Name: Versus

From: Dedham, Massachusetts

Finishing Move: Dime Bag Drop, Slow Ride, Karma Cutter

Patented Moves: JD Shuffle

Career Highlights: OCW Unified Champion, 3X OCW Tag Team Champion, 1X OCW North American Champion, 1X OCW Champion, 1X CCW Champion, 2005 Role Player of the Year, 2005 Most Improved, 2006 Best Tag Team, 2006 Contributor to funniest moment of 2006.

Trained By: Cheech Marin, Dilinger Dandridge

"Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 "- Versus

Where The Weed At?

Versus’ career began in a small e-fed in the lower levels of the information superhighway, named HVW. His gimmick, although not a gimmick at all, immediately gained the attention of the wrestlers, spectators, and management alike. A passive, yet sometimes quick tempered “pot-head”. Maybe pot-head is an understatement. He’s a stoner beyond most “pot-head’s” comprehensions. Stoned for matches, meetings and meals, he never met a product with THC that he didn’t like. He was known as a technician and submissionist. He climbed the ranks of HVW rapidly, obtaining 2 titles in his 3 months there, holding the Television and Extremist title in his tenure.

After hearing about another e-feds with a more active community, a more dedicated role playing core, and just all around better talent. Where else would an overachieving stoner/wrestler go to compete, than somewhere that offers the absolute best. After filling out the job application, running through a credit check, and background check, Jaysin Sensation welcomed Johnny Devonaire aka Versus into the OCW community in June of 2005.

Versus, never shy of confrontations, immediately began to prove his worth…at least verbally…to the vets around OCW. Verbally bashing people, who clearly have it coming, and then most of the time, backing it up in the ring. He began his career in OCW facing the likes of Scott Randal, David Jackson (his former HVW colleague) and future champion RD Money. Versus first big break came in a match for a shot at the OCW Unified Championship held by OCW’s resident super-heel Geomon. After a tight match, complete with reversal battles, and finishers, ended in a submission. With Geomon tapping out to Versus (using a facelock). In the following match for the OCW Unified Championship against Geomon, Versus defeated Geomon due to disqualification.

That match would be a virtual turning point for Versus. He discovered his voice, and decided to use it. It was about that time that Versus had the grand opening of Versus bar. An interview segment held in a bar, which always opens with a drink in the hand of the guest. This also introduced us to Versus long time friend, and social security receiver, Ed. Always ready with a drink and his rolling papers, wherever Versus is you can guarantee, Ed’s not far behind. Versus personality made it easy to make friends around OCW. It wasn’t long before Versus ran into his exact opposite, in a tough Englishman named Blade. At the time, Blade hosted a live radio version of “The Reactor”. During this time, Blade and Versus became close friends, and began working to bring more entertainment into the still blossoming OCW. Little did they know, just what an impact they would indeed bring to OCW.

At that time, NGX was running rampid. Spreading it’s poison through the veins of OCW. OCW CEO Jaysin Sensation decided to form a temporary alliance with Blade and Versus to combat the NGX attack on OCW. All worked out well, nothing noticeably different, except the disappearance of NGX within a month after the alliance of Versus, Blade and Jaysin. Once NGX finally disbanded, Versus and Blade went their separate ways…for a little while. Further down the road, more and more heel factions were placing a firm grasp around the throat of OCW. At this time, Versus decided that he’d seen enough, and he wasn’t the only one. Not long after, Versus and Blade formed what would be the most decorated, successful, dominant Faction in OCW history. Revolution Inc was formed, and immediately made an impact. With Versus and Blade distributing their own form of justice to the once dominant factions, the numbers game began to get the best of them. It was then, that Versus and Blade decided they needed yet another wrestler, who stood for the same beliefs and ethics. Nate Ortiz was the man who fit the bill perfectly. After the acquisition of Nate Ortiz, Revolution Inc began it’s crusade. As the rise of the Revolution came, the demise of a once great power came. The Militia, decimated by turncoats, and self absorbance, crumbled down to the very foundation. With Recon leaving, it left only Yohansen to try to carry the full load, which turned out to be impossible.

At this time, Versus long time friend Ed had been kidnapped by the resident OCW sexually disturbed psychopath, Gary A. Young (G.A.Y.) After weeks of torturing Versus by showing Ed in different, extremely awkward, homosexual situations, Versus had enough. He left a taping of Animosity early after receiving a call with the whereabouts of Gary. After finding Gary in a tranny bar, Versus knocked him unconscious and brought him to an abandoned aqueduct, where Versus frequents to “smoke and spray” (smoke ganja and spraypaint). This is where OCW first got to see the dark side of Versus. In almost a tribute to the movie Reservoir Dogs, Versus calmly tied G.A.Y. to the back of his jeep, with a contraption he called the “Gas Mask”. Initially, Versus used the “gas mask” to take hits of his ganja. But that friendly device quickly turned into a death device for one Gary A. Young. With one end of a tube connected to the tail pipe of Versus’ Jeep, and the other end connected to the gas mask, Versus gave the option of taking a bunch of nice big hits from the exhaust pipe, or give up the whereabouts of Ed. After a phone call to David Nova, G.A.Y. decided to offer Ed back to Versus in a ladder match, with the key to Ed’s cage held high above the ring, apparently attached to a championship belt. Versus ran through Gary like a hot knife through warm butter, getting Ed back to where he belongs. (Ed is still in therapy because of that event)

It was around this time, when Versus received his second opportunity for OCW gold. The champion at the time, was Pitbull, the match was for the OCW Unified Championship. After a match consisting of questionable tactics, and multiple reversal combinations, Versus got the pin over Pitbull, winning his first OCW gold. Shortly after, in a title rematch, Pitbull would have the upper hand, and sneak one past Versus. Not one to let things effect him for too long, Versus began to do work, until he got back to gold. But, it was the turn of the year, time for the award’s ceremony. After almost 6 straight months of talking the talk, and walking the walk, Versus received the “Best Role Player” award, and “Most Improved” award for 2005.

It wasn’t far after the awards ceremony, when Revolution Inc found their missing link for Revolution Inc. After adding Nick Kage to the roster, the 4 corners of the Revolution were formed. Around this time, Versus and newfound faction mate Nick Kage, found themselves in a match for the newly founded OCW North American Championship. After a long battle at the Clash, Versus pulled a victory away from his new counterpart. But immediately after the match, something seemed wrong. Nick left and began acting differently in the locker room. With the tension in the locker room, and the backstage politics of Mayhem in the ring, Versus was robbed of his title at a taping of Riot in February 2006, when the specially appointed referee was bribed by Mayhem to help him win the match. Only to have Mayhem decimate Val Finale immediately after the match.

Next up, one of the most bittersweet nights of Versus, and Revolution Inc.’s career’s and lives. Road to Glory, 2006, Versus and Nick Kage face off against faction mate, Nate Ortiz, and street savvy hardcore wrestler, BM Diggs. This match was for the OCW Tag Team Championship. After a long and tortuous match, Versus made BM Diggs tap out, crowning Versus and Nick Kage, Revolution Inc, OCW Tag Team Champions for the first time. Later that night, while celebrating in the locker room, Nate Ortiz attacked Revolution Inc, setting the bar aflame, and locking Revolution Inc in the room behind him.

Nate Ortiz turned his back on Versus, and the rest of Revolution Inc without looking back. During that time, Revolution Inc began to show a darker side, a side that people probably didn’t want to see. Once by locating Nate Ortiz at a tanning salon, and locking him in the tanning bed for an extended period, laying down the gauntlet, and making him regret ever turning on Revolution Inc. But Nate wasn’t done. Finding Versus riding his motorcycle on the highway, and smashing into it.

OOC: During this time, I (Rich) was driving my motorcycle down the highway, only to be struck by a drunk driver, sending me about 100 feet from my motorcycle. Breaking my arm, 3 ribs, dislocating my other shoulder. I arrived at the hospital and they say within an hour, my heart stopped beating for 3 minutes, until they revived me. After the accident and a nice stay in Chez Doctors (aka the hospital). I was released, and went back to my house, where I’d stay for months of recuperation. Ok, back in character.

With Versus gone, Nate thought he would go into Wrestlution uninterrupted. After he successfully defended his OCW Championship against Tyranny, Nate Ortiz celebrated in the ring, only to stand in shock as he heard Versus theme music. Versus made his way down to the ring, getting in Nate’s face, and offering up his career against Nate Ortiz’s title right there, right then. Nate, knowing of Versus condition, accepted his challenge. The match, one of the best in OCW history, consisted of almost :45 straight seconds of nothing but reversals. The end of the match came, when Versus hit Nate Ortiz with his own finisher, the Ortiz Express (spear). Winning the OCW Championship for the first time, and sending Nate Ortiz out of OCW for a small period of time.

Not far after this triumph came another surprise for Versus. A hell in a cell match with OCW’s burger king, Sideshow the Clown. After falling from the cell numerous times, it took a toll on the already beaten body of Versus. Versus fell victim to Sideshow and lost the OCW Championship. On the horizon laid another task for Versus and Revolution Inc. Theatre of Pain began running wild on OCW, making their mark by brutally attacking people, unprovoked. Revolution Inc would stand tall once again. And hold their own in a very long, bloody violence filled feud with ToP. Climaxing at Red Sunday, when Revolution Inc faced off against ToP in the first ever Faction Gauntlet. Versus took down 2 men before falling to Guy Fausto. Revolution Inc would lose 2 other men before Nate Ortiz stepped up and took out the remaining ToP members.

During this feud, Versus and then tag team partner Nick Kage would capture tag gold again against the Kold Killers. Being a man short made the job that much easier for Revolution Inc. It was around this time, during that partner and close friend Nick Kage would begin to deceive his partner and faction. Even after winning the tag championship for a 3rd time, Nick Kage decided to turn on his partner and faction mate. Leaving Versus to defend the tag championships alone against the team of Michael Heaton and Blake Ma’jin. Being a man short, made the job that much easier for Hollywood Express.

But being a man who’s known to bounce back from a setback, Versus recovered and soon found himself in a match for tag gold, helping an old friend in Samuel. Versus and Samuel formed the first inter faction tag team, 4:20. Winning the tag championship once more, from the very team who took it from Versus in the first place. Of course, being a man short….you already know.

Versus has been through hell and back, and never stopped smoking during the ride. His history preceeds him, and will for the remainder of his career. Versus has made OCW history before, and will continue to for years to come. Fall down 7 times, get up 8. But no matter if you’re up or down, stay high.