Fanny Williams

Name: Danny "Dabest" Williams

From: East Coast

Finishing Move: The Danny Williams Experiance

Career Highlights: OCW European Heavyweight Champion, OCWX European Television Champion, Winner of Perfect Circle Tournament, OCWX Unified Champion.

Trained By: Grand Wizard Theodore

The Last OCWX Television Champion

"Sit Your Punk ass DOWN mofo" - Danny Williams

"Sit your punk ass down mofo", If you heard this then it can only mean that Danny Williams is in the area and someone is about to get beatdown.

Danny Williams captivated the European and American crowds alike with his colorful wordings and off the wall style. Often leading to excessive violence Danny Williams did everything in his power to assert himself as a franchise player in OCW [Euro] often clashing with European General Manger Black Omega.

Danny's rise to the top came when reigning champion Snapout forfeited the title after a horrific accident following the Retribution 2005 Pay Per View.

Once the title was forfieted Danny Williams quickly won the title after defeating The Devil in a championship match. From then on Danny proclaimed his greatness all the way to American shores joining forces with The Unholy alliance and wreaking havoc among the OCW lockeroom.

After The Unholy Alliance disbanded. Danny Williams went on to complete a Perfect Circle Tourney and defeat not 1 not 2 but 3 opponents on the same night. Etching his name as the final OCW Television champion. With his youth and smash mouth style there is more for Danny To accomplish in OCWX.