Klown Aint No Joke!

Name: Sideshow The Klown

From: New Orleans, Louisiana

Finishing Move: The Klown Krusher, Cannonball

Patented Moves: Klown Shoe, The Klownsault, Brown Nose

Career Highlights: 1st OCW Amerikana Champion, Macho Show, OCW World Champion

Trained By: PT.Barnum, Killer Kowalaski Jr.

"This Clown Aint No Joke! "- Sideshow

This Is NO Laughing Matter!

Twisted , insane , a freak of nature these are just few words to describe Sideshow The Klown , one thing that will never be argued is that The Klown is one of the true Icons of Online Championship Wrestling.

Sideshow's early life is a mystery but his past can be traced back to his days as a circus clown for ringling brothers circus , his career of entertaining circus goer's was tragically cut short after being terminated for repeated complaints by adult circus goers saying Sideshow was giving thier children nightmares for weeks after watching him perform.

Soon after leaving ringling brothers The Klown decided to persue the only other thing he had talent in , kicking people's asses. Sideshow quickly enrolled in a local wrestling school and upon graduating joined the then fledgling OCW making his wrestling debut @ the first ever OCW event Indy Style easily disposing of Man2King in the opening bout.

Feuds with such OCW future hall of famers as Mr. Quinn and Mayhem followed thereafter. The Klown would strike gold becoming the first ever OCw Amerikana Champion defeating none other then his heated rival Mayhem in the 2 out of 3 fall tournament final. Sideshow's run as Amerikana champ would end up being short lived however as the the big man Mayhem was consumed with revenge and defeated Sideshow in a rematch but the Klown carried on spreading his reputation for violence and insanity along the way .

Times would soon be changing as OCW moved to a new platform and Sideshow came along for the ride , Sideshow's OCWX run would not last for long though after a greuling cell match with Recon where The Klown took the plunge that would leave him on the shelf indefinately so we thought. The Klown quickly kept himself in the mix assuming colour comentator dutys for the short lived OCW Strife. In the Summer of 2005 OCW was set for an invasion by the NGX and the Klown was expected to stand strong and proud under the OCW banner but in the end the Klown shocked the world joining the dominating faction and ending his short retirement.

This would lead to Sideshow eventually winning his 2nd championship beating Static to win the vacant OCW International Title , the NGX would soon begin to crumble and Sideshow was there to take over the leadership of the faction with help from his old friend Mayhem this would prove to be a mistake for the Klown as The Juice had plans of his own and formed The Death Syndicate with Fixxxer in a pool of the Klown's blood.

This would once again shelve the Klown but it would prove to once again be momentarily. Sideshow seeked revenge against TDS and got it defeating Mayhem at The Clash in a hellacious contest . The Klown would then have a date with destiny facing Franchise Nate Ortiz @ Road To glory in his first ever World Heavyweight Championship match up. fate would prove that it wasn't fattys time.

The Klown would immerse himself in a blood feud with "The Natural" Nick Kage that would lead to several violent matches where brutality would be taken to a new level. These two men continue to have a deep hatred for one another that continues to this day. on May 9th 2006 Sideshow The Klown would reach the pinnacle of his OCW career defeating Versus to win his first ever OCW World Heavyweight Championship proving once and for all that "This Klown Ain't No Joke!"