Name: Majin

Known Aliases: Supernaut, Blake Ma'jin, EXTREME! Juan Pablo, Wrath

From: Charlotte, North Carolina

Finishing Move: The Legally Insane DDT, Mind Twister Stargasm, Wish Upon A Falling Star, The EXTREME DDT, The EXTREME Moonsault.

Patented Moves: The Straight Jacket {Cross Arm Choke}, The Straight Jacket Drop {Cobra Clutch Bomb}, The Doc Shok Express {Snapmare Dropkick to the Face}, The Nervous Breakdown {Rear Naked Choke}, Drop Toe Hold onto a Steel Chair, Half Nelson Facebuster on to a Steel Chair,The Glitter Splitter {Van Daminator}, The Pink Pulverizer Plunge A Go- Go ! {Top Rope Diving Leg Drop}, Star Crossed Lovers {Cobra Clutch Bomb}, Pucker Up, Love ! {Snapmare Dropkick to the Face}, The S. M. E ! {Moonsault off the Ropes}, The Figure 4- Play {Figure 4 Leg Lock}, The Centerfold Pose {Haas of Pain},The "EXTREME !" Toe Kick, The "EXTREME !" Roll, The "EXTREME !" Duck Under, The "EXTREME !" Taunt

Career Highlights: OCW Hardcore Champion {2x. 181 Days the first run}, OCW Tag Team Champion {4x}, OCW Ex. Division Champion {1x}, OCW World Heavyweight Champion {1x}, WWO Tag Team Champion {1x. Burned the WWO Tag Titles in the middle of an OCW ring destroying the Belts}, 2006 October Wrestler of the Month, 2006 Rivalry of the Year {ToP vs Rev. Inc.}, 2006 Best of Asylum {ToP}, 2006 Faction of the Year {ToP}, 2006 Best Entrance {ToP}, 2006 Best Overall CAW, 2006 Most Developed Character {Tied with Guy Fausto}, 2007 Best Debut {Majins Return}, 2007 Storyline of the Year {'The Life and Death of Nate Ortiz'}, 2008 January Wrestler of the Month, 2008 Best Group Award {Sensational Alliance}

Trained By: Unknown

"Welcome to my mind !"- Majin

"Im not the Juggernaut, Bitch. Im the Supernaut,... Love !"- Blake Ma' Jin

"EXTREME !"- "EXTREME !" Juan Pablo

OCW's Resident Schizophrenic Sociopath!

"Ive been many faces, been many names... I bring ruin... I am Whargoul... Am i human ?"- GWAR

Nothing better could sum up the Hardcore Icon known as Majin than these lyrics to his 2006 entrance song.

On January 3, 2006, a little unknown "Nobody" walked through the doors of OCW. But, unlike most rookies that come into the company, this "Nobody" didnt come in bragging to be the "Next big thing". In fact, he didnt come in bragging about anything. He didnt speak to anyone. Not saying much to anyone, not being booked for matches, and only seen wearing a pair of ripped up, faded, cut off blue jean shorts, band T- Shirts, and Doc Martens, most people didnt even know if this Mohawked, pierced, black make up wearing weirdo was even an active competitor or not.

All he did was lurk around backstage in the shadows, smoke cigarettes, and watch people. Noone knew why he was here. And since noone knew, and he pretty much kept to himself, everyone started to overlook him. Little did OCW know, that that was exactly what he wanted. He was watching. He was waiting.

It wouldnt be long though before everyone in the back found out just how serious this "Nobody" was, and that he should not be overlooked. With OCW CEO Mr. Jaysin Sensation getting tired of paying this "Nobody" known as Majin to do absolutely nothing week after week, Majin was finally booked for his debut match against DJ Chinito. And after a vicious, and violent match, Majin walked away the winner.

The weeks began to pass, and week after week, Majin destroyed everyone that he was booked against. And not only was Majin picking up the wins week after week, but OCW began to notice a pattern. Majin toyed with his opponents. He wasnt happy or satisifed until there was blood. He would literally beat his opponents until they were left motionless and lying in a pool of their own blood before he would end the match. Majin was a bloodthirsty, stark raving mad, lunatic.

And it wouldnt be long before OCW found out that noone was safe from his violent insanity. Man... or woman. Majin had began to stalk and harass OCW Asylum ring announcer Shawna Taylor. Although Ms. Taylor denied any claims, Majin claimed that he and Shawna had been "Friends" before comming into OCW. When Shawna denied knowing Majin in the past, this infuriated him.

Week after week, he did all that he could to get at her until Asylum General Manager Peyton Xavier had had enough. Peyton banned Majin from the arenas week after week. But this wasnt enough to keep Majin away. He would simply stay outside of the arenas in the parkinglots and wait for Shawna. But finally, the OCW Wrestlers had seen enough of Majin tormenting the helpless Ms. Taylor.

The boys in the back asked Mr. Xavier to lift the ban on Majin and to allow him back into the arenas and they would take care of the situation for him. So the ban was lifted, and Majin was reinstated and back to active

With the ban now lifted, and still undefeated at 4- 0, Majin was entered to qualify into the 2006 King of OCW Tournament. Majin went on to win his 2 qualifying matches defeating Gary Anthony Young and fellow OCW Rookie, Steven Jones, leaving both men a broken and bloody mess.

However, after winning his second qualifying match, and guaranteeing himself a spot in the King of OCW Tournament, Majin shocked OCW and withdrew himself from the Tournament. Majin claimed that he didnt care about the Tournament, and that he wasnt in OCW for Titles. The only thing on Majins mind was Shawna Taylor. So, Majin relinquished his spot to the man he had just beaten, Steven Jones, and Majin began his tormenting of Shawna Taylor once again.

So the tormenting and harassing of Shawna resumed over the next couple of weeks, until someone finally stepped up to defend Ms. Taylor, and finally beat Majin. And this someone wasnt a stranger to Majin either. This someone just so happened to be the very man that Majin gave his King of OCW Tournament spot to. Steven Jones. Majin was livid. With Jones sticking his nose into Majins business, giving Majin his first loss in OCW, and Shawna Taylor taking personal time off from the company, Majin began to turn his attention and focus towards Steven Jones. Week after week, Majin would begin to call out Jones, but to no avail. And when Steve wouldnt answer Majins challenges, Majin decided to start leaving Steven messages.

He began to assault and attack Stevens 'Youngbloodz' faction mates Samuel Von Kerin and Nathan Gaines. This started at Road to Glory 2006 when Majin attacked an intoxicated Samuel in the parking lot, giving Sam a "Legally Insane DDT" through a windshield of a car. Then, just a few short days later on RIOT, Majin viciously attacked Nathan Gaines after Gaines had just been in a Tag match, giving Gaines a "Legally Insane DDT". After the DDT, Majin removed his belt, wrapped it around Nathans neck, and threw Gaines over the top rope, hanging him.

Over the next few weeks, Majin continued to play these mind games with Steven Jones. It got to the point where it seemed like Majin was actually the one avoiding Steven Jones, and was only attacking Stevens friends for his own amusement and to get under Stevens skin. It was as if Majins main goal was to see how far he could push Steven. It wasnt until the March 8, 2006 episode of RIOT that OCW would think that they were finally going to see Majin and Jones finally face off.

Or at least that was Steven Jones intentions. Majin had just defeated Iroshu Takunashi in a qualifying match to enter OCWs very first Future Investment match for the up comming Pay Per View, Wrestlution I. After the match, Majin called for a mic and began to call out Steven Jones once again. When Steven didnt answer, Majin began to attack Iroshu. Suddenly, Steven Jones came running down to the ring to confront Majin. But, just as Jones hit the ring, Majin slid out and hopped the barricade into the crowd, where Majin then began to mock Steven.

It wasnt until the following week on RIOT though, that the 2 would finally come face to face. Steven Jones was booked against Da Pastor in a qualifying match for the Future Investment match at Wrestlution. Steven won his qualifying match, and as he celebrated in the ring, Majin, with a steel chair in hand, ran in from the crowd behind Steven. Celebrating, Steven didnt notice that Majin had entered the ring behind him. And when Steven turned around, Majin hit Jones with the chair, then gave him a "Legally Insane DDT" onto the steel chair. As Steven laid unconscious on the mat, Majin congratulated Steven on his victory, and told him that he would be seeing him at Wrestlution.

Wreslution had arrived, and Majin was to take place in OCWs very first Future Investment match along with Steven Jones, Guy Fausto, and RD Money. But this wasnt the only thing on Majins agenda for the night. This was also going to be the night that OCW would crown its very first Hardcore Champion. However, Majin wasnt scheduled to be in that match. The Hardcore match was going to pit Chris Baxter, Pitbull, Samuel, and someone else that Majin had taken an interest in over the past couple of weeks, "Mad" Michael Morrison, against one another. So what did Majin do ? He decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

He attacked Steven Jones good buddy Samuel once again backstage. After a brutal beat down, Majin gave Sam a "Legally Insane DDT" on the concrete floor, then threw Samuel face first into an electrical panel, electrocuting him, and sending him to the hospital. Now, with Samuel out of the picture, and with his spot now open in the Hardcore match, Majin took it upon himself to fill in for the now absent Samuel. The Hardcore match started, and after a long, bloody battle, Michael Morrison walked away OCWs first Hardcore Champion when he pinned Chris Baxter for the 1- 2- 3.

But the night wasnt over yet for Majin. There was still the Future Investment match to go. So, later on in the show, Majin, Steven Jones, Guy Fausto, and RD Money made their way down to the ring, and the match began. And from the opening bell, you could tell this was going to be a war. And it fell nothing short of. And after a long, gruelling, bloody 53 minutes, RD Money was the man that walked away with the briefcase holding the Future Investment contract.

Over the next couple of weeks, Majin continued his terrorizing of The Youngbloodz to get at Steven Jones. It was also during this time that Majin had picked up a "Follower" and tag partner in Val Finale. Together, Majin and Val were making life for The Youngbloodz a living hell. And The Youngbloodz werent the only ones that Majin had set his sights on. Over the past couple of weeks, Majin had began to toy with "Mad" Michael Morrison as well. Majin even went as far to send Val Finale out to attack Morrison after one of Morrisons matches. With the tension building between Majin and Morrison now, and with Val in Majins back pocket, noone expected what was to come next.

On the April 17, 2006 episode of Asylum, Majin and Val Finale were scheduled to be in a TLC Tornado Tag match against "Mad" Michael Morrison and Guy Fausto. Main Event time came, and the 2 teams made there way down to the ring. The bell rang, and the 2 teams went at it as expected. Everything seemed in place and normal. Well, as normal as expected when you have people like Majin and Michael Morrison in the ring. But then, 5 minutes into the match, Majin revealed his true intentions. Majin turned on Val Finale, and Majin, Michael Morrison, and Guy Fausto brutally, viciously, and relentlessly attacked Val.

For 5 minutes, the 3 beat Val with chairs, ladders, tables, steel steps, literally anything they could get their hands on. And then, as if Majin, Morrison, and Fausto werent enough, Casey Paine made her way out to the ring to join in with the group as well. Together, the 4 beat Val until he was motionless, face down, in a pool of blood. OCW had just witnessed the birth of its greatest faction... Theatre of Pain !

The following week on Asylum, just 1 week after the formation of ToP, the group made their way out to the stage during the opening of the show and made their presense felt. Majin, Michael Morrison, Guy Fausto, and Casey Paine explained they were the future of OCW, and that there wasnt anything anyone could do about it. The group then commandeered the announce table, literally taking over the show. This just so happened to be the debut night of OCWs Wheel of Entertainment.

Where the fate of each match was decided by spinning a wheel. Needless to say, Majin and ToP took complete advantage of this opportunity. First, came The Youngbloodz, who were scheduled for Tag Team action. Needing the Wheel to decide the match type and opponents, Casey Paine made her way to the Wheel and gave it a spin. Match type- Tag Team Elimination. Opponents- to the amazement of the sold out arena... ToP, in the form of Guy Fausto and Casey Paine ! So the 2 teams made their way to the ring, where ToP walked out the winner. Guy Fausto pinning Nathan Gaines, and Casey Paine pinning Samuel.

Next came Majins dear friend, Steven Jones. The Wheel was spun, and it was to be Steven Jones vs.,... Michael Morrison in a Ladder Match for the OCW Hardcore Championship ! But, just like his fellow Youngbloodz faction mates, this wasnt to be young Stevens night either, as Morrison climbed the ladder and retrieved his Hardcore Title. But the fight in the ring wasnt over.

Majin ran down to join Michael, and the 2 began to attack Steven Jones. As the Majin and Morrison beat down Jones, Samuel made his way to the ring. Nathan Gaines tried to join his Youngbloodz brothers, but Casey Paine and Guy Fausto cut him off at the top of the stage. As Casey and Fausto beat down Gaines at the top of the rampway, Majin and Morrison continued their beat down on Steven and Samuel in the ring, until OCW Security made their way down and interupted ToPs fun. And yet, the night still wasnt over.

The last match of the night was going to feature OCW World Heavyweight Champion, Versus, with the Title on the line. The only thing needed was to spin the Wheel to find out what kind match Versus would be defending his Title in, and against who he would be defending it against. So, once again the Wheel was spun. The match type ? An OCW Death Match ! And his opponent ? None other than Majin himself ! So the 2 men made their way to the ring, and the Steel Cage was lowered. As soon as the opening bell rang, the 2 men flew into each other.

Back and forth the 2 men went, beating the holy hell out of each other. But it was Versus who got the upper hand, causing Majin to bleed first. But Majin wasnt far behind, opening up Versus shortly after. But in the end, it wasnt meant to be for Majin this night. Majins lack of technical wrestling ability caused him this night as he tapped out to a... SIDE HEADLOCK of all things !

Over the next few weeks, ToP continued to run rampant on Asylum, deeming the show 'ToPs own personal play ground'. And not forgetting about his main focus, Majin, along with the rest of ToP, continued his tormenting on Steven Jones and The Youngbloodz.

Things finally came to a head and looked bad for Steven when Majin and Guy Fausto attacked Jones after a match 1 night, putting him through a wood table. Thinking that Jones had suffered broken ribs, and would be out of action for awhile, Majin was looking to continue his humiliation against The Youngbloodz, and he and Michael Morrison were scheduled for a Rage in the Cage match for the OCW Hardcore Championship against Samuel.

But, with 2 members of ToP in the ring with 1 member of The Youngbloodz, it was pretty obvious of what Majin and Morrison had in store for Samuel. But, going against doctors orders, Steven Jones arrived at the arena the following week, and joined Samuel in the Rage in the Cage match, evening out The Youngbloodz odds. So, the 4 men made their way to the ring, and the match began.

But with Steven Jones having his ribs heavily taped up, and barely able to move, he may had well have had a bullseye painted on his chest. Majin and Morrison quickly took advantage of the injured Steven Jones, leaving Samuel to basically fend for himself.

And as the end of the match grew nearer, as Steven was trying to rest and catch his breathe, Majin and Morrison began to brutally double team Samuel. But then, after it looked like he was going to fight through the pain and come to Samuels aid, Steven Jones shocked the world. Instead of comming to help his Younbloodz brother, Steven Jones turned on Samuel, giving Sam an "Iron Cutter".

Then the 3 men, Majin, Morrison, and Jones began to viciously attack Samuel until the match was stopped and declaired a No- Contest. Steven Jones had just turned his back on The Youngbloodz and joined forces with the very man that had made his life hell over the past 3 months. Steven Jones had just joined Majin and the Theatre of Pain !

With Jones now in ToP, and Samuel leaving The Youngbloodz for Steve turning on him, Majin decided it was time to move on. But, Nathan Gaines didnt care for this. Apparently, Nathan still held ill will towards Majin and Steve for Samuel leaving him, causing The Youngbloodz to crack.

So Nathan, claiming that The Youngbloodz would stand united, issued a challenge to Majin and Steve for Damnation 2006. Nathan then explained that even if Samuel wouldnt tag with him, he would go against both Majin and Steve by himself. So, being the fine, fair, sportsmen that ToP were, Majin and Jones accepted. BUT... only 1 condition. The losing team had to disband permanently. So the match was made, and Majin and Jones of ToP were set to face Nathan Gaines of The Youngbloodz at Damnation.

With the match made for Damnation, Majin decided to turn his attention away from Gaines for awhile. Majin was growing bored with Nathan, and since Majin was guaranteed at least 1 more time to humiliate Gaines and give him a good and proper beat down at the up comming Pay Per View, Majin decided it was it time to play elsewhere. Nathans time was comming soon enough.

And with no one particular person to occupy Majins attentions long enough to keep him satisfied, Majin was free to play with whomever, or whatever, he so chose. And with the entire OCW roster at Majins finger tips, the choices were limitless. So, Majin being Majin, he chose the largest thing he could find. Majin didnt choose just one person to turn his attention to. Oh no. That would be to easy. Instead, Majin choose an entire country ! OCWs European Division to be exact. Animosity had been OCWs Euro exclusive brand, so Majin decided to bring a little bit of good ol' 'Americana' across the pond. And on May 12, 2006, on Friday Night Animosity, Majin did just that as he and ToP invaded the show.

The Main Event of the night had just finished, and just as Derek Arsenault and Bryan Clarke were wrapping up the show, ToPs music hit, cutting the commentators off. Immediately the Animosity crowd filled with 'Boos' as Majin, Steve Jones, Michael Morrison, Guy Fausto, and Casey Paine made their way down to the ring. And once in the ring, the sold out crowds attitude didnt get any more pleasant.

Especially after Majin called for a mic. Majin began to bad mouth everyone in the arena, from the fans to the OCW European roster in the back. Majin was calling out everyone from Karim, to Vega, Blade and Lochii, CJ Hoppus and Air, to Robert Fearo. He didnt care who came out, he was just ready to prove how worthless and useless the European roster was. But, noone from the back responded. This amused Majin. When noone answered Majins challenge, Majin began to explain to the crowd that it was because everyone in the back was scared, and that they were hiding.

That as soon as 'Real talent' entered an Animosity ring, the entire Euro Division ran shitless. As Majin continued his bashing of the Euro roster, the arenas 'Boos' suddenly turned to deafening cheers. Former OCW European Champion Vega had heard enough of Majins ramblings, and made his way out onto the main stage with a mic. Vega rallied his troops claiming that the Euro Division had some 'American Trash' to take out, and CJ Hoppus, Lochii, The Air, and Blade joined Vega on the stage. As the 5 Euros made their way down to the ring, the members of ToP prepared to fight. Once the Animosity boys hit the ring, both groups began to viciously brawl until OCW Security finally got the 2 groups seperated.

Having proved his point on Animosity that the Euro Division couldnt stack up to the 'Real' talent, and getting banned from Animosity in the process, it was time for Majin to find someone else to leave his mark on. And this someone was to be OCW Vetern, Da Pastor.

Just 3 days after the Animosity incident, Majin was scheduled to face the OCW Vetern on Asylum. Before the match started, Majin claimed that he had left his mark on everything from rookies, to factions, to entire countries, and now it was time to leave his mark on a Vet like Da Pastor and send him into retirement. The match started, and just as Majin predicted, he destroyed Da Pastor. Majin beat the OCW Vet until he was nothing more than a limp, bloody, mess. Finally, after nothing short of a legal mugging, Majin pinned Da Pastor. But after the match, something happened.

As Majin and Guy Fausto celebrated in the ring, the lights in the arena went out. And when they came back on, former OCW European Champion Vega was in the ring with a steel chair in hand ! With Fausto nowhere in sight, Vega began to violently attack Majin with the chair until "Mad" Michael Morrison ran down and made the save for his friend Majin.

With the numbers now against him, the tide quickly turned on Vega. As Morrison kept Vega down, Majin left the ring and grabbed a wood table. Majin slid back into the ring, set the table up, then positioned Vega on the top turnbuckle. Majin then climbed the turnbuckle, joining Vega, and choked slammed the former Euro Champion down through the wood table, leaving Vega broken in the middle of the ring.

Still with a week to spare before Damnation, Majin felt that there was still more damage that he could pass around. Having taken out an OCW Veteren in Da Pastor, and a former OCW European Champion in Vega, Majin had now grown a taste for the blood of OCWs 'Big Names'. Majin didnt want to play with the rookies any more. He wanted bigger game. Vets, icons, legends. And the next person to cross Majins path was someone that Majin was familiar with from another federation.

This person was actually a former member of Theatre of Pain in HVW with Majin. And since leaving HVW, this person had made quite the name for himself in OCW. This person was Tyranny. So Majin called his former faction mate out, claiming that as big as Tyranny was in OCW, he had still never defeated Majin. That their record was still 3- 0 from HVW, and that showed the world that Majin was still better than him.

The mind game worked, and Tyranny made the challenge for a match. Majin accepted... but he didnt come out alone. Majin, Steve Jones, and Michael Morrison made their way down to the ring. Majin then claimed that since Tyranny was now such a 'Big OCW Star', he shouldnt have any problems dealing with the likes of 3 such low card rookies. And, once again, the mind game worked with Tyranny accepting a 3 on 1 handicap match.

The match started, and the 3 on 1 assault began. But, with the numbers against him, Tyranny would fall to Majins 'Mind Twister', and Majin would pick up the 1- 2- 3. And, in typical ToP fashion, after the match, Majin, Jones, and Morrison continued their violent attack on Tyranny until his tag partner Pitbull, another former member of ToP from HVW, ran down to make the save. But the damage had already been done, and Tyranny had to be hospitalized, and hasnt been seen in OCW since.

Finally, Damnation was upon us. And with Majin having taken out such names like Da Pastor, Vega, and Tyranny over the past few weeks, he and ToP were heading into the Pay Per View with a full head of steam. It seemed like there was noone who could stop the group.

But tonight was Nathan Gaines and The Youngbloodz turn to try once again. But would Gaines be going into this match alone ? Or would Samuel return to help his Youngbloodz brother ? Gaines made his way down to the ring, followed by Majin and Jones.

But just as it seemed that Gaines would be fighting for The Youngbloodz name by himself, Samuels music hit, and Sam joined Nathan in the ring. But even with the numbers now evened, The Youngbloodz failed to stop Majin and Jones as the 2 members of ToP dominated the match, picking up the win when Majin hit Samuel with a 'Mind Twister', and officially ending the faction of The Youngbloodz.

But the night wasnt over yet, and this wouldnt be the last we seen of Majin or ToP. Later in the night, after the North American Championship match featuring North American Champion 'The Immortal' Mr. Quinn against Poison, the group would make their presence felt once more.

As Quinn celebrated his victory over Poison, Majin and Michael Morrison began to make their way down to the ring. As Quinn began to focus his attention on the 2 comming down the ramp, Steve Jones and Casey Paine ran in from the crowd behind Mr. Quinn, and attacked him with Casey giving him a low blow from behind. With Quinn now down, Majin and Morrison slid into the ring, and all 4 members of ToP began to assault the OCW legend. As the 4 members of ToP stomped and kicked the downed Mr. Quinn, Poison then joined in on the attack, making it a 5 on 1 beat down.

The referee tried to stop the group, and break up the assault, but Casey turned her attention to the ref, throwing him from the ring. As the group continued the assault, Guy Fausto, wearing an OCW Referee shirt, began to strut his way down the rampway towards the ring. With Guy now in the ring, the group of 6 now brutally attacked Quinn, beating him with steel chairs. The group then pulled out a wood table and a ladder from under the ring. As Guy Fausto and Steve Jones set up the table outside the ring, Majin set up the ladder inside the ring.

Once Quinn was positioned on the table outside, Casey Paine climbed the ladder, and dove down onto Quinn, with both her and Quinn crashing through the table below. With Quinn now lifeless, the group through him back into the ring, where Poison hit him with a devistating Tiger Driver, pinning Quinn, and Guy Fausto making the 1- 2- 3 count. Guy then raised the hand of the new North American Champion. The hand of the newest member of ToP, Poison.

With Damnation come and gone, and The Youngbloodz finally dead and in the ground, Majin had now decided that it was time for him and ToP to move on to bigger and better things. Until now, Majin hadnt cared about the gold in OCW. But being undefeated as a group, Majin began to set his sites on the OCW World Tag Team Titles.

It wasnt that Majin really cared for the Titles, it was just that in Majins mind, with ToP holding the Tag Titles, that would be like them spitting in the face of OCW. Noone could stop them. So Majin demanded that ToP receive a Tag Title shot, claiming that ToP were the number 1 contenders since they were undefeated. But OCW CEO Mr. Jaysin Sensation didnt care for this. Mr. Sensation had to remind Majin that Majin worked for him, and that Majin wasnt in the position to 'Deman' anything.

But Mr. Sensation did agree that Majin had a point. ToP was undefeated in the tag division. So, to award ToP for their success, Mr. Sensation granted Majin and Steve Jones a Non- Title match against the current Tag Team Champions, The Kold Killers. And if Majin and Jones could defeat the team of Lawerence Hughes and Jason T. Campton, they would then earn their Title shot. So the match was made, and Majin and Jones walked out victorious after Majin hit Hughes with a 'Legally Insane DDT', and Jones hitting Campton with an 'Iron Cutter'.

Having just defeated the OCW Tag Team Champions, Majin and Jones were now granted their Tag Title shot. And the match was made. But their match wouldnt just be a regular tag match. It was going to be ToPs Majin and Jones vs The Kold Killers in a Rage in the Cage match for the OCW World Tag Team Titles. The night of the match came, and, once again, ToP dominated the match. And just as it seemed that ToP would become OCWs new Tag Team Champions, something happened.

As if watching a replay from the week before, Jones had hit JTC with an 'Iron Cutter' from the top turnbuckle, and Majin had just hit Hughes with a 'Legally Insane DDT'. Both Majin and Jones began to climb the cage to victory as Hughes and Campton laid motionless in the ring. Both men made it to the top of the cage, and had the match won. But as Steve Jones began to make his climb out of the ring, Majins boot got caught in the cage, and Majin fell back into the ring. With Jones now out of the match, and Majin in the ring alone with The Kold Killers, it just a matter of seconds before Hughes and Campton would get the upper hand on the already exausted Majin, and The Kold Killers would remain the Tag Team Champions.

Outraged, Majin demanded another Title shot. It was clear that ToP had the match won, but due to wardrobe malfunction, they had lost the match. This amused CEO Mr. Sensation, watching the almighty ToP wine about 'Wardrobe malfunction'. But, once again, Mr. Sensation granted Majin his request, claiming that even though ToP had just lost their Tag Title match, that ToP and The Kold Killers were now tied 1 and 1 in matches, and that the OCW fans wanted to see a tie breaking 3rd match. So the match was made for Consequence 2006. Majin and Jones vs The Kold Killers in a Tornado Tag Team Full Metal Mayhem match for the OCW Tag Team Titles !

The night of the Pay Per View had arrived. But before the tag match between ToP and The Kold Killers was to even take place, Steve Jones was to face 'The Franchize' Nate Ortiz in a 15 minute Iron Man match. And after a gruelling 15 minutes, neither man had picked up a point. But after the match, Guy Fausto tried to attack Nate with a steel chair, only to have Ortiz take the chair from him, and crush the chair over both Faustos and Jones heads. Having been attacked by Nate with a steel chair after their match, there was no way Jones would be going into the tag match at 100% with Majin.

It had reached go time for the Tag Team Titles match, and the 2 teams made their way down to the ring. From the opening bell, both teams flew into each other. But, with Jones having already been 1 match tonight, and having been attacked by Ortiz and a steel chair, the team of Campton and Hughes took quick advantage of this. And with JTC keeping Majin occupied on the outside of the ring, Hughes hit Jones with a Double Underhook Facebuster in the ring, and The Kold Killers once again retained the OCW Tag Team Titles.

Having lost their 2nd shot at the OCW Tag Titles, Majin was livid. And when Mr. Sensation refused to give him and ToP yet another shot at the Titles, the group did what they did best. ToP attacked Mr. Sensation and his assistant, Nurse Birdie. With ToP having now crossed the line and attacking the very owner of OCW, it didnt look very good for the groups future.

But, to the amazement of most, Mr. Sensation didnt fire the group like everyone expected him to do. Instead, Mr. Sensation calmly clipped on his polka dotted rage tie, and challenged Majin to a match himself. And Majin, having not backed down from anyone since arriving in OCW, and not caring if Jaysin Sensation was the owner of the company or not, gladly accepted.

So the match was made with Mr. Sensation adding the stip that if anyone from ToP interfered in the match, they would be fired on the spot. Majin didnt take to kindly to this stip, but there wasnt anything he could do about it. The night of the match came, and when the Main Event rolled around, Majin and OCW CEO Mr. Jaysin C. Sensation made their way to the ring. And as soon as the bell rang, the sold out arena knew they were going to be in for a fight. This wouldnt be a wrestling match, but nothing more than an all out street fight.

And thats exactly what they got. Instead of suplexes and wristlocks, all they got was knuckles and boots. For nearly 20 minutes Majin and the CEO beat the holy hell out of each other. And dispite Mr. Sensations warning of interfering, Guy Fausto, in hopes to be fired, ran down to the ring and hit Mr. Sensation with a 'PSDSICGOOH'.

And just as it seemed Majin was about to pull off the win over Mr. Sensation, the referee called for the bell and disqualified Majin when Majin attacked the CEO with a steel chair. Even though Mr. Sensation was first to use the chair on Majin, right in front of the referee, and nothing happened.

Having been DQed in his match against Mr. Sensation, and not very pleased with managements 'Politicing' backstage, rumors began to circulate that Majin and ToP had had enough, and were fed up with OCW.

With Majin and ToP claiming that OCW management were holding them back, and not giving them the shots they deserved. So the rumors began that ToP were going leave OCW for a new upstart federation called WWO. And this rumor proved true on the July 17, 2006 episode of Asylum, when Majin and Steve Jones made their way down to the ring after the Main Event for the night, wearing the new WWO Tag Team Championships ! Apparently, behind Mr. Sensations and OCW Managements backs, Majin and Jones had made their debut in WWO the week before, and won the Tag Titles on WWOs debut Pay Per View, No Vacancy.

Majin then began to talk about the rumors of ToP leaving OCW over the past couple of weeks. And just as Majin was about to give a definate answer to the rumor, he mentioned that he and Jones were actually supposed to be in another city that very night, defending the WWO Tag Titles on WWOs Monday Night Crusade.

But instead, they were at Asylum, in the middle of an OCW ring. Majin then stated that OCW wouldnt be getting rid of him or ToP that easily. Then, in the name and in the honor of the very man and company that despised Majin and ToP, Mr. Sensation and OCW, Majin and Jones threw the WWO Tag Team Titles to the mat in the center of the ring, dowsed the belts in lighter fluid, and set them ablaze ! As the WWO Tag Titles burned in the middle of the ring, Majin then told Mr. Sensation that ToP didnt work for free, and that he felt that ToP deserved 1 more OCW World Tag Team Title shot for the gracious offering that ToP just gave OCW.

It was during this time that OCW began seeing videos for a new superstar named Juan Pablo that was comming to OCW to join the Ex. Division. The videos claimed that Juan Pablo was a Mexican Luchadore legend, and that he would be making his debut in OCW at the up comming Pay Per View, Julys Clash 2006. The night of the Pay Per View arrived, and as the show opened, we saw Majin leaving Juan Pablos lockerroom.

As Majin talked to someone named Antonio in the room, apparently Juan Pablos english interpreter, a man that the cameraman couldnt see from the hallway, Majin not only welcomed the duo to OCW, but he welcomed them as the 2 newest members of ToP. Juan Pablos debut match in OCW was about to start, and his first opponent in OCW, Michael Heaton, made his way to the ring. As Heaton waited in the ring, Juan Pablos music began to play, and the masked luchadore and his manager, Antonio, made their way out to the top of the stage.

The sold out arena filled with a mixed reaction at the site of the 'Mexican Legend' known as Juan Pablo, as Juan Pablo was nothing more than Majin wearing a mask, and a T shirt with a Mexican flag on it. And Antonio was just as ridiculous. Antonio was obviously Guy Fausto wearing a huge, black, bushy, glue on handlebar mustache, half a mask covering half of his face, and a huge black cowboy hat.

The duo made their way to the ring and the match went under way, with Juan Pablo picking up the win when he hit Michael Heaton with an 'EXTREME !' DDT. After the match, OCW interviewer Jim Black caught up with Juan Pablo and Antonio backstage, and tried to call Majin and Guy out on the charade but to no avail. As being mexican, Juan Pablo didnt speak or understand any english and didnt understand what Jim Black was asking him. Even though Juan Pablo understood him perfectly fine to answer the question in perfectly fine english,... that he didnt understand.

Later on during the Pay Per View, as Asylum General Manager Billy Lowenstein was in the ring making an announcement, Majin, now maskless, would make his way to the ring once again. Lowenstein was in the ring announcing that the current OCW Hardcore Champion, James Miller, had no showed his Pay Per View Title match, therefore OCW Management had no choice but to strip him of his Title. This news intrigued Majin. So Majin made his way down to the ring, interupting Lowenstein.

Once in the ring, Majin told the Asylum GM that there wasnt anyone in OCW as hardcore as he was, and that he deserved the now vacated Hardcore Title. Majin claimed that the 4 way that was supposed to take place at the Pay Per View for the Title would have been nothing but a joke anyways. Majin explained that he should have been in the match to start with since he had already beaten all 4 of the competitors that were to take place in the match for the Title.

And since Majin had already beaten everyone that was getting the shot that night, and with there now not being a Champion, it was only fitting that the Title be handed over to him. But Lowenstein didnt quite agree with Majin. While Lowenstein agreed with Majin on certain points, Lowenstein couldnt just 'Hand' Majin the Title without Majin actually 'Winning' it. So, Billy said that in 2 weeks on Asylum, Majin would be facing former OCW Hardcore Champion Tommy Crass for the now vacated Hardcore Title.

With Majin now set to face off with Tommy Crass in 2 weeks for the OCW Hardcore Championship, Majin decided to take it easy and to just have a little fun. So 3 days after The Clash, on RIOT, Majin made his way down to the ring at the opening of the show. In the ring, Majin called for a mic and told everyone in the arena that he had something he had to show them.

That since The Clash, the word in the back was that Majin was actually the masked mexican sensation, Juan Pablo. Majin, claiming that he didnt know where people got that idea from, was out there in the ring that night to prove everyone wrong. He then called Juan Pablo out to join him in the ring. If he was in fact Juan Pablo, just how could the 2 of them be in the ring at the same time ? So Juan Pablo made his way out onto the stage, and down the ramp towards the ring. But Juan Pablo seemed a little different then he did at the Pay Per View.

He seemed to have shrunk quite a bit, and put on a few pounds. In the ring Majin only laughed as the little, short, fat Juan Pablo danced around the ring. Majin then instructed Juan Pablo to demonstrate some of the moves that had made him such an 'EXTREME !' icon in mexico. Moves that only a true luchadore, a true 'EXTREME !' wrestler could do. Moves that only people in the Ex. Division could pull off. Moves that there were no way someone like Majin could do. So Juan Pablo began his 'EXTREME !' demonstration, awing the crowd with such moves as the 'EXTREME !' Roll. Moves like the 'EXTREME !' Duckunder. 'EXTREME !' Moonsaults. 'EXTREME !' Taunts. And last, but most definately not least, the most devistating move the OCW Ex. Division had ever seen.

A move that Mr. Ex himself, Captain Canada, Tyler Ewanchuk, had shocked the world with only days earlier at The Clash. Juan Pablo was about to unveil his newest, and most deadliest move in his arsenal. Juan Pablo was about to debut in front of the sold out crowd,... the 'EXTREME !' Toe Kick ! Majin could only stand, speechless, and look in amazement as Juan Pablo stood in the center of the ring, kicking his leg out in front of him over, and over, and over, and over again. At absolutely... nothing.

This truly was 'EXTREME !' at its best. There was no way on earth that the average man could do such an 'EXTREME !' move as that. Majin then explained that it was moves like that, the 'EXTREME !' Toe Kick, that set the OCW Ex. Division apart from every other division in the company. Majin then explained that he in fact actually was quite jealous of the Ex. Division.

What he wouldnt do or give to be able to move like that. To pull off such death defying moves as a roll. Or a duckunder. Moves like the Moonsault or a Toe Kick. Majin truly was envious of the little guys. Majin then, completely satisfied with his mockery of the Ex. Division, warned the Ex. Division and everyone in the back. Juan Pablo was comming. And not only was Juan Pablo going to be the Ex. Division Champion, but that Juan Pablo WAS the Ex. Division !

The following week on Asylum was the night Majin had been waiting for. This was the night that Majin would face Tommy Crass for the OCW Hardcore Championship. And just like most of his matches over the past few months, Majin blew through the former Champion with ease, and after hitting Crass with a 'Legally Insane DDT', Majin had just won his first Title in OCW, becomming the new OCW Hardcore Champion.

After the match though, Majin had a word of advice to give. A warning. The previous week on RIOT, Revolution Inc. did a parody skit mocking ToP. This didnt humor Majin or ToP 1 bit, and Majin made that very clear to the members of Rev Inc., warning them that ToP wasnt a group to be toyed with. Majin then warned them that they had started something that they were going to regret, and that they should start watching their backs.

The following week on RIOT, Majin held true to his word of warning to the Rev Inc. boys. First came Nick Kage. Kage had been the 1 that dressed up and played the part of Majin in Rev Incs little fiasco a couple of weeks earlier, so Majin had a special, personal, interest in Mr. Kage. Steve Jones was scheduled to face Nick Kage this night, and just as Majin had warned, Rev Inc. should have watched their backs. During the match, Majin ran out from the crowd, threw the referee out of the ring, and attacked Nick, hitting him with a 'Legally Insane DDT'.

Majin and Jones then proceeded to double team Kage, stomping and kicking him, until Majin saw the referee start to get to his feet on the outsdie of the ring. Majin then quickly left the ring before the official saw the double teaming, ducked out of sight, and watched as Steve Jones placed Nick in a Katahajime, choking him out, giving Steve the win.

Later on that same night, a ladder match was scheduled for the Main Event placing Majin against Guy Fausto, RD Money, and Rev Incs Tyler Ewanchuk. But little did Tyler know that ToP had already made arrangements prior to the match. Before the match started, Majin and Guy paid off RD Money to just stand aside and to allow the 2 members of ToP to have their way with Tyler.

The match started, it didnt take Tyler very long to realize that he had been set up. RD Money did exactly as he was paid to do and stood by and watched as Majin and Guy destroyed Tyler.

Double team move after double team move, finisher after finisher, Majin and Guy didnt stop their vicious assault until Tyler was a motionless, bloody, heap. And once they were through with Tyler, Majin and Guy simply left the ring, not caring about the match at all, allowing RD Money to climb the ladder and pick up the easy win.

With the tension now building week after week between ToP and Rev Inc., Nick Kage wanted Majin. But not only did Kage want Majin, Kage wanted Majins Hardcore Championship. Nick claimed that the only reason Majin was still holding the Title was because he hadnt faced anyone of any worth yet. That at any given time, any member of Rev Inc. could take the Title with ease. So a match was booked for Summercide 2006.

Majin vs Nick Kage for the OCW Hardcore Title. Summercide rolled around, and Majin hushed the critics. Not only did Majin defeat Nick Kage at the Pay Per View, but over the course of the past week and a half, Majin had defeated every single member of Rev Inc. in singles matches. Every person that Kage claimed could 'Take his Title with ease'.

With Kage defeated at the Pay Per View, Majin was ready to move along. But Kage had other ideas. Not very content with his loss at the Pay Per View, Kage demanded another shot at Majin and the Hardcore Title.

At first, Majin denied Kage a rematch, claiming that he had already defeated Kage, and there wasnt anything in it for him. But Majin reconsidered. Majin accepted Kages rematch request, BUT, only under 2 conditions. 1.- The match for the Hardcore Title would be a best of 7 series. And 2.- Nick Kage, now 1 half of the OCW Tag Team Champions, had to put the Tag Titles on the line at September 2 Remember 2006 against Majin and Steve Jones.

Kage accepted these terms, and with the Tag match made for September 2 Remember for the OCW Tag Team Titles, the Hardcore 7 Series got under way. But the series didnt quite start off in Majins favor, with Kage picking up an important first win. Majin did however go on to win match number 2.

With the Hardcore 7 tied at 1 and 1, September 2 Remember was upon us. Majin and Steve Jones of ToP vs Nick Kage and Versus of Rev Inc. for the OCW World Tag Team Championships. And it would be this night that Majin and Jones would defeat Kage and Versus, finally bringing the Tag straps home to ToP !

But the night wasnt over for Majin just yet. Over the past 2 months, Juan Pablo had plowed his way through the OCW Ex. Division, defeating anyone from the Division that crossed his path. From DJ Chino, to Chris Baxter, to Hitachi, to David Jackson, Michael Heaton, and Malu. It seemed that noone could stop the 'EXTREME !' masked luchadore sensation.

And this night would be no different. Juan Pablo was scheduled to take place in a number 1 contenders match for the OCW Ex. Division Championship against Malu Palamalu, DJ Chino, and the OCW Ex. Division Champion himself, Sean Strider. And just as he had done since his debut, Juan Pablo made short work of the match, hitting an 'EXTREME !' DDT on the Champion, Sean Strider, and picked up the win, becomming the number 1 contender to the Title.

With the Pay Per View out of the way, and not only 1 half of the new OCW Tag Team Champions, but now the number 1 contender for the Ex. Division Title as well, it was time for Majin to resume the Hardcore 7 Series. Majin went on to win match 3, but lost match 4 as Kage picked up the win.

It was also during the night of the 4th match in the Series when Juan Pablo was set to face OCW Ex. Division Champion, Sean Strider, in a Final X Ironman Match for the Ex. Division Title. But, just as Kage had defeated Majin earlier in the night, this was not to be Juan Pablos night either, and Sean Strider retained the OCW Ex. Division Title winning the match with a final score of 1- 0.

And as if losing 2 big matches in 1 night wasnt enough, only 2 short days later, Nick Kage and Versus would defeat Majin and Steve Jones in a rematch for the OCW Tag Team Titles. It looked as if Kage had Majins number. Nick would then go on to win match number 5 in the Hardcore 7 Series as well. With Kage now ahead of Majin 3- 2, and only needing 1 more win to become the new Hardcore Champion, Majin finally decided to end the charade. On the night of the 6th match, Majin attacked an unsuspecting Nick Kage with a crowbar in the arenas parking lot when Kage arrived at the show.

Majin then hit a 'Legally Insane DDT' on Kage. But when an OCW official ran out to the parking lot to stop Majins assault, Majin made the official make a 3 count, giving Majin the 6th win, and tying up the Series. Majin then began to explain to the unconscious Nick Kage that Majin had him exactly where he had wanted him. The 3 wins Kage picked up in the Series, Kage and Versus winning back the Tag Team Titles, Majin had 'Allowed' all of those things to happen.

Majin had wanted Nick to actually think that he could have a chance at becomming the Hardcore Champion, and Nick fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. And with the Series now tied, the only thing left for Majin to do was finally crush Nicks hopes and dreams of winning the Hardcore Title. So the match was made, and at Devils Night 2006, the 7th and final match of the Hardcore 7 Series would take place between Majin and Nick Kage for the Hardcore Championship.

The night of the Pay Per View arrived, and Majin wasted very little time making his presence felt, making his way out to the ring during the opening of the show. In the ring Majin put the Tag Team Division on notice claiming that ToP had a rematch clause for the Titles, and reguardless of whoever was holding the straps, when ToP wanted them back, noone would stop them.

Majin then left the ring to go and prepare for his match with Kage. Later on in the night, as the Hardcore match was about to start, a tragedy took place back in ToPs lockerroom when a zombified 'Butler' Nate Ortiz shaved Majins mohawk off. Outraged, Majin returned the favor by cutting the brain eating butlers hair off in return. So, now mohawkless, Majin made his way down to the ring for match number 7 of the Hardcore 7 Series.

The match went under way, and just as the previous weeks in his matches with Nick Kage, it was an all out war. And after a long, bloody, grueling battle, Majin once again proved to the world that he was no fluke Champion when he reversed Nick Kages 'Bada- Bing' into a 'Nervous Breakdown', causing the former OCW World Champion Nick Kage to tap out. Shortly after the Hardcore match, Majin was scheduled to return to the ring once more, as Juan Pablo, to take on the OCW Ex. Division Champion Sean Strider in a Ladder Match.

As Majin was backstage 'Conjuring' Juan Pablo, OCW saw a something strange with Majin. Stranger than usual. As Majin was cleaning the blood off of himself from his match with Kage, we began to see a side of Majin we had never seen before. It was as if he had became someone else. He took his nosering out and tossed it to the counter, took off his T- shirt and threw it in the trash can, and then he began posing in front of the mirror, flexing his arms as if in some kind of trance.

He then began to talk to his reflection in the mirror about how good he looked, and actually kissed the mirror before leaving the lockerroom. But dispite of looking 'So good', Juan Pablos luck wasnt going to be as good as Majins had been earlier. As Juan Pablo waited for Sean Strider in the ring, Malu made his way out to the ring instead of Sean, and viciously attacked Juan Pablo, taking Juan out of the match before it even began.

Over the next few weeks, Majin was nowhere to be found. Instead, Juan Pablo seemed to replace him. It was during this time that Juan Pablo, Malu Polamalu, and Sean Strider began to feud, which would come to a head at Red Sunday 2006 when the 3 would meet in a Cell for the OCW Ex. Division Championship. But, just like Juan Pablos 2 previous shots at the OCW Ex. Title, this would not be his night either, as Sean Strider hit Malu with a 'Striderbomb', winning the match and retaining the Title.

It was also during this Pay Per View when the ToP and Rev Inc. feud would finally come to an end in OCWs first Faction Frenzy Gauntlet match. And it was also this night that Majin would resurface, entering the Faction Frenzy match as ToPs last entrant. But this wasnt the Majin that OCW had come to know. Majin had went through a drastic change since his last appearence at Devils Night. His hair had grown out and he had it pulled back into a small blonde ponytail on the top of his head.

He was also wearing bright pink lipstick, and his traditional ripped up jean shorts had been replaced by black leather pants. As he strutted down to the ring, his name bar flashed across the screen revealing his new name, 'The Male Model' Blake Ma' Jin. Majins in ring mannerisms had changed as well, as he pranced, strutted, and show boated around the ring.

But this apparently wasnt a bad thing, as Blake had the match won after he locked Rev Incs last and final entrant, Nate Ortiz, in a move Blake later revealed as 'The Centerfold Pose'.

But fate was not on Blakes side as the referee called for Blake to release the hold, claiming Nate was under the ropes. Not wanting to be DQed and cost ToP the match, Blake reluctantly released Nate, giving Nate the chance he needed to hit a devistating Powerslam on Blake, pinning him, giving Rev Inc. the win.

After Red Sunday, as Juan Pablo, Malu, and Sean Strider continued their feud, OCW was also introduced to Majins new persona known as Blake Ma' Jin. Blake claimed that in his absence from OCW since Devils Night, he had been in Hollywood becomming a model and a celebrity.

He talked about his many photoshoots and all of the Hollywood connections he had made. He talked about how he had changed for the better, and how he now despised the very thing that he was. The Hardcore Champion. On Top of now calling everyone 'Love', Blake claimed that he now hated 'Hardcore' as well, and everything that it stood for.

Even though he was just as, if not more, violent and brutal in the ring than he had ever been. Blake then claimed that since he was no longer 'Hardcore', and since he was the 'H' word Champion and noone could take the Title from him, Blake decided to change the name of the Title to the Blake Ma' Jin Championship.

Chill Faktor 2006 had arrived, and Blake Ma' Jin wanted action. Even though Juan Pablo was set to face Chris Baxter, Malu, and Sean Strider in a Ladder match for the OCW Ex. Division Title, Blake thought he was deserving of a match as well. So early in the Pay Per View, Blake went to talk to OCW CEO Mr. Sensation about a Tag match for the OCW Tag Team Titles.

At first Mr. Sensation denied Blake his request, but soon agreed just so Blake would shut up and leave him alone. So, now Blake was to be in a Tag match for the Tag Titles with his new 'Mystery partner' to face off against Rev Incs Nick Kage and Versus.

As the Tag match was set to go under way, Blake made his way out to the main stage with his new partner, ToPs new lackey and whipping boy, Michael Heaton. Along with fellow ToP member and long time friend Casey Paine, the new group called themselves The Hollywood Express.

Together, 'The Male Model' Blake Ma' Jin, 'Heart Throb' Michael Heaton, and 'Cover Girl' Casey Paine made their way to the ring and await the Tag Team Champions. But something had happened backstage, and Nick Kage couldnt make the match, leaving Versus to defend the Titles on his own.

And with the numbers against him, Versus soon fell as Blake gave him a 'Glamour Shot DDT', and The Hollywood Express became the new OCW Tag Team Champions in their debut match.

And this wasnt the only gold comming home to ToP this night, as later on in show, Juan Pablo defeated Chris Baxter, Malu, and Sean Strider, when he climbed the ladder after a near hour long match and retrieved the OCW Ex. Division Championship, becomming the new Ex. Division Champion !

Heading into 2007, Majin/ Blake Ma' Jin/ Juan Pablo appeared to be on top of the world. Not only was he the OCW Hardcore/ Blake Ma' Jin Champion, but he was also 1 half of the OCW World Tag Team Champions, and he was the new OCW Ex. Division Champion.

It looked like there wasnt anything that could stand in his way. That is, until he just... disappeared. Just a couple short weeks after Chill Faktor, Blake Ma' Jin, along with Casey Paine, seemed to have vanished into thin air without a trace. And it wouldnt be until 6 months later that the 2 would be seen again at Julys The Clash 2007.

Halfway through The Clash, a video began to play highlighting Majins career in OCW. When the video finished, Majin made his way out onto the stage and down the ramp towards the ring.

But Majin was different. This wasnt the Majin or Blake Ma' Jin or Juan Pablo that OCW remembered. This person had a normal haircut, and he was wearing a nice white shirt tucked in with a tie, dress pants and dress shoes. Once in the ring, Majin called for a mic.

He then began to explain to the crowd where he had been over the past 6 months. Majin claimed that he had been sent away to a mental hospital and that he had turned his life around. Majin explained that with the help of his closest friend Casey Paine, the 2 had decided to return to OCW and to try and right all of the wrong things they had done since arriving in the company. Casey Paine then joined Majin in the ring.

And apparently Majin wasnt the only 1 that had been going through changes, as Casey Paine was now pregnant ! The 2 then began to apologise to OCW CEO Mr. Sensation and to everyone in the back for the things that they had done the last time they were in the company.

Casey then explained about her 'Condition'. Casey claimed that none other than Nate Ortiz was the father of her unborn child. So 'The Franchise' Nate Ortiz came out to the ring to confront the 2. Nate and Casey began to talk, and when Nate said that he wanted proof that the baby was his, Casey began to go into hysterics. Casey then said that she was going into labor, and as Nate went over to check on her, Majin and Caseys plan became evident. As Nate tried to help Casey, Casey hit him with a low blow, and then Majin attacked him from behind and hit him with a 'Doc Shok Express'.

As the 2 began to circle the downed Nate Ortiz, an OCW official ran out to the ring, trying to get Majin and Casey to leave the ring. But instead of leaving the ring, Majin covered Nate and ordered the official to make the 3 count. In fear of Majin and Casey, the official made the count. Majin and Casey then began to celebrate. The 2 then reached to the tops of their heads and pulled off wigs, Majin reveiling his trademark mohawk.

Majin then removed his shirt and tie, and threw them to the outside of the ring. Casey pulled off her dress and sweater, revealing a pillow tucked into a belt. As the 2 laughed and mocked Nate, Casey went and picked up the OCW World Heavyweight Championship that Ortiz had been wearing.

Casey then walked over to Majin and placed the Title around Majins waist. As the 2 paced around the ring, Majin picked up 1 of the mics that was lying in the ring. Majin began to explain that he didnt lie about being sent away, that had been in fact true. But while he HAD been sent away, he HAD NOT reformed. Majin claimed that someone in OCW had been the 1 that had him sent away.

And while he wasnt sure who it was, he had ideas. Majin then began to explain why he attacked Nate Ortiz. It was simple. Majin wanted the Title. Majin explained how when he was in the company back in January he was holding 3 Titles, and he never lost any of them.

That when he had been shipped away, he had been stripped of his Titles. And in Majins mind, since he never 'Lost' them, he felt he still deserved them. But since OCW management didnt agree with that, Majin decided to 'Take' a Title. That in his mind, a 1 for 3 trade wasnt that bad of a deal.

Shortly after the charade in the ring, Majin and Casey were seen backstage talking to an old friend, Guy Fausto. Guy Fausto had been scheduled to face Ortiz for the Pay Per Views Main Event, but with Nate now out of the picture, Majin was agreeing that he should defend HIS new World Heavyweight Championship against Fausto.

As the 3 laughed about the situation, OCW CEO Mr. Sensation approached the trio and demanded to see them in his office, where after a short meeting, Majin, Casey, and Guy left Mr. Sensation, Majin now without the OCW World Heavyweight Championship. But this still wouldnt be the last we seen of Majin this night.

With Majin returning the OCW World Title, the original Main Event, Guy Fausto vs Nate Ortiz, was back on. It was during the Main Event though when Majin would make his presence known once again as he ran into the ring from the crowd, hitting Nate with a 'Legally Insane DDT'.

It wouldnt be until 3 days later on RIOT until we found out exactly why Majin had turned the OCW World Heavyweight Championship back over to Mr. Sensation, as Majin made his way out to the ring during the opening of the show.

Once in the ring, Majin called Casey Paine out, who made her way out onto the stage and down towards the ring,... wearing the OCW Hardcore Championship. Once in the ring, Casey removed the OCW Hardcore Championship and handed it over to Majin.

Majin then explained to the crowd how he had returned the OCW World Heavyweight Championship to Mr. Sensation at The Clash to be reinstated as the vacated OCW Hardcore Champion.

Over the next couple of weeks, Majin began to play his old cat and mouse mind games with an old 'Friend' of his, former OCW European Champion, Vega. Week after week, the 2 would go back and forth, until finally, after 1 year in the making, Majin was scheduled to face Vega 1 on 1 in Hardcore match at Summercide 2007. Majin would go on to win this match after he hit Vega with a 'Legally Insane DDT' onto a steel chair, but this wasnt enough for Majin.

After the match, as Majin was setting up a table in the corner to further punish Vega, the lights in the arena went out, and when they came back on, Majin was being attacked by another old 'Friend' of his, Kage. In the ring, Kage Powerbombed Majin through the table Majin had placed in the corner, then turned his attention towards Vega. Kage then began to attack Vega, hitting him with a vicious 'Death Coil'.

But despite being Powerbombed through a table at the hands of Kage, this wouldnt be the last we see of Majin during the Pay Per View. Later in the night, just as the show seemed to be comming to a close, Majin, on the orders of OCW CEO Mr. Jaysin Sensation, once again resurfaced and violently attacked Nate Ortiz in the parking lot. The 2 brawled until they had reached the top of a 50' extension ladder on a near by fire truck.

Once at the top of the ladder, with nowhere to go, Majin pushed Nate from the platform, sending Ortiz to the pavement 50' below. As security and medics began to arrive on the scene, Majin quickly made his exit. But as the paramedics were about to leave with Nate Ortiz in the back of an ambulance, Nates own personal bus, The Ortiz Express, came flying into the picture, ramming into the side of the ambulance. As the smoke began to settle, the driver of the bus emerged. It was none other than Majin and Casey Paine !

The following night on Asylum, Majin was scheduled to face Trips, Vega, and Kage in a Hardcore Gauntlet match for the OCW Hardcore Title. Majin was set to start the match with Trips, with the winner advancing to face Vega, and the winner of that match to face Kage. The match got under way, and after 20 minutes of hell, Majin picked up the first win when he hit Trips with a 'Legally Insane DDT'. Vega then made his way down to the ring.

But the match with Trips had taken its toll on Majin, and Vega would go on to defeat Majin after Vega hit him with a devistating Facebuster. Kage would then make his way out to the ring, where he would walk out the new OCW Hardcore Champion, defeating Vega after giving him a 'Death Coil' for the 1- 2- 3.

Over the next few weeks, Majin began to feud once again with former rival Kage, and an OCW rookie by the name of Brian 'Kang' James, over the OCW Hardcore Championship. This would all come to a head at September 2 Remember 2007, when the 3 would meet in a Hardcore Triple Threat with the Hardcore Title on the line. But Majin would not be leaving the arena this night with his Hardcore Championship back around his waist, as Kage caught Majin with a Schoolboy Roll- up, picking up the win and retaining the Title. But, as the usual with Majin, this wasnt the last time we were to see him this night. As the show was comming to an end, Mr. Jaysin Sensation made his way out to the ring and called out his daughter, Tiffany Sensation- Ortiz.

Once his daughter was in the ring, Mr. Sensation wanted to apologise to Tiffany for his actions over the past few weeks for his part in taking out her husband, Nate Ortiz. But Tiffany wanted none of it. And when his daughter refused to accept his apology, Mr. Sensation called out Majin and Casey Paine, where the 2 began to attack Tiffany. Casey gave Tiffany an 'Epidural', and as Majin was about to give her a 'Legally Insane DDT', the lights in the arena went out.

Once the lights were out, a video began to play flashing clips of Nate Ortiz. When the video finished, the lights to the arena came back on, and Tiffany Ortiz was gone. And not only was Tiffany gone, but Majin and Casey Paine were laid out in the middle of the ring, leaving Mr. Sensation standing all by himself.

And the message sent at September 2 Remember was only the beginning. Over the course of the next few weeks, not only did the mysterious videos continue to play, but a 'Mystery Man' had begun to attack Majin and Casey Paine at any chance given. But what finally set Majin off, was after an attack on himself, the 'Mystery Man' shaved Majins mohawk off. Majin then demanded that his new business colleague, Mr. Sensation, schedule a match for Devils Night 2007. A buried Alive match between Majin and Nate Ortiz.

But Mr. Sensation had to deny this request. Mr. Sensation claimed that he had it on good notice that Majin had damn near killed Ortiz at Summercide, and that Nate would be lucky to ever even walk again, let alone 'Attack' people. And since Mr. Sensation claimed he knew this to be a fact, he explained that booking that type of match just didnt make any sense financially.

With the cost of equipment, the dirt, the man power, and the labor. It would just be wasting good OCW money. But this didnt satisfy Majin. Mr. Sensations 'Facts' just werent good enough. Majin then told Mr. Sensation to just make the match, and that the match wouldnt cost OCW 1 single dime, as he himself would pay for all of the match expenses out of his very own pocket.

So the match was booked for Devils Night. Majin vs Nate Ortiz in a Buried Alive match. Majin made his way out to the ring, and called out the 'Mystery Man'. When there was no response, Majin claimed that he would not be wasting his money, and that if the 'Mystery Man' didnt want to come out and play, then someone else would be getting buried in his place that night.

But when Majin stated that he knew that Tiffany Ortiz was in the building, and that she would do just fine, the 'Mystery Man' appeared. And just as Majin had predicted, the 'Mystery Man' had indeed turned out to be none other than Nate Ortiz. But the match didnt quite go as Majin had expected, as he was the 1 that ended up getting buried in the end.

After a near 20 minute battle, Nate Ortiz threw Majin into the casket, and ordered the bulldozer operator to dump the load of dirt onto the casket, burying Majin alive !

It wouldnt be until 1 month later at Super S Cup 2007 that Majin would 'Return from the grave' so to speak. But it wasnt 'Majin' that had returned from the dead. Instead, Majins more flamboyant, charismatic personality of Blake Ma' Jin had apparently resurfaced.

Blake, realigning himself once again with OCW CEO Mr. Jaysin Sensation, and long time friend Casey Paine, picked right back up where he had left off exactly 1 month ago, and the 3 began to once again make the lives of Nate Ortiz and Mr. Sensations very own daughter, Tiffany Ortiz, a living hell.

This starts when Mr. Sensation tries to throw Nate a surprise birthday party in the ring, but when Nate doesnt seem to amused by Mr. Sensations antics, Blake makes his way down to the ring, and the 2 begin to go at it. That is until Casey runs in from the crowd behind Nate, hitting him with a Low Blow. As Blake begins to position Nate under the corner turnbuckle, Casey exits the ring, grabbing a steel chair from under the ring.

Casey then slides back into the ring, places the chair under Nates face, and watches as Blake begins to climb to the top turnbuckle, where Blake dives off, hitting Nate with a 'Pink Pulverizer Plunge A Go- Go !', dropping his leg across the back of Nates head, smashing his face into the steel chair.

Chill Faktor 2007 had arrived, and Blake Ma' Jin and Nate Ortiz were once again scheduled to go at it. But this being Chill Faktor, the fate of the match was to be determined by the fans ! And the fans had voted for a Lumberjack match. So before the match was about to get under way, Mr. Sensation and Casey Paine made their way down to the ring to announce who the lumberjacks were to be during this match.

And to much shock and disbelief to the sold out arena, the lumberjacks were to be none other than Mr. Sensation and Casey Paine themselves ! Judging by the reaction from the crowd, Mr. Sensation must have sensed that the crowd didnt believe him. So Mr. Sensation had to remind them all that OCW was HIS company, and it didnt matter who the fans voted for.

If he wanted to appoint himself and Ms. Paine as the lumberjacks, so be it. It wasnt like anyone in the arena could stop him if he so chose to do so. So the match was set with Mr. Sensation and Casey Paine now as the lumberjacks, and Blake and Nate made their way down to the ring.

From the opening bell, the arena knew that Nate would be in trouble as Blake, Mr. Sensation, and Casey all 3 began to attack Nate. And soon the numbers would catch up to Nate, with Blake finally landing a 'Stargasm DDT', and picking up the 1- 2- 3 for the win. But the night wasnt over just yet for Blake. As the show was about to go off the air, Mr. Sensation made his way down to the ring, where he called down Blake Ma' Jin.

But before Mr. Sensation could make whatever announcement he had planned for Blake, Nate Ortiz made his way down to the ring, interupting them. As Blake and Nate stood in the center of the ring exchanging words, Malu Polamalu began to make his way down towards the ring to the crowds wonder.

But once in the ring, it became crystal clear of what Malus intentions were as Blake and Malu began to attack The Franchize. Blake and Malu continued their double team assault on Nate until Nates long time friend, RD Money, ran down from the back to make the save. But to the shock of OCW and the sold out arena, RD didnt 'Make the save'.

Instead, RD joined in on the attack with Blake and Malu against his former friend and tag partner, Nate Ortiz. Together, Blake, RD Money, and Malu continued their attack on Nate, until finally Nates former Rev Inc. faction mates Versus and Blade ran down from the back to make the save.

January 10, 2008, the first RIOT of the new year. A date that would soon go down in the OCW History Books as the infamous 'Pittsburgh Screwjob'. OCW World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Phoenix, makes his way down to the ring and lays down an open challenge to any OCW Superstar in the back for his World Heavyweight Title.

And it didnt take very long at all for someone to accept that challenge, as OCW CEO Mr. Jaysin Sensation appears on the OCW X Tron interupting the World Champion. Mr. Sensation claimed that he had just the perfect person to accept AJs challenge, and that they would be meeting later that night in the Main Event for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.

The Main Event rolled around, and as AJ Phoenix awaited his opponent in the ring, Blake Ma' Jins music began to play, and Blake, along with Casey Paine, made his way out onto the stage. The 2 made their way down to the ring, and the match got under way. But it wasnt until the final seconds of the match that the controversy arose. During the end of the match, AJ locked Blake into an 'Anaconda Vice', causing what some say, 'Blake to submit', ending the match.

But as AJ stood to celebrate, Mr. Sensation appeared on the X Tron stating that the match was not over. And as AJ stood confused, arguing at the X Tron, Casey climbed up onto the ring apron, and raked her fingers across the distracted AJs eyes. As AJ stumbled blindly, he turned directly into a 'Stargasm DDT' from Blake. Blake then placed AJ in 1 of AJs very own holds, 'The Sensei Sleeper', and OCW official Dave Angle called for the bell, motioning that AJ submitted.

As the new OCW World Heavyweight Champion Blake Ma' Jin and Casey Paine celebrated in the ring, Mr. Sensation reappeared on the X Tron, firing AJ Phoenix on the spot from OCW.

The following week on RIOT, after the Main Event had finished, Mr. Jaysin Sensation and Casey Paine made their way down to the ring. Once in the ring, Mr. Sensation called for a mic, calling down OCWs new World Heavyweight Champion, Blake Ma' Jin. Blake, with the OCW World Title tucked in behind his belt, came out on to the stage, with the World Title swinging down between his legs.

Blake then pranced and strutted his way down to the ring, World Title swaying back and forth between his legs, where Mr. Sensation congratulated the World Champion on his victory the week before. Mr. Sensation then explained that he had a party lined up for Blake after the show, but first he had a 'Gift' for the new World Champion, at which time he motioned towards the top of the stage area where we see OCW stagehands carrying a huge crate wrapped in bright pink wrapping paper down the ramp towards the ring. Once the stagehands slid the crate into the ring, Blake quickly began to rip off the wrapping paper.

Once the paper was gone, Blake flung the lid of the crate open, and stared in joy at the gift inside. Blake quickly reaches into the crate and pulls out Tiffany Ortiz by her hair. But before Blake can have his fun with her, Mr. Sensation tells Blake that he wants to give his daughter 1 more chance to join the 'Good side'. Mr. Sensation then began to explain to his daughter that of this day forward, OCW was either with us, or they were against us, and that she was going to be no exception.

And when Tiffany declined her fathers invitation to join him and his new group, Mr. Sensation told Blake that she was all his, and Blake proceeded to attack the helpless Tiffany Ortiz. But just as Blake was about to give Tiffany a 'Stargasm DDT', Tiffanys husband Nate Ortiz ran down to the ring, chasing Blake, Casey, and Mr. Sensation out of the ring.

But as Nate turned his attention towards Tiffany to make sure she was ok, Blake slid back into the ring, with his World Title in hand, and smashed the Title into Nates face, breaking The Franchizes nose. Once Nate was taken down, Mr. Sensation and Casey Paine returned to the ring with steel chairs in hand.

Casey then placed the chair she was carrying under the already bloodied face of Nate, and with a sinister grin on his face, Mr. Sensation brought his chair down hard on the back of Nates head, sandwiching Ortizs head between the 2 chairs.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Mr. Sensation, Blake Ma' Jin, RD Money, Malu, and Casey Paine, now calling themselves The Sensational Alliance, began to wage war on OCW and OCWs sister company, CCW. The group would make their way down to the ring week after week, warning the superstars of OCW and CCW that they were either with The Sensational Alliance, or they were against them. And over the course of the weeks, the groups numbers began to grow and grow. During this time, Blake and Mr. Sensation continued their mind games with Nate Ortiz, until the 2 were finally set to face 1 another once again at Februarys The Clash 2008 in an Apocalypse match for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship. Match number 1 was to be a straight up wrestling match, match number 2 a Hardcore match, and if a third match was to be necessary, match number 3 would take place inside of a 20' high steel cage.

The Pay Per View had arrived, and the Main Event was upon us. Blake and Nate made their way down to the ring, and match number 1 was about to get under way. And just as their previous encounters, an all out war was about to take place. But Blake was first to take a devistating hit as Nate hit Blake with a 'Playmaker', and picking up the all important first win. With Blake now down 1 match, match number 2 started. But, this being a Hardcore match, and with The Hardcore Icon 'Majin' being 1 of Blakes split personalities, this was right up Blakes alley. And Blake picked up a needed win after he hit Nate with an 'S. M. E !'.

With each man 1 win a piece now, the steel cage was lowered, and match number 3 got started. Back and forth the 2 men went, until finally Blake hit Nate with a 'Stargasm DDT'. But, just as it seemed that Blake had the match won, Ortiz got to his feet, and quickly grabbed Blake, who had climbed to the top of the cage to attempt to escape, and threw Blake back down to the mat below. Nate then placed Blake in an 'STF- Nate', causing Blake to tap out.

But, as the steel cage began to raise and Nate began to celebrate with the OCW World Heavyweight Title, Mr. Sensation made his way out onto the stage at the top of the ramp. Mr. Sensation then informed Nate Ortiz that he was not the new OCW World Heavyweight Champion. That the match had in fact not been for the OCW World Title at all. As Mr. Sensation began to make his way down the ramp towards the ring, Nate seemed outraged.

But Mr. Sensation then began to explain to Nate that he had nothing to do with it. That the match was in fact exactly what Nate himself had requested. Mr. Sensation then called for the guys in the back to roll a video from RIOT 2 weeks prior to the Pay Per View. The video showed Nate Ortiz, who had kidnapped Mr. Sensation. In the video, Mr. Sensation was telling Nate that he could have a Title shot if he wanted it, he just had to let him go.

In the video, Nate then told Mr. Sensation to f**k the Title shot, that he just wanted Blake at The Clash. The video then ended, and with a devilish smile on his face, Mr. Sensation told Nate that he was simply granting his Son- In- Laws request. He wanted Blake at The Clash, and he got Blake at The Clash. Nothing more, nothing less.

After the Pay Per View, Blake and The Sensational Alliance continued their war on OCW and CCW, terrorizing anyone and everyone who stood against them or opposed them. It was also during this time that Blake Ma' Jin made OCW history on the February 14, 2008 episdoe of RIOT, by defending the OCW World Heavyweight Championship not once, not twice, not 3 times, not 4 times, but a WHOPPING 5 times in 1 night, in a 6 man Gauntlet match against such 'Legends' and 'Icons' as Bobby Threat, Jiggles Johnson, El Scorpion, Tiger Li, and Henry 'Hardcore' Dobbs. And not only did Blake successfully defend his World Title against 5 of the 'Biggest' names in E- Wrestling history, but he did so in only an astounding 6 minutes !

Road 2 Glory 2008 had arrived, and despite of having the flu and running a temperature of 103, Blake, being the 'Fighting Champion', that he was, wanted action. And it seemed that he was going to get it. Blake, unknowingly to the rest of OCW, had requested a 'Surprise' match with CCWs Brad Bauer, and Blakes good friend, Mr. Sensation, happily obliged. Bauer, who had just barely defeated Casey Paine at The Clash, had had a rematch against Casey the previous week on RIOT, and after once again picking up the win, was the victim of a violent attack at the hands of Casey Paine, Blake Ma' Jin, and Guy Fausto.

After the brutal assault on RIOT, on the following CCW Turmoil, Bauer had claimed in an interview that he would get his 'Pay back' on Blake. So Blake figured there was no time like the present, and the match was made. Blake Ma' Jin vs Brad Bauer for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Later that night, as the Main Event was about to get started, Brad and Blake made their way to the ring, where Brad Bauer quickly came to realize that he should be more careful in what he wishes for in the future.

As Brad didnt have the same luck with Blake that he had had when he faced Casey, and Blake picked up the win after he hit Brad with a 'Stargasm DDT', retaining the OCW World Heavyweight Title. But after the match, as Blake and Casey were about to leave the ring, Blake received a visit from an old friend, former Theatre of Pain and Sensational Alliance faction mate, Guy Fausto.

As Blake stood in the center of the ring, Guy stood at the top of the rampway. As the 2 men gave each other ice cold stares, neither man said a single word. And neither man had to. The tension and the hatred in the air between the 2 spoke loud and clear enough for both men.

With Guy Fausto having turned on The Sensational Alliance at Road 2 Glory, and now gunning for Blake and the OCW World Heavyweight Championship, Blake began to focus on his former ally.

Over the next few weeks, the 'Master of Mind Games' and the 'Cowardly Mastermind' went back and forth at each other, until the match was made for Wrestlution 3 for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Wrestlution 3 arrived, and the night started off with Blake Ma' Jin and The Sensational Alliance, or The s.W.o as they called themselves that night, made their way to the ring during the opening of the show in a parody of The new World order, with 'E- Z' Jay C. Sensaschoff at the helm.

The group seemed to to be in full force and full swing. It was if they were having their very own personal party in the center of the ring. Once the group had finished amusing themselves, they cleared the ring, and the show got under way. But it wouldnt be long before we seen Blake again.

As The Best Damn Tag Team Period, Sean Strider and Ed Reed, celebrated their victory in retaining the OCW World Tag Team Championships over The Odd Couple, Blake ran into the ring from the crowd with a steel chair, and attacked the OCW Tag Team Champions. Blake was then joined by his former tag team partner, Michael Heaton, and the 2 began to viciously attack Reed and Strider. After the assault, Blake and 'Heart Throb' Michael Heaton spray painted the letters 's.W.o' across the chests of Reed and Strider, and began a celebration of their own. The reformation of The Hollywood Express !

But as the night went on, Blakes festive spirits would soon come to an end. As Blake would go on to lose his OCW World Heavyweight Championship to Guy Fausto after Fausto slammed Blake through a burning table, and hit him with a 'Nerd Life' Elbow Drop from the top rope.

Over the next few weeks, Blake and Guy continued their mind games with one another, as Blake and Michael Heaton also continued their tormenting of The OCW World Tag Team Champions, Ed Reed and Sean Strider. It was also during this time that Blake began to get mysteriously attacked backstage during shows. Other than Michael Heaton, Blake didnt know who he could trust.

Everyone was a suspect to Blake. Everyone from Guy Fausto, to Ed Reed and Sean Strider, to his very faction The Sensational Alliance, who Blake had begun to shun since Wrestlution with his good friend Michael Heaton now back in OCW and The Hollywood Express now back together, to Blakes long time friend, Casey Paine, who had left Blake, The Sensational Alliance, and The Hollywood Express right after Wrestlution to start up her own new group.

Despite the attacks going on, Blake continued on his way. And at End Games 2008, not only was The Hollywood Express, 'Supernaut' Blake Ma' Jin and 'Heart Throb' Michael Heaton, going to get a shot at The Best Damn Tag Team Period, Ed Reed and Sean Strider, for the OCW World Tag Team Titles, but Blake was scheduled to have a rematch with Guy Fausto for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship as well.

The night of the Pay Per View arrived, and it was time for Blake to bring home not 1, but 2 Titles in 1 night. And the night got started off on the right foot, as Blake and Michael Heaton defeated The Best Damn Tag Team Period, and The Hollywood Express became the OCW World Tag Team Champions once again after Blake hit Sean Strider with an 'S. M. E !', picking up the 1- 2- 3. However, Blakes luck wouldnt shine twice in the same night, as he went on to lose to Guy Fausto later that night after Guy gave Blake a 'PSDSICGOOH', allowing Guy to retain the OCW World Heavyweight Championship. But after the match, Blake snapped. A side of Blake we hadnt seen in quite some time seemed to be rearing its head.

He brutally attacked Guy with the OCW World Title, then gave his former associate 2 devistating 'Stargasm DDTs', leaving Guy motionless and a bloody mess in the middle of the ring.

After End Games, despite winning the OCW World Tag Team Championships, and The Hollywood Express now back on top of the OCW Tag Team Division, Blake seemed to lose his focus. He seemed distracted and paranoid as the mysterious assaults on him continued. And despite of all fingers pointing at his once closest and long time friend Casey Paine and her new group of 'Clients', Casey denied the claims week after week.

Casey even went as far to offer Blake a spot on her new team, which she could then guarantee Blake 'Protection', but Blake refused her offer. Suspicions continued to grow when Blakes former Theatre of Pain tag team partner, Steve Jones, left Blake to fend for himself during a tag match against Trips and Kang James on an episode of Turmoil, when Casey made her way down to the ring during the match.

Steve left the ring in what looked like an attempt to stop Casey from interfering, but in leaving the ring, Steve wasnt there to break the 'Dragon Sleeper' Trips had placed on Blake, causing Blake to submit. After the match, Steve returned to the ring to check on Blake it seemed, but instead of checking on Blake, Steve grabbed Blake in the 'Iron Cutter' as Casey joined the 2 in the ring. But Steve didnt hit the move on Blake. Instead he merely shoved Blake to the mat, and Casey announced that Steve Jones was her newest client.

Suspicions continued to rise the following week on RIOT, when The Hollywood Express, Blake and Michael Heaton, were scheduled in tag team action against the man who turned on Blake on Turmoil, Steve Jones, and Steves new manager, Casey Paine.

As Blake and Heaton were making their way to the ring, the 2 ran into Casey and Steve Jones backstage. Casey once again tried to assure Blake that she wasnt responsible for the attacks and again offered Blake a spot within her new group. But as Blake declined the offer once more, and turned to continue to the ring, Michael Heaton shockingly hit Blake with a 'Taste The Rainbow', with Casey stating that Heaton was her newest client this week.

Seemingly all out of 'Friends', Blake was lost. The mysterious attacks still continued, and going into Damnation 2008, things didnt look very promising for Blake. Having not even made the Pay Per View card, Blake was set to face off against a rookie in OCW, the 6' 6" 375 lb. monster 'Sheik' Akeem The Butcher, during the Pay Per Views Pre- Show. So the Pre- Shows Main Event was about to get under way, and Blake made his way down to the ring to await Akeem. Shortly after, Akeem along with his english translating daughter, Rajkumari Narayani, made his way down to the ring. The match got under way, and was a close back and forth match.

That is, until the normally subdued Narayani got involved, grabbing Blakes foot as Blake got close to the ropes. Distracted by Narayanis outside interference, Blake fell victim to a devistating Backbreaker by Akeem, costing Blake the match. After the match, as Akeem and Narayani celebrated in the ring, Narayani suddenly ripped off her hood and veil, reveiling that she was in fact Casey Paine.

Casey then announced that Akeem was her newest client. Casey, still denying any involvement in the attacks on Blake over the past few weeks, then began to explain to Blake that since he didnt believe her when she told him that she nor any member of her group had anything to with the attacks, that Blake could figure it out all on his own now. Casey claimed that she had only wanted to help her old friend, and that the answer had been right in front of his face the entire time.

Soon after the Pre- Shows Main Event, Damnation got under way. And half way through the Pay Per View, we would see Blake 1 more time,... but not as anyone would be expecting. Half way through the show, Casey Paine, with a different look than she had at the Pre- Show, made her way down to the ring.

She then began to call each of her new 'Clients' out to join her 1 at a time, and 1 by 1 each began to come down to the ring, all, just like Casey, with dratsic new looks. Once Caseys group was in the ring, Casey introduced them as OCWs newest faction, The SeVen Deadly SinS. Casey then began to explain to the crowd that while she and her group were innocent of the attacks on Blake over the past few weeks, that she hadnt quite been exactly honest about it.

While it was true that Casey and her group hadnt been the ones attacking Blake, Casey did in fact know who was behind them. Casey then called out her newest and final client, the man behind the attacks on Blake,... Blake Ma' Jin himself ! At that time, Blake, following suit with Casey and the rest of the 'SinS', made his way out to the stage and down the ramp towards the ring, looking nothing like what we had seen earlier in the night during the Pre- Show. Once in the ring, Casey began to explain to the confused, sold out arena, what she had done. Casey was 'Majins' friend. Not the split personalities known as 'Blake'. And Casey wanted her old friend back.

Casey explained that she knew the only way to get rid of 'Blake', was in fact to have 'Majin' resurface, and that was where she stepped in. Casey explained to the crowd that she knew if she pushed 'Blake' hard enough, that 'Majin' would begin to fight his way out. So who had been attacking Blake over the past few weeks ? Blake had. But it wasnt quite 'Blake'. It was Majin fighting Blake to free himself. Casey then had a video play on the X Tron that she had secretly recorded herself backstage a couple of weeks earlier, showing 1 of these 'Attacks'.

In the video we saw Blake actually arguing with himself, as if 2 people were arguing, then suddenly start punching himself in the face, throwing himself to the concrete floor, and slamming his own head into a block wall. Casey then explained that in her leaving Blake, Steve Jones turning on him, and finally Michael Heaton turning on him, she had succeeded in her plan. She had literally drove Blake Ma' Jin insane. And with that insanity,... came Majin ! So Blake Ma' Jin was 'Gone', and the homicidal, blood thirsty, lunatic personality known as Majin had returned, and was once again back in OCW !

With Majin, or 'Wrath' as he was now called for his stint in 'SeVeN SinS', now back in OCW, it was time to start spreading insanity and chaos upon OCW as he began his climb to the top once again.

And thats exactly what he planned to do. Climb back to the top. But just as it seemed he was back on his way up, picking up wins in his first 2 matches back against Eddie Mace and Versus, just like in early 2007,... Majin disappeared once again from OCW without a trace.

It has been 7 months since anyone in OCW has seen or heard anything from the deranged man with multiple split personalities. Has he once again found himself locked up against his will in some mental institution ? Barring him from the outside world and all that is happening around him ? Noone knows. Has he finally faded from, and been forgotten about, in this wacky world we call 'Wrestling' for good ? Who knows. Or is he simply sitting by biding his time, waiting for that golden moment to return ? And if he is merely biding his time, which personality would return ? Would it be the 'Hardcore Icon' Majin ? Or maybe he has had another relapse since he was last seen in OCW, and the flamboyant, charismatic Blake Ma' Jin has resurfaced by now ? Maybe the long, dormant 'EXTREME !' Juan Pablo has finally awoken ? Or maybe, just maybe, theres still even a side,... or sides, of the character we still havent even met or seen yet here in OCW ? Noone can say.

But 1 thing is for certain, if and when Majin was to return to OCW, under any of his guises, they had better be ready. As the past has shown, it doesnt matter what his appearance looks like, or what name he goes by, the outcome is always the same. And that outcome usually isnt good for who, or whatever, is in the way of whatever he desires.