The Champ is HERE!

Name: Nate Ortiz

From: Los Angeles, California

Finishing Move: The Ortiz Xpress, The Playmaker, The Game Breaker

Career Highlights: Longest reigning OCW Champion, 1st Super S Cup Champion, Unified Champion, OCWX Champion, OCWX WHC Champion, OCW Tag Team Champion, 1st OCW Grand Slam Champion

Trained By: Mr.Sensation, Mr.Pingu

"That's The Gospel "-Nate Ortiz

The Champ is HERE!

Written By Mr. Nate Ortiz

On May 29th I made my first appearance in OCW. I had come over from the defunct XWA, and was placed as the first match on the Evolution (The first OCWX PPV) card. In my first match I pulled off a win against Pretty Boy and was on my way. On my first Riot three days later I got to have my first match with Geomon. It was back and forth and ended in a draw. This match would plant the seeds to what was my favorite feud in OCW. Next came the World War Tour to crown the first OCWX champ. On the Euro side Kadar Yasin won his bracket.

On the US side Tyranny won. But for personal reasons he pulled out and the spot was put up in a Double Jeopardy Ladder match between myself and Geomon at Damnation 2005. I pulled out the win and later that night battled KSM for the OCWX title. I lost the match when KSM used the ropes for leverage and pinned me. At the end of the night Jaysin and Danny Williams pulled a screw job on Recon, where Danny was crowned Unified champion. NGX was formed with KSM, Jackhammer, Show, Dracogan, and Criminal. In a shocking turn of event I was called out and handed the belt by Danny Williams. This night was a thrilling night because the torch to lead the US roster was passed to me and I ran with it.

A few weeks later I battled Geo for a third time. In another Thrilling match we fought to a draw. Following the match Geo left the Militia and turned heel. He unveiled the Untouchable belt by bashing me over the head with it. This set the stage for a showdown in the Main Event in a ladder match at the very first OCWX: The Clash. Again my self and Geo fought to a draw. After this I set my sites on KSM and got a rematch for the OCWX Championship. But Geo decided to interfere and bashing me over the head with the Unified title. At OCWX Consequence 2005 after 3 ½ months of build up myself and Geo faced of for the Unified Title in the 1st Ever OCW Apocalypse match. That is a 3 Stages of hell match up, the first fall being a table match, the second being a submission match, and the last fall being a The Cell match. Geo won the first fall, I won the second, and Geo after surviving not 1 but 2 15ft falls defeated me in The Cell to become Unified Champion.

After that I went into a little down time. I was named Director of Talent Relations and started to learn about the staff side of OCW. I went into a little slump in the ring, but that all changed when I fought Quinn in his return match on Animosity. In one of my best matches I've ever had I won by the grace of God. After this the Super S Cup was announced and I was one of the participants. I went through, Pitbull, Diggs, and Big Merc to be crowned S Cup champion. On that night I also defeated KSM soundly to become OCWX champion. At the end of the night I was attacked by a masked man and was beaten within an inch of my life.

One week later I made my return to the ring at the Riot 1 year Anniversary to face Diggs in a Death Match. I lost but gave him one hell of a battle. A few weeks later it was revealed that Recon was the masked man who attacked me. On that night Quinn unofficially beat me for the Scup title but before Recon could pin me Blade and Versus helped me out and on that night I joined Revolution Inc. At the first OCW The Clash I pulled double duty again defeating Quinn in at the time was his last OCW match for the S Cup title, and defeated Recon to retain the OCWX World Title.

After that night there were rumblings of me using the little staff power I had, which was and still is just to relay info from wrestlers to GMs, to influence matches involving myself and fellow Revolution Inc members. Also saying I harldy earned my spot here in OCW. One example these people stated was my S Cup title defense against Fixxxer in I think was his third match. So this set up a show down between me and Sideshow. Sadly Show was one of the peoples but he was the only one of the people to speak to me about it and he earned my utmost respect because of that. In the Showdown I pulled off the win proved that I had earned what I received here. But none the less I decided to step down as Talent Relations director to shut up the ass holes excluding Show who were crying about my job.

In December we had the OCW Tag Team Turmoil Tournament. I was teamed up with Diggs and we rolled through the tourney and ended up winning the whole thing. That win put me in OCW history as the first OCW Grand Slam champion. I was also stripped of the S Cup title because of a new rule that stated wrestlers can only hold 1 singles belt. At Chill Faktor after winning the tag straps I faced Recon in a The Cell match to culminate the 3 month feud I had with him. To make matters worse Sideshow the newest Militia member was the guest ref. But again I won by putting Recon through the cell with an Ortiz Express giving Sideshow no other choice but count the 1…2…3.

To usher in the New Year was the OCW Awards show. On that night I won many awards but the greatest honor I received was being inducted into the OCW Hall of Fame along with Yohansen and Show. There are not two other people better to have been inducted with. We all left our marks not just in the ring but throughout the fed. In January there was The Clash 2006 where I defeated Tyler in one of my toughest matches a 60min Iron man match Tyler put up one hell of a fight. I also want to give shout out to QQQ for without his interference over5 times through out the match made it as long as it was.

Then came Road 2 Glory where I lo... no Diggs lost the tag belts to Revolution Inc. (Versus and Nick). After the match I beat his ass because he needed a proper send off. Later that night I defeated Sideshow again in a war to retain the OCW Championship again. But that wasn't even the highlight of the night. After the match I preceded to burn the biggest losers in OCW, Revolution Inc. alive and, out do my greatest rival Geomon in a heel turn.

Love me, hate me I don't care, I am Nate Ortiz the OCW's longest reigning champion, a Hall of Fame wrestler, and Mr. OC motha fcukin W.