Name: Steven Yohansen

From: East Coast U.K

Finishing Move: The Reality Check, Yohansen Slam

Career Highlights: OCW European Heavywieght Champion.

Trained By: Danny Williams

"The Man That Dam Well Can" - Yohansen

Yohansen is a vet in OCW, joining well over a year ago. He has accomplished so much in his career, he won the Euro Heavyweight Championship, which was stripped from him after he failed to show for a match as he believed it was the right thing to do.

Steven Yohansen got to where he is today by himself alone. Holding the Militia by himself, and beating off any opponent that came his way in the process.

Defeating Karim at Wrestlution was the pinnacle of his accomplishments. Everyone was against him, but he got the job done when it was necesary.

Steven Yohansen believes in fair play, great role plays and ownage!!