The Soul of OCW Classic!

Name: Gregory Kael

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Finishing Move: Slab Head Introduction

Patented Moves: Kael Kick

Career Highlights: Destroying NGX, Whipping KSM, Danny Williams, 1st Riot GM, Vice President OCWFED

Trained By: Donald Dundee, Kevin Hoy

"Violence Will Ensue"- Greg

The God Father of OCWFED!

It has been said if Mr.Sensation is the heart of OCWFED then Gregory Kael is the soul of OCWFED. When OCWFED 1st began it was a small struggling organization. With only a mere 8 wrestlers and a bi weekly show things began slowly.

During its inception Mr.Sensation made an unlikely ally a Scottish man by the name of Gregory Kael or known then as Black Omega. The 2 formed a strong friendship and as an active competior Black Omega shined, taking down such unworthy foes as KSM and Danny Williams Gregory was bound for great things.

Eventually it was proven that Gregorys talents are better suited for the desk than the wrestling ring, After helping dispatch the various pests of OCWFED Gregory in collaboration with Mr.Sensation became the 1st GM of OCWFED's 1st show OCWFED Presents Riot.

Riot was a runaway success that helped springboard OCWFED into the big leagues. Not content with merely being good, Sensation and Kael combined talents to produce OCWFED V2. With there combined efforts OCWFED became the premiere Federation. The proof is in the pudding as various organizations tried and failed to copy and replicate the style of OCWFED. The combined efforts of Gregory and Sensation proved to much for the competion, and during there reign many federations merged or went bankrupt.

Eventually as with all good things they come to an end. Gregory left OCWFED to pursue other endevours in his career, he appears from time to time and is met with much respect. For if one man has help put OCWFED on the map it is one Gregory Kael.

On behalf of OCWFED Thank You Gregory for all the hard work you have put forth.