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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as 12 Year Anniversary Theme blares.

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THE OFFICIAL 12 Year Anniversary THEME

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS 12 Year Anniversary gets underway.

The Camera pans to ramp as an old nostalgic tune hits and the duo of Scaggs and Poling head down to the ring!! The packed crowd roars in excitement and begins to chant "WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK!

Welcome to the 12 Year Anniversary Show!

I can't belive we have lasted for 12 Years!

This is an amazing feat.


I don't think you said that correctly, but regardless, tonight is a special night and we have an amazing show for you!

I can't wait!!!!! 3 Generations of OCW 1 Big Night!


As the opening show fireworks end, we find the cameras panning towards the crowd where we find The Overlord in his new updated and expanded D.A.M Skybox. The rest of The Purge are all surrounding him with surprisingly relaxed expressions on their face. The Overlord with a huge grin on his face pats the custom Mugenta made OCW World Championship that is draped over his shoulder.


The crowd roars in approval at the cheap pop.

Mugen: Wait a second, I thought I was home tonight. NEW YORK CITY!

The crowd gets even louder the second time at the request of the Overlord.

Mugen: That's what I like to hear, now pipe down as I have to speak. Surrounding me here are individuals, stars, people who have laid down the foundations of OCW, future legends, and then there's.......

Mugen points at somebody in the pack and as the camera zooms, we realize he is pointing at no other than a disheveled looking Mr. Sensation.

Mugen: This man right here, he may have laid down the foundation for SS OCW BUT, he started steering it in the wrong direction..........BUT ITS OKAY CUZ I AM THE CAPTAIN NOW

Mugen starts cackling at his outdated movie reference.

Mugen: Anyhoot, look at who is surrounding me. Molly, Dimsmore, Lacy couldn’t make it here tonight post shoulder surgery. Tobin, Baker, Kassidy, Liger Mask, Bertha, Wilma and........Sensation. Look at us, we have all been involved in the most integral parts of OCW during the past 12 years, it's almost as if tonight's show is to celebrate THE PURGE.

Mugen starts laughing as smirks are formed on the other members of The Purge.

Mugen: No, seriously, look at us. In terms of combined wrestling experience, we got.....

Mugen starts pointing at each of the members of The Purge and starts counting to himself. Liger Mask steps up to Mugen.

Liger Mask: Ciento cuarenta y tres.

Mugen: WHAT?!

Liger Mask: I say again amigo, ciento cuarenta y tres. Cent quarante trois.

Mugen: No no no no no no, that's not how it works. Jesus christ. We do not have 143 years in combined experience here. And when did you start speaking French?

Liger Mask: Que?

Mugen: GET BACK!

Liger Mask slyly moves back to the pack of Purge members where he is visibly seen chuckling to himself. Mugen shakes it off and gets back to his speech.

Mugen: We here have roughly 53 years of experience DESTROYING, DOMINATING, year after year, month after month, week after week, day after day.

Mugen turns towards Dimsmore.

Mugen: Tell me my friends, what are we going to do tonight?

Dimsmore turns towards the microphone.

Dimsmore: Continue to show why we are the most ominous force in OCW.

Mugen smiles as he turns to a new look Tobin Frost.

Mugen: And who are we going to beat tonight?

Tobin: Anyone that gets in our way Overlord. It's not about putting smiles on kids faces, or doing what's right. It's about doing what's best for us. And what's best for us is whatever we want. OCW a world of hurt is coming your way, so make it easy on yourselves and take the beatings. Because one way or another The Purge will get what it wants.

Mugen turns towards Kassidy with the microphone in hand and sticks it in the face of the usually quiet Kassidy.

Mugen: Tell the world what you are going to do.

Kassidy: Just as I stood a top of the roster of Turmoil last year being crowned the first Turmoil Champion, I am going to be crowned the First Light Heavyweight Champion of this era and there won't be anyone to try and screw me out of it.

Kassidy looks at Mugen,

Kassidy: I trust you'll make sure of that, Overlord.

Anthony Baker is seen in the background jumping up and down raising his hand to speak.

Mugen: Son, put your hand down. You know your mission tonight. Beat the man who shall not be mentioned in my glorious promo.

Mugen takes his OCW World Heavyweight Championship and raises it in the air with one hand as he speaks.

Mugen: The Purge starts off tonight on top of the world, and we will finish it off right where we started. The S-Cup final is upon us and as you know, my opponent, poor poor Drago Cesar was........dropped by Sensation here at September 2 Remember. Please, let's all give Drago 10 seconds of silence as we pray for his quick recovery, I know you can hear us in the hospital buddy!

Mugen lowers the microphone and his head for two seconds but before we know it Mugen starts laughing to himself and puts his arm around Molly.

Mugen: SORRY sorry sorry Drago, you only get two seconds of my time tonight. So instead of a match, I will provide to you the grandest of all celebrations as we crown me your new S-Cup Champion. WELCOME TO THE 12TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SHOW!

Mugen drops the microphone as he motions for all of The Purge to step back and get ready for their matches. As the scene fades out we hear Mugen yell loudly, "WHY ARE YOU SPINNING THE DIAL ON YOUR WATCH?! THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS LIGER."

The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Purge looks primed to launch the opening Salvo in the WAR for OCW, tonight!

It's gonna be crazy!

Up first! The 2nd Generation Star T.J.B makes his Pay Per View Debut against the rookie Samsin Simsin!

Isn't that RD's Kid? I hope he breaks his collar bone!


Samsin Simsin vs Thaddius Jenius Bentley

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

(checks his watch) GOD DAM!!!

He did it!

The x-tron flickers on and the scene opens as a dusty old campervan rolls into the arena carpark, the driver's door opens which releases a plume of dark smoke, followed by Joe Zhivago. He flicks his hand-rolled cigarette onto the tarmac, stamps it out, takes a deep breath and makes his way to the entrance. He's approached by a greasy, little man armed with a clipboard.

Greasy man:
Excuse me, sir...

Joe stops to listen to the man

Greasy man: I'm sorry, but this car park and entrance are for superstars only. I'm going to have to ask you to move your vehicle to the main car park.

Joe frowns and looks a little irritated.

What are you talking about? There must be some mistake. Check your list: Joe Zhivago - the Prime Cut!

The man looks up and down his clipboard and shakes his head.

Greasy man
I'm sorry, sir, no Zhivagoo’s here.

Joe straightens up and takes a step closer to the man, who takes a step backwards.


Joe points his thumb into his chest to punctuate each syllable of his surname. Frustrated by this embarrassing situation, Joe Storms back to his van and screeches off in it, engulfing the greasy little man in exhaust. Camera fades

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Can't catch a break.


Scene opens up on a back door to the arena. As the camera zooms in, the door burst open but the bright light of the outside blurs out the screen. As the camera adjust, coming into focus is Cactus Gauge who is dressed in his Watering Hole shirt, white sunglasses, Jordans and a duffel bag. Cactus takes a look around before quickly walking towards the locker room.

Turning the corner Cactus runs into Sophia. Stunned, Cactus takes off his glasses to speak, but Sophia doesn’t see him.

Cactus: Wow...

Startled Sophia: You scared me!

Cactus: It’s been too long Sophia. You look great.

Cactus loses focus of his original task and just stands there in silence.

Sophia: Thank you. umm… I'm up here, Cactus.

Sophia gestures for Cactus’s gaze to move back upward.

Sophia: Did you need something?

Cactus: Nah. Not really. Just hanging out, ya know.

Sophia: Oh, Ok…

Cactus: So you’ve been working out, I see. Keeping in shape, you look great.

Cactus: Do you dance?

Sophia: Do I dance?

Cactus: You know. 1-2-3.

Cactus acts out the whitest 2 step that he knows.

Cactus catches himself: Oh, wait! I am sorry. I remember now.

Cactus: I am looking for Gentleman Jack. Have you seen him?

Sophia: Hmm sorry Gauge, I haven’t. Maybe if you find Ed you’ll find him not far behind.

Cactus: Ok, gotcha.

Cactus reaches for Sophia’s hand, which she mistakes for an attempt at a handshake and obliges. Instead, Cactus grasps it awkwardly in both his hands.

Cactus: Thanks anyways Soph, it was a pleasure to see you...Please, keep on doin’ whatever it is that you're doing with yourself, it shows.

Sophia smiles hesitantly and looks around for an out.

Sophia: … Thanks…good luck?

Cactus walks off screen but quickly returns to look Sophia over one last time.

Cactus: If you see him, let me know. Talk later? Ok, ya, let’s do that.

Cactus dances away from Sophia - singing…

Cactus: A one and a two and a one and a two.

Cactus continues his Gentleman Jack search when he runs into Loki coming out of the bathroom, seemingly drying his hands on his shirt.

Cactus: Loki! Loki, have you seen Jack anywhere?

Loki without even looking up, mumbles something and continues to walk.

Cactus: Ok, good talk.

As Cactus finds another hall he runs into Madison, who’s fixing her hair and makeup in a small wall mirror. She cups her own chest and tells herself how beautiful she is.

Cactus: Queen Madison, please, excuse my abruptness.

Her arms quickly drop to her side as she scowls at Cactus.

Madison: At least you called me Queen. Like, I can’t even be mad at you….too much. You have 60 seconds. Okay?...what is it?

Cactus: Queen, I am looking for the gentleman of all gentleman - Gentleman Jack. Have you seen him?

Madison returns to looking at her appearance in the reflection.

Madison: I thought this was something urgent. I am sorry to have to inform you that I have not. He’s probably got his face buried between the thighs of a chubby Mexican woman. I can only imagine how kind they are to men of...fairer skin due to recent events. They need to work hard to get a green card, after all.

Cactus grabs Madison’s hand and gives it a quick kiss.

Cactus: Thank you Queen, enjoy your night. Send my well wishes to King Dennis. I must continue my journey.

As Cactus lets go of Madison’s hand, she looks at it in disgust. She begins rummaging through her purse for her spray hand sanitizer. Madison mumbles, hoping that Cactus didn’t have some sort of aids.

Cactus leaves Madison and walks past an emergency escape door which is locked from the inside. Someone can be heard fighting with the handle. Cactus rushes over and swings open the door, knocking the person on the other side down.

Cactus: Jack?

Joe Zhivago: Jack? No, it’s Joe! I’ve been trying…

Cactus interrupts: Joe, have you seen Jack?

Joe: NO! I am still trying to get in the…

Cactus interrupts: I don’t have time for this Joe. I am trying to find Jack!

Cactus slams the door and gets back to his journey, leaving Joe still locked out of the Arena.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He's on a mission that they say is impossible!


In keeping with tradition the NEW ERA of OCW hits the ring in a Rookie Rush!

Lets see what they got!



Wrex vs Sir Henry Francis vs Graham Hatton

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That was an interesting affair!

He sealed that deal with authority!


Camera fades outside of #Influence locker room, as #Austin Lee standing by with Stacey Clark. #Austin sipping on his redbull as he slides his arm around Stacey. The sign on the door to the locker room begins to tremble as the door shakes behind them.

Stacey looks back at the door then to #Austin, who takes another sip of redbull ignoring the shaking of the door behind them.

#Austin Lee:
First thing first…. 12 years and still going strong on behalf of #Influence would like to raise a glass to the men and women who help make this possible.

#Austin finishes off his redbull and throws the empty can down the hall. The locker room door continues to shake a voice begins to come from the other side of the door.

????: Jackson……Jackson…..Jackson……

Stacey looks back at #Austin who continues as if he didn’t hear the voice.

#Austin Lee: Now that we have that out the way let’s talk some business…Tonight let’s get one thing straight those tag belts mean nothing to the #Influence. The fact they waited till the rightful number 1 tag team on Turmoil to be hurt or out filming in Hollywood to introduce the belts just shows you how things work around here.

#Austin Lee: Hell they won’t even allow us to fight the guy who even took our opportunity away from us, #JackMo……

A loud bang is heard behind the door as it shakes more as the beating continues on it.

?????: Jackson!!!!!

Stacey Clark: But you have a shot tonight…

#Austin Lee: The only shot we are interested in is one at Jackson.

Stacey Clark: We?

#Austin Lee knocks on the door and steps to the side, the door rips open as Sid Harrison walks out slamming the door shut and headbutting it.

Sid Harrison: We!

#Austin Lee: Welcome back big man.

#Influence begins their walk to the ring as the camera fades to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

They are up later tonight!

It Promises to be interesting!