince can be seen looking down giving a favoring smile.

Stacy Clark: Uh.. Prince?

Prince: Huh what do you want? Oh yea Smythe D. Wonder, well first off he isn't some "Wonder" anymore he's as I've been saying he's washed up and nothing look at how crazy this egotistical maniac was last week when he lost his precious Hall of Fame ring. I mean seriously all over a ring?

Prince fixes his tie and Stacy notices something on his hand..

Stacy Clark: Prince, what is that on your left hand we usually don't see you wearing any jewelry are you recently engaged or did you just pick up some new jewelry?

Prince: Oh this? Prince points to the ring as the camera zooms in on the ring. This is Smythe D. Wonder's little Hall of Fame ring. You think a guy who has such a huge ego would pay attention to something of such value to him. Oh and by the way tonight to answer your first question. I'm going to do exactly what I did the first time with Smythe, embarrass him. Now excuse me I have things to attend to.

Prince pushes past Stacy and the camera crew as he makes his way to the ring!