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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Certified Greatness 2017 Theme blares.

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THE OFFICIAL Certified Greatness 2017 Theme

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Certified Greatness 2017 gets underway.

Welcome everyone to Certified Greatness 2017!!!

It's been 13 Years and we are still celebrating RD Money!!! BOOO

Ahem! We have an amazing show for you today. As OCW enters the Road 2 Wrestultion The First Stop is GREATNESS!

A little birdie told me dreams will be shattered tonight, and the harsh cold hand of reality will palm strike OCW!

Well then lets get on with the show!



The Camera Pans To The Ramp

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Several Baltimore Police Officers surrounded the ring and faced the audience. Due to recent events with Law enforcement, the audience wasted no time in letting their voices be heard.

The Queen of mean paced around the ring while trying to block out the noise. After a few minutes of this, the distraction started to die down.

The city of Baltimore has a lot of history behind it. This is such a beautiful, prideful, and strong city. When I learned that OCW would be returning to the city of Baltimore, I was ecstatic.

Madison: For over ten seasons, OCW has put on the best competition inside the squared circle. And what city knows competition better than…

Madison rolled her eyes.

God, I cannot lie any more. The only recent success anyone from this city has had is getting away with murder and getting a fluke Superbowl win. And oddly enough, Leon Valentine is getting away with murder...

Madison: Instead of heading to a jail cell, he is on his way to attempt to win the OCW World Title. One could say Leon is the Rey Lewis of OCW.

Madison: Is this the world we live in? A place where we allow the privileged to be let off without so much as a slap on the wrist? Anyways, I digress.

Madison: Baltimore, Maryland... What a promising place this USED to be. Birthplace of the Star Spangled banner- our National Anthem.

Madison: Only to be tainted by the washed up urbanite that loves to call this city his home... R.D. Money.

The Crowd Boos at Madison!

Madison: Tonight is not about Fraudney Money, oh no. Even if we are broadcasting from the cesspool he calls home. This is Certified Greatness, and who is certifiably great? Madison Cox.

Madison: Who is certifiably on the path to becoming the most...dominant Champion this sport has ever seen?

Madison: The greatest underdog that ever graced the square circle.

Madison: Our Humble Hero, Dennis Black. Ladies and Gentleman, he is your Ruler.

The Crowd Boos!

Madison: He is your better.

The Crowd Boos!

Madison raises her arms: He’s the Black King!

The audience and Madison shout ‘Bay Bay!’ in unison. She smiles briefly.

Madison: You all jump on his bandwagon and complain of his dominance. Yet, no one in the OCW universe believed he would amount to anything in the beginning.

Madison: Not even him. One person did...me. Meanwhile, there were already claims of who the ‘future stars’ of OCW would be.

Madison: One could say these men were hand picked before they vanished or just didn’t live up to expectations?

Madison: Names like Tre Golden, Tank, Kwan Watts, Nathan Carter, Dylan Graves, Anthony Baker, Tyler Rose, Xander...the list goes on. Man...those Veterans sure knew how to pick em, eh?

Madison: Even with the stamp of approval from the top men in the company, what were those stars of the future missing?

Madison: The ultimate X- Factor. Me!!!!!. Madison Cox. The greatest strategist that OCW has EVER SEEN.

Madison: Yeah, even better than Tobin freaking Frost. Dennis beat him too with me in his corner due to my extensive preparation.

Madison: To our future rookie wash outs...Like Wrex, Prince, H20, Samsin Simsin, and Jett Draven...do not try to emulate what Dennis Black has done in such a short amount of time.

Madison: For it will never be repeated nor surpassed. Do not hope to have a rookie season that means anything, for none of you will main event a Pay Per View this season, nor hold a World Title as a rookie.

Madison: You simply don’t have his drive, his passion, his determination, or devastatingly perfect body... or someone like me at your side.

Madison: Therefore...it is already game over.

Madison: Did i mention today is the one year mark of his reign as Television Champion?

Madison: Did I also mention we are two defenses away from matching the record...and three away from...making history?

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

What an utter windbag!

WHAT?, everything she said is true! WHAT? Are you high? The Queen is never wrong WHAT?


A man walking through the back corridor is seen looking around and is seen to resemble a more disturbed bothered Prince. As Prince is seen to walking around he finally notices the camera and walks up to it slowly avoiding any eye contact with anyone.

Prince: My presence has changed.. Countless attacks, defeats, and dishonorings have left me angry and torn.. I no longer want useless gold belts or story taled friendships with happy endings..

Prince: I want darkness.. Tonight.. I will show the world of empty souls that I am in fact no longer the Prince of Wrestling or the new face of the new generation.. No Prince begins to do a sadistic laugh no my poor ants.. I am the face of fear..

Prince: Cause tonight.. I will end a mans life and begin another one.. I will become more than just a storied opponent.. I will become a man who history will not forget..

Prince: I will be the man everyone fears to even come near.. I will wreak havoc and cause mayhem.. But I will also save souls and change the landscape of this dirty company forever..

Prince: Darkness.. Smythe.. Tonight I will do more than steal your dignity or that waste of a gold ring you want back.. No tonight? Tonight will be your awakening and I will shed light to the darkness I will cleanse your soul and make everything right.. For tonight? Smythe D. Wonder will no longer be remembered after our match..

Prince walks away from the camera still looking down and the ground beginning to laugh as his laugh starts to fall farther and farther away the scene fades black..

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Prince is amped up and ready to uncork!

Is Smythe up to the task?

We kick things off with Alex Robinson!

Hurricane Holly Hunter finally gets a crack at Alex. RUN ALEX RUNN no shame in running!!!!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!




Recorded earlier on the day of Certified Greatness

Jackson Montgomery is sitting in a Waffle House alone near the arena where Certified Greatness is happening. In front of him is a half eaten plate of steak and eggs, scrambled but a bit runny and three empty cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

He sits with his arms crossed in front of him leaning on the bar and while it looks like he’s just staring at his plate of food, he’s lost in thought thinking about his upcoming encounter with the Purge’s enforcer, Dimsmore.

As he stares into nothingness, the waitress who’s about 5’5” and has to be breaking two bills, comes by to check on JackMo.

Darlin’? You doing ok?

Jackson doesn’t answer. It’s not because he’s an asshole, which of course he is, but he genuinely doesn’t hear her.

Waitress a bit louder this time:
Honey? Can I get you anything else?

As she finishes her sentence, she reaches across the bar touches Jackson’s hand. Startled from his starring session, he jumps from the stool and raises both fists, knocking his plate across the bar and into the empty beer cans, sending everything down onto the floor.

The waitress tries to jump back and avoid everything, but ends up with runny eggs and a bit of beer on her apron.

Oh come on! When did you even bring these beers in here? I was gone for 10 minutes!

She wasn’t gone for 10 minutes. She’d been gone at least 40 minutes because Jackson saw her head to the women’s room with yesterday's newspaper. Regardless, Jackson realizes what’s happening and snaps out of his daze.

Jackson Montgomery:
Oh, sorry about that ma’am. I wasn’t totally here and you caught me off guard.

Waitress with a sigh: Don’t worry about darlin’. Let ‘ol Charlene clean this mess up. Hey, you look familiar. Have I seent you on TV or sumpthen? Wait a minute! I HAVE seent you on the TV! You’re that fella that wears all that America stuff on that wrasslin’ show, right?!

Jackson Montgomery with a smile: Yes ma’am you’re right. My name is Jackson Montgomery.

Charlene: OH! Oh...you have to fight that big guy with the hand prints on him.

Jackson Montgomery: Don’t worry about me. Worry about him. After what he pulled on Turmoil, he’s going to feel the wrath of the red, white, and blue and see what Rev Inc’s backwoods badass is all about! *Ahem* Sorry about that.

Jackson Montgomery: Charlene, here’s some money for everything. Sorry for making a mess. I’ll leave some tickets for you at will call. Bring the kids! They’re going to want to see a true American patriot put Dimsmore down for good!

Jackson tosses some money on the counter and then wipes the sweat from his brow after getting a bit worked up. Jackson heads out the door and leaves the parking lot, heading towards the arena.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Loose Cannon of Rev Inc takes on the Enforcer for the Purge!

This one is going to be Violent I can just tell!