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The camera opens to the backstage area.

Jim Black: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time, Bray.

Bray, accompanied by his sister, step into the camera, throwing punches in the air, prepping for his upcoming match against Basil.

Jim Black: Bray, later on you have a match against Big Basil Dello Russo. This is your first pay per view appearance in a so far subpar 2017 for you. What are your plans to get back on track tonight?

Bray: Beat up the rookie, hug some babies, and find a girlfriend. Done.

Jim Black: Wait what?

Bray: [chuckling] Just ribbing you, Stacy.

Jim Black: I- I’m not Stacy, Bray. I’m Jim. Jim Black.

Bray: Really? What the hell happened to Stacy?

Jim Black: Well you see-

Bray: Doesn’t matter, I’m gonna call you John.

Jim Black: I’d appreciate-

Bray: Ace, grab the mic.

She yanks the microphone from the interviewer’s hand and shoos him away from the camera’s view. He raises the mic to Bray.

Bray: I’ll be honest. When I first heard I was booked for this match, I thought Jack was trying to rib me. Bray? Bray S. Spur!? Taking on a rookie? Ha! I laughed so hard in the back. But once I calmed down, and my sister smacked me in the head once or twice, I had to remember that I’m not the same force I was. I didn’t realize that at the time, and I apologize for initially underestimating you.

Bray: I’ve seen your matches, Basil. I saw your victory against Kassidy Hayes; a match that took many people, even me, by surprise. Kass must be slipping, just like me. But something you said after your match managed to stick with me. ...Basil, I heard that your victory against Kass was just… “the beginning”. Let me know when you beat him twice and then talk to me about beginnings. And then afterwards, you said you’d take what you want, when you want, and there’s nothing anyone can do about?” 

Bray looks to the floor and begins to chuckle before returning to the camera.

Bray: Well, my man, sorry to say, it’s painfully obvious you haven’t met me yet. Hi. Name’s Bray. Broken Spirit. Dude with the f*ck you attitude. Hardest hitting man on Turmoil. Greek Jericho, if you will. Name might not mean much to you since you’re relatively new around here, but after tonight, you’ll see why you don’t wanna f*ck around with me. Know why?

Bray: I’m the one that’s undefeated against the first Turmoil World Champion. I’m the one who humbled OCW Hall of Famer Parker Stevens by beating him with his own move. I’m the one who won the Battle of the Codebreakers. Every opponent I’ve faced leaves the ring pissed off with what I do, for better or for worse. I leave a mark on carnage on my opponents, whether they notice it or not. And the rook’s gonna notice that tonight.

Bray: Because once the night’s over, after I beat Wolf Man, you can start calling me Bray, the “God of War”. Because I’m raining this war down on anyone and EVERYONE who gets in my way, starting with you Basil. And once I’m done with him, James, you and I got some unfinished business to attend to, “friend”.


Next up we have a Hall of Famer and another rookie.

Will experience reign or will the rookie get another big win.


Turmoil #1 Contender Round 1
Wrex vs Jacob Trance

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The Camera cuts backstage.

Scene opens with The thud of the biggest and hardest coc...fists in OCW hitting a punching bag. Camera zooms out to see rapid breathing by large Edward.

 Belt is as good as mine. Then KD and I are gonna main event this biggest show of the goddamn summer! I run this shit!

Ed had broken six bags. The bags were lying around like a war zone the weight room. He hooked one up a new one. Without a word or a moment's hesitation and started in on it.

Thud. Thud. Thud thud thud.

The bag swung a little on its chain due to his solid punches. He'd been at this since before dawn, motivating himself, beating the living daylights out of the bags. Heather simply nodded along as Ed broke the final bag. It slammed against the wall, and he flexed. 

: I’m doing this for Turmoil. We need a new Champion. And it’s gonna happen, tonight!


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Congrats to the winner, but man Big Ed is looking for gold tonight.

I'm a big man but Big Ed has me shook... Oh it looks like our next match is starting right now.

Singles Match
Bray vs Basil

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The Camera cuts backstage.


Solid showing by those two.

Turmoil's stars are not playing around tonight.


* Kat stands in the back looking at the monitor *

Jim Black : Well Kat what's on the horizon for the former longest reigning Bombshell champion? 

Kat : Well some people want to be champ. Some think because they have been here for years and some because they are the new flavor. Now me I've earned everything. For every win, every loss it was all me. Well except when I was triple teamed by those thots and I loss my title but that's in the past.

Jim Black : Well is there a future or is it time to retire?

Kat : Not yet Jimmy! I think there is still another run in me. So if I have to start from the bottom then work my way back to the top. So I'll be watching these chicken heads extremely close tonight.

Jim Black : Well you heard it here, watch girls Kat is back!