The Big Ragu!

Name: Kage, The Natural, Nick Kage

From: Brooklyn, New York

Finishing Move: The Godsmack, Death Coil, Scungili Driver

Career Highlights: 2X- OCW champion, North American Champion, 3X Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion, 2006 Tag team of the year, 2007 Heel of the year, 2007 sickest bump, 2007 rivalry of the year (X2), 2007 storyline of the year, 2007 Wrestler of the Year

Trained By: Donatello Masanucci, Micheal Tomasino, Patrick "Patty" Fritzpatrick

" When you're pushed... Killing is as easy as breathing! " -Kage

The Story of The Career Killer

The road to becoming a legend takes many paths. Where you start is never where you end up. This can not be more true then in the case of Nick Kage. As a rookie Nick Kage came to OCW like many other rookies, talking the talk and often opening his mouth when he shouldn't. A 5-0 starting record and a nomination as Rookie of the year quickly made people realize that made this rookie was not just all talk. Kage had an aggressive side and raw talent, Revolution Inc. quickly noticed this and offered the 4th position in revolution Inc. to Nick Kage.

Chances like this do not come often so Kage accepted and quickly followed in the footsteps of Versus, Nate Ortiz, and Blade. Kage was a fan favorite and did what he could for his faction mates and for the people. Kage won the North American title in a heated 4 way match against Scott Randal and Mayhem, largely due to Versus man handling of Randal. Soon after Versus and Nick Kage became the Tag Team staple of Revolution Inc. winning the 2006 Tag Team of the year award and holding the OCW tag Team Gold 3 times. The Bond Between Versus and Kage seemed un-breakable.

Fate had a hand to play as a OCW tournament was held for the Vacant title and Sideshow the Klown fought Kage in a brutal match, Kage was the first man to kick out of the Klown Crusher, but the Super heavyweight was to much and dropped Kage out of the tournament. Nick Kage then started the feud that would put Kage on the map as a serious singles wrestler. At this time Versus won the OCW title but as Sideshow and Kage feuded, a match was made that put Versus's OCW title on the line against Sideshow. Sideshow won which then brought the OCW title into Kage's feud. At Wresolution Kage fought Sideshow in an Apocalypse match and defeated the super heavyweight to claim his first OCW title.

The Infamous screw job left Kage in his first title defense against Sideshow and Mayhem. Echoes of backstage antics lead many to believe Sideshow and Mayhem planned on Kage not walking out champ. Kage lost the title and at that moment Nick Kage began to change. Nick Kage started to get more aggressive and began to go for more gold as he settled on the Hardcore Title. He and Majin battled in a bloody best of seven series that put the OCW Hardcore title in the spotlight. In the final match Majin was able to pull out an amazing Victory over Nick Kage.

Soon after Revolution Inc. proved they were the greatest faction by defeating T.o.P in a faction vs. faction gauntlet match Nick Kage was becoming more and more aggressive and the change in Kage was about to reach the boiling point. RD Money was OCW champ and after being screwed out of his title and what seem to be a downward spiral, Kage took the council of Geomon. Geo's hate for RD Money and what he stood as well as Kage's burning desire to reclaim his position at the top of OCW would begin the biggest year any OCW superstar has had to date. The beginning of 2007 marked the moment when Nick Kage turned his back on his fans, his friends, and his faction by teaming up with Geomon under the masks of the EX-Presidents and screwing RD Money out of the OCW title. Nick Kage became a true heel and broke apart Revolution Inc. the faction Kage claimed “held him back”.

A Feud between Kage and RD was claimed to be the best feud OCW had seen. This OCW title run was Kage's most impressive, yet it led the biggest change in Kage's career. At Wresoluton Kage faced off against RD Money in yet another Apocalypse match, and as Kage had the match won, Versus appeared from out of the crowd. A dime bag drop which lead into the RD's Money Bomb sent Kage off the top of the 17 foot cell and into a coma for 2 months.

Kage upon his awakening became a monster of fury and hate. In 2007 Kage set out for blood as he took Versus to the limit Kage and Versus reached new grounds as they tortured and beat each other like only broken family members would as Kage then raised the bar by defeating him in the first ever slammer of slaughter match. Kage then went on a rampage in OCW and defeated everyone he faced in singles compititon for almost 4 months. Kage then went on to win the Hardcore title by defeating a returning Majin and Vega only to lose the title when AJ Pheonix and Kage had an altercation which led AJ to screw Kage out of his Hardcore title.

Kage and AJ then had a feud of epic battles as each match was considered show stealers. Kage stooped to new lows as he kidnapped AJ's girlfriend and held her captive graying the line between heel and psychopath as the feud came to an end when AJ in a move that many consider the fans helped him with got a “Sensei's Dojo match”. AJ barley won that match in Sudden death as the OCW title slipped past Kage on more time.

2007 was a banner year for Kage he won multiple awards and titles as well as being named 2007Wrestler of the year. His in ring ability is matched by his role playing and presence in OCW this makes for a true OCW legend. Outside of the ring Kage pushed for FPR and was the first FPR police hired to help keep OCW fair. Kage has tried his best to stay loyal and put OCW first in his online federation needs.

Through it all Kage has risen to the top of OCW Champion or not he is respected and feared, he is admired and targeted. Kage is the face of OCW whether you like it or not! .