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We have reports of something going on backstage.

Cut to it now!


A methodical Nate Ortiz walks through the backstage area hitting every door leaving nothing but chaos in his wake. In a voice that sound “Christian Bale’s Batman”, “Where is she!” is all the G.T.G.O.A.T. is saying. Nate finally reaches some obscure area of the arena and finds a door with a golden ribbon on it. When he opens the door he finds Tiffany Sensation tied up with rope and a golden scarf over her eyes.

Nate is in rages as he calls for assistance for his wife. He unties her as EMTs arrive to check her vitals. Nate tells them to wheel her to an ambulance and make sure everything is alright. He’s so full of anger than he punches a nearby wall leaving a massive hole.

They seem to have forgotten what I can do. Nate grabs a cameraman and pulls him through the arena until they reach the production truck. Pull the footage from February 26, 2006 now! Nate makes the cameraman focus  in on his face.

Nate: I’m saying this to all of you. Mess with my family, this is what’s going to happen. Tiberius we’ve had our fun talking shit and taking jabs at eachother. But this is beyond that. So you better watch this and see what’s coming your way.

The screen fades to the February 26, 2006 footage.

Previously Recorded:

Nate grabs the bottle and quickly smashes it over Nick's head dropping him out cold, Versus rushes to Nick's Aid and Nate quickly hits him with the title in the face. Blade gets in Nates face and begins to hammer the champ with some rights and lefts but Nate quickly gives Blade a Thumb to the eyes and hits the Ortiz Express on Blade knocking him across the Makeshift Lockeroom turned Bar to the floor.

Nate surveys the damage and notices that Versus is trying to stand on his feet.

Nate-You just don't learn

As Versus tries to get to his feet Nate hits Versus with a Playmaker knocking Versus through the wall!

Nate-(shouting) Pathetic the whole lot of you.

Nate begins to smash all the liquor bottles in the lockeroom, he then pauses for a moment and a manic grin takes over his face. He walks over a half step to the bathroom in the locker, and pulls out a roll of toilet paper. He stops for a moment to contemplate he eyes a lone bottle of Bacardi 151 on the couch and begins to douse the Roll of Toilet Paper.

Nate then picks up a shot glass from the floor and fills it with Bacardi 151, Nate looks around and makes his way to the hole that Versus went through, and pulls the unconscious Versus out of the wreckage, he checks his pockets and pulls out a Gold Plated Lighter with a Marijuna Leaf on it encrusted in precious stones.


Nate Makes his way to the door before pausing, he takes the Gold Plated Lighter and sets the soaked roll of Toilet paper ablaze. He then throws it near the shattered bottles and the entire room begins to catch fire. The walls and even the ceiling begin to burn slowly. Nate walks over to the table and grabs the shot glass

Nate- Here is to new beginnings!, here is to the FRANCHIZE ERA!

Nate Gulps down his Bacardi, Grabs his Championship throwing it over his shoulder and makes his way out side before grabbing a chair from the lockeroom.  

The Crowd looking at the Xtron stand in AWE, some children in the arena are crying, along with some female fans. As the arena as a whole is stunned silent

Nate props the chair against the door so no one can get out. As Nate walks away you can see smoke and fire coming from the bottom of the door and you can hear the fire alarm blaring loudly and the sounds of someone on the inside trying desperately to get out.

The feed fades back to Nate who his flipping that same lighter on and off as the cuts back to the announce team.

My god!

What is going to happen next?