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Las Vegas, Nevada

Nate Ortiz appears on the screen to the cheers of the live crowd. The creator of Black Sunday is dressed in a custom grey suit, white shirt, and blue tie. He walks into the Revolution Inc. Locker room to find his daughter Sophia Ortiz getting in the zone for her title defense.

Nate: Daughter…

Sophia: Father…

Sophia doesn’t even look up. The tone is much more serious than the usual between the two. Nate lets out a sigh begins to speak again.

Nate: I know I don’t need to say this but I have to. Just keep it clean out there tonight. Now I know this is just about competition and testing yourself, but  things change when you get under those lights and have gold on the line.

Nate: A little competition can turn into a real fight in a heartbeat. You can ask Versus what hell we’ve put each other through over the past 14 years. Many times in matches that were just for the competition.

Sophia: Tiffany isn't a friend, or even a teammate. She's family. And that's a line that you just can't cross with family. So don't worry about that, a little friendly competition is all it will be… show the 2nd generation Sensation how 2nd generation Ortizs roll.

Sophia smiles and gives father a fist bump.

Sophia: By the way, how are you feeling after what happened on Riot?? What the hell was that about?

Nate: I’ve been through worse. Whoever it was will get theirs. You don’t hunt what you can’t kill.

Nate rubs his back a little before continuing.

Nate: Like I said I didn’t need to say that but I had to. Good luck tonight. Tiffany is off getting ready. I’ll be cheering for both of you. I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be the hardest match I’ve ever had to watch. But I’ll leave you to it. I have to give the same speech to Tiff, and I’m sure the tone is going to be a lot louder than ours. Nate sighs as he exits leaving the Women’s Champion to prepare.

Family drama is the best. But not as good as chance at the Turmoil Championship.

Round 1 matches are up next. Will it be a Trashman or a Shepherd?

Turmoil #1 Contender Round 1
The Good Shepherd vs Kassidy Hayes

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

And on he goes.

Just when you thought, nope it was over.


The scene opens on a hastily set up backstage interview space which seems to only consist of a bed sheet and cheap IKEA lights.

Jim Black Welcome my guest at this moment, Wrex.

Wrex You're finally doing your job instead of sneaking up on people?

Jim Black Wrex, for some reason you're involved in a four person tournament to crown a new number one contender for the Turmoil championship. How are you feeling.

Wrex Right, I forgot about that.

Jim Black Forgot what?

Wrex The tournament. How do I feel about it? I don't really care about it.

Jim Black What do you mean you don't care about it?

Wrex Jimmy my only reason for wanting anything to do with this is who's in it. In fact they're the first round opponent for me. Trance, Trance is a last thing I have to deal with on my list. For most of my time here there were a few people I've had some trouble with, people that made me look like a fool. 

Wrex Two of them aren't with us, one of which was fired, I'll let Ding slide, anyone who has an issue with Austin is fine in my books and speaking of him, I beat Austin for my future shot so case closed, I win. Last on that list is Trance. I need to beat him so I can move on to brighter pastures.

Jim Black And the rest of the tournament?

Wrex The rest of the tournament doesn't matter to me. Who wins doesn't matter to me. Whether its Kass, Shepard or myself because at the end of the night. No matter who's in front of the line at that belt of his. I.

He holds his Future Investment case to the camera.

Wrex I can flip them the bird and skip right past them because I'm the guy with the golden ticket. And at the end of the night as long as I beat that fat f**k. I've already won.

Jim Black And If Trance manages beats you?

Wrex If that actually happens.. then I wait for my chance to try again. I can be patient when I want to be believe it or not. I can wait for my chance, just like I've been doing since Savage Lands. Time is on my side Jim. We done?

Jim Black No I think that's everything. Back to the show.