The First Lady of OCW

Name: Casey Paine

From: Columbus, Ohio

Finishing Move: The Epidural (Double Knee Backbreaker) , The All Weekender (Double Knee Facebreaker)

Patented Moves: The Paine Killer (Inverted Headlock Backbreaker), The Lock Jaw (Jumping Knee To The Face Into A Bulldog), The BYTCH Flip (Somersault Leg Drop Facebuster), The BYTCH Made DDT, The Cubic Zirconium Cutter (Diamond Dust), The Mood Swing (Overdrive), Hurricanrana ( Variations) , Low Blows

Career Highlights: First female inducted into the OCW Hall of Fame, First OCW Womens Champion, 3x OCW Womens Champion, 2006 OCW Woman of the Year, 2006 Funniest Moment (Nate Ortiz gets crabs), 2006 Rivalry of the Year (ToP Vs. Rev. Inc.), 2006 Best of Asylum (ToP), 2006 Faction of the Year (ToP), 2006 Best Entrance (ToP)

Trained By: Majin, Steve Jones, Guy Fausto

Wrestlers Managed: Majin/Blake Ma'Jin, "Mad" Michael Morrison, Guy Fausto, Steve Jones, Poison, Michael Heaton, "EXTREME !" Juan Pablo, "Zombie" Nate Ortiz, Sara Sykes, RD Money, Malu, "Fake" Nate, Richard Blood, Smythe Dawonder, Kage, Chris Mania, Colt Starr, Kip Conrad, "Sheik" Akeem The Butcher

Teams Managed: Theatre of Pain, Hollywood Express, Sensational Alliance, Seven Deadly Sins

"You Just Got Bytched!"- Casey Paine

The Baddest Bytch!

"The Hardcore BYTCH". "Cover Girl". "Manager of Champions". And for the amusement of some, (Though really they're only jealous because she wouldn't give them the time of day.), "The Walking STD". It doesn't matter what you call her, they all lead to the same person: Casey Paine. Standing only at 5' 5" and weighing in at only 115 Lbs., Casey is by no means the "Biggest Cookie in the OCW Cookie Jar"... just don't tell her that.

March 2006. CEO of OCW, Mr. Jaysin C. Sensation announces that on April 2, 2006, on the birth of OCWs soon to be grandest Pay Per View, Wrestlution, OCW would be bringing in an entire new division into the company and crowning its very first Champion. The OCW Women's Division and the OCW Women's Champion. It was only a matter of days before the blue eyed, blue haired, septum pierced, tattooed, Casey Paine made her debut and presence felt. Having been "Beaten to the punch" so to speak, Casey was not the first female wrestler to join the newly formed division. That honor went to LaTryce Quinn, who was immediately dubbed "The First Lady of OCW". This did not sit very well with Casey. After a couple of altercations with Tryce backstage, Casey laid the challenge to Tryce and the OCW Higher-ups that it should be the first two females to join the division to be the ones that should have the first shot at the Title at Wrestlution. Casey's wish was granted. This pleased Casey. Casey told Tryce that she could have her little title of being "The First Lady of OCW", because come Wrestlution, she, Casey Paine, would actually be the one going down in the OCW history books as being "The First Ladies CHAMPION of OCW" ! And on April 2, 2006, at Wrestlution I, Casey Paine did just that. She walked out of the arena OCWs first Women's Champion after she pinned Tryce Quinn for the 1-2-3.

However, the following night after Wrestlution, on Monday Night Asylum, Tryce Quinn challenged Casey to a rematch, claiming that Casey got lucky at the Pay Per View. Casey accepted Tryces challenge but only under the circumstances that it was to be a Non- Title match. Tryce agreed and went on to win the match by hitting Casey's own finisher "The Epidural" on her. After weeks of going back and forth at each other, Tryce finally received another Title shot on May 5, 2006 on Friday Night Animosity. It was this night that Tryce pinned Casey, becoming the new Women's Champion. But Tryces Title run was to be short lived. Just three weeks later, at Damnation 2006, Casey would once again, and for the second time, become OCW Women's Champion. This time defeating not just one, but two women for the Title in a Triple Threat Match against Tryce Quinn and Mika Nanakawa.

It was also during this time period, April 17, 2006 to be exact, that Casey Paine etched her name into the OCW history books once again. It was on this night that Casey joined forces with "Mad" Michael Morrison, Guy Fausto, and long time friend Majin to form one of, if not THE, greatest factions in the history of OCW, Theatre of Pain. It was revealed on this night that Casey had actually been in fact the "Nurse" that was last seen with Shawna Taylor at Wrestlution 1, and that she was the one responsible for sending the OCW ring announcer into early retirement for Majin.

With the formation of ToP, and growing bored of Tryce Quinn, Casey seemed to always find ways to keep herself entertained and busy with her new found friends and associates. Whether it be attacking other OCW Superstars (Male and Female) backstage and after matches, interfering in matches, taking over commentary on Asylum, vandalizing cars in parking lots during the shows, breaking into other Superstars locker rooms and burning all of their possessions, doing her part in sending Superstars into early retirement and killing factions, to breaking into Mr. Sensations office and trashing it. (Destroying the bosses 5th grade Spelling "B" trophy in the process.) It was never a dull moment when Ms. Paine was around.

This was all becoming a regular routine for Casey. Just another day at the office. Until one day in mid June 2006, when a new Diva signed on with OCW. There was a new "Toy" for Casey to play with, and this toys name was Sara Sykes. On Sara's debuting night, Casey came out to the ring interrupting Sara's introduction speech, and had Majin attack Sara from behind and gives her The Legally Insane DDT. Casey then proceeded to kick and stomp the unconscious Sara Sykes, welcoming her to OCW. Little did Casey know that this would be only the first step in one of her longest and most brutal feuds?

After tormenting and harassing Sara backstage for the next couple of weeks, the night finally came when the two would officially meet for the first time in the ring. Apparently, Casey's "Welcoming Party" with Majin a few weeks earlier didn't set all that well with Sara. As Casey and Majin were making their way to the ring for Casey's match, the two ran into Ms. Sykes backstage. Casey and Majin once again started to harass Sara, only this time, Sara had something to say in return. Sara slapped the taste out of Casey's mouth. Left stunned and shocked, Casey told Majin to stay backstage. She wanted Sara all to herself this night. Casey proceeded to go to the ring where she and Sara fought tooth and nail. But as the match started to wind down, Casey's experience prevailed. Casey hit Sara with "The Epidural" and walked away the victor.

Just five days later the two would meet in the ring once again. Only this time, there was something on the line. No, it was not Casey's OCW Women's Championship, but something just as valuable. Hanging high above the center of the ring was a briefcase containing a contract. A contract for the brand spanking new Spokes model of OCWs very own "OCW Brand Sausages”! All you had to do was climb a ladder, grab the briefcase, sign your name on the dotted line, and the gig was yours. What ensued was nothing short of a violent, bloody, battle. Ladders, chairs, nothing was safe as each woman swung anything they could get their hands on, trying to keep the other one down. In the end, it took Casey throwing Sara from the top of a 20 Ft. ladder to keep her down long enough for Casey to climb the ladder and pull down the briefcase. Then, after winning the match, Casey pulled a surprise shocker. With the Sausage contract in one hand, Casey placed the ink pen in the unconscious Sara's hand, and signed Sara's name on the dotted line. Casey had once again used Sara for her own personal amusement, and made Sara the butt of a joke. As Sara Sykes was now labeled OCWs very own "Weiner Girl".

As the weeks passed, Casey and ToP continued to have their fun at Sara's expense at any chance they could get. That is, until Sara found a group to take her in. Revolution Inc., being no strangers to ToP, were impressed with Sara's in ring ability, and brought Sara into their faction making her the "First Lady of the Revolution". They claimed that they saw the talent in Sara to take the OCW Women's Championship away from Casey if Casey didn't always have "Help" at ringside with her. And in joining Rev. Inc., Sara wouldn't have that problem any more. But, with the already out numbered Rev. Inc. in the early stages of an all out, full fledged war with ToP, just how useful would they really be to her ?

This amused Casey. Sara running and joining a "Family" that Casey's very own "Family" had been getting the better of over the past few weeks. This amused Casey so much that Casey gladly offered Sara a shot at the OCW Women's Championship at Summercide 2006 in a Last Woman Standing match.

The night of the Pay Per View arrived. With Majin accompanying Casey to the ring and Nick Kage with Sara, it was only going to be a matter of time before things would get out of control. And it did. Majin and Nick Kage fighting outside the ring, Casey and Sara fighting inside and outside the ring, steel chairs were brought into play. Steel ring steps. Blood everywhere. The match had turned into complete and utter chaos. Just how Casey wanted it. Or so she thought. After 43 grueling, blood soaked minutes of hell; Sara caught Casey with a surprise Superkick, knocking her out while the referee made the 10 count. Casey had just lost her OCW Women's Championship, and Sara Sykes was the new Women's Champion.

The following night on Asylum, Casey made her way down to the ring and demanded that Sara give her a rematch. Casey claimed that it would only be fair since Casey was the one that offered Sara the Title shot at Summercide, even though she didn't deserve it. Sara accepted the challenge, and the two were set to face each other again the following week. The next week came and it was match time. And, just like the previous weeks, the match was not a disappointment. Back and forth, move for move, the two women went. Then, just as it seemed that Casey was about to get the win, Sara reversed one of Casey's attacks and hit Casey with a "Syke-A-Delic". And Sara Sykes went on to win the match, retaining the Women's Championship. After the match however, it seemed that the two women had now found a respect for one another. Sara offered her hand to Casey. Casey, uncharacteristically, accepted Sara's hand, and raised Sara's hand in victory. Casey told Sara "Good match" and "Maybe she did deserve to be the Women's Champion after all." Casey then turned to exit the ring, but blindsided Sara as soon as she turned her back to Casey. Casey then told Sara that they weren't finished, and that they would meet again.

And they did. Only this time it wasn't a one on one singles match. It was a 1 on 3 Handicap match. Sara Sykes Vs. Casey Paine, Gertrude, and Mika Nanakawa. Despite being outnumbered, Sara held her own against the three. In fact, Sara even got the win for the match. But only after Casey and Miss Gertrude turned on Mika. After both women turned on her and attacked her for no apparent reason, they left Mika in the ring, allowing Sara to pick up the win. But while Sara was celebrating, Casey and Gertrude returned. With steel chair in hand. They violently attacked Sara, Casey kicking the steel chair into Sara's face. They continued their vicious assault, only stopping after Miss Gertrude gave Sara a "Crotch Duster", and Casey giving her a "BYTCH Made DDT". Casey then goes on to explain to the unconscious Sara that she would be facing Casey at Devils Night 2006 for the OCW Women's Championship, and that Miss Gertrude would be the special guest referee. Casey then assured Sara that the match would be called right down the middle. That Miss Gertrude had no reason what so ever to be partial to Casey. All Casey did was promise Miss Gertrude a Title shot on Asylum following the Pay Per View if Casey won. That's no reason to sway anyone's decision. Is it?

Devils Night came and you could feel the tension and the hatred in the air as the women made their way down to the ring. Feeling confident that Miss Gertrude was in her back pocket, Casey had no worries, and was absolutely sure she had the match won before the bell even rang. But, Casey's anger and attitude would cost her this night. While Casey was on the outside of the ring catching her breathe, Gertrude began to count Casey out. This infuriated Casey. Gertrude was supposed to be on "Her side" after all. So Casey attacked Miss Gertrude, and Casey's plan had back fired on her. Because Gertrude then sided with Sara during the remainder of the match, making it a 2 on 1, and giving Sara the win after she hit her "Syke-A-Delic" on Casey.

The next night on Asylum Casey requested a match with Miss Gertrude. The match was granted, and the two women made their way to the ring. Once in the ring, Casey began to unleash her anger and frustration that she had pent up from the night before on Gertie. And despite of having the match won, Casey voluntarily got herself disqualified by attacking Gertrude with a steel chair. After Casey attacked Gertie with the chair, Casey then went on to yell at the unconscious Gertrude about how she cost Casey the Women's Championship. Casey then made a challenge to Gertrude AND Sara Sykes for a Triple Threat match for the Women's Championship at the next Pay Per View, Red Sunday.

The following week, Casey still did not have an answer for the challenge. So Casey did one of the things that she does best. She went out to the ring and gave OCW a strip show. Actually, the strip show was for Asylum commentator, Joel Jordan, for his continued support of ToP. Casey then laid the challenge for Red Sunday again, and awaited an answer.

Two days later on RIOT, Casey was appointed the task of guest refereeing a Women's Title match that pitted Miss Gertrude against the Women's Champion, Sara Sykes. The match went surprisingly well considering the three women who were in the ring together. The match was fair and called right down the middle. That is, until the end of the match came. Gertrude hit Sara with a "Titanium Hip Drop" and went for the pin, but Casey refused to make the count. Casey only laughed and mocked Gertie. Sara then took advantage of Casey's distraction, and hit Gertrude with her "Syke-A-Delic", and went for the pin. Again, Casey refused to make the count, this time laughing at and mocking Sara. Sara released the pin and began to make her way towards Casey, only to have Casey hit her with a "BYTCH Made DDT". Gertrude then got into the mix and all three women went at it, ending the match in a No- Contest.

Finally, the match was made for Red Sunday 2006. Casey Paine vs. Miss Gertrude vs. OCW Women's Champion, Sara Sykes.

Red Sunday was upon us. The three women made their way to the ring, and from the opening bell, they were at each others throats, literally trying to kill one another. Back and forth the match went between the three, none of the women wanting to give an inch. But this was to be Casey's night. Having won the Women's Title in a previous Triple Threat match months earlier against Tryce Quinn and Mika Nanakawa, Casey knew first hand how to capitalize upon others actions. Nearing the end of the match, Gertrude gave Sara a vicious Choke slam. Casey, seeing her moment, quickly seized this opportunity. Gertrude, preoccupied with Sara, was given an unexpected, brutal, Backbreaker. Casey then turned her attention to the still downed Sara. Casey quickly picked her up, slung her into the corner, and hit Sara with a "Cubic Zirconium Cutter". Casey then went for the cover, picking up the 1- 2- 3, and became the new OCW Women's Champion for a record setting third time.

Now that Casey had recaptured her Women's Championship, and with the ToP/Rev. Inc. feud coming to a bloody, bitter, and violent end the night before at Red Sunday in a Faction Gauntlet match, it was time for Casey to begin looking for something new to play with. And that "Something" just happened to come along in the next few days, in the form of Michael Heaton.

Casey was scheduled to be in a Tornado Tag Team match against Sara Sykes and Miss Gertrude. With the other members of ToP already being booked for the night, Casey was looking to tag with fellow ToP member Majin. But Majin had been through a drastic change that came out at Red Sunday. The once mohawked, cut off jeans wearing, hardcore punk, pierced, freak known as Majin had now become a black leather, sunglasses, pink lipstick wearing, mirror obsessed, little blonde ponytail having fruit, and calling himself "The Male Model" Blake Ma'Jin. Needless to say the rest of ToP questioned him, and if he was still dedicated to the group. On the night of Casey's Tornado Tag match, Casey was going to ask "Blake" to tag with her, but before she had the chance, the two got into an argument over Majins new look, and Blake left the locker-room claiming he had a "Photo shoot" to attend. It was looking like Casey's Tag match was about to become a Handicap match. Until there was a knock at ToPs locker-room door.

Michael Heaton, who had talked to ToP member Poison a couple of weeks earlier, wanted to join the group. So with Casey being unsure of Blake's intentions, she told Heaton that tonight was his lucky night because she was needing a tag partner. Casey told Heaton if he wanted in ToP, he was "In". And by "In", Casey meant "In training". Casey then ordered Heaton to give her his shirt, on which Casey wrote the word "TiT" in huge white letters. When Heaton asked her why "TiT", Casey explained it was quite simple: "ToP in Training". And that if he wanted to join the group, he had to wear it. Period. Reluctantly, Heaton put the shirt on. Casey then pushed him out of the locker-room and slammed the door in his face.

Shortly after, the four made their way to the ring. As soon as the bell rang to start the match, it became all to clear that Casey was only setting Heaton up to be embarrassed. Casey left the ring, leaving Heaton to fend for himself against Sara and Gertrude. Putting up a valiant effort against the former Women's Champion and Grandma Death, Heaton tapped out after Gertie hit him with a "Titanium Hip Drop" and Sara gave him a "Cunt Punt". Casey, who stayed on the outside of the ring during the match, only laughed at Heaton and his failure. She then went on to tell him that he had ALOT of "Training" to do if he wanted to be apart of ToP, if he couldn't even beat two women.

Over the next few weeks, Casey continued to push Heaton and his "Extensive training" regime. However, this "Extensive training" mostly just consisted of humiliating Heaton, and nothing more. Everything from carrying Casey's bags and luggage, to massaging her feet, to painting her toe nails. And Casey wasn't the only one "Training" Heaton either. The other members of ToP had begun to help "Train" him as well. Heaton was Poisons "Goodie bag" carrier. He was Guy Faustos "Messenger" and "Errand boy". He prepared The Steve's "Supplements". He was Blake's "Mirror holder". Heaton would sometimes go out to the ring with the members of ToP for their matches, only to have whoever he had accompanied teach him "Tough love" after the match, which consisted of Heaton having a finisher or two laid on him. Heaton had become ToPs "Sacrificial lamb" so to speak. If anyone had problems with ToP, and allot of people did, Heaton was sent to take the beatings for the group. And all the while, Casey just set back and laughed.

Finally, after a month of "Extensive training", all of the humiliation and beatings Casey had put Heaton through was about to pay off. Chill Faktor 2006 had arrived. Blake Ma'Jin had been granted a "Surprise" Tag Team Title match by OCW President, Mr. Jaysin C. Sensation, and The Hollywood Express made its debut. "The Male Model" Blake Ma'Jin, "Heart Throb" Michael Heaton, and "Cover Girl" Casey Paine made their way down to the ring to take on the Tag Team Champions, Revolution Incs Nick Kage and Versus. However, Nick Kage couldn't make the match, so that left Versus to defend the Tag Team Titles in a Handicap Tag match. And with having the numbers in their favor, The Hollywood Express became the new OCW Tag Team Champions in their very first match.

Then, just a few short weeks later, Casey Paine vanished from OCW without a trace. And Casey wasn't the only one. Blake Ma'Jin had disappeared as well. It was as if the two had just dropped off of the face of the planet. It wouldn't be until 6 months later, on July 29, 2007, at OCWs The Clash, before the two would be seen again.

Halfway through The Clash, a highlight video following the career of Majin began to play. When the video finished, Majin walked out onto the stage and made his way down to the ring. But this wasn't the Majin that OCW once knew. This wasn't even Blake Ma'Jin or the masked "EXTREME!" Juan Pablo. This person had no Mohawk, or little blonde ponytail. This person wasn't wearing a pair of cut off jean shorts or black leather pants. This person wasn't wearing any make-up. Black or pink. No. This person had a " Normal " hair cut. This person was wearing a white, tucked in, button up shirt. This person was wearing a tie. This person was wearing a pair of dark gray dress pants. And this person was wearing a pair of black, shiny, dress shoes. No one knew what to think.

Once in the ring, Majin asked for a mic. Majin then began to explain where he had been. Six months earlier, after one of the shows, Majin had received some unexpected guests at his Hotel room. These "Guests" were actually orderlies from the Belleview Mental and Physical Health Facilities. And these "Guests" were there to escort Majin to his new home for the next 6 months. Majin then explained that he had been through therapy, and was now taking medications to help control his schizophrenia and split personalities.

He then began to talk about how he had been on the road to recovery, and that that road wasn't an easy road travel. He explained that if he hadn't had the help of one specific friend, that he probably would not have made it. That friend was Casey Paine. Casey then made her appearance at the top of the stage, and made her way down to the ring to join Majin. If Majins new look had shocked OCW, then Casey's blew them away. She had long blonde hair pulled up neatly into a ponytail. She was wearing a long black dress, long sleeved grey sweater, glasses, and cross shaped ear rings. And as "Odd" as Casey looked wearing these things, that wasn't what blew OCW away. No. What blew everyone away was, Casey Paine was..... Pregnant!

Casey and Majin then went on about how they both had turned their lives around. They began to apologize to everyone in the arena and to all of the Superstars in the back for the things that they had done in the past. Casey then began to talk about her pregnancy. She explained that she didn't want to have a child growing up to know all the horrible things that she had done. She then talked about how one of those horrible things was what got her into the situation she was now in. Casey told everyone that Majin wasn't the father of her child, but an OCW Superstar in fact was.

Casey then began to cry. She started to talk about how 9 months earlier she had been with someone, and how that someone was a mistake. She mentioned Devils Night 2006, and immediately the sold out arena grew deathly silent, knowing what was coming next. Casey explained how at Devils Night she had taken advantage of a concussed Nate Ortiz, and that Nate was the father of her baby. Casey, still crying, wanted to talk to Nate to tell him how sorry she was. Nate Ortiz, wearing the OCW World Heavyweight Championship, slowly began to make his way to the ring. Once Nate was in the ring, Casey tried to explain to him that all she wanted from him was support, since it was his child. Nate then told Casey that he wanted proof to prove that the child was indeed his.

This sent Casey into hysterics. Casey, fearing that Nate wasn't going to help her, began to have a fit and started to cry vigorously. Majin tried to calm Casey down, but to no avail. Suddenly, Casey fell to her knees clutching her stomach. With a look of terror on her face, she told Majin that she was going into labor. Majin quickly began to yell for help from the back, while Nate, shocked and concerned, went to try and help Casey up. This is when OCW found out that the "Real" Casey Paine and Majin were back, and that everyone had fallen for Casey's Oscar winning performance. As Nate helped Casey to her feet, she quickly dropped to her knees and brought her fist up hard between Nates legs. Before Nate could even hit the mat, Majin quickly slung him to the ground and hit him with a "Doc Shock Express", splitting Nate's forehead wide open. As Casey pointed and laughed at the bloodied Nate, an OCW referee ran down to the ring to try to get Majin and Casey away from him. But instead of leaving the ring, Majin pinned Nate and told the official to make the count. Intimidated by Majin and Casey, the referee hesitantly counted to 3.

Majin then stood up and he and Casey began to remove their "Costumes". Majin reached up and pulled off a wig, revealing his traditional Mohawk. He then took off his shirt and tie, and threw them to the outside of the ring. Casey also removed a wig showing her normal blue hair, now in braids that hung off her head like spider legs. She then pulled her sweater off over her head, revealing a pillow tucked into a belt. She pulled her long dress off, and then she and Majin began to celebrate. Casey then went and retrieved the OCW World Championship and placed it around Majins waist.

As the two laughed and mocked Nate, Majin began to explain that everything he had mentioned earlier had been in fact true. He had been sent away again. That someone in OCW had made an anonymous phone call to the Mental Health Facilities claiming that Majin was too violent and unstable, and that he was putting to many people's health and livelihoods in danger. Majin then explained why he and Casey had decided to attack Nate. It because of the Title, and nothing else. But not just because it was the OCW World Title. It was just the fact that it was a Title. Majin went into how before he had been removed from the company and sent to Belleview, he was the holder of the OCW Hardcore Title, OCW Ex. Division Title, and co-holder of the OCW Tag Team Titles. And that since he never "Lost" any of those Titles, yet here he stood without any of them, he thought it would be only fitting to "Take" a Title upon his return. In Majins mind, one Title for three was a pretty fair trade. And if he was going to "Take" a Title, it may as well be the biggest Title in the company.

Later in the show, cameras go backstage where we find Casey, Majin, and Guy Fausto talking. And after over hearing the conversation, it seemed that Guy Fausto may have been in on this whole charade as well. Fausto, who was scheduled to face Nate Ortiz in the Main Event for the OCW World Title, seemed extremely happier and eager now that Majin was the self proclaimed World Champion. And since the Main Event for the Pay Per View still had to happen, Fausto would now be facing Majin for the OCW World Title. But as Majin, Guy, and Casey all laughed about this, Mr. Sensation interrupted their little party and demanded to see them in his office.

After a short while, cameras go backstage again and we see the three leaving the bosses office, with the OCW World Title in Mr. Sensation's hands. What did this mean? What had Majin got in exchange?

We would find out 3 days later on RIOT. During the opening of the show, Majin made his way down to the ring. He then called Ms. Paine out, who came down wearing the OCW Hardcore Championship. Majin then explained how he had returned the OCW World Heavyweight Championship to Mr. Sensation at The Clash in exchange of being reinstated as the vacant Hardcore Champion. Mr. Sensation, who had screwed Nate Ortiz at The Clash by helping Guy Fausto win the match, then came out and made his way down to the ring, followed by the new OCW World Champion, Guy Fausto. The four then began to celebrate in the ring, until Nate Ortiz ran in from the crowd with steel chair in hand, breaking up the newly formed alliances celebrations.

It was during this time that Casey realized that her old "Friends", Mika Nanakawa, Sara Sykes and Miss Gertrude, were no longer with the company. With only one other female competitor in OCW, Hazel, an OCW Diva original like Casey, Casey decided to have her fun with Hazel now.

Casey began to come out during the shows dressed up as the women she had "Retired" from the company. First, it was Tryce Quinn. Next was Miss Gertrude. Then came Mika Nanakawa. And Finally, Sara Sykes. Casey would explain how she had single handedly retired each and every women that had came into the company. All with the exception of Hazel, and that now, it was Hazels turn to go. So Casey was booked for her first match since her return against Hazel, where Casey walked away the winner.

Over the next couple of weeks, Casey continued her tormenting of Hazel. Until Summercide 2007, where Casey made her way to the ring to verbally assault Hazel once again. Hazel, however, had had enough. Hazel made her way down to the ring, and the two women began to exchange words. But as the two women argued, Diva new comer Rachel Chambers made her way out to the ring as well. And as these three women exchanged heated words in the ring, another surprise occurred. Sara Sykes made her way out onto the stage and down to the ring. As the four women began to argue in the ring, Mr. Sensation appeared on the X Tron, and stated that since all the women were already in the ring, we would be having a match. A Tag Team match. Casey and Sara Vs. Hazel and Rachel. The match began and the four women went at it. After a long and competitive match, the combined experience of Casey and Sara pulled through, and the two came out victorious. But, after the match, yet another shocker happened. As Casey and Sara stood in the ring exchanging words, Tiffany Sensation-Ortiz ran down to the ring and attacked Casey. As Tiffany was having her way with Casey, Sara stood by mocking Casey. Then, suddenly, Sara attacked Tiffany, and the once former enemies Casey and Sara began to viciously attack the defenseless Tiffany. That is until Tiffany's husband, Nate Ortiz, came down to make the save. But Tiffany had already made it out of the ring before Nate could arrive, and as Nate helped Tiffany backstage, Casey and Sara began to celebrate in the ring.

Three days later, on Wednesday Night RIOT, Mr. Sensation, ToP, and Sara Sykes made their way down to the ring. This was supposed to be Guy Faustos night, as he lost the OCW World Heavyweight Championship three days earlier at Summercide in a Triple Threat match against Nate Ortiz and AJ Phoenix. Tonight was the night that Mr. Sensation was supposed to grant Fausto with his release from the company. But Faustos dreams were about to be crushed once again. Mr. Sensation told Guy that he was in fact NOT going to fire him, and this infuriated Fausto. Fausto then demanded that ToP attack Mr. Sensation. That's when the unthinkable happened. ToP turned on their ally and faction mate. ToP, along with Mr. Sensation and Sara Sykes, ambushed Guy Fausto. For several minutes the group viciously attacked Guy, until he was unconscious and motionless.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks later that Casey would find the next object of her attention. Casey had made a special "Tribute" video for Nate Ortiz, who at Summercide 2007 had been the target of an attack so deadly, it nearly cost him his life. Majin had attacked Nate after the Pay Per View, and after a violent struggle, threw Nate from the top of a 50 Ft. ladder on a near by fire engine. The paramedics rushed to the fallen Nate Ortiz as Majin fled, and loaded him into an ambulance. Then, from out of nowhere, Nate's own personal bus, The Ortiz Express, came barreling towards the ambulance and crashed into it. After the smoke settled, two people emerged from the bus. It was Majin and Casey Paine. Mr. Sensation then made his way over to the two, and Majin, Casey, Sara, and Mr. Sensation left together.

When the "Tribute" video began to show Nate's fall from the ladder at Summercide over and over again, and with Casey laughing about it, Tiffany Ortiz appeared and confronted Ms. Paine. The two women began to fight on the spot, until OCW Security ran down to the ring and separated the two.

The following week, Casey requested a match from one of her new closest, and dearest friends, Mr. Jaysin Sensation. Casey requested a Tag Team match with her and Sara Sykes against the bosses own daughter, Tiffany Ortiz. Mr. Sensation, who had been infuriated by his daughter over the past couple of weeks for siding with Nate Ortiz instead of her very own father, gladly made the match. And with Nate being out of the picture, and with Mr. Sensation banning anyone from Rev. Inc. to tag with his daughter, it was looking like Tiffany was being set up for a 2 on 1 attack. But, Tiffany did find a tag partner. A Diva new to OCW, and who was to never be seen again after her one and only match. Someone who looked like they had been a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" reject. Someone who looked awfully, and strikingly familiar to Casey though. A Diva by the name of Gal Frankenfausto. The only Diva in the history of OCW to have a permanent 5 O' Clock shadow!

The four women made their way to the ring and the match began. Quickly, the mysterious new Diva took an early advantage. Maybe it was her cat-like reflexes? Maybe it was her lightning fast speed? Or maybe, just maybe, it was the fact that Gal Frankenfausto stood a foot taller than anyone else in the ring, and weighed more than Casey and Sara combined? Whatever it was, it was enough for Gal and Tiffany to pick up the win after Gal hit Casey with a move that looked ALOT like Guy Faustos "PSDSICGOOH" and then put Casey in another move that looked an awful lot like Guy Faustos "PTOSICGOOH", causing Casey to tap out.

Casey and Tiffany would meet again though at the following Pay Per View, September 2 Remember 2007. Infuriated by Guy Faustos antics ruining Casey's plans the previous week, Casey demanded that no one accompany Tiffany to the ring, or interfere in the match on Tiffany's behalf. And, just like the previous week, Mr. Sensation granted Casey's wish. Tiffany made her way to the ring, followed by Casey with Majin. And even though Tiffany lacked any real in ring experience, she put up a good fight. But, in the end, the numbers game caught up to her. Casey hit "The Epidural" on Tiffany after Majin distracted her, and Casey picked up the win.

But the night wasn't over just yet. After the Main Event of the Pay Per View, OCW CEO Mr. Jaysin Sensation, along with Casey Paine and Majin, walked down to the ring. Mr. Sensation then called his daughter Tiffany down from the back, claiming that he wanted to explain himself and his actions over the past few weeks to her. Tiffany Ortiz then cautiously made her way down to the ring. Once in the ring, Mr. Sensation begins to explain to Tiffany that he has only been trying to protect her from Nate Ortiz and his ways. Tiffany, not buying any of her father's excuses, told him that she didn't care what he had to say and that there wasn't anything he could do to keep her from her husband. Mr. Sensation, unsatisfied with his daughter's response, then had Casey and Majin attack his daughter. Casey hit yet another "Epidural" on Tiffany, and as Majin was setting her up for the "Legally Insane DDT", the lights in the arena suddenly went out. A haunting video of Nate Ortiz clips began to play. When the video finished, the lights in the arena slowly came back on. Tiffany Ortiz had vanished, and Mr. Sensation was the only one standing. As Casey Paine and Majin were laid out, unconscious, in the middle of the ring.

The following week on RIOT, Casey continued her games with Tiffany Ortiz. Casey had made her way to the ring, and started to bad mouth Tiffany once again. It didn't take long before Tiffany made her way down to the ring to confront Casey. But just as it seemed the two women were about to go at it again, Majin ran in through the crowd and attacked Tiffany from behind. Majin then picked up the helpless Tiffany from the mat, and gave her a devastating "Legally Insane DDT". And just as Casey and Majin both were about to attack the knocked out Tiffany Ortiz, the lights in the arena went out. Again, a haunting video began to play. Once the video finished, the lights came back on. And just like at September 2 Remember, Tiffany Ortiz had disappeared from the ring, and Casey Paine was lying face down, motionless on the mat, with Majin looking around the arena not knowing what was going on.

Over the next few weeks, someone began to play mind games with Casey, Majin and Mr. Sensation. Despite all evidence pointing to Nate Ortiz, Mr. Sensation assured Casey and Majin that it couldn't be his Son-In-Law. That Nate's injuries from Summercide were too severe, and that he would be lucky to even walk again, let alone attack people.

But, once again, the "Mystery Man" struck again. This time, while Majin was calling out whomever he was to show them. While Majin was in the ring talking, the lights in the arena went out, the haunting video played, and then the lights came back on to reveal not only was Majin laid out in the middle of the ring with his head busted open, but the "Mystery Man" had also shaved Majins mohawk off.

Outraged, Majin demanded that Mr. Sensation book him a match for Devils Night 2007 against Nate Ortiz. But not just any match. A Buried Alive match! But the boss said he just couldn't do that. The match would be too expensive to prepare for. With getting the licenses and permits for the construction equipment and dirt for a Buried Alive match. That it would be a waste of good company money because he, Mr. Sensation, had it on good notice that Nate Ortiz was still laid up in a hospital bed in Los Angeles . But Majin refused to take no for an answer. Majin said that he would pay for everything out of his own pocket, and that he didn't care if they had to wheel Nate down to the ring in his hospital bed. Majin was going to end this thing once and for all.

The match was booked, and Devils Night rolled around. Majin made his way to the ring and called out the "Mystery Man". But when no one answered or showed themselves, Majin stated that since whoever it was was too scared to show themselves, and since the equipment and dirt were already in place, that someone else would just have to get buried that night. Majin then made the comment that that would be just fine with him, because he knew for a fact that Tiffany Ortiz was in the arena that night and since the "Mystery Man" wouldn't show himself that she would do just fine. Just then, the lights in the arena went out, and just as Majin predicted, Nate Ortiz walked out onto the stage and made his way to the ring. As soon as the opening bell rang, the two men flew into each other. But Majins plan was about to backfire. Nate Ortiz came out victorious as Majin was buried alive!

With Nate Ortiz back in OCW, and Casey's closest friend and partner in crime Majin "Buried", Casey decided that it would probably be best that she leave Tiffany Ortiz alone for the time being.

With Majin out of the picture, the rest of ToP gone their separate ways, and with so many people with grudges against her, Casey wasn't sure who she could trust. So she went with the most logical decision and decided to stay close to the boss, Mr. Sensation. Because surely no one would try anything against her if she had the CEO of OCW in her very own back pocket.

Over the next month, Casey kept a pretty low profile. "Out of sight, out of mind." was her way of thinking. That is until the Super S Cup 2007 Pay Per View when Majin had returned back under his Blake Ma'Jin persona. The week after the Pay Per View, Mr. Sensation held a surprise birthday party in the ring for his returned Son-In-Law, Nate Ortiz, to bury the hatchet between the two. Nate was not amused by Mr. Sensations "Birthday festivities" though. And just as Nate began to make his move on the boss, Blake Ma'Jin made his way down to the ring, and Blake and Nate picked up right where they left off at Devils Night. The two men began to fight in the middle of the ring until Casey ran in from the crowd and hit Nate with a low blow from behind. Casey then went to retrieve Blake a steel chair from under the ring. As Nate lay face down in the center of the ring, Blake placed the chair under Nate's face. Blake then proceeded to climb the top turnbuckle, and hit a "Pink Pulverizer Plunge A Go-Go!" on the back of Nate's head, crushing his face into the steel chair. As Nate lay motionless in the center of the ring, Casey, Blake and Mr. Sensation celebrated their newly reformed alliance.

The following week on RIOT, Blake Ma'Jin was scheduled to face David Jackson. Blake picked up the win, and as he and Casey celebrated in the ring, Nate made his way down to the ring. Nate reached the ring, and without saying a word, laid a single sheet of paper on the ring apron, then turned and walked back up the ramp towards the back. Casey went and picked up the paper that Nate had left behind, and revealed it to be a contract for a match at Chill Faktor 2007, with Nate's name already signed.

The next week came, and Casey and Blake made their way down to the ring as usual. Once in the ring, Blake "Signed" the contract for the match at Chill Faktor by kissing the dotted line next to Nate's name, leaving a huge, bright pink lipstick smear on the contract. Casey and Blake then began to laugh, and Blake told Nate if he wanted the contract, all he had to do was come down to the ring and get it. Nate appeared at the top of stage and made his way towards the two in the ring. Once Nate entered the ring though, he didn't give Casey and Blake a chance to get in another cheap shot on him. Nate quickly speared Casey, and then hit Blake with an "Ortiz Express".

Chill Faktor arrived. And with this being Chill Faktor, the OCW fans got to vote on any, and all matches to determine match types and match stips. And the fans had voted that Blake and Nate should face off in a Lumberjack Match. Right before Blake and Nate's match was about to start, Casey and Mr. Sensation made their way down to the ring. Once in the ring, Jaysin Sensation opened an envelope to reveal who the fans had voted for to partake as the lumberjacks for the match. Much to everyone's "Shock", the lumberjacks were to be none other than... Mr. Sensation and Casey Paine! And that wouldn't be all.

With Mr. Sensation being the CEO of OCW, he took it upon himself to add another stip to the match. After all, OCW was his company, so it wasn't like anyone could stop him. Mr. Sensation announced that not only would Blake and Nate be having a Lumberjack match with himself and Casey Paine as the lumberjacks, but the match was now going to be a No-DQ Lumberjack match! So Blake and Nate made their way to the ring and the match started. But from the opening bell, everyone knew that Nate wasn't going to stand a chance with the match now basically being a 3 on 1 handicap match. And they were right. With the numbers advantage, Blake, Casey and Mr. Sensation picked up the win.

The following week after Chill Faktor, on the first RIOT of the New Year, Casey, Blake and Mr. Sensation would pull one of the greatest swerves in OCW history. AJ Phoenix, the current OCW World Heavyweight Champion, had made an open challenge to any OCW Superstar in the back for his World Title. But before anyone could take AJ up on his offer, Mr. Sensation appeared on the X Tron and told AJ that he had just the person to accept AJs offer. Later that night, AJ made his way to the ring, OCW World Title in hand and on the line. Then AJs "Hand picked" opponent made his way to the ring. Blake Ma'Jin with Casey Paine.

The bell sounded and the match began. But, little did AJ Phoenix know, this was a match he just wasn't going to win. AJ placed Blake into an "Anaconda Vice", and just as Blake was about to tap, Mr. Sensation appeared on the X Tron and ordered OCW official Dave Angle not to stop the match. AJ, angry and confused, released the hold and began to yell at the X Tron. With AJ distracted, Casey quickly climbed up onto the ring apron and scratched AJ across his eyes, temporarily blinding him. As AJ stumbled around, Blake quickly hit him with a "Stargasm DDT", and then placed AJ into one of AJs own finishing holds, "The Sensei Sleeper". What happened next has been the topic of much dispute.

Casey quickly slid into the ring to knock AJs legs away from the ropes, and OCW official Dave Angle called for the bell. Whether or not AJ Phoenix submitted or not is up to debate. But the official called for the bell, and Blake Ma'Jin, with the help of Casey Paine and Mr. Sensation, was OCWs new World Heavyweight Champion!

With Blake Ma'Jin now OCW World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Sensation, Casey Paine, and Blake Ma'Jin were about to wage war on OCW, and Mr. Sensations other wrestling promotion, CCW. Along with CCW World Champion RD Money and Malu Polamalu, who had joined the trio at Chill Faktor, OCW was witnessing the birth of one of the largest and strongest factions in the companies history, The Sensational Alliance. Week after week The Sensational Alliance invaded OCW and CCW.

And week after week, Mr. Sensation, now going by Jay C. Sensationally, would tell both of his wrestling organizations, "You're either with us, or you're against us!" The smart ones joined. The not so smart ones... probably wished that they would have. The Sensational Alliance would show no mercy on anyone who stood against them. And to prove this point himself, Jay C. Sensationally gave his very own daughter, Tiffany Ortiz, a "That's Sensational!" when she refused to join the group.

Over the next couple of months, the faction's numbers grew and grew. It seemed that no one could stop this new force on OCW. By Wrestlution 2008, The Sensational Alliances numbers were up to nine. With names such as Jaysin Sensation, Blake Ma'Jin, RD Money, Casey Paine, Malu Polamalu, Kage, Richard Blood, Chris Mania and Smythe Dawonder, the group was unstoppable. But, with all of those names, also comes all of those egos. And that would be the group's ultimate downfall. And by Wrestlution, Casey Paine had had enough, and would be ready to leave the group.

Two weeks after OCWs grandest Pay Per View, Wrestlution, Casey Paine approached Blake Ma'Jin, who had been waiting for her in The Sensational Alliances private bar with newly reformed Hollywood Express tag team partner, Michael Heaton. Casey approached Blake and Heaton and began to explain to them that she wanted out. Out of it all. The Sensational Alliance, Hollywood Express, everything.

When Blake questioned her why, Casey explained to him that she felt like she was living a lie with those two groups. The glamour, the outside popularity, the money, the being waited on hand and foot. It was like she was a Hollywood celebrity or something, and that wasn't the lifestyle Casey Paine was about. So Casey turned her back on her life long friend and ally for the past two years in OCW, and left Blake and his " Hollywood " lifestyle behind.

Now, without any ties to anyone and free to do as she pleased, Casey decided to go back to her roots. It was time to release the crazy and wild Casey Paine of the past. The Casey Paine that first entered into OCW.

Casey, having reinstated her Managerial License, then sent out an Open Invitation to anyone and everyone. Rooks to Vets. Curtain jerker's to Main Eventers. Anyone that was looking to have a little "Fun". If they were interested in her services as a Manager, all they had to do was leave her a message and explain to her NOT that she "Should" manage them, but "Why" she should.

After receiving messages upon messages, Casey decided on her first Client. A rookie to OCW by the name of Colt Starr. Casey began to show Colt the INS and the outs of the business. The goods and the bads. And only after two short weeks of being with Casey, Colt Starr won his first OCW Title in the Hardcore Championship. Colt had become Casey's "Starr" pupil so to speak. Shortly after, Casey found her second Client in yet another rookie, Kip Conrad.

But, this didn't set to well with Colt. Colt and Kip had been having problems over the previous weeks, and Colt didn't understand why Casey would put them together if they didn't like each other. Casey simply told Colt not to ever question her if he wanted to get ahead in the business, and that she knew what she was doing. But, even after joining Casey and being on the same "Team", Colt and Kip continued to butt heads. And oddly, this pleased Casey.

During this time, someone had begun making attacks on Casey's old friend, Blake Ma'Jin. With Blake's tag team partner Michael Heaton trying to convince Blake that Casey may have something to do with it, Casey continued to plead her innocence. Casey tried to explain to Blake that it could be anyone. That he had made allot of enemies in his time in OCW.

Casey even suggested that maybe he should question the very group he was apart of, The Sensational Alliance. Or maybe even his Hollywood Express tag team partner, Michael Heaton. Casey even went as far as to suggest maybe Blake was just getting to soft. That the old Majin wouldn't be falling for these attacks week after week. Casey then explained to Blake that they had been friends for far to long for her to ever want to cause or see him in any harm, and even offered Blake a spot in her new group claiming that they could help watch his back. However, Blake laughed at this suggestion and kindly declined the offer.

But, eyebrows rose in suspicion when Casey found her third Client. Blake had went to Turmoil to see if he could possibly find out if the attacker was either in OCW or CCW. Blake ran into former ToP member, and former tag partner Steve Jones. Blake and Steve began to talk and Blake asked Steve if he had heard or seen anything in the CCW locker-room. Steve told him "No". Steve then commented that he had a tag match that night against Kang James and Trips, and that he was supposed to pick his own partner. So, Blake agreed to tag with him for old times sake.

During the tag match however though, Casey Paine began to make her way down to the ring. But, before she could even reach the ring, Steve Jones stopped her. And by stopping Casey from interfering, Steve left Blake in the ring alone long enough for the double team from Trips and Kang James, and Trips put Blake into a "Dragon Sleeper", causing Blake to submit.

As the bell rang, and Trips and Kang James exited the ring, Steve Jones ran back into the ring to check on Blake. But just as Blake was getting to his feet, Steve quickly grabbed Blake around his head, and began to go for "The Ironcutter". But Steve didn't hit the move. Instead, he turned, releasing Blake, and only shoved Blake to the mat. Casey then climbed into the ring and explained that Steve Jones was her newest Client, and that if it had been in fact Casey who had been responsible for the attacks on Blake over the past few weeks, then she could have just put Blake away if she would have wanted to. But she didn't. And she hoped that in by doing this, Blake would finally realize and accept that Casey had nothing to do with the attacks what so ever.

A week away from Damnation 2008, and with the attacks still happening, Blake was determined to get to the bottom of things. Just two days before Damnation 2008, Blake, not buying Casey's story about not being behind the attacks on him, asked for a tag match against Casey and her newest Client, Steve Jones. The match was made, and as Blake and Heaton were making their way down to the ring, they ran into Casey and Steve backstage.

Casey once again tried to explain to Blake that her and her boys weren't the ones responsible for the attacks. She then tried to reoffer Blake a spot on her new team of Clientele for protection. But Blake once again refused. And just as Blake was about to start to the ring again for the tag match, without warning, Michael Heaton suddenly hits Blake with a "Taste the Rainbow", knocking Blake to the concrete floor. Casey and Steve then walk over to Heaton, and Casey introduces Blake to yet, another, one of her new Clients, Michael Heaton.

1.the act of damning or the state of being damned.
2. A cause or occasion of being damned.
3. Theology. Condemnation to eternal punishment as a consequence of sin.
4. an oath expressing anger, disappointment, etc.

Damnation was upon us, and the Pay Per Views name could not have been more fitting. But before the Pay Per View would even get started, Blake Ma'Jin was scheduled to face the 6' 6", 375 Lb. rookie monster, "Sheik" Akeem The Butcher in a Pre-show match. With Casey's Client, Colt Starr, picking up a victory over the former OCW World Champion, Akeem thought he had something to prove. Akeem, who had been having problems with Colt Starr backstage, claimed that anything Colt Starr could do, Akeem could do better. So Akeem had made the challenge to Blake Ma'Jin, and Blake accepted. Blake made his way to the ring followed by "Sheik" Akeem, and Akeems English translating daughter, Rajkumari Narayani.

The bell sounded and the match got under way. As the match moved along, Narayani, who normally only stood at ringside and watched her fathers matches, suddenly got involved and grabbed a hold of Blake's ankle under the bottom rope. When Blake turned to see what was going on, Akeem quickly hoisted Blake up onto his shoulders, and dropped Blake with a devastating Backbreaker. Akeem then went for the pin, and the referee counted the 1-2-3. Narayani then got into the ring to celebrate with her father, but as the two celebrated, Narayani ripped off her hood and veil to reveal that the kind, soft spoken, "Daughter" of Akeem had actually been Casey Paine all along.

Blake, realizing what was going on, only sat there on his hands and knees. Casey then called for a mic, and announced that Akeem was now in fact one of her Clients as well. She then began to explain to Blake that he had gotten soft, and that he was over. Casey explained that all she wanted to do was help Blake, but he refused her at every corner, bringing this all upon himself. Casey talked about how Blake had been beaten by her rookie Client, Colt Starr.

Casey claimed that it was Blake's fault Steve Jones turned on him, because Blake should have never trusted him. She then stated that the only reason Heaton turned on him the previous week was because Blake "Let" it happen. Finally, Casey blamed the charade that just happened with Akeem on Blake as well, claiming that even after weeks of being attacked, Blake didn't suspect anyone in a hood and veil of being the culprit. Casey then swore that with the exceptions of the previous week on RIOT with Heaton, and what just took place in this match, that she still wasn't the one responsible for the attacks on Blake over the past few weeks.

But, Casey stated, even though she wasn't the one responsible, she did in fact know who the attacker was, and the answer had been right in front of Blake all along. Only Blake was to busy pointing fingers to figure it out. Casey then told Blake that he needed to think about that, and Casey and Akeem left the ring, leaving Blake on his hands and knees in the center of the ring.

But the night was still young, and Casey would yet once again make her presence felt later that night during the actual Pay Per View. Half way through the show, Casey made her way to the ring. But this wasn't the same Casey Paine we had seen earlier in the night. This wasn't the normally blue haired, "Punk Chick" Casey, or the white haired "Cover Girl" Casey. Since the Pre-show, Casey had redyed her hair a bright, blood red, and she was now wearing white and red face paint. Once in the ring, Casey began to explain what she had been doing over the past few weeks in the gathering of her "Clients".

Casey explained to the crowd why she had hand picked each and every one of them for specific reasons. Colt Starr for his jealous and envious demeanor towards every other OCW Superstar. Kip Conrad for his never ending greed of wanting more. Steve Jones, who once realigned with Casey, started back on his "Supplements", for his laziness. Michael Heaton for his self-conceitedness. And Akeem for his sheer size. Casey then called her Clients down to the ring one by one. And one by one each of Casey's Clients made their way down to ring, each with a dramatic new makeover.

Once they were all in the ring, Casey began to reassign each of her Clients with new names. Colt Starr was now Covet. Kip Conrad was Greed. Steve Jones now Sloth. Michael Heaton, Vanity. And Akeem as Glut. Casey then gave herself a new name as well. Casey Paine, knowing that she was the object of every mans obsession, had just became Lust. Casey then proclaimed to the sold out arena that she and her new group were to be known as The Seven Sins. But, there were only six people in the ring. There was still one "Sin" remaining. Wrath. Casey then called out her latest and final Client. Casey's "Final Sin". Then, to many peoples shock and disbelief, Blake Ma'Jin made his way down the ramp to join the group in the ring. But, just like Casey, Blake had changed since we had seen him earlier in the night. Blake's blonde hair had been dyed black, and he wasn't wearing anything with his traditional color, pink, on it.

Once Blake was in the ring, Casey went into detail about what she had been doing over the past few weeks. Casey again reassured the crowd that she and her group had not been the ones attacking Blake. But, in fact, it had been Blake attacking himself all along. Casey then showed a video recording from a couple of weeks earlier, and we actually saw Blake beating the hell out of himself. Casey then explained that she knew if she could push "Blake" far enough, that "Majin" would want to resurface. And sure enough, it worked. It hadn't been "Blake" beating the hell out of himself in the video showed, but it had actually been "Majin" fighting "Blake", trying to free himself. With Casey leaving Blake, Blake losing to rookies, Steve Jones and Michael Heaton turning on him, and finally, Casey disguised as Narayani, and turning on him in his match Vs. Akeem, all of this was literally enough to drive Blake crazy. And with craziness comes insanity. And with insanity, comes Majin. And Majin, in all of his glorious viciousness, had just become Wrath!

But then something unexpected happened. Only a few short weeks after Casey's new faction debuted, Casey had to take an early leave of absence from OCW due to personal life reasons. And this pretty much sealed the fate of the faction, causing the death of The Seven Sins, before it even had a chance to begin.

In the near three years Casey Paine has been in OCW, she has seen and done it all. She has seen Superstars come, and she has seen Superstars go. She has made careers, and she has ended careers. From being a Champion, to managing Champions. From the Hardcore Title to the World Title, and everything in between, Casey has managed them all. From little old ladies like Gertrude, to monsters such as Mayhem, Casey Paine never backed down from anyone for a fight. And if Casey was somehow involved, you knew you were going to get just that. A fight! Love her or hate her, no one can deny that Ms. Paine has withstood the test of time, and put in her dues to this great company and home we call OCW. And looking back on her career now, Casey wouldn't change a thing!

And with that, this 5' 5", 115 Lb. hellcat known as Casey Paine would like to thank all of her fans (All 5 of you!) who have stood behind, and supported her over the years. Casey would also like to thank OCW. She would like to thank OCW for bestowing upon to her the grandest achievement the company has to offer, and welcoming her as the very first female inductee into the OCW Hall of Fame. Thank you, OCW! Thank you all!