Name: Recon

From: Honolulu, Hawaii

Finishing Move: Justice Spear, Freedom Twist

Career Highlights: Last OCW Amerikana Champion, Longest reigning Amerikana Champion, 1st OCWX Unified Champion

Trained By: ????????

"Prepare for WAR!!!!"-Recon

The Last Amerikana Champion

No other wrestler in the history of OCW has stood for more then Recon. From his military background Recon was built with discipline and dedication.

The story of Recon is that of humble beginings. Starting off in the Indy scene of OCW and working his way up. Paying his dues, it has been said in the early going even thou he lost Recon would refuse to lose often being subjegated to 3-4 Ending Moves before finally taking the fall.Such began his legacy a man who learned from each and every mistake and whose heart and courage would take him to the edge and back again.

It was only a matter of time before destiny met up with Recon, after many intense matches with OCW Alumni such as Big Merc, Sideshow the Klown, Da Pastor and Miles Wylde oppourtunity finally knocked on the door of Recon. A match with non other than Thug Life begain what is known today as the longest title reign in OCW history.

Once the belt was in his possession Recon did every thing possible to retain his title, known as the fighting champ recon accepted any form of match in order to prove why he is the champion. A final match at OCW End Games brought his legacy full circle.

Defeating Mr.Quinn in the Main Event to become THE FINAL OCW Amerikana Champion. OCW and OCWX honor Recon for his dedication undying will and competitive spirit.