Name: Greatness, RD Money

From: Baltimore, Maryland

Finishing Move: Greatness Bomb,Mutt Sack, "CERTIFIED" Greatness

Career Highlights: Longest reigning CCW Heavyweight Champion, 3 Time OCW World Heavyweight Champion, CCW Champion.

Trained By: Nate Ortiz , Myles Wylde, Kris Maltenikes, Harlow Washington.

" Get Off My Nuts " - RD Money

The Story of Greatness

A Solider, Pimp, and undoubted class that has reigned supreme over online wrestling for many years... 'Greatness' RD Money. A man who gave everything he had each and every time he entered the ring. Dedication that cannot be matched by anyone or anything in this world proving why he is the Greatest to ever roam the face of thee earth. 

RD Money began his career back in 2004 with another organization now retired due to low stock. While RD was still up and coming in this organization, his rise to fame fell short after suffering a devastating ACL tear at a house show. This injury sidelined RD for more than a year and without him continuing to climb to the top, the organization crumbled and all went their separate ways. On April 12th, 2005 RD was contacted by OCW founder and CEO Jaysin Sensation about an opportunity in OCW. RD was very, very hesitant about showing up to this rival organization, but he finally gave in and signed a contract with OCW on July 1st, 2005.

At the time, RD was still healing from his ACL tear and could not compete in any OCW sanctioned event for another 6 months where he made his debut on Animosity facing off against then OCW Champion Nate Ortiz and his partner BM Diggs who made up Blood Generation. The match was originally scheduled to be a tag team match with RD's partner to be T-Money who no-showed due to his addicting drug abuse, so RD had to fight it out alone. The match went quite well, but as aspect, he could not overcome task of beating the OCW Champion and so to be tag champion by himself with his knee still not being at 100%. 

After the match RD was met with Stacey Clark to talk about his future with OCW after a hard fought loss. RD Money stated that "One lost will not define me for I am a Certified G. OCW and the World will know my name before it's all said and done". On that note, RD's pledge began to become reality. Winning his first singles competition against Lord Law on the 2nd show of Asylum, RD Money began to get a lot of attention by fellow OCW members and staff.

He quickly became a contender for the OCW North American Championship where he faced Mayhem on February 26th, 2006 at Road to Glory. After this devastating lost, RD continued to motto to not live in the past and continue his grind to make it to the top.

This all began to slowly happen as he went to Wrestlution after beating Val Finale in a qualifying match to enter the first ever OCW Future Investment Match. RD made it to Wrestlution taking other up and coming rookies Guy Fausto, Majin, and Steve Jones (A.K.A The Steve) with standing the other 3 guys to become the FIRST ever Future Investment Winner.

Money was on a tear and you have current Riot GM, Geomon wanting to push Greatness further and harder to achieve his goal to being the best. Geomon books RD on the "Road to Greatness" where RD gained victories over Matt Wilson, Mr. Quinn in a ladder match, and a stand off against TDS (The Death Syndicate). 

By this time RD Money was coming into his own marching up and down the ring piling on the victories once winning 10 in a row and dominated the competition left and right. Months later he fought at Damnation against his friend Versus' at Consequence in order to fight Mayhem for the OCW Heavyweight Championship after passing the "Road to Greatness".

RD was winning this bout even though his friend Versus' was still hanging around. RD goes to finish Versus off only to be punished by Mayhem receiving a devastating "War Hammer" and was thus pinned by Versus whom then became the number 1 contender for the OCW Championship. Versus being the pride and fearless person that he is opted to have his title match be a 4-way at Summercide '06 with Nate Ortiz, RD Money, Mayhem( Champion) and himself.

The finals came down to RD in his first ever world title match and he was seconds away from becoming a champion, but the veteran Nate Ortiz pulled it off and outlasted RD to become the OCW Champion. But as always RD did not quit and continued to let all the haters know that his will to be the greatest would not die.

September 24th, 2006 RD Money shocked the world and cashed in his Future Investment Clause going up against the newly crowned OCW Champion, Mayhem. After a long battle with the champion, RD came out the victor completing his road to the top and proclaiming his Greatness.

RD went on to winning the OCW 2 more times with the last coming against Nick Kage in what is to be said the best feud in the history of OCW. After losing the OCW Championship to Nate Ortiz at End Games 2007, RD was later drafted to the CCW Brand in which he became the CCW World Heavyweight Champion at Devils Night 2007. He went on to reign supreme over CCW for the next 6 months before leaving the company due to his knee nagging him again.

RD Money is a trendsetter, a Icon in all of professional wrestling, and a Money machine who owns properties across the globe. He also the pinnacle of Ego, trash talking, and above all... Greatness.