Name: Steven "The Steve" Jones

From: Rochester, New York

Finishing Move: Ironcutter The Steve (Modified Ace Crusher), The Steve (Kata Hajime), The Steve (Anaconda Vise)

Patented Moves: The Steve (Rolling German Suplexes), Welcome To Rochester, Motherf***er (Double Underhook Backbreaker), BRAINBUSSAAAA!! (Cross-Arm Brainbuster), Shining The Steve (Running Shining Wizard)

Career Highlights: 3 Time OCW Tag Team Champion , OCW Television Champion, OCW International Champion, 2007 High Stakes Tournament Winner, 2006 Most Improved Wrestler, and countless other awards The Steve forgets to mention.

Trained By: Philis Brooks, Thomas Chong, Timothy Leary, Sasuke Ichigoma

"The Steve Is Better Than You"- The Steve

The Steve's The Steve!

The Steve's career began as Steve Jones, a fresh faced rookie to the e-wrestling business with a Japanese Puro and Canadian technical wrestling background back in December of 2005 rather unceremoniously in an impromptu match ordered by then GM of Riot, Geomon, against Tyler Ewanchuk, which Steve suffered a defeat. For the next few weeks, Steve was enhancement talent pitted against other OCW veterans like Tyranny, Pitbull, & fellow OCW Hall of Famer Sideshow the Klown.

Also during this formative time, Steve joined forces with two other OCW newcomers Samuel Von Kerin and Nathan Gaines in the Youngbloodz faction. Almost immediately, Steve and Nathan began to butt heads on the leadership of the newly formed faction. This in-fighting would come to a head at The Clash PPV in a ladder match for full control of the Youngblood (a PPV debut for both men). Steve won the match and took control of the faction.

Shortly after the PPV, Steve became embattled in a bitter four month feud with Majin originally when Steve came to the defense of Shawna Taylor, the Asylum ring announcer, due to Majin‘s harassment of her, but it quickly escalated when Majin started attacking Steve's Youngbloodz faction mates. The feud saw both men exchange multiple wins and losses against each other, as well as many backstage altercations.

During this time, Steve achieved a milestone in his short career to that point when he upset DaPastor on an episode of Riot to qualify for the Future Investment match at the inaugural Wrestlution PPV.

After Wrestlution I, Majin and Steve continued their feud until the episode of Asylum where a tag team match was booked that pitted Steve and Samuel from the Youngbloodz against Majin and Mad Michael Morrison from the newly formed faction Theatre of Pain. In the middle of this match, Steve unexpectedly turned on his faction mate in the middle of the match and defected to ToP, siding with the very man he's been fighting with for months.

Upon joining, Majin and Steve entered the tag team title scene, which netted them 2 OCW tag Team Championships and the WWO Tag Team Championship, which Majin and Steve burned in the middle of the ring two days after winning them on an episode of Asylum.

After Steve's tag team run, he set his sights on OCW North American Champion Tyler Ewanchuk, calling Tyler ‘a transitional champion that has no business holding a heavyweight title'. Also during this time, Steve transitioned from Steve Jones to the cigarette smoking, hard drinking, egotistical, drug addict ‘The Steve'. Tyler and The Steve faced off at Summercide for the OCW North American Championship in a ladder match, where after a brutal 30 minute match, Tyler came away with the victory.

After another unsuccessful shot at Tyler and the North American Championship and another short run as OCW Tag Team Champions with Majin, The Steve and BM Diggs were in a two month feud when BM Diggs grew tired of The Steve preaching the wonders of recreational drug use. The feud wasn't completely resolved, as both men traded wins in consecutive PPVs.

Following his feud with BM Diggs, The Steve had a few other chances at the North American Championship against such champions such as Chris Mania and AJ Phoenix, but always just came up short of attaining the title. In between North American title shots The Steve feuded against the likes of The Steve's long time smoking partner and Hall of Famer Versus, Hall of Famer Nate Ortiz, and others.

Shortly before the OCW/CCW split, The Steve was booked in an OCW Television Championship match against Leonheart, to the shock of OCW, The Steve finally broke his streak of losing in singles championship matches by defeating Leonheart to capture the OCW Television Championship.

When the OCW/CCW brand split happened, The Steve was drafted to CCW, bringing the Television Championship with him. Upon arriving in CCW, The Steve was challenged for his CCW Television Championship by Chris Ryder. During the championship match, The Steve was upset when Chris Ryder rolled him up with a possum pin.

After that, The Steve moved up to the main event picture when he unsuccessfully challenged champions Versus and RD Money for their CCW World Championship. After fighting RD Money to a count out for the title, The Steve disappeared for a few months when he was pulled over by police in Western New York and charged with possession or narcotics.

Upon fulfilling his obligation to the state, The Steve made his return back to CCW…not as The Steve, but returning as Steve Jones. He came back to mentor newcomer Vindicator in his feud against Wesley Adams Poe. One day however, Vindicator grew impatient and decided that he didn't need Steve anymore, so in the same vain as Steve did early in his career, Vindicator decided to team up with his former enemy Poe. With this betrayal, Steve challenged both Vindicator and Poe to a handicap match at Wrestlution III to settle the score.

Shortly after Wrestlution III, Steve returned to his old ways and became The Steve once more, and also joined with Smythe DaWonder and Hall of Famer Versus in the Bloodline faction. During this time, he was put in a 4-way match for the new created OCW International Championship at the King of OCW PPV against Kang James, Chris Mania, & then North American Champion Adrian Bold. when CCW and OCW merged. Kang James was victorious in that match and became the new OCW International Champion, but immediately The Steve made it known that he was challenging Kang for his newly won title. The next month at Summercide, The Steve finally won a singles title at a PPV when he defeated Kang to win the OCW International Title. The Steve successfully defended his title against Vincent Valmont before dropping it to Kang James, where afterwards he decided to hang the boots up, at least for the time being…