Name: Geomon

From: Miami, Florida

Finishing Move: The Untouchable Elbow, G-Spot

Career Highlights: Untouchable Champion, OCW International Champion, General Manager Animosity, Riot

Trained By: The Great Rican

" Shut The F#^k Up" -Geomon

Simply Untouchable

This is normally where there is a long list of accomplishments and a biography. Geomon doesnt play by conventional rules. Quite simply put Geomon is a large reason why OCWFED was here in 2006. A no bullshit style and a straight forward approach to things have earned him this right. While his career as a wrestler was considerably shorter than most, his influence is still felt today. Add to that his presence in the lockeroom and in board meetings Geomon is considered by many a leader in OCWFED.

Heralded as one of the purest forms of hatred ever presented in OCWFED it boils down to one factoid. If Geomon and Satan had a fued, Satan would play the face. Quite simply put Geomon is Untouchable, and he is better than you.